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2014年03月27日 | 英語学習
"Landscape Gardening in Japan" を読んでいます。序章の後はHistoryの章になりました。次に引用するのは小石川の後楽園の記述の個所からです。
On the further side, opposite the house, is an eminence planted with azaleas, pine trees, camellia bushes, and variegated bamboos, having a stepped pathway leading to the plateau which forms the summit, and from which an extensive view of the garden can be had.
"variegated bamboos" の "variegated" は "vary/various/variation" の仲間の様ですが、色々な種類の竹なら "various bamboos" とすると思うので別の意味があるようです。辞書を見ます。
・Collins Dictionary: 1.displaying differently coloured spots, patches, streaks, etc 2.(of foliage or flowers) having pale patches, usually as a result of mutation, infection, etc: Hedera helix `Little Diamond": a good, slow-growing ivy with grey-green leaves variegated with creamy white.
・Vocabulary.com: having a variety of colors
Something variegated has many different colors, as in the trees of autumn or the feathers of a peacock. Whenever you see "vari" at the beginning of a word, you know that the idea of difference or change is involved.
Using vari is a good way to start thinking about this word. It's the same root as in various, variable, varied, and variety. All these words mean something similar: lots of different versions of something. The scales of a fish can appear quite variegated from one angle and then strangely uniform from another. A tiger's variegated coat helps it stay hidden.
"variegated" だと色が異なるものと斑入りのものの両方を示すのですね。