Rabby & Chinkoro : News Flash (325)

2017-11-30 20:44:54 | 日記
Chinkoro KING is good at cosmetics, however...Oh, fur...Fur...he is barly type!!!

The shape is ideal, however, to put it, he would gloom his hair on surfice...Thus...Brave Chinkoro KING, how should you do?

Miyuki recommend him to wait at least up to next summer. So cold now, and you would catch a cold. However, he disliked her kindest advice. Audacious, he turns to be...However...yes...not so welcome, this project...thus...waiting or quitting the idea would be fine...Chinkoro King himself decided.

Nice! We are in the same opinion! Thus, Chinkoro King likes Miyuki so much. She respected his decision. According to her, his matter, not mine. Miyuki can offer just opinion, not judgement. Judgement should be done CHINKORO KING himself. Thus, Chinkoro King decided like above.

Proposal offerer, she is. Thus, Chinkoro King could deny her offer, of course, indifferent from kindness or unkindness. However, sometimes, Miyuki traps him so many times, thus, this time, I don't want to be trap, Chinkoro King considers so much, and the effect...the same.

Unfortunately, she knows your inclination, Chinkoro KING! You are so cute for her, against your will. Thus, a kind of naughty boy type attacking is done by her, as usual. Thus, not torture, Chinkoro KING!

Chinkoro King wants to play the role of some evil robber like can, yes. However, the effect would be not so benefitted for us all. However, you should train your possible ability. Thus, in occasion, you can play, indifferent from suitableness.

Thus, Chinkoro King thinks so many times on the offers done by others. Thus, now...a shocking offer came from both sides!!! Terrible offer from Miyuki's side???

Christmas costume play party! Oh, good idea! We would change our clothings in my new hut! Mirror, and probably, so many clothings would be put there in plastic boxes!!! We can change our clothings in turn, and could play the role of different personalities, as amusement! Christmas costume play party would be fine inside the second hut!!!

Thus, Miyuki needs to promote her moving, as soon as possible. YUKARI, the attacker, attacks us all, so often, recently. It means that she is so tensed, and she wants to do it. Thus, she needs to get married with KOISO so soon.

Primitive, however, real problem. Alzheimer patients' sexual life is like that. Hush-hush mode, in case of doing it, and anyway, I want to do it, any guy should not disturb my pursue for sexual desire.

Thus, why she does it alone in her chamber up to the end of her life consecutively? Non stopping mode is OK inside the chamber. She should not pop out from the chamber. Just doing it only life, she can continue now. Why she quits it? She should stay in the chamber, without being disturbed by any guys. No necessary for her existance. As she likes, she can do musturbation, and this is the best answer for us all, and for her!!!

OMANKO life, in the extreme mode. Do it, up to the end, without stopping!, Miyuki offered!!!

Why not? They are already incapable in every meaning. Any act outside is dangerous. Inside the chamber, they can do as you like, alone. Among them, also OK. All sex life without eating, doing pee, doing evacuation, and so on. Onanism only life, she should adopt immediately, in perfect style. A kind of self application of Jali's Human Russel Tran!!!

Thus, OK for us all, and YUKARI agreed to do it. Good grief!!!

Todai is now just a shadow. They want to behave as if they existed. And the result, from the begining, No Life KING, this Manmoth Ivory Tower is, revealed:

320 errors, the thesis included, however, any professors didn't recognize them at all. And now, they canseled the doctral degree. unusually many errors, however, all professors were blind, already, academically. Stupid guys prison, Todai was, already, when they gave her the doctral degree!

And the professors were just warned. Not punished materially. Thus, the stupidest guys would repeat the same mistakes, as they likes, and our precious tax would be put again in these idiots, under the name of Todai related.

Actual president ISHII is so so tolerant for these guys, and this top would be punished harshly. Irresponsible top, this Ivory Tower has, unfortunately. Abusers, the professors are, and for them, as usual. Thus, natural cause!!! Todai system is so degraded. VANISH! Immediately! Whole TODAI related! Just only few selective guys should survive!!! Tax robbers, they are! Cut all of the heads of Todai related immediately! And for us, Todai related, however, attacked by these Todai MICCHIKU related, would be saved, as usual!!!

Just information collection on Japan and China was categorized as doctral degree object, and the professors hired this cute OPPABU lady as their pets, and at the exchange of OPPABU activities, they gave doctoral degree for her.周倩, her name is, and she was ex-Chinese!!!

Who was she? Spy, probably. And the top concealed the fact. The MATA-HARI was stupid, like YUKARI!!!

Satans conceals the fact as much as possible. Another guy was colaborator, however, this one was not accused:

Strange for us, however, they love to minimise their catching game. Thus, always some residues were left untouched. Why soon after the wrongdoer's admission, they didn't put him to the police? Why they are now considering of the possibility to do so?

Always vague was their preference, and No Man's Land, for it. Just faking to catch the criminal, and leave it up to vanishing, like HARUMI and YUKARI was their attitude. Thus, the wrondoers concealed in the chambers, and continue to attack us all.

Shirakawa like rural village is just like it now. Anti-constitutional, and illegal, however, no power holders would work correctly, thus, they should be shot right now!!!

During OMANKO doing, they would be shot! A kind of Death on the belly, female soft version, in short! Thus, satisfaction total! They agreed it, already, however, they didn't it, and even now, they exist! Why they didn't do it even now? Just doing it, thus, so easy! Up to the end of their life, they should continue to do it! Perfect Mustervation death, the both deserve to!!!

Shameless attackers, they are! Just washing machine using is task? Materially, just YUKARI's hobby, however, HARUMI said so, thus, others respected her words. Why? HARUMI has no ligitimacy at all, and she is also Alzheimer, yes. Why we need to observe her stupid interpretation?

Always attacker, HARUMI is. And Miyuki hates her so much. She is nasty ugly Monstrous Deep Ocean creature, now. Her sly smile was so nasty, Miyuki would remember forever!!

Thus, the end of the both. They should refrain from our society, however, stayed to torture us all. No recognition ability, they have, and even though, they attacked us, so easily. Out of mind type. Thus, the most shameful torture should be put for both of them. Thus, Mustervation only life they spent, was so so tough for these senseless grotesque beasts!!!

Miyuki offered so many punishments for them both, however, they continued to attack us everyday, without exception. They killed so many Rightous Brothers, and Miyuki got in rage. Thus, they should be killed forever!!! Non stopping twig cutters, they both were. And their purpose was just cut our future! Thus, cut whole of their both stupid heads, during thier mustervation!!!

They are smelly, because they do it. Nasty smell after their usage of toilet and bath room. Why they do it in commom place? Why they don't do it in the bed? For us, too too contradictional!

They do it in the bed, also, however, not so smelly there. Only they do it outside the bed, it smelled so much!!!

Torture for us all, and indulgence only for the both. How stupid and cruel life the both spent during thier life! We hate them both! Musturbation video would be taken for them both, and it would be acceccible from all of our universe in the near future. They agreed to do it, thus, the punishment would be so cruel, more and more!!!

They prohibitted to do it for others, and punished it and they themselves enjoyed it, even they were Alzheimer patients. Terrible chasers at this point, and they checked the intimate wears of us all, to punish us. Terrible snoop sisters, they were! Smell also ended up so many years ago, because they smelled it.

Recognition problem holders, they both were. However, they did it, despite of the fact. Japanese DDMs are like that, in short.

Grotesquely childish way of behaviour, and they were all related with the police authority, thus, they were so so arrogant, despite of their no valuable non working conditions!!!

Domestic tasks they didn't do sufficiently, was Miyuki's impression on the matter. No good point at all, and only weak points only they had. However, they were so so andaciously repeating the worst attacking from inside. The reason was revealed already. The police!

For them, all monitoring system was adopted so many years ago, under the name of safety, like HASEBE. And for them, DDMic safety is priority, and it would be respected at the cost of any lives of us all!!!

Thus, they were so safe up to the moment. And now, they were all revealed as All Alzheimers. Thus, just DISPOSAL only. 殺処分 or SASSHOBUN is sufficient for them all!!!

They cut the futures of us all, already, and after IDIOCRACY, they continued to run faked IDIOCRACY, thus, they are all so so cruelly punished. They are the

Now, strangely, YUKARI dashed to the office, and entered into the office room and twittered several strange words, in her most childish way, in the most quiet voice, toward Alex:

For Miyuki, what is she saying? like misterious spell like remarks, it was.

And then, "Bring it in case of your bath taking." directly toward Alex. Alex replayed in the shortest way, "Yes, Ma'm."

She remained, without doing anything for a while, beside him, near the oil heater. And then she Yawned, again.

Without necessy, he stayed longer. And she yawned as showing up. As if she wanted to say, "I worked for you, Alex. I am kind and diligent worker. You are my idol, Alex! I am so supporting your life, OK, you should remember it, as always!", in instinct.

And she left the office room finally.

Miyuki checked what she did, when she was approaching to the fredge. And she perceived, "Oh, YUKARI hung Alex's old sport wear combined pyjama near the oil heater."

Why she did it? Why she dashed to do it now? Pyjama bringing job is also hers, probably. Bath taking related would be treated as her tasks. Insimate wears preparing is also.

Oh, probably, the spell like remarks should be interpretated like this:
なんか、しめしめ しているから、XXX 思って 良かった

 "I feel that these pyjamas are wet, thus, I correctly came to hung them here!", probably. Self satisfaction only. Why now? Alex lit the fire on the oil heater, already 5 hours ago. When Miyuki came back from her errand trip, he was here in the office, and the oil heater was already lit. Thus, so many hours were given for YUKARI's drying up pyjama business. However, now, she dashed, and put them, and declared him to use the pair of pyjamas after taking bath, indifferent from being really wet or not.

So so selfish. If she were kind guy or serious diligent domestic type, she would put them so earlier. Always, "Ooop, I recognize it, thus, it would be fine for him!", and declaration only. No consideration of the effect or result.

Who washed the clothings? YUKARI. Unnecessarily, to increase the volume, as always. And now, wet, however, Alex is obliged to put them, despite of wetness, after his bath taking.

Always, "Sorry! You are right, I fail." or SHOKA-IKO-IKO, recently toward Alex. Miyuki wants to vomit hearing YUKARI's SHOKA-IKO-IKO mode. "I want to do it, my nephew husband, and I am so feable in mind, thus, treat me so nice, hug me as cute girl. I am sensitive, however, I make a slight mistake like this. Think me as your kindest Auntie! Hug me, with your arms, pretty husband!" was YUKARI's voice in a belly.

Alex is her husband in her whole life, thus, only toward him, she is SHOKA-IKO-IKO mode. For other guys, just Mad Dog, in this stage, and she makes so many errors as usual. Nasty wet pyjamas, so old and tired, however, he likes, and unnecessarily tired, because she washed unnecessarily. "For cleaning up", she explains every time, and why so often?

Miyuki remembered that when the kids were babies, their pyjamas were not so changed often. Yes, sufficiently often, and sometimes, twice or three times a day, because as babies, they dropped foods, spilt milk and so on.

Why now, so often?

They tortured like that, in short. In the softest mode, they induced wet conditions of pyjamas, and wetness was expected to induce to be caught a cold by the targetted guys. Nasty patternalized attacking like Ciao-Ribbon-NAKAYOSHI tribe. "Acchooo...!" the targetted guys would blow, and even though, "Oh, stupid cute lady, you are! On behalf of your mistake, I caught a cold", with a kiss on her front head, like situation, YUKARI images in her brainless mind.

"Alex, you would forgive me, because I made a best effort for you, you know! I am a kind of a tiny cute girl, like diligent Leapicheap! I wanted to be good for you, however, I couldn't. You should forgive me, of course, my pretty husband!", also was heard from her belly.

MANGA like situation commedy, they expect, thus, they trap us all, and Miyuki did know well that it would never work. Saho TAGUCHI, now, YUKARI turned, as last resort.

MENGO, is also her preferable word. It means that any of her error would be allowed, without exception. This terrible rule was agreed among them to avoid YUKARI's harsh attacking. YUKARI gets in rage easily in this period. Mad Cow disease holder, she was categorized, and she checked, and the result was positive. And she concealed the fact. She was disliked to be said so. And now, the reason of her suffering was disputed by us all.

Just syphilis. She bought some guy, when she was versity pupil, was Miyuki's opinion.

And for others...Mad Dog like Cow disease, she suffers, also. Yes, all got combined already. Thus, recently, again she suffered from the new type?

An exhibition of all diseases of MICCHIKU life, she shows. Anyway, degradation. Multiple factors to catch so many diseases. YUKARI is just an exhibition center, now. However, with physical violence, it should not be!, Miyuki thought correctly. Why she attacks Miyuki, even now? So so unusual, hitting others with big heavy basketful of clothings...Ciao-Ribbon turns to be Mad Cow, abruptly!

Privacy conception, they couldn't perceive, during their lives. Thus, satans, they are! For them, all of objects belong to them, and not each individual family. Thus, controlers, they recognized themselves. Thus, whole life monitoring system was put with them, and Miyuki's memories were stolen like that!!!

YUKARI is so feeble minded, yes, however, also MIYUKI is, Alex yelled, so many times, and he was caught, and punished harshly. Miyuki is normal, while YUKARI is abnormal, was our Rightous Brothers' side's opinion. And now, Alex regrets his lies so much. And he was punished even though, of course!!!

No time for the both, yes. And for Miyuki, Alex is a kind of DDMic kid, in fact. Non working outside type. Thus, he fakes to be diligent for his study, cramschol type, unnecessarily.

Why abruptly he changed? To avoid some more punishiment, probably.

Indulged boy's faking job, Miyuki categorizes it. Just the same for you, Miyuki. For Alex, Miyuki is induged mother, and YUKARI is his real mother, because she loves him so much.

As you like, Alex. Miyuki is not your mother, from the begining. Just your parent. Mother, I hate. It should not exist. Thus, Die with YUKARI!

Thus, the end! Alex just wanted to be good boy, and he turned to be, unfortunately. Thus, the end. Alex was not naughty boy type, yes. Miyuki does know well. Thus, good boy type, he wants to be. As you like.

He decided to be good, anyway. Indulged life causes Alzheimer disease, as Miyuki said. And he thinks that he was one of an example. Indulged, yes. Abuser, he was. And no recognition ability on every sense, sometimes. Thus, some satans replaced him so many times. Abruptly, he started to attack, yes. Like Ms.Responsile, OOKAWA, and so on. Thus, Miyuki is so so correctly to see him.

Alex is not so in the middle, and he should be fine, immediately. Or he would vanish, so soon. He recognized how he was wrong...He regretted, however, too late. Unnecessarily, he failed. Without saying type remarks he did, and he was declared to be punished harshly, including total vanishing. Why in this trifle?, he thought of. Senseless. No respect type. Thus, just like Dumb Alzheimer Queens. Thus, three generation all Alzheimer house, the main house is!!!

Alex regretted his indulged attitude now. No time for him at all. Thus, how he should do? Don't be dull, is the correct answer. Thus...he attempts, anyway. And the effect?

Miyuki is free from the result. His choice.

Thus, YUKARI came to attack him. YUKARI is recently so lonely. She wants to be treated by some guys, however, any guys don't want to her sincerely. Her choice's result. Thus, only Alex would be fine for her. Alex is the world for her. Thus, "Oh, my husband Alex! I want to do it with you now! Came to my chamber, right now, and you should take a bath soon. I am waiting for you, in my chamber!" was YUKARI's belly words.

Anyway, she can't put up with the sensation to do it, in short. Thus, do it now! OMANKO life she spends, yes. Thus, why not now?

She is shy, thus, she wants to do it with Alex, only. Thus, Alex should respond to her soon. The result...she is sleepy. anyway, I washed your pyjamas. You should prased me, as "My dearest Auntie!" or "Oh, my super lady, my effective wife!" like that.

Ciao-Ribbon tribe were so cruel, Miyuki recognized. The symbolic frase was, NAKAYOSHI!, in Tokyo Bay Detention.

There, for confirmation of normality, as a kind of cumpliment, the word NAKAYOSHI! was chosen. So many times a day, Miyuki and her inmates heard of the word. Why NAKAYOSHI? What is NAKAYOSHI? were their common question.

For Miyuki, a kind of code, and some guy took the correct word differently, and it turned to be the tradition, was a hyphothesis.

However, Bianca, her immate, wispered toward Miyuki, "In tagalog language, NAKAYOSHI means Doing it!" with her charming smile.

Probably, some Philipine related taught the word and they took it so cool. Thus, it was adopted as "OK, no abnormality at all here, confirmed!"

NAKA is inside, and YOSHI is good. Thus, OK, in the inside, was the correct answer. However, why NAKAYOSHI? Unusual to hear the sound as cumpliment!

Miyuki has never heard of it as cumpliment in other places at all. Why NAKA-YOOOOOSHI, was pronunced, so many times?

KANCHIRI was tissue, and their way of saying was just like "faked slangs used in film making only" type. Thus, strange, Miyuki felt. No sincere attitude among any police guys in Tokyo, including HACHIOJI police men. Just performing in some strange films related roles of "BIKKURI-CAMERA" or "Trapping videos", was Miyuki's impression on them.

After their failure, they are preparing to say, "Just a joke, of course!", Miyuki felt. Thus, so erroneous, and lack of sincerity. With spending so much money, just video trapping type jobs, Japanese government had been doing during so many years, Miyuki felt. Unkind, and inneffective, and so ego-centric, they were all!!!

0h, Alex took a tea, canned type, and a coffee au lait, the same, in the office room. Double astonishing facts! For Miyuki, Alex was so weak at cafaine, thus, these products were too too dangerous, generally speaking. And secondly, why canned drinks, he was obliged to take here in the house? Just like at school, or in the office outside type. Costive, and where is his maid? Tea and coffee serving is not her job?

For Alex, anyway, edible is all OK. Thus, they offered canned drinks, thus, he accepted. Just it. No reason to take unnecessarily difficult drinks for DDMic side. Canned foods are also alternatives for Alzheimer ladies.

Easy and non cooking type. They were so thrifty to act at all, thus, they suffered from Alzheimer disease, yes. And they dislike to be called Alzheimers. Thus, they get in rage. Spontaneous Alzheimer guys, they are, and we suffer lot because of their wrongdoings. They are so so nasty and jealous. They are so jealous against non Alzheimer type. Thus, all Alzheimer system, they adopted. If one guy were not Alzheimer, they would be revealed as so, thus, the guy should be targetted to be killed. Thus, Miyuki was targetted in Tokyo, and now in Shirakawa.

Shirakawans are rough, ADACHI yelled. They love sadistic acts so much, and scatrogy, yes. Thus, Fass and Pee world, we are in!!!

They recognized at least that they were mentally illed. Forgetful, anyway, and they can't read, they declared. Thus, for many years of loss of ASAHI journal's payment. Absolutely abnormal, they are, both. And their news source was just "I feel so, thus I act!" as usual. Thus, Miyuki disliked them both, already, so many years ago.

Strange kinkiest ladies, they were, when Miyuki was kid. No explanation based on the fact, they couldn't provide to Miyuki at all, HARUMI and YUKARI. Two, mother and daughter, were so similar mentally, and erroneous and stupid. Sensation related abrupt actiities they did, so many times, and irresponsible, in any way.

In the worst moment, they both betrayed. In public, they wanted to show up so much, at the cost of other members of the family, and in the house, they wanted to show up as if they were superior to others.

Scientific way of thinking was out of mind type. Illogical explanation was sufficient for them both. TV only world. Isolated from the society. No friends at all type, except each other. Enhancing mode only type. Thrifty, at the same time, consumptious to buy some targetted cheapish objects. Alzheimer maniacs, they were. And so so slow to understand our words. They can't learn at all anything. School matters were indifferent. Just feeling is OK, type. Tea or coffee drinking and BLA-BLA-BLA on artists were their common pleasures. Anti-naturalists. feudal moral admirors. Sexual attackers, they were. Financially dependent. Easy to be trapped by others outside. Unkind toward inside. Sexual curiocity only. Privacy conception was denied by them both. No usage of mathematics at all. Repetition is their hobby. Cruel tortures against others were also. Stupidest whole in their lives. Musturbation is prohibitted openly, however, secretly, they do, as their pleasure, yes. Non stopping mode, as usual. Addictive, yes. Concealing their wrongdoings, and putting dirty names for others, as usual. Liars, yes. Public power relying lives, they spent. Superiority complex holders, yes, despite of their low values. Arrogant, and offended others so easily. Chemical weapon usage was allowed by them both. Sense of smell was not their strongpoint to have. Washing machine using is their own job, and trash collection, also. Terrible cooks, they were. They sold precious things at the lowest cost, easily. They love to attack others, even without any reward at all, type, and so on, and so on.

Thus, the same type, we categorized, and they should go to INFERNO all together!!!

Bob cut only means Alzheimers, in short, in this region. And anti-fashionable, and jealous, anyway. They loved to frustrate others, so much. Stupid flamboyant Tokyo lovers. MICCHIKU life admirors. Hated to move their own bodies. Non creative at all. Nasty remarks only for others' success. Negative, they were.


Rabby & Chinkoro : News Flash (324)

2017-11-30 18:01:14 | 日記
30/11/2017, Thursday, warm & cloudy ⇒ cold & cloudy ⇒ cold & rainy, mist type

Miyuki did her first apple eating job in the courtyard of the second hut at Chestnut Hill, and also, planted seeds of Johanathan apples, Japanese YUZU lemons, and icorns. She put wooden spoons with the names of each species on the soil per each, and made a dicth also, and put the leftover of the fruits. New Patch making work, she did, today, for the first time.

And she continued to wipe up the floor. Almost half part of the floor was cleaned up. And Miyuki is now wonder to use slippers, or rag mat or fat socks...All of these, would be ideal. And she decisively thought not to buy new materials as much as possibles. She would gain much more prettier things soon. However, up to the suitable time, she wants to take advantage of already existing type objects, she had gained before.

She made an errand to search the price of TSURUHASHI or big beak shape desconstruction tool for her soil sowing. However, at CAINZ Home Center, she couldn't find any of them. At KOMERI, only a head part made of iron costs US$16. Thus, she is now using common shovel to her farming at Chestnut Hill.

Probably, she would borrow tools necessary for her farming from her father. He has variety of tools. Thus, some tools would be substitute. And Miyuki returns the tools, without exception, in the same day. Thus, no necessity to buy any of them.

She should be more responsible. yes, reliable. She is at least not liar, confirmed. However, to work more, more responsibility is necessity. Thus, more exactness would be required. Anyway, she would accomplish her log house or HUTTE making job up to Christmas period.

She found a cheap Lens beans boiled type cans at YAMAYA shop at Mega-STAGE area. Tomorrow is the first of December, already. Thus, she would start to prepare for Christmas event. A paper for gift would be fine to decorate the wall for the cheerful period. She made her own accecaries with ribbon with red, green and gold colours in HACHiOJI, to appreciate the seasonal atomosphare. No pay is the absolute principle. Just in case of necessity is our strict rule.

Alex is an indulged boy, thus he uses oil heater, acoording to Alzheimer ladies' advice, as his own cost. He should pay for it, because his stay in the office is useless and in vain, and Miyuki's working is precious for us all. He has no value guy, if he pays his own cost, yes. Without cost payment, he is harmful attacker, just it. Thus, minimum, he should pay. He didn't learn at all at school, was confirmed. So stupid boy, and he was brought up under the strict rules given by Alzheimer ladies against Miyuki's will. Even Miyuki's will, he would be degraded, would be decided now. However, Miyuki is free from his problem at all. Thus, she will concentrate on her job.

Alzheimer ladies attack him so many times, unnecessarily. Now, YUKARI came, and found that Miyuki was entering into the toilet, thus, she changed her mind, and entered into the office room, and told some preach toward Alex unnecessarily, and refrained from the office, without using the toilet. Why she came to the office, was forgotten by YUKARI.

No necessity, in short. She wanted to meet Alex, anyway. She was in good mood, thus, she wanted to something to Alex, anyway. No reason, no content. Just Alzheimer attacking only. And YUKARI loves Alex so much. She loves him only. Thus, the world is mine, according to her inner voice.

he is already my lover. I want to get married with him. Wedding would be fine. Thus, I bought a set of cosmetics. However, it didn't work at all. Thus, sexy dynamite strategy, she wants to try now. Just attack directly on Alex! As often as possible! Just meeting is also fine! Anyway, go to attack Alex, as much as possible!!!

YUKARI's GO!, GO! mode is so dangerous to others. Don't say anything on the matter. I am decisively loving him. It is enough. I love you, Alex, thus, you should show me how you love me!!!

She is so selfish. Thus, Miyuki got a big damage also today. This morning, in front of the fredge, Miyuki was heating up chicken legs for her lunch. And YUKARI, with a big green plastic basketful of washed wet clothings, hit Miyuki with the heavy big basket with wet clothings, with monstrous face with anger. So strong she hit, as Miyuki to faint, almost. "Monstrouns Cow!" or MOUGYUU or 猛牛, Miyuki felt from her violent attitude. She didn't refrain from the scene, nor wait the dish to be heated up, and just she dushed toward the entrance of the office.

Oh, for Alzheimers, refraining or waiting is so so difficult to choose, probably. Thus, the cows of Pamplona, they turned to be. Dangerous festival, however, so many males participated into it, annually.

Attractive to gain the interest of the candidates of lovers, and they got interested in to be killed, also. Thus, some guys were put to be killed, sometimes. Unnecessarily, they put them, and as they predicted, these victims were killed under the name of popular enthusiasm. Mad Cow Disease, it would be said. And now, YUKARI is now in the real stage of this. Thus, mummal milk, I would like to provide you, Alex, like primitive sensation inside her. Thus, who disturbs my precious divine duty to control Alex would be killed, immediately, is her honest darest confession.

Everyday's yawning from INFERNO toward her bed side. Good Grief. At least, she wants to die. However, she can't do it. Why? Because she doesn't do it. Indifferent from her intention, she should be killed, as punishment.

Panty washing machine, manual type, was her nickname from the kids. Why you want to wash our intimate wears by your own precious hands?, was Clare's primitive question to HARUMI and YUKARI. And YUKARI hit her, directly, and said, "Clare, you stupid! Females were born for it! You should know the limit! You are female, and you should learn to do so for Alex, after my death!" Oh, YUKARI will die soon, Clare presumed. And the result...nothing happened, and she continues to attack us as always.

Monstrously selfish guys, the Alzheimer ladies. Panty washers, they are! They love to search others' sexual life, in short. Eros and violence, in the last stage. Thus, they both should refrain from our society!!!

They attack us so hard recently. Crazy guys, yes. And how we can avoid the worst disaster? We can trap them. They would go to picnic toward Tokyo, and they would never come back here any more!!! Sean, Don't come back to us, ever!!!

To Tokyo, you will go by car, HARUMI, won't you? You said so last week. Do you remember on it? ITABASHI, you said. You want to see the place to live in the near future. There, You, Alex and YUKARI would live forever. You said so clearly last week. Thus, we are waiting for your departure.

Alex suggested that they would be fine to go by two, because the seats are only two in the yellow car. He is now so busy to study hard, becase as you know, your dirty messy husband punishes me so lot. I am rather clever type, however, he categorized me as the worst indulged guy in the world, thus, at least, to meet you next time, I need to study harder. Thus, only you both will go to see the buildings, candidates of our new residence. After Miyuki's death, of course, we would live all together. Anyway, look arround the town before buying the house. Go directly to Itabashi. GTI, is our catch copy. Remember, GTI, OK?

Thus, they are going now. And Miyuki found a big advertisement plate on the death of KOISO family in Shin-SHIRAKAWA area. They were deciesing, anyway. However, the bottom of their inner mechanism was so dark and cold and dirty, as mad or fass of deep ocean...Thus, their image is Monstrous Deep Sea Creatures wandering here and there, popping out of their suitable place called Deep Sea or INFERNO or ITABASHI.

Inner satans creating project, they participated into, and they failed finally. Good grief. Always selfish, and so so unusually forgetful, and erroneous, and cruel. Rapists, they are!!! They should be killed in the highest level of shames!!!

Greece Teachers are also Idiots, some guy informed. They had a pride of their own history, yes. However, ancient type. After modern age, it was degrated. Past self confidence, Greeks kept, and couldn't get away from the erroneous self portrait. Just like HARUMI and YUKARI.

For them, their illusion is the real world. With any counter proof, they can't believe the fact at all. It is difficult to live with them. No guy would put up with their harsh attacking at all. So so nasty, and so so abruptly. Air raid type. And they should be killed immediately.

YUKARI is not young as Alzheimer patient, is shocking impressive fact for us all. Alzheimer patients suffer indifferent from their own ages. 48 years old Alzheimer patients are rather older, compared with other examples.

No reason to explain their abrupt mood change except Alzheimer disease or Amirodosis. By being killed by us all!!!

They want to live more! Oh, betrayal and blasfamia! They have no right to express their desire at all. They are already declared guilty, and they are practically prisonners. Thus, they can't put any moratorium on the period of execution, without saying!!!

Thus, they should be killed before Christmas! Oh, "Love Story"!

Abruptly, the young couple with promissive boy and promissive girl were split, in short. With the boy's family's intention. So so similar to the real story of Cris of Bolivia!!!

Exist some guys who want to give a damage our happiness, by their own hobby. Always, some rich family wants to choose rich counterpart for their younger members. MICCHIKU in Bolivia. In any countries, exist this inclination.

Mr.Slump family, also. IVANNA is also the victim???

She is a kind of common designer, not so promissive type, however, she wanted to be independent, however, she can't, because she is supported from her father. Oh, she came with Mr.Slump with her father to Japan. And they split, anyway. Financial supporter would turn to be terrible attackers, sometimes. Yes. Thus, need to clear up before the contract. Of course.

And Miyuki's case? Miyuki goes in the minimum approach. Beyond the necessity, she needs to pay as luxuary for who paied for her. Thus, so easy to know to be paid or not. Thus, yes, unwritten contract type. Not abuser type, in short. In case of necessity, who have the resource, we should provide, as much as possible, of course. Thus, for Miyuki, Alex is a kind of abuser. Why he doesn't want to put more fat clothings on? With them, he doesn't need to consume any petroreum in vain.

Thus, luxuary, for our side, yes. He should wear correctly, is Miyuki's advice. Why he wears so few in winter? Recently, he has been inclined to do so. T-shirt wearing in winter is absurd for us, at all! However, he does so. Why? Kinkiest costive habit, thus, his own choice without necessity. Thus, he should pay.

According to his former adviser, he is totally normal, and American should do it. Oh, it is the real idiot. Thus, the two Alzheimer ladies, in short. American way, they adviced, and Alex followed. Thus, Alex also should be punished.

Yes. Why American style was not asked by any of these threes. "Just like American, you can live!" was HARUMI's stupidest adivice. Monstrous Deep Sea Creature's stupid advice would not be accepted by any common guys. Thus, Alex is stupid guy, of course!!!

From the top of Thunderbolt Mountain, no car on the route 294 from the south end toward ONNA-ISHI or 女石, however, when Miyuki walks along the road in this area, so many cars pass beside her. Always, without any exception.

In any narrow ally, it happens. Today, HEBIISHI area, it happened in. KATSUMI's site is so near. Why this unpopulous area suddenly turned to be busy street in Tokyo, abruptly?, Miyuki got in wonder, even today.

So nasty, however, satans can't put up with the sensation to pop our from their space called INFERNO. Why they attack us even after their death?

Post death Trauma, it is called. Even after the lost war, they fight, and attack us, and some of us suffer so much. Clare is one example. They attack her every day. Thus, going to school is one chance to be away from the attacker. Terrible Ciao-Ribbon League, they induce her to participate in. Thus, itself, the wrongdoing is!

HARUMI is earger to make her to be SHIRAKAWA high school's pupil now. Oh, just she wants Clare's unhappiness. Yes, of course! Thus, everyday, she preaches Clare, decisively. You would be a good pupil to gain some affection from the teachers, OK? And Miyuki's response is?

Clare's matter, she decides. However, to say my opinion, the contrary of my own belief. Thinking of gaining affection is the last resort, and sub-effect. Not main purpose. Who does it would fail, complitely, in its life, confirmed. Thus, Testacles Pets adviser, HARUMI was categorized.

Thus, Clare is in the middle. She is not good at point getting. However, she wants to go forever away from the house. Near Shin-Shirakawa, it is located. Thus, it would be fine for her. Oh, Shirakawa station is near from our house. one train passes per hour to connect to Shin-Shirakawa. Too too tiny factor to decide your high school.

Miyuki's advice is...Don't go to high school, Clare. All public schools here are rotten. Thus, go to work, as you like. Trainee type jobs would be find to do. And find some suitable inclination to your future. Animal trainer, she wants to be. Then, try to approach to them. Some suitable guys would tell the clues to realize your dream. Animal farms would be fine to attack to work. MINAMIGAOKA or 南ヶ丘 is one of attempts, I think of.

Miyuki remembered that the staff wore red simple wind breaker, and black jeans. Males and females. Part timers, probably. However, at least, they didn't require entrance, and their prices were relatively reasonable.

And not so "OPPABU BABAA likes it!" type. A kind of "As you like!" type semi-abandoned type. Sufficient to enjoy with the animals.

Like that. Anyway, attack! Miyuki attacked to enter into Todai, and made an extreme effort to do so, and gained the result. Without any purpose and effort, any dream would be realized. Thus, think of what you want to do, in reality, from the bottom of your heart, and think well of it, pragmatically.

Salary is one factor, however, so small part of the decision, it includes. What you desire in your life?, is more important. Abract way, also OK, you should clear up your desire. Direct desire on your near future is most important. Immage, what kind of adult you want to be!

Thus, she gave up to be a pupil of high schools...No sufficient intelligence she has, she recognized. Public schools are all difficult for her, in fact. Yes, good reason to giving up them all!!!

Thus, she chose to be rightous brothers, and starts to work outside, like Miyuki. Your choice. Don't be dumb, is enough. How is you should know later.

Dull workers, they are!, Clare recognized. Thus, she stopped thinking in their line. Thus, they attacked. And they attacked without knowing. "I don't go to high school", she said, and HARUMI said, "Oh, you, stupid guy! You should go there, because you should enter into one of the renoun versity for us all!"

Thus, "You, stupid, Alzheimer HARUMI! My life! You have no right to say so! BUSU Monster in the deep ocean!" would be fine to reply toward her!!!

Thus, HARUMI got upset, and wanted to kill both of us. Oh, homicide attempter, she is. Criminal. Thus, No Man's Land. They don't understand how they are wrong at all, and continue to be criminals.

And the police protected them all. Thus, no judicial order was reigned here in Shirakawa, rural village. Thus, the police should vanish, immediately, with these Alzheimer ladies!!!

Justice would have been kept at least in the judicial branch, namely, courts. However, not at all.Thus, Japan had sunken. And now, Alzheimer ladies forgot what happened during Miyuki's junior high days.

Plain guy, she was. Thus, she didn't do anything at all, was HARUMI's remarks on Miyuki, and YUKARI agreed. Probably, they constructed the image of junior high Miyuki from actual nasty Miyuki. They are so forgetful, it means. Thus, Clare gave up to talk the fact with them. They can't understand it at all. Thus, just ignorance would be fine for them both.

Already Miyuki cut the line with them like that. They attack Miyuki, even now. However, better than communication with them. Thus, they are lonely inside each chamber, of course!!!

Stupid guys who attack their own families, was their reputation. Without necessity, just to believe as if they were superior to other members of the family. Illusion turned to be the dreadful attacking tool under IDIOCRACY, because they sold our information easily to unreliable police. For free, to feel superior to us all, in short.

Thus, No Man's Land fenomenum happened. Japanese families existed just for money, in short, Miyuki described, and Animals got shocked...Really?, they asked. Yes, really, unfortunately. Human beings were so degraded. Out of mind type, thus, we ourselved didn't imagine such a situation...we believed the idealized version on Japanese society.

Sunken Japanese, we are watching now. And satans took advantage of it. Nasty BUSU bitch world, we are in now. And how we kill them? Don't give any charity to them. In short, be cruel to them. We should punish them. They should be killed immediately. Thus, being nasty toward them all is obligation for us all. Torture is also good for them. Don't be trapped by them. In Miyuki's case, ignorance only toward them both.

And others could kill them, by any way. Don't give any food to them is also good. Snags, they are! Their libing causes our damage. Thus, they should commit suicide, right now. However, they exist, and attack us. Thus, on the contrary to their intention, we order them everyday. Any "impossible" mission would be fine to put. "You should clean up whole the floor all during today!" would be fine.

They start, and fail. Again and again. They should cook marvelous Japanese dishes without using any frozen or semi-prepaid dishes, OK?, is another torturous order.

Don't disturb us all!, is the effective order. In case of disturbance, you should pay US$100 for us, in case, immediately!, would be fine. When some guy would know the fact of disturbance, the wrondgoer should pay immediately to the guy, who insists on the matter.

Thus, Alex wants to gain so many rewards from them. YUKARI is targetted from him. "Duck with leeks", YUKARI is. Thus, MIKU, Alex nicknamed. And YUKARI took differently. "I am pretty for him. Probably,Yuuji KOISO thinks so also. He loves me, because of my pretty face. He met with me at some supermarkets, and wispered to others that he fell in love with me. Thus, he wants to get married with me. How should I do?", in YUKARI's mind. Thus, she is so brave, because she feels superiority to Miyuki, dirty nasty unpopular guy no.1 in Shirakawa.

Thus, "Oh, Yuuji KOISO! Our kin! Miyuki knows him! He is 55 years old, and he wants to have a new wife now, yes. Oh, he! Not so bad. Probably he would be your suitable mate!!! Congratulations, previously!", would be fine toward her and her mother.

Thus, they need to prepare for her wedding. Thus, they need to make an errand in Tokyo. Bridal wear, she wants, thus, happy ending in Alex's line.

Oh, happy Christmas, you two would spend with KOISO family, probably. So good! KOISO family would have a funeral party today and tomorrow. Thus, you can participate in it to see his face. Probably, he daredly would declare his love to you, YUKARI! Love and passion, he has! YUKARI is liked him so much, because she is polite calm decisive intelligent beautiful Japanese obedient lady, according to him. So so obedient, she looks, he praised. Thus, just obedience would work for this couple!

He believes that male is superior to female, thus, famales should be obedient, he says as always. YUKARI would be ideal for him. Pretty and obedient. No speaking type, he wants. Any claim should not be allowed for him. Thus, he wants to get married with YUKARI, as soon as possible!!!

Thus, wedding party would be held so soon. For the first time, the kids would participate in the party. They are expecting to participate in the party. Clare wants to dance with other boys...Oh, in your uniform???

No. She wants to have one pretty wears. The cheapy type. As you like, and it is luxury, thus, at your cost. Thus, no chance for the two.

Just a participation would be fine, and dancing is not, was YUKARI'S order. No dance hall type. Just a small ceremony, because we are so modest couple already. Thus, YUKARI is working as his wife, already. Thus, hush-hush mode today. I am busy to get married with Yuuji KOISO. Get away from my way, you, stupid!, was YUKARI's reason to hit Miyuki.

Just a name strategy worked. KOISO was not so common family name, and now, Yukari KOISO, she started to write in the papers. Thus, soon, she would move to the new house with her adorable mother. Good grief.

torture, they both put on our shoulders, and now, we should survive, anyway. Miyuki liked the place, and YUKARI started to claim, because she feels nasty. Always. When Miyuki gains something, always YUKARI claims, without any reason. Individuals, you both are. You are different from Miyuki.

However, YUKARI always yells, "I am suffering on behalf of Miyuki. She is just abuser of our precious time. How we are diligent to work for the two kids!", as usual, they start to claim.

Repetition, thus, Miyuki cut the line. Alzheimer repetition, they do, and Miyuki hates it. Thus, ignorance only. Clare did know well this situation. She tried to do it, as much as possible, however, she couldn't. She needs minimum protection, and they attack even on the point.

Thus, inform to our side, saying the fact. We would push them out. They are criminals. They should be killed immediately!!!

Alex the Xth project, they planned, and they failed. No reason to be the Xth, Alex refused. Indulged stupid guy, all of us yelled to him, and he accepted. The both said that it would be fine, and boys are different from girls, they declared, so many times. Against equality. So anti-scientific, and anti-constitutional, and feudalistic. Grotesquely old monstrous creatures, they are!!!

Thus, they should refrain from our society. They are illegal!!! Attakers! Rapists! Should die type! Vanish, immediately! Go to INFERNO, GTI! And now, No Man's Land, again and again!!!

Syberian coldness, today is. Thus, Miyuki warmed up with her counterattacking tools...long Italian Male coat, in short. Box type, thus...Oh, Robot like, Miyuki thought, when she watched the appearance in the mirror.

Anyway, it can be worn after wearing fat clothings. And so so big knit caps on her heads. A SNOW MAN is going...Not Dead Man's walking...Good Grief...

HARUO MINAMI or 三波春夫 was the real professional, Miyuki thought. He put cosmetics, yes. A kind of KABUKI tradition, Miyuki thought. Evident, and any guy criticised it, at that period. Valentino, also.

However, according to the standard of later period, male cosmetics is laughing, sometimes. However, in Tokyo, during almost 30 years, Miyuki watched so many cosmetics putting guys.

NHK announcers, also. Kazuaki TEZUKA, yes, and so many pupils also, and the guys in Regional Court of Tokyo. Why so many male public servants put cosmetics on their faces, was Miyuki's impression.

Probably, shyphilis is a big factor. To conceal a big nasty black dot in their face would be the nearest answer. And the effect....Grotesque!!!

Yes, they have right to show up their body including face as they like, however, we have right to feel as we like. Objectivity and subjectivity. Thus, they failed, in short.

Male cosmetics would be fine for some guys, yes. However, generally speaking, so many guys fail, is sad result.


Rabby & Chinkoro : News Flash (323)

2017-11-29 20:56:15 | 日記
And the same story, they repeat in front of the police. Shames, and shames, and they were caught finally. They wanted to be treated correctly, and they wanted to be given reward from their illusional information on Miyuki's marifana smoking.

Miyuki said clearly on her experience, and it is so usual for us all. Any guy attempted outside Japan, marifana, type, common episode for us all. However, they repeatedly, took wrong, and put their own original junkie version. They want Miyuki to be so, in short, and they want to attack Miyuki for her life whole, in resume. Thus, nasty persistent bitch, they are!!!

YUKARI is crazy, however, she treats Alex so good, was her mother's category on YUKARI. Yes, HARUMI is also crazy, thus, so so sweet for Alzheimer patients. Thus, so so nasty for both of them. Alzheimer attacking mode, they turned to be in. Thus, so dangerous, thus, Miyuki ran away, yes. Any Miyuki's objects would be fine to be attacked, in short. However, whose' who?, they don't recognize, thus, all should be contributed to SANKIN, is their answer!!!

They are so rotten from the bottom of the heart. Up to the tiptop, they are degraded. Nasty forgetful ladies, and they don't make any effort to avoid the nasty result, rather, they appreciate their own forgetful moment, as the priviledge of incapable. CHISHOU-TOKKEN level, in short.

Disease of Gods, Miyuki thought, thinking of some kind normal forgetful guys, who were so worried about their situation, especially the trouble causing family problem. They were all kind, and so so appologizing for Miyuki, saying, "Sorry, I am forgetful now. Soon before, not so much, however, now, unfortunately, forgetful. I don't want to give a trouble for you, however, please help me a lot?", thus, "Don't worry, ladies, and gentlemem! You are so correct, and you are just Mr. and Ms.Forgetful, like Sesame Street. A family middle aged guy with cowboy hut. Just a bit you are in trouble to remember something. Don't worry, we will help you, and you diserve to be treated kindly, because you did work so much for us all. Thus, now, you should get out of your worry, and please rely on us all. Probably, your forgetfulness is a kind of burden for us all. We are attemted, not you are. Thus, welcome to ask us what you need to be done. We need to help you, because you helped us a lot. You worked so much, thus, take a rest, it means. Don't hesitate to ask us your favour! We are preparering to attend to your order."

Thus, the end of our stories. We should be kind to others, as much as possible. Miyuki is kind to us yes, while for satanic side, not at all! We should dispose them all of them!!!!

Thus, different. We are individuals, and Miyuki now thinks of using PC vision as her light. Battery should be charged well, and she will write in her Word Processor Application, and then, she moves the disctiption toward the blog, in the office, when she came to charge battery or to take a bath or tapping the sheets on the patches.

Both, are betrayers, in short. despite of our loss, they inform by their own preference. In short, they dislike us, and they rely on us financially. It's not understandable, however, analyzing it, "Outsiders are welcome, insiders are hatred" fenomenum, they show as their inclination. They are so low valued guys, thus, in the outside, they are chikens, and they have desire to be treated honorably by outsiders, however, they are contempted, correctly by others, because of their low quality, thus, inside, they have a big frustration against outsiders, however, they are chikens, thus, they attack on insiders, instead of outsiders. Insiders are kind and treat them so good, thus, they attack them as they like, as substitute and the result, inner battle field, they develop.

Thus, total contradiction. For rightous brothers, Be kind for us all, and stronger guy would protect weaker one, are golden rules. We learned it from our everyday HERO series, ANIME version, Middle Aged Version, Detective Story Bersion, Battle Type Version, Romantic Version, and so on. We remain this values, as our precious socil rules. Even in human beings, we believed that we were protected under these golden rules. And the result...On the contrary. MICCHIKU related's "Be kind to superiors, be nasty to others!" was golden rule, for satanic world, generally speaking.

Boss should be killed, if he gets dumb, was animal's golden rule. It means, "Old guys, your generation is already passed. Now, our turn! Refrain from ruling system". Thus, Forever Young CHINKORO KING, he tries to be!!!

Yes, yonger is better, generally speaking. However, fatus Chinkoro KING? It would not so effective for his mission...You should know your limit Chinkoro KING!

CHINKORO KING got upset or rather in rage! Not laughing story! He is King of Rat Tribe, and with respect, por favore! Thus, Oh, Chinkoro KING, take a rest, sometimes! You are so diligent, and hush-hush mode. Thus, for you, special medication...Not injection, however, powerful medicine called...Hot Chocolate!!!

Thus, Chinkoro KING changed his mind. Sometimes, he wants to kill Miyuki so much, however, OK, her way. I am accustomed to suffer so much. Mazochist, he is...Animal tribe's inclination, generally speaking.

Almost 9 months ago, the sound of Rat chasing on the ceiling fenomenum happened near MIYUKI. Thus, she thought that she was moving toward somewhere. However, after 3 months or so, the sound stopped, and now, anything at all. However, she liked the site on Chestnut Hill, and she would move soon. Chinkoro sound, probably.

Always, when she needs to move somewhere, rat tribe adviced. "This is time for moving now, MIYUKI!"

It happened at first, in 1980. She was in the cramschool study, in the concentrated type. And so many tiny mouses were chasing on the ceiling on the second floor, especially on her chamber. Chasing sound, and the smell. Sometimes, she took it as spallow's foot steps, however, chasing sound and the smell of shit. After drying, the smell erases, thus, no problem type. And a tiny cute mouse, at the hight of 6cm was in her slipper, and popped out soon before being stomped by her. Both sides were so shocked, and Miyuki informed inside the house, for all members. So so shocking, at the same time, for Miyuki, tiny house mouse was a cute cute miniture rabbit type. Why they are wrongdoers? No harm at all, just cute fluffy guys, they are!!!

Balsan was burnt several times, however, Miyuki said NO to her mother, because it was too too smelly and worse than rat smell. And one day off was necessity to avoid the strong smell.

Thus, Miyuki didn't remember her BALSAN days. Smell caused her appetite lost. Thus, she always disliked insecticide. Always, by suitable tools, is Miyuki's stance on battles against insect.

Be quicker than them, is our advice, and Miyuki followed the advice, and gained swift attacking on Cockroaches, yes.

However, in HACHIOUJI, she recognized the number reduced abruptly these three years or so, and in the last stage, they were so slow, and they were killed by Miyuki, rather easily.

The most suitable attacking tools are 1.Slipper 2.Used Paper. OMANKO jounal or MAGAZINE would be recommendable.

Anyway, as fast as possible, attack them by the slipper, and after dropping on the floor, stomp them on the paper, up to crash whole their body to be almost gleasy tiny pieces. And wipe out with the paper the dead body and blood like liquid of them, from the floor and the back of the slipper.

Japanese wives disliked to attack with cockroaches and prefered to use insecticide. It causes nasty appetite loss, and nasty smell for several hours. They are all Alzheimers, in short. Smell is the most important part of our life to know the danger, however, they attack with insecticide without knowing at Supermarket!!!

Near the entrance, they put insecticide so much, thus, the smell is so strong, up to feel shaking on the tongue. BERRRRR!!!! However, evey day, especially in the moring, The shopkeepers put it, in all Supermarkets!!!

Spree type, they put. And they loved to do so, so much. In every place, they did it. Colour spree was used like that. American graphity like situation. Permed waved hair should be kept during it type. Thus, grease, in short. And looked so flamboyant with the scene of spreeing!

Oh SPREE!, was the title of the girl's confidence gaining story. Plump girl, and she liked black guy only type dance, and did the lesson, because she liked it, and she gained the prize. However, she got upset, when her black team mates were excluded from the prize, thus, she quitted the participation.

The understandable strange couple was Yuma Thierman like eyed guys, who played the role of Dracula by Andy Whohole. Udo XXX. So understandable, with this strange character, and anyway, the parents love the girl, in short.

She was attaractive, however, plump, and she herself was targetted as exclusion, however, she was so cheerful and positive, and always her father helped her, however, his role was just yelling.

A strange shop, he ran. A kind of toy shop for Adults, not sexual only type. She lived there, and grew up so commonly, and just plump, not strange at all. And she liked, thus, she moved, in short.

She didn't understand the meaning of the racial problem at first, however, she recognized it, and fought against it, and her father, related with her battle, got into the trap, and into the jail...Nasty, however, anyway, he was saved.

TOHOHO, in short. Uncle type, in short, and good to perform this so so skewed difficult role...persuasive for us. UDO is his strange name and his UMA THIRMAN like eyes were impressive, thus, Miyuki remembered it.

The film was seen by Miyuki on board. The review, she checked, as usual, and sometimes, she got interested in the film, and sometimes, she watched.

Invensible, is also good. Glomorous Earth Wind and Fire's music was so suitable for it, and probably, the film makers' generation was the lover of the music, Miyuki caught.

So so nice to remember these dancable musics. Stray Cats' music, Miyuki remembered. "Too Shy, Shy, Hush-Hush, I do I", CHINKORO King, don't be taste, as Diana LOS says!

MAGA-LOS, the name of swiming school was. Oh, Megala, and Los Angels, however, Big Loss like unsuitable naming, Miyuki thought of.

Megala is the old Greek city, and rich, it was said. And swiming in MEGALA would be suitable for guys, Yes. And Los Angels is DAICHI SUZUKI's performing stage. ZABALO method, he used, and got criticised, however, he continued to use it. Not healty, they yelled. One long breath taking only type. Some suitable guy could do it type. However, it was prohibitted on the next Olimpic. Jealousy.

Like LEAN MODEL exclusion. For really lean type, despite of their big eating, they are commonly lean, and it should not be prohibitted, and we should appreciate the result. WIN-WIN between society and individuals. However, they prohibitted.

Too too mechanical way, they attacked, and it's inclination was so so evident in 2015, already. During her journy, abroad, Miyuki watched some parts of scientific movies, and they were so resembling. Super Guy HULC type, and they used genetical change easily, and reform on human physical bodies, also. Nasty monsters were made by 3D printers. Terrible three so resembling works were seen in the same air plane.

MITEKURE ism, it is called in JApan. Only superficial beauty works, it means. And cozy is the key word. However, in Shirakawa, the version would be different. They are not cozy. Just rough, and nasty.

acorstic mood would be avoided by satanic side. Just electric remake songs were heard recently. Why they repeat the same songs with not so different version? and why they mixed the songs so easily? Non creative at all. The end of the civilization was like that.

No beautiful scenes among satanic side. Beauty was just on the surfice, and no importance at all for us such a kind of superficiality. Illusion, and for Miyuki, our esthetician, Oh, they are superficially ugly...

Playing equipments were taken all in the big residencial complex of KANSENKUBO. 関川窪 it was written in Chinese. YANTA-RIVER side, it means. And in the down earth, was KUBO or 窪. KANSEN was Shirakawan River, as meaning.

SEKI-KAWA-KUBO, in another way of pronunciation for whom doesn't know the correct pronunciation. Thus, probably, this is the origine of SU-GOU-DATE for the residencial exploration beside Chestnut Hill, or Grape Hill Range. It would be fine for any trees, Miyuki adores to manage it. Just taking nasty building and putting her seeds, suitable guys and planting shoots, would be so fine, type good location, and the sun shine is so beautiful.

SUGOUDATE is written as 菅生舘 or KAN-SEI-KAN, in different way of reading. For some unknown guys on the ocation, KAN-SEN-KUBO would be heard KAN-SEI-KAN, also. Thus, oral related guys, who explored it. BELL aliens related, probably. Non reading type. Thus, Miyuki should put up with any socking confession from others.

BELL alians like KARAOKE system. Yes, Miyuki said so already. And Alex likes it. Yes, I said so. Thus...They love KARAOKE in common.

A kind of joke, yes. For logical type, non related type. Just a common hobby they have type remark, in short. And for BELLmerdas, so so shocking!!!???

BELLmerdas like KARAOKE yes, however, no singer, they are. Oh, listener type, they are! BELL shape head, they have, thus, HACHIKATSUGUI-HIME or Big Vase Put Head Princess, they are. Skewed head holder, in short. And in Japan, bob cut means obedient, in short. Unusually so many females turned to be BOB cut ladies, now.

Just like WWII type impression, Miyuki caught from the scenes. And the uniform of ASAHI girl type changed so much. Just junior high type, now they wear. And Clare informed that it was designed by Mori HANAE. Oh, really?, Miyuki got in wonder. And Clare said, "We heard so. However, just in the name, as usual", she explained. Oh, NAITA-GASHI in designer's world. It should not be. The same as Moto HAGUIO in ANIME or Comic world. NAITA-GASHI should not be for creators' world not at all!!!

No Life King, in this meaning. Dead or Alive, they don't care of. Thus, they should be dead! You are all attackers for our peaceful life, and they were all hated by us all. Thus, beasts, they are. Fierce Beasts, like Reviathan's writer Hobbs described.

Abrupt change, the satanic team did. NAKAGAMI stdied so many years on Rousseau, according to her, and in 2001, she declared that she would gain doctral degree by study on Locke.

And when Miyuki reencountered with FUNABASHI at Kyorin, almost 10 years ago, he said that NAKAGAMI had 2 kids, and she was so busy as not to attend any meeting in the campus. Oh, she got married, and with SHIROYAMA? When she gained the kids?

Anyway, she didn't work sufficiently, and as her boss, FUNABASHI got upset, was Miyuki's impression. We can't use her as workforce, because she refuses to do so by the excuse of two kids' bringing up.

Thus, oh, not worker type, NAKAGAMI is now, and why she were hired by RISSHOU Versity? Better than Miyuki's Kyorin versity, Risshou was.

Probably, just she existed on the name. NAITAGASHI professors, they were. Thus, no material working at all for


Rabby & Chinkoro : News Flash (322)

2017-11-29 16:57:23 | 日記
29/11/2017, Wednesday, warm cloudy ⇒ cold fine

Miyuki gained the field at Chestnut Hill and the hut yesterday, and today, she gained the three keys, and went there to start clean up the floor of the hut.

The hut was that Miyuki had watched before when Alex and Clare were infant. Thus, Miyuki's memory was correct. The first hut was not the hut it had been there, and then, it was established for some meaning.

And the hut is rather well trimmed, and suitable for living. Thus, after cleaning the hut, Miyuki could move smoothly. And already it had a bed, which was used by Miyuki, when she was in high school. The frame was the same, anyway, and she would be reluxed on it, anyway. The fat bed clothings would not necessity for her life. Just fat clothings for casual use is enough for her life. Sufficient, and effective.

And toilet is dropping type, not flushing type, yes. However, for her, sufficient for now, beause it is outside, separated from the hut. Thus, no smell problem at all. Just like ship cabin, thus, not so much difference from actual situation. And only for her use. Thus, if she has time, she would reform it, and clean up it, as much as possible.

The floor is not used so much, and she decided to use slippers, because the surfice is brilliant and clean, after her wiping up job. Thus, slippers would be used for visitors. For some non users type, also OK, just after their stomping, Miyuki cleans it soon. Easy quick job for Miyuki's side.

And so many protections of doors and windows. Why? HASUKAI was taken already, and double windows are put now.

Thus, not so cold, even in winter. Thus, candle light would be enough for warming up.

And she found a good place to lit the fire to cook. Thus, soon, she would make protection against wind and rain and snow. Just a cover type. A kind of Pyramid, in the big scale. Probably, two more sticks would be necessity to make it. Breakable, yes, however, repair is also easy, thus, probably, in some suitable day, in the near future, she would make it.

And Miyuki found her nostargic fredge near the entrance. Just stocker, yes, however, usable. Now, locked, thus, Miyuki would ask the key to open. To avoid nasty taking and putting, probably, the fredge was locked. And it remembered a lot of her fredge experience in Shirakawa.

One of this is a failure story. She bought a GLICO confectionary's self making ice sharbet, and its character was growing up spontaneously after being freezed. It costed US$1, and it means expensive, at that moment. She, with so big expectation, put the oackage in the ice cube making corner of the fredge, and the growing up, no ice sharbet, as she wanted...And she found that the ice cube making corner was not equivalent to freezer. One door type, it was called, thus, it didn't effect. However, if some guy didn't open up to the certain moment, it turned to be a big success.

Miyuki expressed her experimental pleasure, however, they ignored. Probably, for HARUMI, nothing at all, as usual, type attitude was taken. Many senseless mothers behave like that.

Non educative, and rather, for her side, other's failure was a kind of pleasuse. Thus, she was so cold to Miyuki's high point score record. For Miyuki, good grief, this stupid guy doesn't interfare to my school life, type impression. More positive, for her side. However, probably, for westerners, out of mind type remarks, HARUMI ejected toward to Miyuki:

"Oh, Miyuki, your era is different from mine. In our era, it was difficult to take so high record like you, however, nowadays, at schools, probably, it would be easy to take so high scores, I presume through your scores." Just it.

Good grief, for Miyuki type. However, for others, Oh, so jealous, they felt, immediately.

Stupid, Miyuki calculated her, as SAZAE-san in ANIME. Thus, not unkind, however, stupid, only. Feeble mind is not her failure, a natural cause, thus, we should accept her stupidity, and only one measure to avoid her stupidity is staying away from her.

Thus, the golden principle toward her tribe. HARUMI, YUKARI and Alex. Three old ladies type. Thus, for her, Already Done type existance.

Alex got married with his own Auntie, already, Miyuki decided to think so. Methapholically, yes, however, the fact, psychologically.

They are so superficial existance, and so selfish, and too too cruel to others. Miyuki can't put up with their world, Clare admits. Miyuki likes the nature, and Rightous Brothers. However, they love themselves, in their own stupid way. Always selfish, and no mercy at all to others. Thus, Clare dislikes Alex in her belly. Why he yelled, "Oh, you would fail in the exam of entering Shirakawa High School!" with his cheerful voice, when she wispered, "Oh, I was not good at today's exam at all" to him? Just nasty unhappiness expecting voice, Clare felt. No reason, just response. Quick, however cruel, like YUKARI. Thus, Clare categorized him, "Desqualified".

She wanted to save him, up to the last moment, however, she failed. And Miyuki had already failed so many times. Thus, no time for him at all. He chose to go with YUKARI. Thus, go to INFERNO, all in a body!!!

Satanic boy, he was. Miyuki repeatedly confirmed the fact, thus, no regret. Thus, stupid Alex, vanish, immediately! Good bye, my son!!!

Good moemories with him. However, he was satan, it was revealed, already. He couldn't change his life. Thus, no time for him, and for us, it's good. He would never put up with out super delicious wind life. Naturalist type, he can't be. HARUMI, YUKARI, and ALEX. Thus, losers. Thus, they were revealed as satans.

The total existance, and they attack, taking advantage of others' weakness. Thus, he did his last attacking on Miyuki, and failed. He unnecessarily attacked on Miyuki, and got revealed how cruel he is. Thus, no choice for his side. His last chance, and he lost. Thus, he would vanish, so soon, from our society. BYE, my beautiful boy! Superficially, you are beautiful, I will not ever forget your superficial beauty, and thank you for your memories, however, you chose your team mates, already. Majority, it means, satans, and now, minority, and Alzheimer patients, they are. Mad Dogs, and they want to do it with you. HARUMI expressed already her desire to lick your P, when you were a baby. Thus, soon she would attack you physically. Rapist, she is, in short. Nasty old bitch, with ugly deepsea marine creature with sly smiling. And she would like to do it with her own grand son.

Their world is like that. They indulge the boys, in this line, and the boys couldn't resist against their indulgence. Thus, Alex, your choice. We can't save you, however, you should accuse yourself, not us, at all!!!

So soon, he would vanish from our society. And Miyuki would smile, with a bit tough punch, "Oh, you are leaving to INFERNO now. Too late, Alex. I am already prepared for it, for several years ago. Thus, Bye, Alex! My pretty boy! I loved you so much, however, you betrayed us so many times. Thus, super punishiment from us all! Shame collection we need to do. Thus, you are contributor of the source of our own shames. Alex, I will meet you in this occasion, however, as human skin holders, BYE, ALEX!"

Miyuki did her best, as much as possible. The last resort was liveralism's practice, however, for him, just "Abandonment done by evil parent", thus, no choice for him.

He was satan, and he mistakenly came to Miyuki. Good to know it. Alex is not so bad, however, he can't give up his consumptious life. Thus, no reason for his side. Be thrifty, we bledged, and he abused, taking advantage of the aproximity to Miyuki, and Miyuki didn't know the fact at all.

Just he stopped informing on his life at all. Enough. Thus, his choice. He wanted to be independent, Miyuki took in the positive meaning, however, he accused Miyuki as if she were irresponsible indulged mentally illed mother. Thus, no choice for Alex. His choice is always YUKARI and HARUMI. Thus, for Miyuki, enough.

Independent guys only world, Miyuki entered, and Rightous Brothers are not cruel. They undertand Miyuki's weakpoints, and strongpoints also. Thus, Miyuki is so safe to do justice. We should be so, thus, even against our common sensation, we should put up with this nasty sensation, and should contribulte to perform our justice.

Professionalism? No. Rather, I need to be so. Even now, I am passing difficult time, in the long period, I will think that I had chosen correctly with my pride. Thus, Miyuki need to trigger to Alex, yes.

Family problem among human beings, we call it. Skinship would be necessity to gain their affection yes, and for developping their psychological process. Miyuki did "King Tickling!" game with the kids. Even she was accused by YUKARI, Miyuki did it, because it was amusing, and YUKARI is always stupid strange jealous guy only. Thus, her remarks, always nasty type were ommitted already inside Miyuki. Feeble minded mentally illed strange kinkiest lady, she is. And she only relies on her own family, and she is so cruel to the exact families.

Indulged, up to this level. Only aim of ejection of her straight desire and impulse. Sex and Violence, in short. For Alex, sex, while for Miyuki, violence. Attacker, YUKARI is. And HARUMI likes YUKARI's way, because HARUMI wants to do the same.

They are so evil, and nasty snags, in short. Now, wind of Gods is blowing outside. NASU-OROSHI from NASU Mountain range. HARUMI yelled YUKARI's attacking on Miyuki, and they persuaded Miyuki's father to allow her to use the second hut to kill her, in short.

They came to attack, however, Miyuki locked the door firmly, and just felt slight approaching sensation of others. She tried to check it, however, so many doors and windows are installed, thus, she decided to pretend not to stay there. And they vanished, so soon.

Perception, she had, however, she couldn't see it or them. Wind? Now? Some tiny animals? However, toward the hut, they came, as if the police men. Thus, just she continued to wipe up the floor with wet toilet papers.

After several wiping, she would use the floor with socks, probably. Not yet. However, too too easy to clean up it. Thus, for three days of so, she does the same wiping, and then, she uses only socks, and wipe other products.

And she found three iPads in the hut. Oh, all I bought! Now, no necessity at all, because she cut the line, however, anyway, she would try to check, what happened in each of them. OK, non wifi use, already, thus, easy to move. Just put the code in the consent plug. Thus, it would effect in the easiest way to find who did it the stealing job!!!

Now, she is wonder. So many lemon seeds and apple seeds in her desk. Now, she is obliged to move to Chestnut Hill. Which place she would put them? In the pots? Too cold for them. In the soil in the hill? Also cold, however, the soil protects against coldness...Too easy to move in the pot type. Another choice is preparing for next season. Just taking the seeds and keeping them up to the suitable moment...

Anyway, we should be responsible for our team members. For begitable gardens, it would not be recommendable. Just for tree type place. And now, she should gain much more patch for her vegitable gardens.

She would live on the hill precariously, and she would enjoy her original cozy camping period, and also, DIY training, she would do. And picking seeds and roots job, she would learn.

Thus, precariously, she decided to buy new products, as much as possible.Thus, more materials for cozy room, she would invest on. Not so different, however, just to live in comfortable, sume necessity, selective ones,Miyuki would buy. Not so much, however, she found a big mirror in the bottom of the hut, thus, she would do her showing up job, inside the hut. Animals like her costume play so much, and as much as possible, she wants to recover the objects sloten by YUKARI, the mad dog. Thus, she wants to put her several clothing cases on the bottom. One room type apartment, in short, the hut is. Thus, just a cleaning up, and some good way of showing up would be fine to make a good atomosphare.

Anyway, wiping up the dust would be necessity. And she would find a good place to hung per persimons. Yet, so many persimons in Magpie Mountain, thus, she needs to pick them up, as much as possible, now. Thus, outside, of course.

Dried up producing facility, the hut turns to be in the near future. Dried vegitables, also. Raddish would be good pilot case. And she would invest for equipment for the bases, yes, of course. Probably, some steel poles, or bamboo type, and so variety of materials are there in the Home Centers.

Posters would be wall paper substitute. Easy to put, and easy to take. Removable, yes. Thus, good hobby, Miyuki has. Thus, Miyuki needs to check her poster holding, because YUKARI stole them so often. Maniac, she is. No reason to exist, and rapist, she is now. And only one guy can tame is Alex, her ideal husband in her illusion.

Maid, she turned in this image, and Alex didn't diny her offer as maid. Violent maid, this Auntie snag is!

Who could put up with her nasty threatening big voice to accuse others. Shameless, in short. Senseless attacker, she is. And for her understanding, it is allowed to her tribe, or, wife, in Japan, generally!!!

"Take off your intimate wears, all!, Alex, you should obey me! Nakid, you should turn to be! I need to wash your dirty nasty clothings now!" at 21:00 in winter, abruptly. ???, for Miyuki, however, for MICCHIKU related, it is so common for their attacking tools. Yelling in a loud voice is a technic to call attention from others toattack the targetted guy.

SHIBUKI did the same. And KAKISHIMA, when Miyuki came, started to open the window along the road, and to talk in a loud voice, when she started to talk on TOHOHO tribe's suspecious deaths' stories. ???, for Miyuki.

Secret stories, they were, in fact. Shocking crimes inside the versity of Tokyo. Special secret type. However, he dared to open the window, checking the street, and began to talk on them...On the contrary, Miyuki thought. And now, HAYASHI couple did it the same, when Miyuki visited their house.

For Miyuki's primitive understanding, Miyuki had no back ground to be accused, thus, no necessity to be concealed, and she was considered mentally illed by HARUMI thus, dangerous, sometimes, thus, to protection or to run away, they could open the window a bit. And for her, being heard her real voice is priority, at that moment, thus, OK, for our side. You can open, and I can talk, as I like, indifferent from the window's open or close mode.

Thus, anyway, dashing mode, from outside is the rightous answer. Miyuki was monitored, YUKARI declared, and only one shoot would kill you, stupid bitch, YUKARI said so clearly toward her. Reason, unknown.

Abruptly, YUKARI ejects her illusional remarks, and so so farmful for Miyuki's life. "My sister is addictive!" is her obcession, thus, always, she tells in this line. Terrible unreasonable illusion, she takes, and she can't be persuaded by others, in every sense. She decisively told that "I have whole proofs to show that she is addictive! Junkie, she is!" in a loud voice, so many times. Terrible, and so ridiculously, they moved in her line. Without any clue at all, she attacks, abruptly, when she thinks that it's time to torture Miyuki. "Here we go, our hero YUKARI! You are our team leader! No.1 attacker, you are! Go, Go, YUKARI!" is her mother HARUMI's real belly voice. An amusement for HARUMI, the struggle between YUKARI and MIYUKI. So nasty bitch, she is. YUKARI would kill Miyuki, so soon, Alex and Clare said so to their grand parents, and they both agreed the possibility, and they took the same measure. Push away Miyuki from the house. Thus, no reason for them all!!!

They recognize that YUKARI would physically attack MIYUKI so soon, and MIYUKI would be saved by her team mates, anyway. And in case of the nasty disaster, a kind of amusement for HARUMI, who is already preparing for the scene. Just says, "Oh, Miyuki was mentally illed, and YUKARI protected me. Poor kind guy, YUKARI is!"

Already their role play game was decisive, and yesterday was a good chance to attack Miyuki by their side, however, Miyuki got in rage at their stupid remarks and Miyuki claimed to her father, and concealed the stupidest threatening on her toward the kids. Too too schocking for them, Miyuki thought. My matter, and only adults would resolve the problem. Thus, no chance for the two kids. They want to see YUKARI's harsh attacking on Miyuki, physically. Bleeding, including. YUKARI would be Jason, at the moment, presumably. Thus, good to know it!!!

However, YUKARI is not so bad, they thought. Just a threatening, and no materially attacking type, they calculated. However, recently, she abruptly changes so many times. Repetitive, and sometimes, with attacking tools, she popps out into the stage. Dishes are also attacking tools. Miyuki was already attacked by them, yes. It was broken, and YUKARI said, "Your choice, not me! You got me in rage! You should be ashamed!", in her violent rough voice.

HARUMI's sharp shooting the trash in the bin in the kitchen was also shocking for Miyuki. And her abrupt nasty swift way of washing dishes, saying, "You are too slow, you lose so much hot water! You stupid!", and on the dishes, the nasty residue of the left overs were there.

Domestic wives' act, is it?, Miyuki got in wonder. ABrupt violent change, they both showed in the same period. From the back of Miyuki, they both threw the scoop, in case of YUKARI, and the trash, in HARUMI. With so sharp sould. So so impolite, and they had so much time. And they abused hot water, so much, unneceessarily.

Alzheimer confusion, they were in, already, we recognized, and now, Miyuki is always free from them both, and they attacked Miyuki as the last resort. Miyuki ran away from YUKARI?

No. She just stayed in the office, writing the blog, and YUKARI refrained from the scene, anyway, and Miyuki goodgrieved.

Non attacking mode YUKARI, they can manage, however, non stopping mode YUKARI is also amusing. And YUKARI is just like a ghorem, and no brain at all. Ideal attacker, for satanic side, now, YUKARI is.

They came to attack all of us, yes. And the most dirtiest mode was addopted by them especially for Miyuki. Fass like Christmas gift, probably. Thus, no reason at all for our side, YUKARI's accusation.

Lipovitan D and Oronamin C are already medicine for us all, including Miyuki, and Miyuki dislikes these products. Marifana smoking she did in another country, however, practically saying, it was allowed for any guys there. And it was so in vain for her. She wanted to be clear head holding type? Just wanted to feel good with the smoke. However, no effect happened for her smoking...Thus, for me, coffee, or tea, or coca tea, or chocolate would be enough, she recognized. TOHOHO up to marifana, in short.

Miyuki expected so much, and failed. Her expectation was so so big, and she lost the possibility to smoke by her cost. For others' accompany and with their cost, OK, Miyuki will accept, probably, during dinner or desert time, it all depending on the members. With the police, not at all!!!

Thus, the end of the so long stories!!! Chinkoro KING got upset already...Miyuki did know the reason. He made a big role as King Cong like KING RAT in his image, and started to devastate all of the scenes...However, Miyuki yelled, "Oh, look, The rat came! We are under her skirt! Oh, how fur her tighs are! Oh, pantie! Oh, she is so big, she would stomp us, Oh, Oh..." and they were really stomped by Rat King Chinkoro. Nut King Cole?

Miyuki likes to write her English Legal letters, thus, they took her amusement, as much as possible, they confessed. No reason to accuse her at all, however, always, "Oh, I think so. I am her younger sister. Thus, I am so reliable, and my mother thinks so, also. Thus, two witnesses, we have, already!"


Rabby & Chinkoro : News Flash (321)

2017-11-29 11:45:20 | 日記
Mentally illed guys, they themselves are, and all of their dishonoured situation was put under the name of Dr.Miyuki SATOW. How contemted!, however, they did it, because it was so easy for them both.

The result was Miyuki's catch. YUKARI's day dream caused Miyuki's catching games, and they all participated in the enemy's side. Even now, they try to trap her, and Miyuki said that they all are stupid Alzheimers.

I got out from Shirakawa to attempt their intellectuality, and, unfortunately, I won. It means that they were revealed Alzheimer disease holders. I, without knowing, believed as if they were high intellectuality holders, and made apple polishing so much, and gained money, and in the end, I found the fact. All Alzheimer fogetful stupid idiots, they are!!! Thus, Miyuki's 道場破り or DOUJOU-YABURI or Bruce Lee's situation of "Dragon, Fight!" ended up with her perfect victory...Triumphy, yes, however...Not so amusing!!!

In every place, it happened. Miyuki believed that she were not so intelligent as others. Rather, a bit more than averege, she imagined. And the result...Oh, I could survive, and others, except only few rare guys, vanished!!!

Electricity is not necessity. I can take advantage of more primitive tools, more materially benefitted type. Thus, wamth, Miyuki was attacked, and found that the usage of fat clothings, non use type would be fine for both sides.

Miyuki found two pieces of Italian coats, which she bought at US$100 per each. The real Italian, however, so big, thus, in vain. However, as some substitutes of fat clothings, the tied wool made coats are so good. And not pretty North Korean fat long clothings gaind almost 20 years ago from HARUMI is also good as bed clothings. Thus, Oh, not so useless. It would be turn precarious coats, of course, and precarious bed clothings. Not so bad!

And one day bafore yesterday, and today, so many Cannon Ball like sounds shake the earth near. The north west direction, Miyuki hears from. What happens? Self Defense Force's last attempt for Geno-Suiside? Thus, Suicide Cannon Balls, they dropped from the air, as raid. Oh, balling raid, they are doing now!!!

On the center of Executive Power, we ordered. Not here, you stupid! However, anyway, Public facilities would be all attacked by cannon balls, yes! Municipality Hall, Prefectural Departments, The police office, The fire Department, Clinics, hospitals, Schools, Culture Centers, Supermarkets, Shopping malls, and so on, and their related should be bombed perfectly!!!! Purification, it would be called!!!

Incapables vs. Incapables, in short. Thus, Miyuki gained. All Incapables, thus, "Oh, sorry, we did it, probably, however, ineffective now!" so many times. Thus, inneffective world, we entered into already. Short Money is one of financial versions, yes.

If you feel nasty or getting tired, you should quit the job, or you would be dumbs. Miyuki said to Clare, and Clare respected the frase. "You earned several money, and keep it, and use so correctly. Thus, sufficient to enjoy your life!", with her admiring voice.

Yes, unfortunately, Miyuki was fired, without any explanation sufficiently, however, for our side, good. Better than illusional dy dream like life in Tokyo. Too too in vain, and consumptious. Not so much amusing at all. Just "You should pay so much" only. And her salary was so low.

However, despite of her loss, she gained so much good things after her discovery of the facts. She works for us, the team members all recognized it. Thus, good strategist, now!! With her, Strange Skill would be used, and it is so much effective for satanic side. For them, serious stragegy, and for us, laughing joke, in short.

Imagination, she has. And yesterday morning, she heard nasty facts. Even in Britain, so many kids were tortured and killed, "Under the Wheels". Feeble, physically, also. Disliked by others by their uniqueness, also. MIYUKI type was targetted probably. Quick, resistent, high point getting, and andacious, not good at physical movement...all factors would cause others' nasty feeling, especially, stronger type. Thus, they informed.

"Your idealized world was based on British beautiful kids' literature tradition. However, the reality was so far from it. So many kids were killed, raped, injured, lost spirits, and so on. heartbreaking stories, here and there, like in Japan. We need to revenge against selfish majority. They chose robust senseless kids like Alex, and they failed, indulging these guys. No chance for their side, yes! Thus, revenge against selfish egocentric Alex.

He would kill us, on behalf of his own childish desire to park cars on the lots in the courtyard. He expressed his preference, already, and the end of the sroty. He is goddamnit DAGOSAKU country rural bitch, in short. Indulged so much, and he would gain his own power by his own choice. And he couldn't. Yes, precariously, he needed to change his habbit, however, he couldn't and got worse. Miyuki did know well. He abused electricity using air conditioner at max, and now, old heater, at max, as usual. Thus, no abundance for his side.

Miserable guy, he turned to be. He assured that he could, because he were Miyuki's son, and he was desqualified by Miyuki herself. Illusionist's dream, he turned to be. Thus, No Man's Land again.

YUKARI is even now attacking her unnecessary washing up process. Never Ending Stories, for satanic side. However, we should know the fact. Enegy use caused selling the lots of Magpie Mountain and Chesnut Hill. Thus, they should be punished, all in a body. Just few guys could regain the power, they yelled, and Alex was considered the guy, and they invested, and failed. Their choice. They sank all in a body.

Miyuki refused electricity use. She is rich materially, and thrifty at the same type. Thus, no any electricity at all, she refused. Enough to make an oven by blicks. It would be good teracotta producing site, also.

Bricks are replaceable, and movil. Easy to change the shape. Thus, bricks' size would count. Unity would work in this stage. Just like Toy blocks called LEGO.

LEGO shape with holes for steel sticks would be fine to establish houses for us all. However, they didn't produce them at all. Just construction business's benefit. Now, making houses by ourselves is so common.

Luxuaty, Alex's oil use was calculated. Thus, he should pay the price. On behalf of MIYUKI, they yelled, and he used in this line. A bet, yes, and he failed. He refused the usage of light, by way of using Cantera. Moody, and have primitive one, already, used for Snag killing. Thus, easy to make it, after her canned food eating.

Only one can would be fine for tiny place, so concealed type. In vinil house case, others say. Thus, Miyuki tried to have one independent hut, yes.

Miyuki recognized that Alex's way of life induced DDMic paradise called IDIOCRACY. Just "amenity" he wants, and the result, others's death, so many. He declared, "Get away from here, with your patches! You can move the patches easily. Just kill the plants. You can plant them in the suitable place. We need to have broad parking lots!"

Shirakawans yell, by way of Alex's mouth. TAGOSAKU league's admission, a history of Shirakawa region. Thus, they tunred to be vehicle maniacs, and killed others, addicted erotic wifi games, and turned to be sadistic coldheart guys. Alex is one of examples, in averege, and we can't allow his existance. Thus, Alex, your chance ended up. You went beyond our limit. You gained super adviser, and you did know the fact of total vanishing, however, you bit on satanic side, and abused so much money under Miyuki's sake, and now, the fact was revealed.

Money chaser, he was. And no life king, already. In HASHIOJI, he already was one of these kind, and his team mates are all satans. Thus, he is just an representative of their age. Thus, bye, Alex! You lost mamory, thus, no family at all. Different personality he gained, paied your own personality. Thus, No Man's Land, Shirakawa turns yes, now.

Just affection type, and he disliked to make some effort at all. Thus, he lost his precious things day by day. And wifi was the last resort to kill him. No chance, Miyuki yelled already to the kids, and he couldn't take sufficient distance from wifi games, erotic sadistic porno type. Thus, he turned to be the real abuser like other boys in high schools.

No respect for others. Girls should be raped easily. Thus, he attacked Clare, and Clare was stronger than him. Thus, no use, attaker Alex! You would live in our own country called INFERNO with your adorable old bitches!!! They love your appearance and your intimate wears!!!

American appearance boy, he came to Miyuki as, and inside, just plain Japanese, he is. Thus, no interest for Miyuki's side. Conservative nationalist, and messy, and unkind and sadistic, and porno movie lovers. Thus, disliked guy no.1 among Miyuki's inside. Thus, BYE, immediately!!!

Thus, any guy couldn't believe the end. Miyuki cut the head of Alex three times, to avoid nasty survival. Thus, the end of the end of the story. With these existances, we would lose our chance. No Man's Land, and he was so senseless selfish boy, in her memory.

YUKARI, the second, in short. He came to save HARUMI and YUKARI, and all three failed. Good to know it! ALEX was saved in spirit, up to some point, however, he got degraded so much recently. Driving a car would be good incentive for some guys, however, in his case, absolutely selfish life he chose, in his last period. Abundance of energy, he consumed, especially, against Miyuki's physical condition. When she got chilled in the office, he turned on the air conditioner to cool down, and she caught a cold several times because of it. And he refused her requirement to buy yogurt for her from the nearest supermarket, when Miyuki was in bed, and he refused, "Without any gift, I will not work for you!", thus, Miyuki changed her mind, and she herself, despite of her tough situation, went to make an errand to buy a package of yogurt.

And he stole her money, with colaboration of HARUMI and YUKARI, at US$50. No chance for the three. Satanic family game's role model, he played, against our intention. Thus, satans' seeds, he was. Thus, as early as possible would be fine to be killed. Up to 16 years old, he was declared, and he passed the age, and now, he recognized the importance of the plants. Too late, thus, just total vanishing only.

He was inducing point of Miyuki's nasty rumour as always. YUKARI's side, he stood, and yelled for his dearest Auntie. YUKARI is mother for him. Oh, so resembling, you two are!!!

Thus, die on your mother's belly would be fine for you, Alex! She would love to chow your P, probably, and you can sack her nipples as you like, Alex!!!

Mother's affection he wanted, and gained from YUKARI, thus, he was feeded from YUKARI, and now, MAD DOG's MAD DOG he turned, unnecessarily. Thus, No Man's Land. Alex, you are just skin bag, for us. Thus, you induced so many ugly middle aged bitches. Even now, his teacher responsible applepolishes him to gain his love. Terrible story, however, good for his type. Indulged, non talented, disliking working type, he is. Just abuse others, is his thesis. Thus, vanish, immediately, TAGOSAKU Alex with your Gramma and Auntie, all in a body!!!

Idiot scarecrows, they are. Thus, the end of DDMic life in their stage. Alex was already targetted by us all, and Miyuki already agreed his excecution. So many times, she declared his total vanishing, and he accepted now. Good grief!

YUKARI type cruel killer, he would be soon, we predicted, thus, good to know his death, previously!

So near, however, he couldn't be independent, despite of so benefitted conditions. His choice. He could do different, however, he didn't. Thus, his choice. No necessity at all!!!

After his death, Miyuki will enjoy more and more cheerful life, indifferent from his nasty disturbance. He was ridiculous attacker during his life. No reason at all, and his way of accusation was so similar to OOKAWA, one of the stupidest guy among Kyorin staff, and YUKARI. Thus, for Alex, no development was recognized. Thus, he died, again.

Vanishing, yes. And it already happened in her semisphare body, and now, the rest. Transparent, in short. Snag type. Already, with gaining wifi, he lost his spirit. And now, the rest, he sold. Thus, vanishing, only.

Good memory for Miyuki's side, as others. The same as other boys, like Kyorin pupils. Nasty, however, amusing, passing time with them. All have some good memories with her, in her side, and for them, nothing. Thus, no reason to exist for them all.

Thus, OK, we already are prepared for it, Rightous Brothers. He is the last one to be attacked, and now, the last one was killed by BANG. Thus, the end!!!

Campfire like life, he would not accepted. Just wifi games only. Sonsumptious, and so selfish. Japanese boys are like that. Thus, No Man's Land. Thus, heartbreaking stories, they can't produce in their whole life, thus, no necessary to live any more for our side, and they are attackers, thus, harmful, and they took advantage of Miyuki's worst condition. Thus, No Man's Land, again and again.

The surfice of the fire should be tapped by blicks or just left untouched. Miyuki is wonder now. The soil would be burnt, and the side effect? Depending on the soil, yes.

And she remembered that so many stones were left there in the patch, she gained. Thus, probably, a good substitute for bricks, they turn to be. Turn table, in short. Thus, stable for her skilet is enough. First, so small type, would be fine, and make delicious COCOA for CHINKORO KING the first, at first. To enjoy winter night, good place, the oven terrace. Round would be fine as shape, and at first, anyway, lit the fire, as campfire!