Born from circles (Grade 5) Part 2

2012年09月21日 08時30分00秒 | Grade 5

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Students from Class C.

An important part of this project is to think of a pattern for your materials. 思Sometimes even if the pattern doesn’t at first look nice, it can make a final effect which is quite thought-provoking.

First we make the pattern for the cirlces to come from.

Some people made this using paint and rollers.

With lots of people going overseas in the summer holidays there were materials which had come internationally being used.

Some people used a compass to draw circles and cur with scissors, some had a compass-cutter, and some drew around circular objects.A compass-cutter is very useful, and good to learn how to use it.

Some people were making circles which were really big, or circles which were not the same size.

 You can see how big it is by looking at the scissors next to it. What can you use this for??

I was sometimes surprised by the choice of material!

Some people used colour copies of picture book covers, or used patterned paper.

It’s a new idea to use colour copies! It could be many things depending on how you look at it. Fantastic, Ms. K!

You can teach new ideas and techniques to the teacher in Art class!!

 Now we can finally start using the stapler to make our forms.

The idea is to make something, but there are many different ways, and different things you can make.

There was someone who had cut a circle into the shape of a doughnut before they used it to make their form.

 This is very interesting!

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