Rabby & Chinkoro : News Flash (229)

2017-08-29 19:03:36 | 日記
Miyuki made her fruits hunting errand around the rural village of Shirakawa. This afternoon, Miyuki gained so many fruits, and paid almost US$15, at total. She was so rich, every guys admired!!!

She did her agricultural DIY, as beginer, at first. And found that each berry has its own inclination. The supporting of stick is necessity, however, we have inclination. thus, it refused Miyuki's stick, of bamboo. Thus, Miyuki pledged to change it, and she gained a good success. She was pleased its survival. Oh, it survived, Miyuki got cheerful, however, the stick was disliked by it. Thus, she tried new stick, and it was put on the contrary side of previous stick. And assisted it to grow along the stick. If you like, grow upward along the stick. Team Leader's conductor stick, it is. Thus, necessity, yes. However, we have right to chose the stick, they resisted. Thus, new try again. OK.

BAMBOO is not good with ivy type. Slippery. Thus, bamboo with jute, how about you?

OK, agreed. Thank you! Miyuki would make her another DIY job. Suitable stick choosing job. If Miyuki has another material, it would be fine. However, no, actually, thus, compromise. Misouuri.

And Miyuki started to provide water, in two ways. For some guys, spilinkler type, and for another ones, just pour by cup. For tiny type, the latter is preferable.

And Miyuki picked some ultra fine root or so, of another berry, unintentionly. And learned that doing agriculture related business in the dark would be fatal. Thus, early bird, she needs to turn to be, for a while. Up to the winter, Miyuki thinks. Up to the end of September, she should make sufficient run room for all her pots and patchs. Now, she would gain another patch. She would be allowed to use one more patch in the courtyard.

OK, YUKARI decided to give up her agricultural business. After she came back from HACHIOJI, she tried to be a farmer, and failed. for her, gardening is farming, not caltivation, they all thought. Shirakawans, she is, in depth.

Two patch is enough for her caltivation. Pots were sold by her. They bought for free. They came, and just stole all of them. YUKARI allowed to use her tools to them, and they stole. Every time, her mates came, and stole something, and YUKARI said, "I like to be kind to them all". Who are YUKARI's friends? And they found that YUKARI put unusual advertisement on herself. "I am a lawyer, and I want to commit suicide. Please give me a chance". And they gave to assist her suicide, and didn't kill her, and stole them all!

Robbers, YUKARI called them, and YUKARI induced them inside the house, and explained, "My team mates". Terrible lies, only, she produced. And she gained any more from them.

The last package of amphetamine, she consumed, and now, no amphetamine at all. Good grief. And heroin, cocain, and so on. All. Thus, reluctant mode in every moment. Soft wispering is enough to tame her! And now, non moving mode, both are. Good grief, again.

Miyuki said that she is already farmer, and she is training in the courtyard. She did good job, and now, another challenge. She needs to keep all of things, by herself. OK, I will do so. YUKARI is thief, while HARUMI? Also. Thus, MIYUKI should find a good job, as soon as possible???

They thieves are stealing her objects, and provide to others, as they like. for them, what is this? Probably mine, is OK. And YUKARI is doing her selling job, only. MIYUKI couldn't stop their wrongdoing, any more. They did so badly, and now, forgot what they did.

YUKARI's world is tiny, thus, no more wrongoing, please!!! YUKARI's way of life is messy and misery, and don't attack us at all, please!!! No choice at all. Get out of our house! We want to work for our residence, to clean up! OK, I will do my best, yes! And carpenter job, yes!

She is interested in materials. And Home Centers are some sample providing world for us all. DIY liking guy, Miyuki is. However, Miyuki's way is primitive, and creative. From the begining, she starts, and almost she is accomplishing the hut.

Exist some alternatives, yes. However, most costless type, Miyuki is now trying. And found that the slumbers of 10cm x 10cm is almost US$25. Not so expensive. Thus, probably, the cost of the new established house in the near future would cost less than US$1 thousand, she calculated. Cheap! And with US$5 thousand, a gorgeous palace for her and her team mates!!! So easy. Just use some special tools, and calculate well at the desk, with so many confirmations, and flexibility. Exactness is needed, however, exist some special technic to avoid some fatal disaster even in case of failure.

Thus, Miyuki gains a lot of success. Too many materials, in cheap value. They don't know well the value at all. And almost all of Shirakawan buildings were newly established prefablic houses, or newly reformed old houses. In both cases, Miyuki could find some suitable product for her DIY jobs.

And her preference is just Steel pipes with steel connecting parts. 足場 or ASHIBA, or combined 3D steps for workers.

Miyuki watched that they were used even in the big site of YUURAKUCHOU, near the JR Tokyo Central Station. Oh, just an empty building, and inside, is this accomplished already or in the middle of construction, situation. Miyuki doubted if it were in the middle, however, according to satans, an accomplished building. Just ASHIBA only. Miyuki stomped on the alminium steps, as workers. She came there as unwelcome visitor, and turned to be a worker of construction. Too dangerous, Miyuki felt, However, they left the buildding, as it were. Lack of caution! It would be fatal disaster's factor! Miyuki was shocked, however, they didn't care at all!

Miyuki wants to combine steps like that. And then, put suitable materials for cozy residence and for warehouse. Non agricultural knowledge world, now! Now, farmers' wives are wearing long long black gloves to protect their so white fat arms from the nasty sun shine. Outside work, not at all type, they are! In rural area, how they can survive?

Idol idiots. BUSU bitch satans, they are! They should be killed! Many team mates dies for them. Terrible! This is the worst shocking fact of this rural village. Only rural Alzheimer bitches are here and there. They attack us even now, so harshly. Impulse related society, they lived, and even now, in their inner world, the same society, they are in. Alzheimer with big illusion, we all yelled. Megaromaniac! Gigantromaniac!! Terra? Not at all. The earth, they don't know at all. Just a nasty patch, for them all.

Fatty bed for kids, was plants request. And now, they can sleep well. Like Miyuki, harsh bed also OK type, could survive, yes. however, for them, fatty is necessity. Roots type, they are. Red raddish and carrot are. Thus, OK, for Miyuki. Sufficient to work with some sow tools. For her beautiful body shape. Thus, she gained a prettier body shape. Just lean, not at all. Muscles she gained. What type of job, she would do next? Desconstruction, yes. All decided like that. Why not? And peeling of new reforming materials are not so difficult. Probably, rather than newly constructing building jobs.

One of her strongpoints, to destroy the machineries. Watch, mainly. Chains, also. Not so difficult. However, not "Dynamite Explosion" type, also. Yes, she wants to do it, in case of necessity, of course. However, just peeling out is also her pleasure, from her childhood.

For her, nothing at all, to work in this area. Why not? To gain more beautiful muscles, good exercise it would be! Yes, needs to change the tasks, sometimes. Just repetition would cause Alzheimer. Thus, each house, per one guy type, working. 請負 or UKEOI, or contracted job up to accomplishment. Miyuki agrees for this system.

Of course, she would like to destroy all of the dirty nasty brilliant dangerous prefablic houses.

Miyuki could perceive the real appearance of the house of SUZUKI, beside HIRAHARA KIMONO shop. Old flat house, with reddish brown roof. So so common in her kids age. IZUMI-san's house was such a kind. Sufficient to live. Not nasty. And the campus of IZUMI-san family was vast, and they did agricultural jobs, and feeding a pig, also.

In the courtyard, there is a hut for agricultural tools. Miyuki remembers well. Now, it was left yet. And the same appearance. And her old house vanished, completely, like ONOZAKI's house. Then they put yellish beige sand for several centimeters. The reason unknown.

And in the courtyard between the office and the main house, pebbles were paved, suddenly. Miyuki felt so strange, when she recognized it, after she came back from the satans' medical facility called HASEGAWA Hospital.

Why? Not good for any guy. Dirty, anyway. Why now? Why the part was changed so much? The reason? The both didn't work on the courtyard, and they didn't want to be revealed the fact at all. Thus, they asked to their team mates, and put the pebbles, and they regret a bit. Miyuki is doing farming, thus, they want to do it. Too too selfish, and nasty to know it. They forgot what they did before. Habitual killers, they are!!! Blue Berries cried so much. Why in the middle of flourishing, they attack us all??? Miyuki felt the same. Alzheimers and satans. Combined. Just by impulse of jealousy, they do everything stage actually.

For them just punishment only. Vanishing, at first. We need to clean up the courtyard. Pebbles should be replaced, Miyuki really thinks so. Any guy should not do it. Terrible wrongdoings. However, they did it, and they said, "Miyuki likes to do so"??? Miyuki has no right to the courtyard. Why my name was used by them???

For their understanding, Miyuki is powerful, thus they like to be Miyuki, and failed so much. "I suppose that my sister thinks like that." was YUKARI's cliche. Not at all! Predictor YUKARI, and she failed so much. All Alzheimers they are! And they dislike to be yelled like so. However, MIYUKI does so. Thus, nasty existance, she is.

Thus, always attacking, they do. Even today, so many faked visitors' vehicles came to attack her. She is protected by us all. Thus, she continued to do her work. Miyuki is against their idiocracy. HARUMI lost her mind for long time, and YUKARI also, because they chose to be Domestic indulged Micchiku life.

Non working, and just harmful, and danger. They should vanish, immediately! Every morning, different reason to attack us all. Someday, "Good morning! It's a beautiful day! Why don't you get out!" to steal something. Another day, "May I collect the trash in your rooms, kindly?" And the other day, "I want to clean up your chamber, now. It is so kind of me, Clare!" Strange kinky Alzheimer ladies, they all think so.

Miyuki changed her mind, thus, Miyuki is a good team leader. Miyuki didn't touch "Their Territory" at all. and she didn't put up with the situation at all. Thus, she started to clean up the common places, namely, bath room, washing machine room, toilet. And she is caltivating the field, talking to her plants mates. Butterflies, and dragon flies came to visit her field! Today, in the morning, and in the afternoon, the same yellish dragon fly came, and complimented her, and she liked him so much.

She splinkled water on him, and "Sorry, I did a mistake again!" and remembered that dragon flies are disliked to get wet, after they turned to be wing mode. And Miyuki worried about him, and at least, he could fly. Good grief. And his wings were drying up, and could fly normally. Oh, thank you for visiting my patch again!!!

Insects are visiting sometimes. Spiders also.

Miyuki found so so unusual Green Spider in her patch!!! Slender 草グモ or KUSA-GUMO or Weed Spider, he was! And he had long long tail like style. Green Dragon Fly like body shape, he had, however, 8 legs, he had! Unusual, however, exists!!! Shocking, and amusing! New Weed Spider, probably! Dragon Fly's kin? Or efemeros's?

anyway, Miyuki likes spiders, in short. And Miyuki remembers that she met scorpions and tarantulas in a department store's exhibition, and they were both "Strong!" was her impression.

And laughing scorpion would be KEMUMPUS type. Green Spider is the same body shape, Miyuki thought. Coolish fresh image, Miyuki caught from the green weed spider. And from scorpion? Shrimp...Lobster, also. With dry desard. Swift, when it moved. Almost quiet, however, in case of attacking, they move so fast.

Black spider with thick hair, is her image. Groover of SESAMI street. He is purple, while the tarantula was black. Thick hair and more mohair type. Thus...a bit childish.

Her image is primitive. Tarantula is poisoneous or not, Miyuki didn't know well. Scorpion is poisoneous, regarding to his tail. ZARIGANI in desart, is Moriko's image. The kin.

Thus, TENMARI mushi, also is kin of almagiro...Gay Angelow...A duck, YUKARI bought secondly, And Miyuki nicknamed. Aflac type walking guy. And Miyuki dreamt a strange dream, and appeared only a name on GEI-ANJIROU. Who? Miyuki didn't know such a name. And his AN was written in certain Chiniese caracter. So so unusual Chinese character, and Miyuki didn't know the existance. 日+安 vertically. Thus, Miyuki put this name to him. G.Anjirou, it appeared. Why? She doesn't know. However, important name, thus, she put on him, the duck.

Pet is nor for eating. Just a supporter of family. Thus, no choice for HARUMI and YUKARI. They disliked animals so much. They disliked the smell. And now, they don't smell at all. Confirmed. And no brain movement at all. Just some guy operates them both.

HARUMI disliked animals yes, and the mountain, also. The family of her husband side, yes. and her younger brother and his wife, after his succession of the poperty of his father. She abandoned the right of succession. And she regreted so much. Thus, she cut the communication with them, as much as possible.

For Miyuki, they are uncle and his wife, as usual. HARUMI's disliking doesn't effect at all on the relationship with Miyuki. HARUMI disliked Shirakawans also. What she liked? Only family, Miyuki thought. And Miyuki failed. She likes only herself, and YUKARI is her pet Mad Dog.

Oppressed mother type, she turned to be. For Miyuki, already, not at all type existance. For Miyuki's kids, terrible erotic satans, HARUMI and YUKARI are!

YUKARI called her just minced pork meat fried in the pan, "SOBORO" or そぼろ in Japanese. Exist? Exist. She said, Alex and Clare like it so much. Yeah, better than all pancake only days. Her level of cooking is like that. When she chooses to make pancakes, several days, pancakes world. Then, SOBORO only world. Then, ready made frozen foods week. And then, curry or stew only, by way of semi-prepared rous used version. Simplest and quick. Thus, no cooking ability at all! For Clare's understandings, they are not cooked dishes. Just feeding dogs, us, two kids.

Alex likes YUKARI's food yes, because he likes quick and easy, of course. Anyway, hungry. No taste at all is welcome. Salty, of course, yes. Anyway, eatable, all OK. Anyway, now, not muck yet...

Almost muck, yes. However, not genuine muck. And it would be the D-DAY???

So long long battle among them. And now, really in the end. Miyuki's just ignoring statics worked so much. they feel nasty after their attackings. Miyuki escaped from their attackings like that. Just ignore! Terrible spontaneous response was aimed by them both. Just an acordance, would be a key for forgiveness, according to both of them. Thus, don't touch me, only.

Miyuki gained the success, from their consecutive raid. Blitz, in every time. They degraded recently so much. After Miyuki catch game, in reality. They participated in the enemy's side as satans. Domestic wives, they both are!

Today, in front of SHIRAKAWA kindergarden in MAMEGARA area, a junior high uniform wearing bitch was waiting for her client. High school bitches also near SHIRAKAWA high school, every days.

In HIGASHI-OONUMA area, kids at primary school pass usually toward MATSUKAZE apartments, namely IKKYO Complex.

yesterday, Miyuki caught a strange scene. Two old guys, with a jacket of patroling members, scolded kids to come as fast as possible toward them. "The old guys participated to protect kids in case of their crossing. Why they accelarate kids to come in so haste mode? As if, "You know, I want to do it! I am old and superior to you. You should obey us! You, stupid!"", was Miyuki's impression.

these guys should not do participate in kids' safety related job. They produce danger to kids all. And for them, anyway, kids should obey us, and we are educating them like that. For old Shirakawans, kids are just an aim of their flamboyant orders. Not protective at all. No haste, would be said by old guys, if they were kind to others. On the contrary, they did, and they are the members of the patrol team.

Under this idiocrasy, kids grew up. Terrible dirty ugly society, erotic satans produced!

Miyuki did recognize that Chuo junior high changed some details in the uniform. White scarf, Miyuki used. And now, navy blue easy quick tie shape ribbon. Why they changed only a part? Who did it? When? Why they oblige kids to wear such a rediclously anti-fashionable old erotic satans' only special product called uniform???

Chuo junior high only world, now. High schools are just for bitches. And Alex abandoned to go there. For him, studing Play Starion 4 is important job. Better than learning cramschool study. For Miyuki, just a game. However, for his generation, a machine HAYABUSA...Miyuki prefers make a trip by her JEEP or 125cc bike, if she gains.

The real world guy, Miyuki is. thus, they like Miyuki. Always a strange, thrifty guy appears in Shirakawa. Almost all day long, she is wondering outside. And HARUMI and YUKARI criticise Miyuki because of her agricultural job. "She should work outside!" And Alex and Clare agree totally. Outside worker, she should be. Thus, farmer, yes. Making errand every day, and for her, US$15 is so so expensive. This guy is so famous to yell, "Oh, expensive! Only Alzheimer could buy it!"

Alzheimer means rich, for Shirakawan satans. Thus, now yell is, "Do you want to be Alzheimer?" And the reply is "Yes, of course!" Alex splits in two...I don't want to be, however, rich, I want to be. He replied...

Alzheimer is rich, thus, they turned to be Alzheimer. Micchiku family faking play???

Shirakawans interpretation is always starange. Miyuki's yell effects so much. Thus, Alzheimer is positive word in this region. Alzheimer, you should be! They are category 4 of Alzheimer disease. Shirakawan averege, also. They suffered from the disease at the same moment, it means. So long long period, they both have been suffered. And now, 4th grade. Miyuki is accelarator. Saver, she is!!! She yells, and they took differently. And their technics were revealed so easily. Reward for us all, while punishment for others! Stealing jobs, up to this level.

For them, whose doesn't exist. Already all of the world are theirs. Megalomaniacs, they turned. Thus, two both are not obedient each other. Thus, others should obey each one's order. Thus, HARUMI attacked Miyuki even today, and got refused by Miyuki, in the extremest way. And now, no word any more. Unnecessary to talk to Miyuki. We should cut the communication with them, they decided. Again, Gramma and Auntie? You decided to do so, last week. Already we have heard it so many times. Why today again???

YUKARI did her domestic work so few, and now, SOBORO only world again. For Alex, welcome. Better than pancakes only days.

MIYUKI watched that they fried minched pork, mushed potatoes, and had a lot of bread shredded powder for croquets. And never made croquet at all. Strange! All were already prepared, and they refused to cook the dish. And HARUMI persistently asked Miyuki to cook croquets. And Miyuki replied, "yes, cooking croquets are easy job. just time consuming. However, now the price of minced meat is so expensive, just as same as block meat. Thus, I would make them again, when I would gain cheapish minced meat."

And even now, minced meat is expensive, and YUKARI prefers using minced meat. YUKARI has no concept of efficiency at all. Alzheimer confirmed again.

For her, "Using minced meat" itself is thrifty, indefferent from the price. Thus, messy, YUKARI is as always. She should confess that she has benn suffering from amirodosis, for long time. Not rare now at all. Almost all of satans are suffering from Alzheimer, more or less. Now, she is in sleeping mode, non attackable at all.

Miyuki agreed to her pebble picking job, yes. Easy. Bucket bringing only. The place is decided, Miyuki would start the job, yes. For plants, especially weeds, under the pebbles, is a tough situation. heavy, anyway. Thus, Miyuki would save them. Unnecessarily, they put them. The both forgot the fact. Thus, Miyuki asks why the pebbles were spread in the courtyard. Parking lots like, Miyuki felt. And for them, parking lots are ideal situation, because they wanted to sell the house, all in a body. Who would buy? And they don't have any right to do so.

They should refrain from their tasks. Non working guys yes. And they do just wrongdoings only. So appearantly, they do. Thus all of us hate them both.

Shirakawans, in short. They are unkind to others. And Clare dislikes to be revealed that she is a kind of the target candidate. Alex is also. however, they like to talk in a loud voice, Oh, their fathers are different, thus, they are so different. MIYUKI did it with so many guys!!! Oh, such a level. Again and again. Any guy would hear their talking. They are all Alzheimers. Thus, they transmit the rumour, and Miyuki is targetted to do it...Oh, I am not such a kind of bitch. I am virgin, and probably, forever virgin, in my real life...TOHOHO, in short.

Miyuki found another intentionally splitted guardrail along YANTA-River to induce riders into the ditch. Why here this guardrail is splitted?, Miyuki got in wonder, and looked from the splitted space underward. Oh, the ditch! From here, moter bike wheel wide object can drop off. YANTA river is dealt as dead body disposing sites.

Plants killers, are animal killers, and fetus killers, and infant killers, and elder killers, and serial killers, in the end. Devastation in the forests, means like that. Shirakawa is Mecca of these XXcides. Thus, Geno-Suicide should be done by satans. No more satans, at all!!!

Miyuki tried to taste the left over of the milk, which she shaked so much. At first, sour cream or cattege cheese or yogurt only. However, in the wall or inside the paper carton, many white dots she found, and she collected all of the dots. Almost one spoonful of white soft curd. And she found that it is butter, anyway. So little, however, butter fat, she felt. Non butter type.

Strange to say, Esile type whipped butter, it is! good for sweets.

Flavour also OK. However, anyway, not effective. Thus, butter should be provided by others. Even with more high qualified milk, several spoonfuls of butter. 1 carton of milk is almost US$2. Thus, from the view point of economy, scale weighs. Thus, individual butter making by milk is not correct answer.

however, it was an amusing experient. Anyway, I made butter from milk, Miyuki can say now. Old fresh cream produces butter spontaneously. this fact Miyuki did know well. However, milk also, was her new individual discovery.

At first, cheesy, yes. however, then gradualy, butter like taste. And probably, on the bottom, milk butter was left, and Miyuki apreciated it. Even with common milk, Miyuki could make butter. Science project, she did. Educative. And physical training also. Miyuki's felling that "The movement of the liquid changed" was correct, confirmed.

She is quick and effective, is her impression. And for IKKYO kids, non-consumer type. Just nasty uncle like guy. thrifty rich. Scrooge. Shylock. She likes "Chrismas Carol" by Dickens. Tasty story. Unkind guy's recognition story. In the final, happy end. Thus, good for Chrismas. Be trifty, however, not be cheapy! Miyuki is an example! She is so rich, however, so thrifty! Don't be Alzheimer!!!

Be ambitious! Be amphobiosis! Turtles like Miyuki's slow mode. So reluctant, it means. Awkward, and starts to walk, in her left-right zig-zag mode. Any guy considers, "Oh, she is drunken monky now! Rao-Shiii!" No Master. yes, Doctor! Drunken Doctor, who were recommended to be a bartender in Shinjuku by Kyorin related, and she prefered to be so, rather than being DDM, or DODOMERDA, however, she encountered with the fact. Even in Shinjuku, no bartender can survive. Because the industry changed, and professionals were wiped off by Amature OPPABU-BABAA and Testacles Pets. Thus, Kyorin's recommendation had no base at all!!! If Miyuki were bartender in KABUKI-Cho in Shinjuku, she would gain more and more money rather than at Kyorin Versity. They betrayed, and they couldn't able to make her a bartender in Shinjuku. All lies, they provided to Miyuki.

Tear of Doctor. Mirage cocktail of Miyuki. Vanished, as her dream...

Probably, winter would be fine to train her tighs more. So limited steps, she would do. Thus, more up and down walking would be fine to gain longer tighs. Of course, she wants longer legs in the under parts, however, tighs were not yet trained well. Thus, she should train better.

YUKARI came to the office, and handed a paper to Alex, saying, "I wrote for you, however the stamp is so thin. Thus, maybe, it would be fine to rewrite again." She wrote some important form for him. With her name? Auntie has right to agree with his some legal activities? Anyway, I didn't, Miyuki confirmed. Always, HARUMI and YUKARI do their fogery. Thus, Miyuki is free from their dirty job at all.

Fruits caltivation is suitable! The plants say so in their loud voice. The vine yard of DAIKOKIYA was right answer. MIYUKI found that 穂積重一 or Shiguekazu HOZUMI is a producer of Bailey A black grapes in Shirakawa region. Some guys can gain fruits producing jobs. Miyuki found a package of two bunchs of Bailey A grapes in the shelf of RISAIAN or JA related food selling shop in NAKAMACHI area. Thus, Bailey would be put up with the climate, after his sprout period. Yes, of course, it all depends on the sprout.

Miyuki found so many sun room candidates in the rural area. After her quick adoptation DIY job, Miyuki could bring pots to pass winter, in the near future. this winter, only in her palace. However, in the franchise palace, they would survive, also. It all depends on Miyuki's skills of gaining fruits.

Miyuki's today's big hit is 3 western pares. It costs US$0.8. Compared with the other fruits, it is cheaper. Miyuki has been avoiding to eat pares, because it sould jobless, useless, in short, in Japanese pronunciation. Prejudice, yes, Miyuki did know so well, however, she has right to deny the species.

Now she is sleepy and she should get up earlier that usually.

See you all of us, rightous brothers,! And she is going to bed!

VANISH! DDMs!!! You are so ugly bitches. And now, almost sll of the vegitables, are kind to others.

From Uncle Miyuki with her suporters, with Big LOVE!!!


Rabby & Chinkoro : News Flash (228)

2017-08-29 10:11:30 | 日記
29/08/2017 (Tuesday, morning) Miyuki got up at 6:00 in the morning, and changed her clothing prom pyjama to casual wear, started her monitoring job in the courtyard.

And found that so many vehicles passing in the ally, so narrow and it was allowed to pass only for the residents who had licence given by the municipality. School Zone, and no man's land. Thus, up to recently, it was accustomed to do so. Now, the system changed, and so many vehicles, especially heavy duty type, pass the road, considerably often. Why? Miyuki got in wonder! YAOYA-Cho is one of the least populous residencial area in this village called SHIRAKAWA, even in her youth. Why, suddenly, turned to be so busy area? No shop at all, only residencial buildingas and parking lots. Satanic attempt to chase Miyuki? Evident, too much! They all claimed!!!

Unreasonably, they changed the legal character of this road, from "prohibition for cars" to "Please pass this narrow road, especially Heavy Duty Vehicles, to kill school pupils!!!"

And in the parking lots of Shriakawa III primary school, there is a space for visitors. At 6:30 already white van type with the number of 93-89, stopped. Miyuki recognized it, and checked. Soon it left there. Strange? Why it came? What is the purpose? Soon, another light track with the number 8-93 passed.

Then, from 7:30 to 10:15, so many heavy duty type, for example, Road Rollers, Fass Vaccuum vehicle, Heavy Duty Track, passed.

And a black van with working uniformed drivers, at 9:00, parked in this lot. Its number is 11-07.

And at 9:00 exactly, a fimale bug in a white van, parked in the same lot, its number is 93-98. She remained in the car, with engine on. What is she waiting? Miyuki is suspecious.

At 10:00, exactly, white van with number 49-79 appeared, and did the same. Why they repeat? The kids' song?


 Wonderful kindergarden in our mountain, at 9:00, a boy of squeel comes.🎶
Wonderful kindergarden in our mountain, at 10:00, a boy of wild dog comes.🎶

 Miyuki likes this song. Each guy has its own rising up time. Don't disturb our sleep, please!, is the message.

However, in Sato family, already at 6:00, HARUMI and YUKARI starts their selfish attacking to others. They pretend to have some urgent matter, or ring the bell of the alter for diceased, or starts to collect the trash, or start to vacuum cleaning, as they like, when they want to do.

Recently, audaciously MIYUKI ignores both of them, thus, as their strange replacement, others are target now. Why don't you attack MIYUKI, if you don't like MIYUKI? Clare claimed. The response was, "She is so nasty. Thus, it would be untached. She should know the limit. Without us, she is just dumb!" Oh, welcome! Miyuki expected this stage! Now, she gained the ideal situation. Because of their strong hatred, MIYUKI is unattackable.

Clare feels envy to Miyuki. So nasty is better for her. I would be so!

However, HARUMI audaciously tried to attack her even this morning. When Miyuki came back from her main work place for several these days, and picked the bunch of keys, HARUMI tried to approach MIYUKI, and yelled, "When you bring here some trash, you should use Hochikiss, do you know, you stupid?!" MIYUKI ignored totally, and left the main house, and shut the sliding door, with normal sound.

Miyuki got in wonder...Hochikiss or stapler for throw the trash? The contrary, she can understand. Pick off the needle of the stapler, was said in Kyorin Versity. And she doesn't use stapler at all now. What happened???

Probably, she would like to say, "Pick out off the needles of pamphlets or magazines!" and forgot what to say, and said the related words. Miyuki is now no magazine nor pamphlet to throw. Probably, YUKARI brought a banch of magazines, and HARUMI picked the needles, and got tired of the task, and claimed to Miyuki, instead to YUKARI.

YUKARI is now also untoucheable mode. YUKARI likes to imitate MIYUKI's audacious mode against HARUMI. Thus, in case of HARUMI's request, YUKARI ignored HARUMI totally. YUKARI is now betrayer again. Taming mode YUKARI passed. Thus, now, only watching TV mode.

Better than Jason period. Yes, she abruptly attacks us all. However, during watching TV, she is in vervana. Thus, TV room, Clare's room turned to be!!!

During day and night, she watches TV, and ignores HARUMI. And sometimes, only washing clothings. Feeding? Only frozen food in micro-oven. TV dinner life, they all adopted.

HARUMI is reluctant to do her trash collecting now, presumably. OK, each guy, as they like. Cleaness lovers, keep clean their own chambers. Common place? Miyuki would do it, if you agree.

HARUMI & YUKARI's trash, not at all! They are satans. Our enemy. They dispose as they like. Miyuki is untouching theirs.

Repeated attackings and affection begging. This morning, Clare was targetted. Clare changed the course to go to school, to avoid more attacking. However, they continue to attack her. Shame! Clare thought, in really. For them, OK, however, for us two, just a shame!!!

Miyuki refrains from yelling them both, Alex and Clare, because it would cause more problems for them. Miyuki's sympathiser?, Oh, we attack you, also!, is Shirakawan attitude.


Who hates Bonz, hates up to his clothings.

Japanese proverb. Thus, don't commit to Miyuki at all. Thus, they are prohibitted to eat MIYUKI's food. They provide frozen food, yes. Thus, OK for them. Thus, only micro-oven life, they start. Sufficient for them. Don't come to the kitchen! They use the kitchen as their washing hands, face, body, and brushing their teeth.

This period, any hatred trigger their explosion, and MIYUKI is the stimulator no.1 in Shirakawa. Anyway, she is so nasty. We hate her!!!

Stupid idiots, Shirakawans are! Miyuki yells, and it is the fact. Thus, they responded like that. The fact, thus, Miyuki is nasty.

King is nakid!, fanomenum. Miyuki's so positive interpretation, the yeller boy was praised so much, and turned to be the next king, because of his honesty and bravery!

YUKARI's negative interpretation is "He should be killed, because he is so impolite!"

Miyuki, before hearing HARUMI's strange HOtchikiss hatred speach, encountered with SHIBUKI'S Pussy Cat, and orderd her to vanish immediately all in a body, eternally. She changed the position of her neck, 90 degrees. In the middle, it means. Thus, half vanishing mode, YAOYA-CHO satans are!!!

She is the leader of satans of this zone, Miyuki did know well.

yesterday, in KAJI-MACHI, Miyuki discovered a young female bitch, with dirty skin and relatively urbanized fisiolonomy, dying in a dark gray van. She resembles with this Pussy Cat. Shrunk MADOKA, Miyuki metaphored. MADOKA is more flat, and bigger than she, evidently. She is rather cute, and short. Resembles, yes. However, impression is different.

SHIBUKI's pussy cat is always in the same. Sometimes, with so nasty dirty hair, sometimes, cleaned up, yes. However, mainly white, and some light brownish patch on the back. Erotic type. Today, Miyuki met younger mode. Usually, older version. From Miyuki's school days, she is like that. Strange. Always, she is the same, and wandering inside YAOYA-Cho.

Monster Cat, I know well, Miyuki said her before. And she tried to be prettier, and lost her power to attack others, so much. Thus, less harmful.

Thus, jealous, so much. She attacked especially old beautiful trees. Pussy's jealousy, the reason of the devastation in NANKO mountain area!!!

SHIBUKI's religious leader, she was. Oh, Toshiyuki was resembling her! TOBE-SATCHI's cousin, and one year elder than us all!

Relatively whitish face, and brown hair. A pink cheeks, also, he had. Her image!

He liked to stay in the chamber, beside the 2nd floor of Sato Family. Alone, Pussy also likes. So different fisiolonomy he had, compared with other SHIBUKI related...

Pussy's boy? He was killed earlier. And the cat was himself. Oh, I didn't know it!

And for HARUMI, Hidetoshi KIJIMA complimented, thus, he turned to be a good boy for her. Not he, another. Miyuki did remember his face, yes. However, for HARUMI and YUKARI, a boy neighbour, as always. Their image on the neighbours are the skin bags of this period.

And Miyuki found a big important fact. TAMAYA apartment is for collective use only. Thus, faked family, NAKAJIMA is, from the begining. Just one couple with so many kids, is their common mode. Each member is replaceable. Forever primary school pupils provider, it is!!!

WAKABA kindegarden is also. Thus, no acuaintance at all in this area. They vanished, literally. OTOHA, where she is now? Miyuki asked. And the result. Clare doesn't know. Clare said OTOHA was volleyball club member. yes, she said, however, not so sure. She heard like that on her...

Miyuki remembered her fisiolonomy and voice. HANOKI-DAIRA, yes. The devastated place? However, Clare gained New Year's card in HACHIOJI. Anyway, she is alive, however, where, Clare doesn't know.

Miyuki can remember some guys. However, old ones not at all. Miyuki is good at memory, and likes to be proud of it. Thus, nasty! Shirakawans can't remember well. And illegible, yes. Thus, she is disliked in any place, with spetting.

Reading is now special ability! Thus, Todai pimps were respected by such satans!!! Such a level???

Thus, any school pupils should be respected by all of them. Thus, Kensei was chosen thier representative. Their? Which?

Now, Miyuki is all in doubt. So many guys were targetted, and lost their precious lives. Thus, any guys should be her harshest attacking, if she has some crue to believe satan. No way! Protection should be!!! Only few guys are her real supporters. She is so doubtful, and there are so many reasons, of course!!!

And she changed her mind of the plan of her hut. More easier, she found. Only one inclination type. More easy to make. And gained thiker old bamboo sticks, three, thus, she changed her plan. Can fold easily, thus, up to the accomplishing moment, she doesn't need to stand the hut, in each evening. More sustainable. And she completed almost all of the frame parts. thus, just sustanability should be put. Thus, every day's chasing to find for free type materials.

Cover with a big plastic transparent object. The easiest way to do so. More bamboos would be needed, probably. longer than actual sticks. And for in case of emergency, a bit more. Thus, 10 more, is the correct answer. She would cut easily, because she knows to use the tools. Alzheimers use attaking tools so easily. It is sold by also Alzheimers.

Miyuki got surprised that YUKARI produced the sound of chain saw. Thus, Miyuki dashed to see the scene, thinking of how to run away. And found that she was doing her vaccuum cleaning business in the entrance inside the main house. Sound changed, and Miyuki watched the scene. However, for several minutes, she used the sound of chain saw. "I will kill you!" is her dying message. Just a sound, already Miyuki got chilled, YUKARI thought, and did it! She produced it, and replaced. Miyuki is now free from her chain saw attacking. She is easy to buy it, because it is now provided for free.

Grass cutting farmers are the example of stupid idiots! Miyuki really thinks so. yes, sometimes, we need to cut weeds, for example, to make a narrow ally to the patch or so. However, weedcite? Crazy!!! Chemical product, so much! White Powder was used mainly for it!

Asters in the early supposed Miyuki's patch dried up this morning. Why? They are so brownish, and dried! They attacked again, because they wanted. Now, Miyuki is targetted by others' chain saw using!!!

Manual only. Electricity, at lieast. Minimum use. Thus, JEEP, in her case. She needs to make a trip often, and take a nap inside. thus, only one big car is her gift.

Imitation army was caught in Shirakawa. And Miyuki took the pictures and they caught several, and liked so much...Oh, she is such a guy...Thus...

Efficiency, Miyuki likes. Not Military looking maniac. Military should be organized and reasonsble. Yes, Miyuki has some inclination to Military goods. This is reality. Like animals like their own nails to attack. Not so strange. And they don't use gun at all. Up to the extension of their hands and arms. Thus, non archery, OK? OK. My archery is so so dangerous...Japanese archery she did, and did her miracle BINGO! And she didn't recognize the miracle. For her, "I failed. And where is my arrow???" And others, with so much astonishing, "Oh, she did it! Look! In the exact target, so tiny black circle, she did! So unusual! In so few days of training, she did it!!!"

And she found that her arrow was in the middle of the target, yes, however....the target of another guy, beside her. Anyway, only one guy, who did it in the class. BINGO class. With astonishing. Better than ZERO!!!

After throwing, she is indifferent, because it would be almost impossible to reach the target. She was one of the worst pupil in the lesson. Reach needs muscle work. And her aspiration system and her position of body were both the 3rd category...however, she did it! Unusual. anywa, BINGO!!!

Such a guy. ADACHI likes her TOHOHO stories. So many TOHOHOs. TOHOHO only, she is...Again, Auntie, like guy...

Satanic presumption is always against her intention. Sometimes, she could perceive it, and makes a fool of them. however, sometimes, so so out of mind! Thus, she was prohibitted to use the both tools. Flying model is too too difficult and danger. Thus, JEEP. Saucer would be fine, CHINKORO thought of it. For him, OK. However, for her, so so chicken to fly even in a rocket, would be fine to train, at first with JEEP, manual mode.

Manual only, please, or, she would lose the chance to regain the controle of manual gears.

Her change was swifty, as much as possible. And the worse for her, in the middle of the cross, the change was needed. Engine loss was so big, Jimny is. Failure, it is. And with both hands, she was obliged to use! For any guy, the last resort, however, for her, only one tool to avoid off engine sudden stop, which causes big disaster at the back. Both hands off driving! Too too dangerous, however, she was forced to do it! Even American Army doesn't such a training. "Don't leave your hands both!" is golden rule, yes. However, without it, she couldn't move the gear!!!

Satans came and attacked so swift, thus any guy recognized in Shirakawa. Miyuki found a dead skin bag of satanic bitch. Thus, hush-hush mode for the ladies in chambers in the main house.

Miyuki is nasty, thus, we will kill her only. Thus, after her light meal, she will get out to find another target of our productive counter attacking. Fruits Empire, we make. Paradise, is the real name. Emperors are now inflation situation. thus, "Oh, emperor, good morning!" "Good morning, you, majesty! We are emperors."

Replacement of Alzheimer to Emperor...Not so different for them...

You would hear some strange conversation of emperial families...ENDOU family died in a body. 1001 attacking started. easy to presume. And "わ" or "れ" or "ろ", is the key to know the usage of rental car system.

Miyuki watched so many rental cars in the parking lots of each car rental service. however, unusual to see these letters. They put different letters. Illegal. However, they did. No reigning system at all in Japan. They did know well, thus, they did wrongdoings, again and again.

Almost all of them came from other areas, however, they use common cars with more common letters. Faking job, up to this level.

Already, esixtance of "れ" letter was laughing gag. Some boss got confused わ with れ, and the inferiors followed his instruction. Thus, れ is unusual proof of early evident idiocracy. Probably, ex-governor of ISHIHARA would be the Alzheimer boss.

He didn't recognize the easiest letters' difference. However, this is the legendary fact. In islands of Tokyo, it started. Yes, similar to foreigners, however, for Japanese, even 1st grader of primary school should know the difference type basic knowledge. And ISHIHAWA was writer of novels. Alzheimer tendency in Tokyo Metropolitan Office was so so crystal clear for us all!!!

Thus, see you soon, rightous prothers!!! yacult is more older thatn Chinkoro, Miyuki perceived. Maturity, it means. Chinkoro got contempted a bit. however, it is the fact, thus, he needs to train more and more. Both, excellent in any language. Poligrotas, yes. And Chinkoro is predicessor, yes. However, regarding to maturity, Chinkoro is a kid, while yacult is a boy. Both, excellent good boy type. No teacher world, they live, thus, don't need to do apple polishing at all. However, if they were human beings, they were recruited to the army of the enemy. They would be attacked by erotic satans, because of their fisiolonomy. Easy goer, Yakult is. thus, Chinkoro, you are a bit stone head. It is the difference between you and YAKULT...

Thus, VANISH! DDMs!!! They were inferior satans, all! And they can't stop themselves at all! "Don't stop me now!" sympton, here and there. Queen.

From Uncle Miyuki, and her supporters called 8 MEN, with Big LOVE!!!


Rabby & Chinkoro : News Flash (227)

2017-08-28 19:57:11 | 日記
Miyuki tried to establish flame work of the no.1 Imperial Palace of Fruits Empire. She struggled well, however, her sticks were not so sustainable as she imaged. She needs to think of another measure to sustain the flame sticks. And 9 of 2 sticks were slipped away. Oh, I did it! She thought. She calculated the possibility, and it happened. thus, another attempt, tomorrow. Slipperly, the bamboo sticks are. Thus, she would resolve this problem.

Put some scar on the surface is an idea. She would try, probably. And splitting the bamboos is also an idea. exist several method, and now, just an attempt. Anyway, she needs to put the prism shape existance somewhere. Thus, she took advantage of try to establish it on the exact site, and failed. good attempt. Nice try. And her precious skin was picked by nasty mosquitos. Ichy! Go to INFERNO! Absorbed my precious blood! Palacites, they are! Vanish!!!

During her warking, HARUMI went to pick up Alex from Business School and came back to the house. Soon, she yelled to the back house, "I ordered to do it, however, the guy didn't do it! Stupid! It has no ears at all!YUKARI, good girl, you would like to do it, please!"

YUKARI was in the back house, in Clare's house, watchin TV, only. For several hours, she was like that. With HARUMI's yell, YUKARI didn't act at all, except watching TV. Alzheimer yelling. To be heard by neighbours, only.

MIYUKI couldn't presume who is "this guy". However, probably, MIYUKI herself was targetted, and she just wanted to show up herself to be superior to MIYUKI, Miyuki thinks so now.

MIYUKI is always called like that. When they failed, they put the name MIYUKI, and in case of some success, they put their own names. And this time, MIYUKI was not ordered anything at all. And MIYUKI ignores them both entirely. Even though, for HARUMI's understanding, "MIYUKI is stupid and resistent." in short. HARUMI said nothing at all, toward Miyuki.Just she wanted MIYUKI to do something to do for her. Inside of HARUMI, MIYUKI should do it, without saying. With HARUMI's remark, Miyuki also would have ignored her completely, yes. Anyways, MIYUKI is suffering so many dishonours from both of them.

HARUMI put so agressively dirty name to MIYUKI, all of them confirmed. MIYUKI is nasty, thus, she should be punished, in every meaning. This is her hatred, and for it, she is alive. Just she wants Miyuki to be inferior.

Just like Todai pimps and Kyorin staff. Inferior complex, they have, in common.

Protection, at the same time, feeble, the bamboo sticks are. Thus, sustainability, Miyuki needs to increase.

Put another sticks are recommendable. Thank you! Chopsticks, in the bottom, each per each. Probably to be a good training to make a sustainable sun room flame.

Her idea is simplest, and it would work, in the main idea. However, it has some problems to resolve. Thus, we would assist as carpenter predicessors. DIY tribe. Tried, and failed, so many times. Takashi YAMADA or NO-NO-chan! Hisaichi ISHII. He likes his harshed comment. Takashi made so many Dog Houses, and all of them were disliked by the dog, Pochi. BOCHI-BOCHI denna, all of them yelled.

Sustainability would be gained supporting bottom. And Japanese disposable chopsticks are sustainable. Only chopstics type flame is also possible! Not for high roof type, as Miyuki imaged. However, in the worst case, Miyuki would to do it. Anyway, one roof type is better to make. However, Miyuki wants the palace, high enough to enter in standing position.

Thus, difficult. Why she put so high hut like flame?, they asked. "I don't want to bent inside the hut or Emperial Palace." Thus, Hut=Palace. HATOYA? 伊東に行くならハトや、ハトやに決めた! ♬

 When you are planing to go to ITOU, stay in HATOYA Hotel! We decided to stay there! 🎶

Similar advertisement, here and there. Today, Miyuki found that the fine of non informed parking reduced in value. US$50, now. However, legally saying, this is also illegal, or anti-fundamental law. They said, "In case of breach, we will require you US$50." And contradiction, typical one, it is.

This is non-agreement type. Thus, it would be the matter of indemnization, not contract type. Thus, they themselves can't require any money to the breacher. After they gain the judgement of Judiciary, they could require a certain value, according to the judge's jurisprudence. US$50 is absurd, of course! Private revenge was prohibitted under idiocray, and Judiciary monopolized the measure. This is the system under the ancient regime.

If Judiciary were rightous, it would have worked. However, Japanese judiciary was totall unjust, and unfair. Thus, no man's world, satans produced.

Alex found that HARUMI was vague during her driving. As if she was dreaming. No brain situation at all. Dangerous, yes, at the same time, probably, she was induced by some controler, thus, better than her own driving.

Driving is a good tool to know one's own ability, Miyuki agreed entirely. Miyuki is bad driver, yes, and some guys, who are rather reliable type, could drive well. MITEGUI, HORIUCHI, MIRIKAWA...ex-pupils were good at driving.

Miyuki is one of the worst driver, yes. Exists? Exist! They got astonished. Non driving experience, almost. However, too too slow, ADACHI yelled. And he respected her slowness. Even with threatening done by satans, she was slow, as always!!! She prefered life, rather showup. Thus, ADACHI liked her so so self confident slow driving.

Thus, she is now watching JEEP using life with some suitable site to protect her important objects. With satans, it is totally impossible. She wants to sleep in JEEP, they yelled, at the same time, she is afraid of sleeping in a car. Actually, any Japanese place is dangerous, at all! Thus, she prefers to stay in the office, as precarious place, or evacuation place.

Miyuki liked her DIY attempt. Each time, she learns a bit a bit. And now, not good news. It would fail, tomorrow. Don't worry, now she put it just to try to know if it works or not. And failed. Thus, tomorrow, she will make a better version.

Early in the morning would be fine. Probably, at 6:00, yes. Before their rising. Miyuki is categorized DULL RISER, and they themselves, Early Birds. Alzheimer twins. Thus, as they like. Just to avoid their attacking, Miyuki will try to get up earlier!!!

Fruits Kingdom idea was stopped by the government. Terrible torture for promissive farmers. Stupid, and the represeintatives are Party of Liberal Democrats. JA only world. Monopolization, and dull boys making project, they provided. Devastation of each region, and they were revealed Alzheimer satans.

Every fruits, a bit a bit. No money, in practice. Just putting seeds type. They laught at Miyuki's audacious attempt. Anyway, Miyuki has green thums. Thus, probably, she can. Thumkins, seeds are!!!

First, a bit a bit, with variety. Then, more and more. And lot of promissive grapeyards, Miyuki found. All of the dirty nasty pre-fablic houses would be destroyed. She wants to start desconstruction job, as soon as possible. She is now, errand depending life, yes. However, now, in her small patch, borrowed by her father at the cost of 10% of the total harvest of hers, red raddish's leaves are growing! Two type. round cherry type and long red-and -white type. And Mini-carrot and RUCCOLA would appear soon. At least, minimum vegitables.

Plants call other mates, in thier suitable place. Flavours, Miyuki feels, and thinks that "This place is suitable for black grapes" and "This bank would be fitted for olives" and so on. Dried rice planting place, Miyuki found in AKEDO area. for her, mini-field is almost sufficient at all. No rice field, OK type. Any other products, here and there. And wheat would be produced by herself, yes!!!

Rice only strange policy, JA=LDP adopted. Indulged farmers and their descendents totally got in favour of it. Dull State, they chose. Stupid society. Japan was so degraded already. And they killed the guys who criticised the idiot only policy. Cruel ant stupid, like HARUMI & YUKARI!!!

No Man's LAnd, with faked YASHI residents. Their ideal. IDIOTS likes IDIOTS. Inferiority complex only society, they lived. And even now, terrible attackings.

Miyuki found nasty tape markings in each trees in NANKO silver lake southern side. And so near to KYOURAKU-EN, the original house of OPPABU, in Sadanobu MATSUDAIRA period, the newly cut stump, she discovered. They did it! They did it! Miyuki was shocked. Devastation, they continue, even now. So many trees are targetted by these cruel Alzheimer satans. No choice except total vanishing! Accelarate the execution!!!

And in the same area, on the north side of the lake, in the back of the several turistic shops, they were cutting the trees, in reality. 水野造園 or MIZUNO gardening company, their faked name is. Two heavy duty vehicles, so many tools were spread here and there, and two faked men at work in the similar warker uniform, was doing the worst job on the victims. They used electric cutters. And Miyuki got in fury, and declared so much their total vanishing. Go to INFERNO! Stupid Alzheimer satans! You! Go to INFERNO! Miyuki said so many times, however, they continued their dirty job. It stopped for sevaral seconds, however, they started again soon.

No brain, and they were just induced by impulse. Non stopping mode, now. Sleeping mode, they are now. Miyuki found several guys in sleeping in so small spaces.

One is a fimale bitch, in the house of cleaning of the attachment of WASHIO. New coin laundry was established, however, she is always in the small hut, as usual. And she was sleeping. Miyuki tried to take her picture in sleeping mode. However, when Miyuki's camera faced her, she got up. Why she could perceive it? Miyuki got in wonder. By impulse, probably. Exist some satans, who have this special abilities.

No reason, however, their presumption would turn to be correct, was their character. Probably HARUMI and YUKARI, and KAKISHIMA, and some female comic writers. Feel, they, and just feel. Thus, no reasoning, they can do provide.

Miyuki's presumption is also good. BINGO type. And she requires reasoning. for human beings, it is necessity. Thus, BINGO + reasoning system. Double checks, we need to do!

And a bold patch in the mountain slope backside of YACHIYO SUSHI. They recently started to their wrongdoing again, was the right answer.

Alzheimer satans, thus, only habit type. YUKARI is so nasty, however, her world is limited, and she attacks only MIYUKI now. HARUMI also. Thus, during a day, Miyuki needs to go outside. Just use the office in case of necessity, was their treaty. And Miyuki's necessity enhanced so much. She needs to start new jobs. And both of them laught at her. Farmer! Why not?, for Miyuki. And for them, the last category of their profission conception. Thus, better than these non-working Alzheimer ladies.

For Miyuki, Alzheimers do laugh at her, as they liked. They are just stupid idol diety cruel ugly satans.

Just like Kyorin staff. Miyuki is accustomed to such treatment.

Miyuki found that in Shirakawa, with brilliant glass doors, so many shops are already closed, without any advertisement. Miyuki tried to open an cleaning store, so near AOKI funeral party company, and confirmed that the door was locked. Closed, it means.

And in front of JR Shirakawa Station and the police house, in a closed restaurant called 美っ久利 or BIKKURI or appaling, in its parking lot, a JEEP for Self Defense Force parked. Miyuki confirmed it, and took the photos of the back with number plate especially for Self Defense Force, and of the side, with the view of several dark green helmets on the seat inside of the JEEP. In front of this restaurant, closed one, there is a campaign poster for ex-Self Defense Force officer combined a politician of senate, called Sato, not my kin at all. Self Defense Force tools lovers, they are probably, and with gun, also. Dangerous! Alzheimer Jasons, they are!!!

For the kids, just strange dirty bitch like Auntie, YUKARI is. However, for Miyuki, Mad Dog, who is attacking as always!

Miyuki ejects impulse trigger, probably. difficult to say exactly, however, from the begining, they hate Miyuki type. Miyuki totally agrees yes. Not satans, in short. Thus, always in danger in her life!

In any place, she was expulsed. Why? They hate her, is the right answer. Litmus Test Paper, thus. Non welcome mode, in any place. Thus, for her, VANISH! DDMs!!!, only. Her team should win. Already won, yes. However Alzheimers can't recognize the fact, and just continue the habit. For them, this repetition is the real life.

Domestic wives in Japan, in short. The worst version. No future, no hope. Just ego-centric lies only. Alzheimers, in short. Muck Land, Japan is.

Miyuki met a Natural Schientist type reddish dragon fly, beside Benimaru-yokomachi. She was eating strawberry icecream of Lady Borden in the smoking area combined with round patch put park. He was in the round patch, so similar to Heliport. And he showed the perfect verticle and horizontal movements, both, consecutively. So exactly, and his body was so similar to ethanol put chemistry use temperature meter. Orange inclined red, and transparent. Flameable Dragon! Trash???

Beautiful clear red, and he showed his special technic. And soon, his junior type, with yellish dragon fly, showed his so so near to Miyuki, flying up to her eye, in horizontal at her eyes' hight, in front, and then, his side showing, at the same hight. Oh, exact, architectural type, Miyuki got astonished! Skilful flyers.

They played only for few second, and then, big sport type Devil Dragon or ONI-YAMMA appeared, and the yellish guy got along with him, soon.

He, the Devil Dragon, met Miyuki earlier, this morning, at KAJI-MACHI area. Miyuki was attracted his green brilliant eyes. She wants to have dark green eyes, and his darkness and colour is just like she wants. However, brilliantness is for him. If Miyuki gains his brilliantness, probably, she would turn to be KINDO-san, of Macaroni Hourensou, a comic of her junior high age. Tsubame KAMOKAWA. Her character is similar to him, short plump male. Female version is Dr.Slump's robot, ARARE-chan. With her red glasses, alsmost perfect. With black glasses, KINDO-san + HIJIKATA-san. ANNYA, in Shirakawan language. In short, Uncle...

Butter producing experiment's result...Failure. Japanese common milk is scarse in fat, thus, she could produce only cream cheese type white soft card only. Impossible. Clare was totally correct. Needs fresh cream, yes.

And Fresh cream is so expensive in Japan. Almost twice more tha butter. Thus, Miyuki gave up her plan to compare the result of butter producing of each milk brand.

Failure, yes. however, learned. And Miyuki gave up to use butter, for a while, to gain good qualitied one, from rightous brothers. She will put olive oil instead of butter, on the micro-oven boiled potatoes. Delicous, and healthy. Oregano agreed her use!! Oh, thank you!!! More water is needed. OK, I will give you, as much as possible!

Farmer jobs are interesting. Now, mini-farmer, yes. In the garden, she is training. And for vegitables, sufficient for her use. In case of necessity to enhance, she will ask to allow her to caltivate the courtyard more. Each time, she increases the seeds caltivating pots. A bit a bit. Not only once type. She needs to train the real successful satisfying life. Shirakawans are stupid Alzheimers only. Not interesting at all!!!

MAny consumers rely on semi-prepared products, and they rely on chemical products, and natural life is far from their mind. they are rural bitches, however, they don't know how to enjoy their lives.

To protect her own products, Miyuki is making cozy garden, in the courtyard. for appearance only type, it works. At least, Miyuki is working. Alex appreciates her works. Anyway, she is now KOSAKU, independent type. Borrowing is enough. Property on the earth? For human beings, impossible. Just like moon patch ownership. Just a laughing gag only.

MIYUKI is not triming type at all. Gardening is not OPPABU gardening. To produce prittier flowers, with total agreement of the flowers themselves. Thus garden flowers also came. they were put, however, they couldn't appear at all, because HARUMI & YUKARI forgot them totally. And then, they started to attack the patch. They are forgetful, yes. However, up to the end of the bottom, they are rotten, they all feel deeply. Only yell outside, to show up their superiority. Theatrical play, they like. Strange, Miyuki thought, when YUKARI yelled in vain, in a loud voice, "Alex! Put off your dirty clothings! I need to wash them now! you, stupid!" at night, from the main house, to the office, where Alex was appearantly absent. Mad, Miyuki really got impressed. Transmitted the habit of the female boss of SHIBUKI family, Miyuki thought also. Pussy cat induced them to do so. She is cleverer than HARUMI and YUKARI. Thus, inducing mode is sly cautious pussy cat's mode, in sitting position. Pussy cat, they are today. Alzheimer transformation, like that.

Thus, recently, YUKARI is "SHOKA. IKO-IKO" user, often.

And both altogether series, in these three days. Collective attacking, here and there. They both want to watch TV, anyway. Thus, all day care center, in Back house. YUKARI is mentally illed. All things are repetitive, and she forgets easily everything. Alzheimers, they are. 4th degree, yes. For them, keeping their position is so important. Thus, Miyuki hates them both. Position is their own illusional one. Not the real value of them. Why I am obliged to waste time for these stupid Alzheimer satans? Not at all!

Thus, farmer, she turned. Care giver, never! Of course, Miyuki refused it!! How andaciously they require me to do so!, Miyuki is really upset!!! Not at all! They shold be disposed immediately! Muck, in short!!! Unkind satans, they are!!!

New Zealand Zespli KIWIs, Miyuki bought. Two big guys, golden and green. Both, delicious. This time, Miyuki would revenge agaist their Alzheimer twins.

She recognizes that Shirakawan climate is not so different from Portugal's and Spain's. Latin vegitables and fruits would be caltivated here! And after our destruction jobs, we have so many places to plants them. Thus, now, Miyuki is caltivating precious delicious fruits!

JAZZ apples from New Zealand are not so hard. Probably, it would be fine to stew to make jelly or sauce. Miyuki thought of them, a kind of Delicous type. Not TSUGARU type. Thus, not Rubby, they are. Different, however, useful of course. They came from NZ, thus, probably, winter type. However, we provide sufficient facility to survive. And they can choose to grow outside the palace, or inside the palace. Courtyard of the palace type exist. It all depends on each plant. If they like, Miyuki put their suitable place. Chilblain type, Palace is recommendable, however, it all depends of you, plants.

Miyuki doesn' separate the seeds so much. Today I ate the fruits, and gained the seeds. Thus, I put them in the same pot, like rough hospitality now. After growing, they decide with whom they live. Thus, now, collective pots, and mixed cultures, they absorb. Thus, not so difficult for them. Anyway, green house type. Thus, not so cold.

Miyuki ate two delicous yellow peaches, a big type, again. She ate so many yellow peaches as canned fruits, however, as fresh fruits, white peach only. The reason unknown. For her, yellow is near BIWA or Persemon. Thus, pretty colour. Whitish is also pretty. Just different. Thus, both. It all depends on the price.

Seeds type, Miyuki needs. Thus, sometimes she gets dissapointed with no seeds type. As fruit producer, yes. However, for eater, seeds are not so welcome. Then give me seeds!!!

Scarse in Mind, thus, they forget easily. for them, putting in order means total abandonment only. Thus, no cleaning, please, Alex asked them both. And Miyuki is doing cleaning job. Not nasty. ADACHInDerella assists her.

Miyuki recognizes that each market spreads insecticide before opening. They forget what they are selling. foods, yes, however, for them, poisoneous foods are all OK is the reality. No consideration on safety.

In case of monitoring system, HASEBE or yAKISOBABAN todai pimps exeggarated that safety is the priority. however, in case of foods, financial benefit is priority, and safety?, what is it? world. So many shopkeepers, are already the sigh of idiocracy. Reduction, they said, and did the contrary. Kyorin versity is the same. MATSUDA fired 5 or so colleagues, and hired more than 5. Contradiction. Member change, he insisted. In short, he forgot what he should do. For him, just showing up his power is enough.

Miyuki is sleepy now. Thus, see you on our blog, tomorrow !

VANISH! DDMs! Cut your own heads, Jasons!!!

From Uncle MIYUKI with her team mates called 8 MEN, with Big LOVE!!!


Rabby & Chinkoro : News Flash (226)

2017-08-28 08:27:51 | 日記
28/08/2017 (Monday, morning) Miyuki was forced to get up with rough sound of collecting trash produced by HARUMI at 6:30 in the morning. Collecting trash in this hour? How cruel! Miyuki got upset. however, Miyuki remembered yesterday's pledge to plant seeds at 6:00 oclock. Thus, she got up at this time, at 6:30, and with pyjama and fat jacket and old guy only cap, started her monitoring on the courtyard.

She checked the plants all, and almost all of them survived, or showed the sigh of survival. Then, she tried to sleep a bit more, and changed her mind, and decided to sow Salada Rockets or Ruccola and Mini-carrots. Team Carrots and Rockets. Shina?

To revenge against their wrongdoings. Miyuki, in the middle of the process, got to notice that her golden kiwi patch was totally stolen! Again? Who did it? And found that even her red raddish organized patch was stomped already. Some guy entered into this field, it means.

Before 7:00 oclock, so many strange scenes she found. Old KOJIMA male bitch came back in his 50cc scooter, called Mini-Cab. KOJIMA family are all monstors, probably. He is over 80s, and he and her wife are always the same, as Miyuki watched when she was versity student. Always same movement in their miniture field, and regarding to his mini-cab, for 20 years, he didn't used, and recently, again, he started to ride on it. Strange?

Their faces are North Korean type, yes. Probably they came from the country. Thus, flat Chinese moon cake type, with so thin eyes, with skin with the mark of chilblains in the face. Nasty, ugly face. However, longer than usual Shirakawans, their face was. Only one exception was KAORU, their daughter. She had a round face, however, skin texture and thin eyes were the same.

HIRAKUBO's skin was the same type. In SHIRAKAWA, it was not rare, while, in Tokyo, so rare to watch this type. TOUHOKU country girls and boys, their impression was for Miyuki.

Thus, when Miyuki suffered chilblains in her cheek, at the first year of her Shirakawa residence, she got ashamed! her face looked like so country girl type!!! Alex's flashed reddish skin is totally different. Oh, Irish heritage! Miyuki thought. Look like roses in the cheek. More cheerful impression. Winter roses, they are!!!

Then on the road between Shirakawa III primary school and the courtyard of Sato Family, popped out a short girl in Chuo junior high uniform, and a long gymnastic uniform wearing teacher faked middle aged guy. They appeared all together, however, he yelled to her, "Good morning!" and she ignored him, and went as if she didn't know him at all.

"Oh, they did it!" Miyuki recognized. And they pretend not to have done it! Too early to go to school. He faked to be a teacher of primary school, while she, junior high faked. Thus, too too strange.

In Japan, recently, so many news on teachers' buying girls and boys in junior high. Oh, it is the real case! She was so ignorant at his behavour. The same as SUTA-SUTA-san, IKKYO expert walker bitches in Tokyo.

Probably they live in Primary School. Thus, so early in the morning.

And another big news. from the begining, a white flat van was parking in the teacher only parking lots of Primary School, whose number is 77-75, and stayed up to 7:30, for more than 1 hour, with engine on. Idoling stop, so long. It stayed in the place, which is so easy to monitor Miyuki's agricultural job.

Miyuki recognized, thus, she informed on it, after its leaving to her father. He said nothing. OK, I said correctly.

Miyuki made a ditch to split the field to two patches. And she sowed seeds of Ruccola, in line, in the shape of L. Ruccola wall would be established. Any guys should not be sacrificed any more! Miyuki tried not to make a mistake. Nasty? Not at all! Easy job, just dig with a short scop. Why they needed so many tools???

Alzheimer exaggaration. MORI-MORI. No correct information, thus, they add their imagination, and get involved into their dream. TAGUCHI SAHO fanomenum, they yelled!!! Lies, in her side only. Self recognition, not at all! Terrible ego-centric world, and they themselves were trapped already. Dreaming prince knight on the white hourse.

Soon after the 77-75 white van vanished, HARUMI came from the courtyard between the main house and the office, and started her monitoring job on Miyuki. She remained in the same place, just pretending to cut the tiny space of flowers at the corner, most nearest to the parking lots of the van. Coincidence? Why, unnecessarily, she stays here? She looked like searching some guys on the road.

And she yelled in a big voice to some guy, "ITTERASSHAI", a compliment just for some so closest one. To whom? She is isolated here in the main house. No friend in Shirakawa, except her own younger sister YASUE. Thus, too too strange. She did say so in loud voice. Why? To illusion of Alex???

Alex himself went to high school with his grand father in the red car. Miyuki confirmed that his bicycle is located here outside, without cover, which is now inside the main house.

Now, the brown fine type bicycle with Business School's registered number. His and YUKARI's bicycles were exchanged each other?

YUKARI came to the office, and sneezed 6 times. Oh, wooden wall, you saved me again! They are senseless, thus, just being concealed from their sight would save Miyuki. Cibyula faking works for Alzheimer patients. For them, appearance works, while non appearance means non existance. thus, participation to the meeting is necessity for Kyorin Staff!!!

Concealing is a kind of protection. And non moving is another. Last week, Miyuki experienced it with JP delivery guy. Miyuki was searching her precious Murcott seed, which was dropped by her in front of a Big Trash Plastic unintentionally. Ooops! I dropped two seeds of Murcot! , Miyuki got in panic, and started to search them both. One was found, however, another, where? She was sitting to look for him.

Suddenly JP guy came, and he put some mails into the mail box in front of the door, without recognizing Miyuki's existance. Oh, he is also Alzheimer!, Miyuki confirmed.

and then, he visited KOJIMA family's house, and yelled to them, "this morning, only these one. I will come again in the afternoon. See you!" in his cheerful voice.

Oh, he can speak Japanese! And for satans, so long complements he can do! Satanic world, yes!!!

And probably, mutual monitoring service, neighbour satans offered to HARUMI and YUKARI. Thus, they chase Miyuki so eargerly. In every place, Miyuki is monitored, and scolded, actually. HARUMIs, they yelled. The system is able to deligate to others, thus, they check Miyuki only. for several monthes, Alex passed the same harsh time. Now, Miyuki's turn. Alex likes Miyuki's cleaning up business. ADACHInDerella works. Not Miyuki. She is more Business only cool tough guy. Harsher than the two Alzheimer ladies, however, they got combined, thus, OK for him. the result weighs. The most important part is the result. Effort is also necessary, however, effort for certain object. Without object, satans can establish idiocratic world. Crazy, just it! Stupid idiots, Shirakawans are!!!

Tokyo is best place for them two! They should go right now! Why not yet? They are all OK mood, here and there.

And in the washing room, where this morning YUKARI did her separation clothing jobs into so many nets and put them all in the washing mashine, Miyuki smelled so strong shit smell. Smelly! And remembered that YUKARI did night shitting on the bed, up to her 5th grader in primary school. Strange kid! Too smelly! Every morning, HARUMI dried up her bed clothings, even in winter. Dirty YUKARI, already. She was so reluctant to go to bed, and prefered sleeping, in shit ocean. Strange priority from the begining. She is such a kinkiest existance.

Alzheimer input type. Miyuki recognizes the abrupt reduction of her memory, in each stage. yes, even now, she can do her own BLA-BLA-BLA, however, no reason at all. Just Bla-Bla-Bla...

Almost two months earlier, HARUMI said to her, "Your talk is so difficult to understand." in the kitchen, when they were in the morning meeting. Everyday changes their mood, and now, shitting stage. 4th grade is like that. They should go abroad to pursue for their white prince on the horse back per each!

Thus, sitting pose, only. HARUMI liked standing obeience pose, up to several month ago. Now, sitting pose. The stage changed at that moment, also. Skimming eyes, she does. Monitoring others only. Why just for cutting so few leaves, he took more than 30 minutes? Too too strange for Miyuki and Clare, however, for them, we are doing necessity! Oh, basic needs, they are doing in this pose!!!

Thus, Miyuki the soldier, would like to her job, to detect the Shirakawa area, alone. Any system change? Just confirmation? Every trip, she recognizes some degraded messy situation of Shirakawa. System change, always toward downward. Muck smelling grade, next...Vomitting!!!

In Tokyo, fass fertilizer smelled, even in the center of it. MARUNOUCHI area, mainly. Exist? Exist!!! Miyuki was so shocked, and now, Oh, the same happened in Shirakawa. Miyuki smelled the dirty smell of fass near ex-My Town building. The counterpart of MARUNOUCHI. Thus, we are near the end. So long long fighting against satans. We all clean up, and start new are, in the good mood.

Miyuki regrets the big loss of KIWI kids. Green and Gold, she wanted, and the shoots came. Two months' expectation, and momental dissapointed. Satans attacked like that. So rare to suffer icecle shower in Shirakawa. however, she encountered with it, several times. The worst was when she was the third grader of high school. In 1980, abruptly, heavy big pebbles like icecles dropped, and the roofs of veranda caught holes. Even now, the marks exist. And also, a big one broke the glass window, and the piece of big glass put directly into the TATAMI mat of Miyuki's big chamber, which now Alex uses. The mark of letter "I" was left, and Alex took the photo. So heavy icecles, they were!!!

Pebbles shower, it was called. Inside, the big cores were found in some region. Artificial icecles, already, at that age. And many agricultural plastic houses caught the disaster. OMANKO journalism informed on the newspaper and on TV. Big news, yes. And the disaster was covered?

Some farmers got indemnization, yes. however, in private house's case, no indemnizaion, they informed on TV. Thus, the result. They changed the weather, on behalf of their own jealousy. OMANKO journalism helped them all. Satanic attacking, they did. Entrepreneurs were killed like that. Fruits kingdom should be. Why "Flower World"???

And Miyuki got surprised that inside the plastic vinil houses, only so easy and quick type flowers only. Who visits to see these plain flowers? No one. How ENDOU family established such unnecessarily messy dirty vast place called Flower World? Why they are so prevalent?

In MIYUKI's youth, they were totally unknown family. However, in Alex's school days, ENDOU family was already rich tribe. And the reality is....Just messy indulged feeble-minded only IKKYO family, they are!!! Confecitionary's sweets are amature class, Property management has no legal knowledge at all, and no garden producion skill at all. All of their business is the lowest category in the world. Even only cheapish Miyuki's abilities are all superior in every area. ENDOU atacked Miyuki, because of it. So messy, however, she is alone and attacable, and better than us all, in every field. No chance for ENDOU family at all!

1001, Miyuki calls them. They love this number plate. Thus, in NAKAMACHI, Miyuki found their parking lots and the house. Without name, however, near JP main site in Shirakawa, a big pinkish faked blick house, western style faked cheapish prefablic modernized one, Miyuki presumed that this is ENDOU's main residence. BINGO!!!

And back of Beisia, also 1001 number white van, which chased Miyuki, after her testing job in ENDOU confectionary and threatening by ANEGO style middle aged bitch, was located. On the NAKAMACHI parking lots, under the different name, silver gray 1001 vehicle, Miyuki found. And also, in front of the pinkish house, black 1001 car parks usually.

In the confectionary shop along Route 298, Miyuki found a monumental pyramid glass top roof on the building. the same one Miyuki watched in Roppongui Mid Town's top of the commercial use. Probably 24th floor. From the floor, only residencial use, and outsiders were prohibitted to use the special elevator in the residencial floors up to almost 40th.

On the 24th, there is a space to change elevators from commercial zone to residencial zone. And some tiny exhibitional monument. This monument is the same of the glass top of the roof of ENDOU family.

MIYUKI's image was just, "Oh, mummy case! Probably their religious leader would have been located here, however, some change or big mistake happened, thus, all empty!"

Pyramid Eye, it was called. Oh Free Mason? Free de SON-suru? ただほど高いものはない, or "For Free system costs the most" in Japanese proverb.

Thus, they provided sample sweets for free, and for guys, who didn't buy it, just killing job!!! Oh, how costive!!!

Serial killers, they are!! Jasons, in short. YUKARI is the same type. And she likes one of ENDOU family???

MIYUKI is indifferent from other's love romance at all. Private matter. Not interesting at all!

TAGUSHI identified Miyuki as other's romance chacer. She didn't know who she is in reality. Just she thought that Miyuki would treat her as princess.

Now, when YUKARI was washing, and HARUMI abruptly entered into the washing room, and made so Alzheimer convrsation. HARUMI praised "How clean this washing room is! You did it, din't it? How marvelous! It would be a so tiresome work, isn't it?" in a loud voice. And YUKARI agreed. Oh, this is their technic. They did know that MIYUKI cleaned all. However, according to them, YUKARI did this cleaning up job all. Their technic. Why now? YUKARI can't respond. I like clean room, is her response.

MIYUKI did know well on it. Todai related, Kyorin staff. All did it, already. Such a level, they both are in.

And HARUMI started to accuse. "I put a tiny thing here. Only 2cm's object. Do you know it?" and YUKARI replied, with her upset voice, "I don't know at all. Not my fault!" Oh, now denial. And HARUMI continued, "Probably some guy abandoned it! Who is it? Can you presume it?" And YUKARI's reply is "I have no idea at all!" and HARUMI, "Probably this guy did it."

All accusation for our side, while all praise for their side. Satanic technic. MIYUKI is not so nasty. Only office. Why YUKARI can prove her "Cleaning up business"? If she is admiror of cleaness, their kitchen would be cleaned up at first. Why here in the office. MIYUKI keeps silent, thus, they took advantage of the result of her work.

see you on our blog soon. Now, some guy came to search Miyuki's objects!!! It's time to run away!!!


Rabby & Chinkoro : News Flash (225)

2017-08-27 20:42:06 | 日記
Miyuki came back from her outside jobs.

This noon, Miyuki was really upset, when she found that all of the kiwi shoots were taken off from the pot!

Yesterday, she put bamboo sticks in each pot, to protect the seeds. However, they picked up all, without exception! Terrible disaster! They did it! No forgiveness, at all!

And she was so shocked, that today, also they picked the raddish shoots, and got in rage.

More shocking fact was, the leaves of berries, that were also marked by the bamboo sticks, were picked off, also. Out of mind! They couldn't recognize the berries leaves at all! They are growing up, thus, Miyuki put it also for their assistance. However, Alzheimer twins attacked. She was so dissapointed. And she herself, did a big mistake. Sorry, berry! I wanted to save you, however, the result, Miyuki unintentionally cut the root of him!!! Oh, sorry, I did...Nasty, sad. Sorry, no excuse, at all...Sorry.

She calculated erroneously. Their roots are so long and deep. And she was distructed by her anger...Second disaster for the berry. She almost cried. However, anyway, she should put up with the situation.

And she found that they cut intentionally her Cool Mint's long arm like storks, also. They were thought as weeds, yes, however, the arms already had roots!!! Oh, we have chance to save them all. Thus, Miyuki planted all of their cut arms on the pots. They attack, without necessity, and by impulse, Miyuki's planting jobs are the aim of their harsh attacking. They tried to keep the patch without any plants, including weeds, Miyuki recognized.

Her raddish patch, which she putted the sees in mathematically organized way at appearance, was saved from their attacking, anyway. Presuming from the happenings in the field and the pots, they can't recognize the difference between plants and unnecessary hair of human beings. for them, keeping the patch in clean situation is priority. And for them, clean means flat surfice without any plants. Field for what?, Miyuki got shocked so much. For them, total abandonment is cleaness, in short. Thus, Miyuki's patch is disliked so much.

Miyuki, with appology, put he cut berry to the pot with the taken off Cool Mint. Cool Mint saved Basils, thus, Miyuki believes that the arm with roots of Cool Mint would put energy for the cut Berry. Just a bit sustainance is needed. They would survive with a stick. OK, now I will try!

Miyuki did a slight check and put a stick beside her victim, and tighed him with a plastic vinil thread, she found in the courtyard to the stick. She hope that he could grow fine vein like roots from his white main root, which Miyuki cut, with her careless digging...Please take a rest and have a nice dream, and tomorrow, Miyuki wants to see you, in vivid mode!

Another berries were saved. One big type was really a miracle! He has really long long roots, almost 1 meters, and its end or original seed was so near the surfice. He made a long long journy up to appear. So many targettings, he suffered during his shooting, and was obliged to run away. Unnusually long long legs provide him so sustainability, thus, this guy would survive, with certain care. And the rest, several tiny guys, thus, they were moved so easily. And cool mints are waiting for her astonishing, tomorrow! They almost now stands, Miyuki watched, and got relieved. Standing is they can live in these pots. Thus, Miyuki wants to believe their all standing wave, tomorrow!!!

HARUMI and YUKARI get up earlier than Miyuki. Thus, they took advantage of Miyuki's sleeping hour, to attack her precious future! They yelled. Thus, Miyuki will get up, as early as possible, and will do her planting jobs, yes.

Miyuki split the field, which she borrows now, in two parts. One for flat surfice prepared for being stomped, while another, for caltivation only. And in the middle, she put bamboo sticks, almost 7 or so.

It means, "Don't attack, Alzheimer twins!" Miyuki wants to protect any of them, and she would dig the flat surfice, after she would gain the pots.

And she learned that soil is so easy to be hard, after being stomped. And Miyuki did know so well, that this soil was brought from the mountain. Good soil, it means. And one field was used for some guy's tomatoes and egg plants caltivation jobs, and one field was left untouched.

And the latter field, was split by two long stones, which had been put in the narrow ally between the office and Kojima's before.

Miyuki recognized that the big stones left in the rest of the courtyard had vanished already, when she came back to Shirakawa after her discharge from faked medical facility called HASEGAWA Hospital in Mitaka municipality.

Why?, any guy explained at all. Probably, satans attacked so many times, and took them all, and returned the smaller stones. Satanic replacement, it is called.

And Today, Miyuki also found that in the main house, especially in the stockyard called 納戸 or NANDO, so many things were stolen. They came, and stole, and the Alzheimer Twins welcomed their arrival.

Probably, they are in so erotic or romancic mode. HARUMI had an illusion, "Some guy would save me from this concealed chamber! He would be a knight on the white horse! Romio, his name would be, and mine, Juliette!!!", for example. YUKARI, also. Thus, when the satans approached, for them, all welcome mode only.

They targetted Miyuki, as a thief. Anyway, she is mentally illed, they say as usual. "How shame" She is a shame of our Sato Family!", They both agreed.

Miyuki got astonished, at that a bunch of keys also vanished again! YUKARI and HARUMI have already one bunch per each. And they prefer use the third or fourth bunch, witch was put in the main house. Miyuki is ordered to use only these third or fourth bunches of keys. Strange, yes. And the Alzheimer patients forget this system completely, sometimes, and do "Bang Bang!" on the door. "OPEN, toilet is necessity, you, stupid!!!", in a loud voice. Terrible situation. Alzheimers attack us all, even in the house!!!

Miyuki took the proof photo of only one bunch situation.

And today, so rare, however, at 15:00 almost, YUKARI got outside with a bicycle. Oh, she remembers to ride a bicycle!! Why? To where, she is going? And she wore black wind breaker and hip focus black jeans today. Oh, autumn of rather winter mode, already! Unusually early!

And Miyuki found the same "Too early seasonal clothings change fenomenum" in the aparell shop called "Se La Vie" in MOTOMACHI area. In the window, two doll with winter mode. One of them wore Duffle Court already! Miyuki was astonished. In August, already, Winter mode?! Alzheimer's proof, again!!!

Today is rather just a bit cooler than yesterday. Miyuki put tank top yesterday, while today, T-shirt, and it was sufficient. 合い or Ai, it is called, the seasonal changing period. For the transitional period, we need both clothings. Thus, Miyuki put also blue cotton jacket on T-shirt, half, follen mode.

And she was criticised by an middle aged faked mother, "This lady is stupid!", indirectly. She was walking with a cart, 2 meter ahead of her faked daughter, and Miyuki was in the middle of both. The middle aged bitch told so, not watching her daughter. So indifferent to their own kids, was Miyuki's analysis on IKKYO family. And their education is contempting others like this. for these faked parents, criticising a bit different guy is good education. Public mannor only type. Thus, IKKYO family, they are!

Thus, Miyuki yelld to them both, "Bitches, you are! Go to INFERNO!" It happened in Beisia.

These IKKYO parents are likely to leave infants, alone, even in the big facilities. Too careless? Not at all! They want the kids to be killed or brought somewhere, and would like to gain the money from their vanishing.

The typical expample, Miyuki watched in CAINZ Home Center. The faked parent left two kids, 3 years ols and 2, almost, near the entrance, and said to the kids, "Be good boys, kids! I will come back soon. Up to the moment, be quite!" Miyuki got surprised. "For kids with more ages, OK, thus liberal attitude, yes. However, for infants, who needs protection from some responsible guys, it should not be!" However, in Shirakawa, this conduct is standard mode now!!! Kids should be killed. We want your disaster! This is the real feeling of Shirakawan parents!!!

Miyuki was hunt again by boy of 8 years or so, again!!! She remembered that it happened already in May, probably, in UMAMACHI, near the Big Cross. Now, in the evening, along YANTA River, near 8 Dragon bridge.

It was almost 18:30, and dark considerably, with a bit sunset beam. Vague mode. The boy, suddenly popped out, and approached her, yelling, "Do you know where it is, Lady?" in a loud voice. Miyuki got chilled. Only 8 years, appearantly, however, he knows how to approach adult female! He wants to be raped or kidnapped to trap kind guys!, Miyuki felt in reality, and goddamnited him directly, saying, "Bitch, Go to INFERNO!"

He refrained from her, for a while, however, chased her, and said so many times, "Where am I? Please tell me, Lady!", persistently. Nasty! Stupid! Alzheimer kid, he is! Soon, he would ask me, "What is your name?"

As she presumed, he approached Miyuki again, and yelled the same remarks. "Miyuki is in danger to be raped by 8 years old boy!!!", Miyuki imagined the top news of CENA de SANGUE na Avenida YANTA!!! Caetano Velloso!

Not because of her cuteness, but because of the order of IKKYO league, Miyuki felt, and ignored him, and walked faster than him, and escaped from his attacking.

Why such a boy under 10 years old are allowed to walk far from his house? And he is lost, in fact. Alzheimer already. IKKYO kids are Alzheimers, yes. Now the fact is confirmed again. Miyuki took his back photo. T-shirt, beige type was worn.

For kids, summer wear, while for adults, long sleeve type, was today's Alzheimer instruction control, probably.
Miyuki met a girl, who wore just like yesterday's Miyuki's tank top type clothing on the top in Beisia. Why? No sleeves, frileld in the bottom part, in the darkest navy blue. Only one difference was that Miyuki's was with white dots, and hers, not. Why?

IKKYO kids came to be killed, yes. Miyuki found a "Best spot to kill IKKYO kids" in the campus of WASHIO. There is S letter curve from the main road to the supermarket. Unnecessary curve, strange, Miyuki thought of it. Miyuki used this slope so many times, however, just dangerous curve, always thought.

This evening, Miyuki found that in the most dangerous zone, the exact middle of the curve, the intentional space between two white guardrails. Only 30 cm, yes. However, it is enough to drop off the dead body of kids from the slope. The headge of the guard rails are curled as if the inducing to the ditch in the bottom.

The S letter slope has pedestrian zone, only up to the half of it. In the middle, no pedestrian zone. Thus, drivers of vehicles can curve as they like. And this spot is vanishing point from the bottom part of the campus. Miyuki took the photo as proof, however, suddenly, two cars got down the slope toward her, in this least polular supermarket. Always, satans tried to disturb our act. In case of Miyuki's taking photo, always strange guys, walkers, drivers, riders and so on, appear. Thus, popping out type are categorized nasty satans, by her.

Repeated attaking, by so many guys done in Shrakawa, probably. Fruits kingdon would be fine for this cool air area. All of predicessors thought, and tried and failed. YAMANASHI or NAGANO like situation. Why not?

Rice, JA ordered, and they produced only rice. Terrible! Thus, failed. For Miyuki, rice is a kind of vegitable. Less use rather than white raddish, or DAIKON or 大根, in Japanese. Thus, if it exists, OK, however, not necessary type products. For Miyuki, Fruits Empire would be fine. She found good fields for her promissive kids. And after her desctiction of IKKYO houses and IKKYO roads, there are so many place to plants them. Weeds also are welcomed. Why not?

Miyuki felt strange, that so many faked farmers use Weed Killer Chemical Products. For harmful insect attackers, sometimes insecticide products were used yes, however, weeds' case, no reason to attack them. However, mainly, the faked farmers do thier weed attacking jobs, chemically, phisically, electrically and so on. Real Farmers don't exist here, Miyuki deeply thinks so. All reluctant faking type. IKKTO agriculture, SHIRAKAWANs adopted. Cruel devastation, in short.

And this is petit version of rural Japanese society. JA leaded their world, and JA is so near to OMANKO news paper called NIKKEI or Japan Financial Times.

Agriculture is easy job. Even this job, IKKYO believers disliked, was the rightous answer. Why they want to continue their shameful life? Alzheimer exhibition, they act now in Shirakawa.

Too too shameless, they are! They rely on Frozen or Ready Made Foods only, Miyuki deeply thinks now. They don't cook, even easiest pasta. Frozen pastas are floureshing in the freezers of each Supermarket!!!

Noodles are easy to cook. Manually made, also OK. Nocci, Miyuki made with potatoes and weat. Soft type. With cream source, gorgonzola, Miyuki chose. Tasty! With red Tomatoe sauce also. Easy amusing jobs.

Clare made various cakes, bakeries, traditional Japanese foods already in HACHIOJI. Good cooker, yes. YUKARI is no tongue at all. Just BLA-BLA-BLA, and now, its childish mode only. "Shoka. IKO-UKO!" up to Clare. Like kindergardner. Reduction of power, including hatred. Jealousy yet exists, especially toward MIYUKI.

Miyuki pealed the patch of red raddish, whose shoots had been taken by the Alzheimer twins. And put them on the cultivated soil. More soft for their growing, especially their roots. And covered the soil on them, saying, "You should take a rest a bit more. You suffered so much. First, regaining your power, then starting grow again. Don't worry. Already exist early harvest type in the patch beside. Autumn, Winter, all OK. You don't need to haste to grow. As you like. We are expecting your survival, despite of my rough treatment."

And she put water on the surfice, by the pot type water sprinkler, which appeared again this noon. Why and from where? Anyway, not mine, however, useful. Thus, Miyuki used.

Today, Miyuki bought another two packages of seeds, namely of mini-carrot from France, and of Ruccola or Salad Rocket, from Italy, at US$1, in total. She would make an organized or rather visually beautiful green garden with them. Alzheimers are stupid, thus, only appearance counts. Thus, organized garden is the correct answer.

Agriculture was too too difficult for the Alzheimer twins. No talent at all. They both dislike Shirakawan society, and are isolated with other Shirakawans. Only two world, they live. Thus, mini-version of IDIOCRACY. Whey they both agree, they start to attack others. For them, all lies are all realities.

Miyuki wanted to buy GUMMED TAPE or Cloth put strong sticky bandage type. However, under idiocracy, even these so easy products can't be produced any more. Industry ZERO situation was confirmed.

MIYUKI found substitute of the original GUMMED TAPE, and it was produced only one factory, probably. DAISO, BENIMARUs, KANSEKI Home Center, CAINZ Home Center, provide the same product. Worse in quality, and less sustainable than the original. Cheap, yes. However, it doesn't work at all. Up to this level, Japanese Industry is rotten. No one can produce such an easy product, any more!!!

MIYUKI wanted to gain it as her Sun Room making project. As connection of the bamboo sticks, she wanted to use it. However, the sustainability and strength are terrible inferior to the original. Thus, she changed her mind.

She bought a bunch of jute strings, and tomorrow, probably, she would connect the bamboo sticks, which today, she cut in the same length. Gradually. We have so many days up to the arrival of the coldness.

however, here and there, in the fields, Miyuki found plastic vinil sun room type plants caltivating system were covered with the transparent plastic sheets. Now in August. Already preparation for snow and coldness? Too too early. unusual!!!

Seasonal sense, Alzheimer lost. Thus, suddenly, they turn to be fat clothings wearers. How many seasons Japan has?, Alex was asked. Thus, he said, "four. Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter" in English. Even he, non English type, could respond in this question. Easy English lessons, he provides to others. Others don't understand English at all. Thus, he is the team leader. Appearance only. Thus, most westernized face boy Alex turned to be their idol.

surrounding by satans, he turned to be an idol. A star. Asters were sown for him in the patch????

"Shoka, IKO-IKO" mode, YUKARI turned. And Miyuki categorized both of them, HARUMI and YUKARI, on 4th grade. And we are expecting their ending. Any attaking would be counted as their wrongdoing.

The same situation, Shirakawans are, in averege. Erotic attacking so much. For Miyuki, real life is most important. I feel good in the real life. Thus, independent KOSAKU farmer, Miyuki chose. Why not? Under her conditions, the best choice. All agreed. For her satisfaction, OK. Thus, OK.

Only almost rotten fruits corner, Miyuki is induced, yes. And the result? A lot of cheap foods in the fredge and the freezer. Stock, up to certain level. Thus, as much as possible, just meat, not semi-cooked food. It all depends type. Not so strict rule. Flavour, cost, efficiency, limit of the equipments she can use.

Non cooking world, Shirakawans live in. Miyuki felt so eager to cook, during her custody in HASEGAWA hospital. And heard that for all of them, cooking is not amusing job. They all said, "Provided foods are better than home made cooked dishes. We feel so tired when we do cooking in the house. Thus, in the hospitalization, we can take a rest sufficiently."

Oh, HASEGAWA DDMic patients are the representatives of each stage of Alzheimer disease holders. Thus, so slow, and so anti-productive, and so forgetful, and so forever virgin type. Shriakawans are the same, probably.

Rural messy poor guys, Miyuki presumed, and even though, they consume so many ready made products, especially frozen products, paying so much money. Stupid!

And Miyuki found some supporting guides beside the patients. A middle aged female bug were supported by two same aged male assistants, at the automatic cashing corner at BENIMARU-Yokomachi. Oh, faked families are the same line! Already, Special Care System was adopted. Mutual supporting system, they adopted. Thus, in these two days, HARUMI and YUKARI appeared together in the office, to confirm how to use the washing machine!

Machines are not able to use by Alzheimer patients. Thus, only one system. At least, one machine should be used by someone, and each one, only the one. Already it was applied in Tokyo, Miyuki did know well.

Supporters are also Alzheimers, yes. And kids are difficult to have. Thus, substitutes of kids were called. No gain at all for IKKYO kids, however, they came as kids, and showed their legs, so often. Already old enough in mind, however, they prefer playing the role of kids. Muck, they are!!! Strange, however, Moriko, OKINO, also experienced this hunting by kids. "why me???" Irene CARA!

Thus, today's MIYUKI report. Uncle MIYUKI, they yelled. So careless, and regret so much. Thus, Miyuki felt so sorry for guys, who suffered because of her misunderstanding.

Mountain DOVE cried "They are going to Tokyo, They are going to Tokyo, They are going to Tokyo!" in his song. So clearly, he sang. YUKARI is leaving. Tokyo is INFERNO. And YUKARI was with bicycle. Oh, road race, she would do today!

however, YUKARI came back...Miyuki expected in vain...No reason at all, however, I feel like that. Thus, rely on me. I will lead you to the better place. Their leader said and affirmed. Why now? They should have gone, for many years ago!!!

Accoridng to their interpretation, Miyuki should move to Tokyo. However, now their turn. An invitation to live in Tokyo for the two Alzheimer ladies in Sato family. They were forgotten by their team mates, satans. Oh, here is their house! They should go with us all! They should leave soon.

They can't learn at all. They predged not to attack us at all. And soon, they forget. And then, "I am so sorry. I am forgetful. You should take care of yourself. I forget so soon. Thus, you should forgive me." Selfish theory, as always.

Skewed cleaness, they adopted. So dusty in every part of the main house. We need to clean all of the parts. For us, too too natural to do it. Miyuki is team leader of the cleaning up jobs. Yes, easy. Just "Don't aspire the dust!"

Thus, water put cloth or paper is used. Dust should not dance in the air. Brown Movement, they produce. Vaccuum cleaners don't function, they themselves say so, and YUKARI uses it, in vain. Just to attack us all!!! Just disturbing our pursue for happiness.

No chance for them all. Clare got deeply sorry to hear Miyuki's big loss of kiwi seeds. Again, Auntie? You did it, this year. No chance for her at all!!!

MIYUKI thought that HARUMI orders roughly to clean up the courtyard, and her broken robot does it, in her own most rough mode, because she dislikes to do every task ordered by her boss. Thus, the result. They can't recognize any plant at all, and just made a flat place. Why they needed to make a garden? Probably for Miyuki's experiment. Miyuki is better than satans. They are satans, in short. No recognition ability at all. Confirmed.

cherry garden, they also wanted, and Miyuki put the cherries on the pots yes. And YUKARI wanted to pick the seeds all, before their shooting. She just wanted to do it, she confessed. And the result? No seeds at all!!!

MIYUKI is waiting in vain! how amusing! She is crazy! All shoots should be picked like that!!!

Seedless pots, here and there, why? Miyuki thought. The reason was YUKARI's cruelty. Jasons, YUKARI and HARUMI are. No future, no hope. Thus, they just do wrong. Attacking others, because of their primitive impulse, caused by their own inferiority. Jealous, they are, in short. MUCK, already they are!!!

And in MOTOMACHI area and so on, fass furtilizer was put on their gardening products. And diarrea fass in Supermarket, here and there. Smelly. Food related facilities, they are, however, any of them couldn't perceive it at all!!

Succession for them, they think now. Thus, Miyuki is targetted.

44-26, white van, is used not by Hidetoshi, but by younger guy, who resembles YAMAGUCHI and YAMA-TETSU, both Miyuki's ex-pupils, and a bit plump and almost 175cm at hight. younger than Hidetoshi, almost 30 years old. Who is this guy?

Probably, for KOJIMA couple, already this guy is substitute of Hidetoshi. When he died, they don't know. Always in the same mode, this couple do the same thing. In the field, cultivation, unnecessarily, with their monitoring mode. When Miyuki goes out, one of them is already there. Strange habit. And their field is so tiny. Unnecessarily, they do the same job. Degraded version is HARUMI and YUKARI. Nothing to do, thus, agricultural faking.

This morning, almost 9:00 oclock, faked Hidetoshi came with the van, and parked it in front of the house, in the different way. Verticle, he put. Now, the van is parking horizontally.

At 9:30, a big silver van with so many tools appeared and parked in front of the house of KOJIMA, and some guy opened the door, and left it untouched. A lot of tools inside there. What they want to do? Kill the couple, immediately! They are already satans! They shoudl be killed!!!

however, female old bitch was monitoring Miyuki, during her garden work, and also, NAKAJIMA faked family. So many kids in the small TERRAS house in TAMAYA apartment. We call them HAKAJIMA family, however, as a matter of fact, we don't know their family. They provide so many IKKYO kids to Shirakawa III primary school yes.

Another provider is the kids type cramschool near Shibuki family. It was Kouichi SATO, YUKARI's mate's house, and now, some guy live with so many kids. Pederasty center, Shirakawa III is now.

See you, tomorrow, on our blog!!! VANISH! DDMs!!! You are betrayers!!! You shall die!!! So ugly satans, you are!!!

For us, Rightous Brothers, good night, and spakoinoi nochiyu!!!!

From Uncle MIYUKI, and her adorable supporters, called 8 MEN!, with BIG BIG really BIG LOVE!!!