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do not leave a stone unturned

2015年01月31日 | 英語の本を読む

松本清張の "Points and Lines" を読みました。以前取り上げた表現 "leave no stone unturned" (9/11/2005)が次の個所に出て来ました。
As you say in your letter, if it is essential that Yasuda be situated at the scene of the double suicide on the night of the twentieth, then it would be impossible for him to have arrived at Sapporo by the Marimo Express on the twenty-first. If there is no evidence that he used planes then I'm afraid we have overlooked something, while taking other facts for granted. This is what I meant by an ancient story of the old woman and her winter jacket. Please do not leave a stone unturned.


punctual ferry

2015年01月30日 | 英語の本を読む

"... Will those who wish register, I will now pass out the forms."
He passed through the car and handed the blank forms to those passengers who requested them, Since this was Mihara's first trip to Hokkaido the procedure was unfamiliar to him.



2015年01月29日 | 英語の本を読む

It was six o'clock in the morning when he arrived at Hakodate. The wind was bitterly cold. Mihara impatiently waited two hours for the ferry official in charge to report to work.
He was an obliging young man.
"oblige" の意味として「義務付ける」とか「強いる」しか思い出せないので、上に出てきた "obliging" の意味がピンときません。辞書を見ます。
・Oxford English Dictionary: Willing to do a service or kindness; helpful.: The very happy and obliging young service ladies were resplendent in snappy white shorts and tops.
・Collins Dictionary: ready to do favours; agreeable; kindly: The hotel is small and friendly, with 17 guestrooms and obliging staff.
面倒見の良い親切な人のことですね。改めて辞書で "oblige" を見ると次の意味もちゃんと書かれていました。
・Macmillan Dictionary: to help someone by doing something that they have asked you to do: The neighbors asked to borrow our ladder, and I duly obliged.


some bearing on

2015年01月28日 | 英語の本を読む

"I suppose so. But I came upon an interesting piece of information." Mihara then told him about the magazine article by Ryoko Yasuda which the doctor had given him to read, and how it had mentioned Yasuda's interest in the railway timetable.
"That is interesting, to be sure." The chief folded his hands on the desk. "It could have some bearing on the four-minute train interval at Tokyo Station."
動詞の "bear" も色々な意味で使われるので名詞の "bearing" にも色々な意味があり、以前に方向の意味になる "bearing" を覚えましたが、上の引用文にある "bearing" (2009/8/8)はどんな意味でしょうか、辞書を見ます。
・Oxford English Dictionary: Relation or relevance: the case has no direct bearing on the issues
・Collins Dictionary: foll by on or upon relevance (to) ⇒ it has no bearing on this problem
・Macmillan Dictionary: to be relevant/not relevant to something, or to have an influence/no influence on it: His private life has no bearing on his competence as a manager.
なるほど、"on" が後に続くのがこの意味の印になりますね。また賢くなった気がします。でもしばらくすると忘れるのですよ。


put out

2015年01月27日 | 英語の本を読む

松本清張の "Points and Lines" を読んでいます。刑事のMiharaがYasuda(恐らく容疑者)と面会し、色々と質問をした後の会話を引用します。Yasudaが刑事に言います。
"Your work must be tedious. These endless investigations..." It was said quietly. To Mihara it sounded like sarcasm.
"Please don't feel offended. These are just routine inquiries."
"Of course. I'm not in the least put out. Please come back if you have any further questions."
"put out" の意味はその前にMiharaが "offended" を使っているのでそれと同じ様な意味になると推測できますが、"put out" のこの用例を辞書で確認します。
・Macmillan Dictionary: [usually in negatives or questions] put someone out to cause problems or difficulties for someone by making them do something for you: It would be great to stay with you, but I don't want to put you out.
・Oxford English Dictionary: Cause someone trouble or inconvenience: Would it put you out too much to let her visit you for a couple of hours?


a way station

2015年01月26日 | 英語の本を読む

松本清張の「点と線」の英語訳を読み始めました。翻訳者はMakiko Yamamoto and Paul C. Blumとなっていました。後者の名前は見覚えがあります。松本清張の小説を読んだことはありませんが、ドラマ化されたものはテレビで幾つか見ています。いずれも面白かったので「点と線」も面白いだろうと期待しています。
"Points and Lines" の英文は平易で、話の背景は日本、しかも一年間住んだことのある福岡が舞台の一つになっているので、前回読んだ児童小説よりも話の内容は良く分かります。
今日取り上げる表現 "way station" の意味は文脈から容易に分かりますが、この様な表現は初めて見ると思うので次に引用します。
"The time of Otoki's arrival at Hakata. We know that Sayama waited impatiently at the inn day after day for the phone call, so I'm sure the date of her arrival was not set."
Mihara was making it to Torigai. "It would look something like this," he explained.
"That's it! That's it exactly!" Torigai exclaimed as he studied the diagram.
"But why did Otoki get off the train at a way station?" Mihara wondered out loud.
Otokiが東京から直接博多に来たのではなく、途中で下車したと推測しているので、 "way station" は途中駅を意味しているはずです。辞書で確認します。
・Oxford English Dictionary: A stopping point on a journey.: It's generally recognized that many illegals go to Canada with a primary purpose of using it as a way station on the trek to the U.S.
・Collins Dictionary: a stopping point on a journey ⇒ the army's next way station on its march north, The city has become a way station for travelling insurgents and foreign fighters.
なるほど、 "way station" は文字通りの駅ではなくても良く、通過地点、通過点、中間/中継点の意味でも使えるのですね。
ところでPaul C. Blum氏の事を思い出しました。Asiatic Society of Japan (ASJ) の創立140周記念で頂いた小冊子の中に氏が1963年に書いたYokohama in 1872のリプリントがあり、それを興味深く読んだので覚えていました。ところで、一年振りにASJに参加する事にしました。偶然ですが今日はそのASJの年次総会がフランス大使公邸で開かれ、フランス大使の話を聞く予定になっており楽しみです。

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Music Shop

2015年01月25日 | 英語の本を読む

A sign at a music shop: "Gone Chopin. Bach in a minuet."


in the lee of

2015年01月24日 | 英語の本を読む

児童小説Charlotte's Webから最後の引用です。
After Chrismas the thermometer dropped to ten below zero. Cold settled on the world. The pasture was bleak and frozen. The cows stayed in the barn all the time now, except on sunny mornings when they went out and stood in the barnyard in the lee of the straw pile.
"in the lee of" は見覚えがある表現ですが、思い出せません。調べると昨年の4/5/2013に取り上げていました。復習として辞書に出ていた例文を引用します。
Shelter from south through to north winds is available in the lee of Moon Point.
An area sheltered from the wind: in the lee of the boulder.


waxing lyrical

2015年01月23日 | 英語の本を読む

Reader's Digest 11月号の定番記事All in a Day's WorkにSlow on the Uptakeと題された記事がありました。
While having my eyebrows shaped by a young beautician, we got onto the subject of food. I told her all about my new slow cooker, waxing lyrical about all the wonderful things it could do.
Instead of looking impressed, she asked, "Did you know it was slow when you bought it?
記事のタイトルの "Slow on the Uptake" の "slow" は "slow cooker" の "slow" をもじっていますね。
"waxing lyrical" は慣用句の様です。辞書の説明を見ます。
・Oxford English Dictionary: Talk in a highly enthusiastic and effusive way: waxing lyrical about his splendid son-in-law
・Cambridge Dictionaries Online: to talk about something with a lot of interest or excitement: I recall Rosie waxing lyrical about the flatness of his stomach.


Lucite box

2015年01月22日 | 英語の本を読む
Reader's Digest 11月号の記事(タイトルをメモするのを忘れた)からの引用です。 My aunt Edith, who's still alive at 107, always gave me a dime. That was her thing: "Here's your lucky dime." I actually found some not long ago, along with my high school graduation cuff links and other stuff - two dimes I'd put in a Lucite box.
"Lucite box" ですが、大文字で始まっているので商標からきた言葉でしょうか? ・Oxford English Dictionary: A solid transparent plastic made of polymethyl methacrylate (the same material as Perspex or Plexiglas): this replica, made of Lucite, is 7 inches tall: [as modifier] a clear Lucite base
・Cambridge Dictionaries Online: a type of transparent plastic used to make paints and decorative objects such as picture frames