2007-03-31 07:09:28 | MLB
MLB HPより抜粋。
5. Lance Berkman, Astros: The slugging first baseman finished third in the balloting last year behind Howard and Pujols, the fourth time in six years Berkman finished in the top seven.

4. Carlos Beltran, Mets: The All-Star center fielder and Silver Slugger Award winner finished fourth in the balloting last year after batting .275 with a career-high 41 homers and 116 RBIs for the NL East champions.

3. Derrek Lee, Cubs: The last time he was healthy for a full season, Lee batted .335 with 46 homers and 107 RBIs for the Cubs.

2. Ryan Howard, Phillies

1. Albert Pujols, Cardinals: During his six years in the Majors, Pujols has finished second (2006), first (2005), third (2004), second (2003), second (2002) and fourth (2001) in the MVP balloting. He's arguably the best player in baseball, and he's playing on a defending World Series champion picked to make the playoffs again. Does anyone really think the Cardinals great isn't a threat to win another MVP award in 2007?



2007-03-31 07:02:30 | MLB
MLB HPより抜粋。新人王候補予想。
5. Akinori Iwamura, Devil Rays: Just when you think the Japanese have exhausted their big-league frontiers, here comes the first corner infielder to try to make a successful jump. He's got hot hands, a cool personality and a bat that should be smoking by July. Ignore his silent spring. Hitters make the adjustment to the Majors much slower; even Ichiro was unimpressive in his first camp with the Mariners, then caught fire.

4. Matt Garza, Twins
3. Alex Gordon, Royals

2. Daisuke Matsuzaka, Red Sox: The man who will turn Red Sox Nation into the Land of the Rising Daisuke-san. If he can log two wins for each pitch he allegedly throws, Boston will love him in October even more than it does now. His first three starts will come against Cactus League-based teams that haven't yet seen him, which should get him off to a fast start that will only intensify the mania.

1. Delmon Young, Devil Rays



2007-03-31 06:58:25 | MLB
MLB HPより抜粋。
5. Erik Bedard, Orioles
4. John Lackey, Angels
3. C.C. Sabathia, Indians

2. Johan Santana, Twins: People to whom tales of Sandy Koufax sound like legend are being treated to a reincarnation. Santana has gone 55-19 with an ERA nearly two runs below the league's overall number over the past three season. At the same age (28), Koufax was coming off three seasons with a cumulative record of 40-33, and took off. Heaven help the league if Santana has any liftoff left. Word that he has finally refined a reliable changeup is not what the AL wanted to hear.

1. Daisuke Matsuzaka, Red Sox: It's a rarity to be able to say this, but, because of months of tremendous build-up, the award is his to lose. And his performance won't disappoint the expectations. Although the Red Sox beefed up in multiple areas, just as there were multiple contributors to their collapse into third place last season, if they return to the playoffs, the perception will be that it's Matsuzaka's doing. That will only strengthen his platform for this campaign.



2007-03-31 06:52:50 | MLB
MLB HPより抜粋。
5. Grady Sizemore, Indians
4. Ivan Rodriguez, Tigers
3. Vladimir Guerrero, Angels
2. Michael Young, Rangers
1. Bobby Abreu, Yankees




2007-03-31 06:22:02 | MLB
MLB HPより抜粋。
Q: How have both of you found the food, and what have you been doing to relax during Spring Training?

Matsuzaka: "I've been taking most of my dinners at home, so there haven't been any worries about food. As for relaxing, I just like to sit at home and read a book. If I have the time, go out for a round of golf."

Okajima: "To relax, I go to the swimming pool and swim a little bit. And also, I enjoy the weather very much, so I take advantage of that. During the season, I don't play golf too much."

Q: What are Matsuzaka's expectations for this season, and does he have a certain win total in mind?

Matsuzaka: "I think the fans certainly have great expectations for me, and I'd like to respond to those expectations in kind. I don't know what the fans, if they have a number, what it is. I guess, further within myself, there is maybe a baseline for success. I have certain expectations toward myself. But as far as giving you a hard number, what that might be, that's just something I can't do right now."

Q: If there's a baseball player you could have a couple of Asahis [Japanese beers] with, who would it be and why?

Matsuzaka: "Cy Young and Nolan Ryan. For Cy Young, clearly because he had the most wins in the history of baseball. For Nolan Ryan, he's someone that I actually looked up to and idolized growing up."

Q: Has Curt Schilling offered any advice?

Matsuzaka: "Yeah, he's advised me on a couple of technical things."

Okajima: "Curt Schilling is making a great effort in trying to communicate in Japanese."

Q: What do you watch on TV?

Matsuzaka: "Golf Channel, MTV, ESPN. Other than that, I just watch a lot of Hollywood movies on TV. It helps in listening for English words."

Q: Favorite movies?

Matsuzaka: "I've seen a lot. I saw Lethal Weapon, Cliffhanger, When Harry Met Sally. I also like Jackie Chan movies."

Okajima: "I like love stories. Ghost, Pretty Woman, Autumn in New York."

Q: How does Spring Training differ in Japan and the Major Leagues?

Matsuzaka: "Obviously, the biggest difference is the hours spent in formal practice. There are a lot more hours spent in formal, team organized practice in Japan. But that's not to say that the practice time here is inadequate. Rather, I prefer the way it's set up here, because you have your team activities and then that gives you a lot of time to work on personal things that you might want to work on. I haven't had any problems with the Spring Training format here."

Q: Is it fair to say Spring Training is more relaxed in the Major Leagues than in Japan?

Matsuzaka: "When I talked to my friends in Japan who have seen video of us practicing during spring camp, to a man, they say, 'Wow, it looks like you guys have a lot of fun over there.' But I don't think that's to say that the environment here is more relaxed. I think it's rather that, when you look around, everybody is laughing, everybody on the field is having a great time.

"I think in Japan, you know, there's a little bit more tension."

Okajima: "In Japan, even during the exhibition games, there's great expectations, and you have to do well and perform well and leave a good result. I think that helps create the tension during the exhibition season."

Q: What will the feeling be like on Opening Day in Kansas City?

Matsuzaka: "I think I get more nervous watching others play than actually being in the game myself. So on April 2, in our first regular-season game, I'll be watching with a high level of nervousness and excitement. I think, the first game that I'm actually starting, I'll probably be feeling a little more relaxed on that day."

Okajima: "I think I'm the opposite of Daisuke. I get nervous in the game in which I'm actually throwing. For me, I think, the first time I'm asked to take the ball, that's when I'm going to feel the most nervousness. For me, getting over that first game will be the big step. Once I get over that, I think I'll be a little more at ease.


将棋大賞 羽生3冠の歴代受賞

2007-03-31 06:16:55 | 将棋

勝率1位賞: 7回
最多勝利賞: 9回
最多対局賞: 8回
連勝賞: 5回
殊勲賞: 0回
敢闘賞: 2回
技能賞: 0回
新人賞: 1回

勝率1位賞: 0回、1回
最多勝利賞: 2回、2回
最多対局賞: 2回、2回
連勝賞: 2回、0回
殊勲賞: 2回、1回
敢闘賞: 1回、1回
技能賞: 6回、3回
新人賞: 1回、1回


2007-03-31 05:59:20 | 将棋

最多対局賞:佐藤2冠 86局
最多勝利賞:佐藤2冠 57勝
勝率1位賞:阿久津主税5段 .776
連勝賞:糸谷4段 14連勝




1位 羽生善治 14回
2位 谷川浩司  5回
2位 中原誠   5回
4位 米長邦雄  3回
5位 大山康晴  2回
6位 二上達也  1回
6位 加藤一二三 1回
6位 高橋道雄  1回
6位 森内俊之  1回
6位 佐藤康光  1回




2007-03-30 06:18:55 | 将棋

羽生3冠 - 王座、王位、王将
佐藤2冠 - 棋聖、棋王



2007-03-30 06:06:48 | MLB
Tomo Ohka has been chosen as the Toronto Blue Jays' fourth starter, and the competition for the fifth spot could go down to the last day of training camp.


ヤンキース: 松井、井川
レッドソックス: 松坂、岡島
ブルージェイズ: 大家
オリオールズ: なし
デビルレイズ: 岩村



2007-03-30 05:57:39 | MLB
MLB HPより抜粋。
Akinori Otsuka, who saved 32 games for the Rangers last year, will be the closer again until Gagne comes back. But manager Ron Washington said Gagne will be the closer when he is ready to come off the disabled list.