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I'm beat

2018年05月23日 | 英単語
宮部みゆきの "All She Was Worth"(原作 火車)が面白かったので地元の図書館にある宮部作品の英訳本は全部読みたいと思い、2番目にCrossfireを読む事にしました。話は比較的直ぐに事件現場に行きます。
They didn't look like trouble-making high school students who'd been on a spree and were bringing in one of their friends who'd drunk too much and passed out, or a motorcycle gang who'd come in to lay low and hide a member injured during a police chase. This had more of a grim, ugly look to it.
Junko rigidly observed the proceedings. It seemed that none of the four youths had noticed her at all. One of the two holding flashlights yawened loudly.
"Man, I'm beat."
"What is this place? It stinks."
"beat" を含む慣用句、口語表現は多く、これまでにこのブログでも "beats me"、"my beats"、"If that don't beat all"、"beat the hell out of"、"beat the odds"、"without missing a beat"、"beat all" を取り上げました。
今日はCrossfireに出てきた "I'm beat" です。
・Oxford English Dictionary: Completely exhausted.: I'm dead beat.
・Cambridge English Dictionary: extremely tired: I'm beat - I'm going to bed.

talking to a mannequin

2018年05月19日 | 英単語
Just bumped into a mannequin & said, "Sorry."
Then said, "Oh, I thought you were a person."
Then realized I was still talking to a mannequin.


2018年05月18日 | 英単語
The Answer by Allan & Barbara Peaseを読んでいます。
For every ten prospects I called, five would agree to an appointment and one didn't keep it, so I'd actually get to eyeball four prospects. I'd present to three and would sell to one, making $300 commission. This meant that every time I spoke to someone on the telephone I would earn $30, regardless of whether they agreed to see me, or kept the appointment, or voiced objections or bought from me or not.
"get to eyeball" は文脈からすると「(実際に)会える」と解釈して良さそうですが、辞書で "eyeball" にこの様な用例が出ているか見ます。
ちょっと例は同じではありませんが、 "eyeball" にはマーケティング用語として次の意味があるとの説明がありました。
・Oxford English Dictionary: Marketing Used to refer to the number of people who visit a website, watch a television program or channel, read a publication, etc., especially when regarded as a potential source of revenue.: I think we got a few more eyeballs on the site.
・Collins Dictionary: marketing slang (plural) viewers of a television programme or website, esp seen as potential customers, advertisers, etc: The site's goal was to get more eyeballs for advertisers.


2018年05月16日 | 英単語
The Answer by Allan & Barbara Peaseを読んでいます。
Most people complain about how busy they are, whether it's with work, family, or just the basic upkeep of life. Yet there are others who have exactly the same amount of time who do remarkable things. Most people also think that successful people probably worked harder, got lucky or were in the right place at the right time and therefore made it further than them. But that is not the truth.
"upkeep" の意味を調べます。
・Oxford English Dictionary: The process of keeping something in good condition.: we will be responsible for the upkeep of the access road
・Collins Dictionary: the act or process of keeping something in good repair, esp over a long period; maintenance
・Cambridge English Dictionary: the cost or process of keeping something, such as a building, in good condition: The upkeep of larger old properties is very expensive.

Fun Police

2018年05月15日 | 英単語
図書館から借りる本の間に読むThe Answer by Allan & Barbara Peaseを読んでいます。
A typical loser's bad habit list usually includes:
Letting people get under their skin
Being the Fun Police
Being in a job they hate.
"Fun Police" の意味がさっぱり分かりません。普通の辞書には説明は見当たりませんでしたか、次の俗語辞典の意味で使われていると思います。
・Urban Dictionary: Person or group of people who make others stop having fun for whatever reason, usually out of jealousy or spite, but sometimes because said fun is against the law.