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2009-09-28 | plant

Baton of flower was passed to cosmos now.
This flower that is one of the symbols of fall is blooming here and there.
We call this flower ' fall cherry blossoms' in Japan.




An accident

2009-09-24 | diary

  A sad accident happened yesterday afternoon.
A seven-year-old boy fell down to a pond called O-i-ke near my house and was drowned.
He was trying to catch dragonfly at the side of the pond.
They say that some part of the fence was broken and unluckily he fell down from the place. 
The funeral is held the day after tomorrow.
I'd like to express my condolences.


Spider lily ;  cluster‐amaryllis

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From the temple

2009-09-22 | scenery

  I went to our  graveyard to clean the day before yesterday with my husband, because this week is the equinoctial week.
The graveyard is at the back of our temple and I could see the beautiful scenery of rice fields. 

Asiatic dayflower ; Spiderwort

Pretty Asiatic dayflower was blooming at the corner of the precincts of the temple. 



Flower of perilla

2009-09-16 | diary
Mouse on !


Perilla (Shiso) is a kind of herb that has unique smell and we call this plant beefsteak plant too.
There are two kinds of perilla ; red perilla and green one.
This is a green one.
This flower bears seeds which we can cook tempra and so on.
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Spider lily and rice plant

2009-09-13 | plant

  The equinoctial week ; OHIGAN is coming soon and  spider lily ; HIGAN BANA began to bloom here and there.
And ear of rice are also growing well.
The contrast between red and green attracted my eyes.
I can see the scenery like this picture for a few weeks from now.



Under drying

2009-09-10 | plant

  Do you know what this is ?
A farmer is drying the plants to take out seeds.



July 29

Yes !

This plant is sesame.

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2009-09-05 | rice field (farming)

  A farmer set this electric wire around his rice field to prevent from wild animals like wild boar, raccoon dog and fox.
If they touch this wire, they will be shocked and run away.
This is a battle between man and wild animals.


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2009-09-04 | others

Twitter seems to be very popular now, so I also registered on it the day before yesterday.
It is a kind of communication services and we can write on it within 140 words.
It has functions of like blog and chat.


Rice plant

2009-09-01 | rice field (farming)

  About 80 days have passed since we planted rice plants.
They are growing well and I saw the flowers of this plant the other day.
Ears of rice plant are also growing well day by day.
We had less hours of sunlight than usual year in this summer, so  crop prospects is worse.
But I hope we have good harvest in this fall !