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Ophthalmology and dentistry

2017-10-07 | diary


*Six years have passed since my eye operation of macular pucker.

I went to the hospital to check my eye every six months and I was free from the hospital this August. 

I feel relieved but worried slightly .


*By the way, I went to a dentist about 6 and a half years after I went there last time.

I had  my tooth cured and cleaned.

Besides that, I learned the way of brushing teeth for the first time.

My teeth were cleaned and I felt very refreshed and comfortable.

I'll go there every 3months from now on.

I should have learned the way of brushing 20 or 30 years before and I should have been to the dentist to clean the teeth regularly. 

 But my teeth will become worse from now , so it'll be worth going to a dentist regularly.

Please take care of your teeth!


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