I wish I could…. (Grade 1)

2013年01月31日 16時30分00秒 | Grade 1

The japanese page is this page.


Students from Class C.


In this work we are going to think of things, but also then add some imagination.

The image or memory I have in my head; I will try to inflate this image, what I wish had happened.

We first briefly sketched some of our favorite things.

 “Are you sure you want us to draw that teacher?”

Someone said happily.

They remembered going to the spa…

I think of my family…

A trip…

The theme is this.

Each image is going to be sprinkled with some imagination as we draw it.

Each person drew their own picture, but were sitting in groups.

There were no particular positions.

 “Ohh, how about a house made of sweets!”

 “Ohh, what a nice dream!”

And lots of people in the group started to talk.

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Painting onto a bumpy surface (Grade 5) part 2

2013年01月31日 08時30分00秒 | Grade 5

The japanese page is this page.


Students from class C.


We first had to cut the hard-board for our work.

There was a big sound from the vibrations of the metal saw cutting.You need to be careful and avoid injury.

After being told how to use it safely the students could use the saw.

In grade 5 the students get used to using similar machines to this, like the sewing machines in Home Economics class.

Gradually they relaxed and could smile.

After cutting the hardboard we could put the cut pieces side by side.

The way these pieces are put together comes from artistic intuition, rather than trying to make something.

Moving each piece in different places until it suddenly seems ‘good’.

The hardboard becomes our canvas.

We glue materials we have collected onto the board.

The students developed their own composition, with random pieces or repeating patterns.

The designs could create some interesting and beautiful pieces.

“Is that liquid clay going to be wasted?”

People have asked.

 “Teacher, what can we use the liquid clay for?”

Students asked.

We are looking at the roughness of the surface we make, but also the colours.

After being painted with white clay there are still some irregularities of colour.


Painting onto the rough surface is very different to painting onto paper.

The size of our work means that it is too big to put onto the drying rack.

We needed a new way to dry…

Film cannisters! We used lots of film cannisters.

Since digital cameras became popular it seemed lots of children didn’t know what these were, or what they could be used for.

 This piece now looks like a blank canvas. I’m sorry to the artist, I don’t know which way is up or down with the photo.

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It’s nice to paint with our hands.(Grade1)part6

2013年01月30日 16時30分00秒 | Grade 1

The japanese page is this page.


Students and work from class A.


As well as learning to work we also need to learn how to prepare, and then clean up afterwards.

Today we could start quickly because we learned where lots of the materials are, and how to use them in last lesson.

After explaining the goal of the activity I let the students use their imagination.

Students worked at their own pace in the activity.

 “Teacher, my fingers are bald!”

and I looked back in amazement.

 We started to put the paint onto the paper.

Some people working found a way to express their enjoyment silently.

Not just painting is involved. Here we have thunder and lightning shown by scratching.


During break time we have a chance to look at each other’s work.

Lots of people were changing ideas after talking to their friends after getting more inspiration (although some people were determined to draw rabbits!).

We had some gestures to try and show what they could see.


The activity continued after changing the paint.

There are subtle differences in colours, for children these differences can be important.


I’ll introduce some of the work.


It’s a duck.


It’s a car.


 It’s a cloud of tadpoles.


And if you wait for tadpoles…

It’s a frog!

Then it’s time to clean up!

I don’t need to say anything and the students make the room spotless!

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2013年01月30日 15時06分56秒 | 1年生

















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空人 ~飛べ!わたしのこころ~(5年生)その3

2013年01月30日 13時32分13秒 | 5年生



















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