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Cluster amaryllis 2

2011-09-30 | plant

 Cluster amaryllis is in full bloom now and I see the flower everywhere.

These are some of them.


Cluster amaryllis

2011-09-24 | plant

 It was a very comfortable day today.

Fall has come at last !

Plants and flowers are changing from summer ones to fall ones.

I see red cluster amaryllis here and there, but I seldom see white one.

Luckily I saw white one blooming while taking a walk.

There seems to be yellow one, but I have never seen it yet.

I want to see it someday.


Words of a bulletin board 13

2011-09-20 | shrine and temple


The words of a bulletin board in front of a Zen temple had been changed like this.

The meaning of these words is as follows.

A word makes us quarrel.
A word makes us reconciled and makes us friendly .
Hearing a word, we bow.
A word makes us weep.
Each word has its own mind.

Words are sometimes very important, so we should use the words carefully.  



After three weeks

2011-09-16 | diary

White bush clover

  About three weeks have passed since my operation on my right eye.

Thanks to skilled ophthalmologist, my eyesight is becoming better day by day.

About a week after the operation, my corrected eyesight was 0.4.

Two weeks after, 0.6.

Three weeks after, 0.8.

Though my eyesight isn't very good now, I’m looking forward to the day I can see better.

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Leaving hospital

2011-09-02 | diary

Operation on my right eye was a successful one and I left the hospital the day before yesterday after  staying there for 9 days.

Though I can't see well yet, the world looks clearer than before.

This is an article about it in Japanese.

This is another one and it is also the article about it.

Please take a look !