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Words of a bulletin board 50

2019-01-15 | shrine and temple



Words of a bulletin board are

"Pile up good deed or virtue rather than getting profit"   

It says "Toku suru yori Toku wo tsu me" in Japanese.
Toku means two meanings.
One means virtue and the other means profit.

Words of a bulletin board 49

2019-01-03 | shrine and temple


Words of a bulletin board in a new year is  

"Happy New Year" 

"Let's be on good terms with everyone"

We should be a character like a round circle. 


Happy New Year

2019-01-02 | diary


Happy New Year

May this year be a happy and calm one ! 


Words of a bulletin board 48

2018-11-09 | shrine and temple




Words of a bulletin board this time is 


“Everyone is different from each other.

It's all right.”


This phrase is from a famous poetry " Me, a little bird and a bell" by Misuzu Kaneko.


The seventeenth person

2018-10-20 | Kiva


About 10 years have passed since I joined to a Kiva project.


The seventeenth person is a woman who runs a beauty salon and she need $6,125 to buy shampoo, hair conditioner and cream and so on.

Her name is Margarita living in Paraguay.

Payback period is 6 months.

I hope her work will do well.

THis is my page.  


Words of a bulletin board 47

2018-10-03 | shrine and temple




Words of a bulletin board this time is

" No medicine is as good as a smiling face"

A smiling face makes happy around him or her.


Completion of temporary housing

2018-09-29 | disaster





    Keys were handed to the people who will live in the completed temporary housing yesterday and they began to move there.

They can live in the house for 2 years.

Some will go out of it when they rebuild or reform their houses.


I happened to see a woman who was taking a walk in the evening.

She lost her way and asked me the way to the temporary house.

She was a victim of the disaster and she lost her house and three cars.

This is the beginning of the reconstruction of our town.


What's this ?

2018-09-18 | plant


  I grow this rubber tree for a long time and I found something strange on the twig.

It seems flowers of this plant.

This is the first time I saw them.


Under construction

2018-08-30 | disaster




About 900 people are still in a shelter.

And about 200 temporary houses or more will be built. 

People who can't get these houses will live in apartments and so on. 

5 houses where 20 families can live are being built at the north of the Okada primary school now.

It is said they will be completed by the end of September. 

Some finished cleaning the houses near my house and are rebuilding.

In the evening, I see a fewer lights in the neighborhood, and is very silent.

  Only the sound of the insects is very loud.


Words of a bulletin board 46

2018-08-29 | shrine and temple



 While I was absent from walking for about 1 month and a half, a word of a bulletin board was renewed.

"Mind yourself for the thing which is

right in front of you."

If your mind isn't here and now, you can't do well.


Wild boar again

2018-08-27 | animal

Around 3 p.m. on August 1 (from the kitchen of my house)


   Wild boars are seen again recently.

This one was a little smaller than I saw before.

On August 14. around 2 p. m. our relative who came to visit our grave said "There is a wild boar in the garden", so my husband clapped his hand.

It disappeared into the rice field.

And a newspaper said the other day, a wild boar appeared near the Okada elementary which is a shelter now.

My husband also encountered it at a rice field yesterday. 

Please go back to the hill !

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Two weeks after the flood

2018-08-25 | disaster

Car of Japan Self-Defense Forces in a parking lot of the pachinko parlor



Water wagon of Japan Self-Defense Forces


 Please read this in Japanese.
Saturday, July 21.


Barn was flooded

2018-08-24 | disaster

The barn was in an awful mess.


Rice was soggy.

 Please read this in Japanese.
Sunday, July 8.


A great flood

2018-08-23 | disaster

Water of a flume was overflowing.


Water was running into reice paddies.


Many cars were taken to  a little higher place.



A car in front of my barn is going to be flooded.


I saw a scenery like a sea.


 Please read this in Japanese.
 Saturday, July 7.


Explosion at an aluminum factory

2018-08-22 | disaster

  Blue seats are put on the roof of each house in an aluminum factory vicinity.


 Aluminum factory



Friday, July 6.

 We heard a very very big sound around 11:30 on July 6.

What happened ?

It  was an explosion at an aluminum factory about 2 kilometers away.

The sound was like an earthquake, thunder, or the tone of the jet.

It was raining heavily and the special heavy rain warning had been announced.

Aluminum factory was flooded by the heavy rain and the water caused chemical reaction.

Glass on the hallway of my house was also broken by a blast.

 This was the beginning of the catastrophe.