Rabby & Chinkoro : News Flash (272)

2017-10-31 19:12:34 | 日記
For satans, life is trifle as air or wind, and not so different from death. Thus, DDMs, you should die for now!

They can't stop wrongdoings at all. In Thunderbold Mountain, they destroy the mountain range even now. Now, a yellow crene is on the vally between two hills. Just like on the H, Miyuki thought. On the Vagina, they put it and left it, in public. Nasty and shameful. However, for them, anything is OK, and so erotic view, they adopted.

At the same time, so flamboyant, or rather, senseless, and danger. At Route 11, near KOMERI, Miyuki found a young bitch came in a car, totally lit the corner lights despite of day light, with a mobil phone in the front of her face, reading something. After Miyuki's laughing at her all lights on mode called HIRU-ANDON or 昼行燈, or Stupid Useless Guy, she, even inside the car, turned off, and contnued to drive in the same reading e-mail mode.

No facial expression at all, however, in the center of the front glass, the mobil phone was located. Crazy and dangerous. These No Brain appearantly type are used as drivers, in Shirakawa.

The number of the car was 85-02.

And YUKARI said so so strange remark at 3 minutes ealier than now, toward Alex, "One per one, the glasses are dissapearing." in her total narrating mode. Alex ignored her prosaic mode, and started to eat dishes brought by YUKARI. YUKARI didn't wash the used mugs and glasses, would be the correct answer. For YUKARI's world, it was expressed like that. Some guy stole or broke or so. Not my failure. You should not blame me at all, because I didn't bring milk in your favorite glass, was YUKARI's belly voice.

Always excuse and replacement. And now, Sato Family is three Alzheimers. Kouji, also. Thus, no future for the three, all!!!

Confusional, however, already Miyuki declared that if Kouji participated for enemy's side, he has no choice nor any future at all. Thus, he chose wrongly, in short. He colabotated toward Alzheimer ladies' side, and he wanted to end up Miyuki's audacious play as Rightous Brother. She is troublesome, and harmful attacker, in short for satanic enemy. And satanic enemy steal easily her belongings, and she never forgets the damage which she suffered before, of course! YOUJI is the same as MISAE, and Miyuki said, "The Blue Sheet would be Gone With Wind of YOUJI, presumably!", and now Carli's advice. It's time to end up your indulged life, Miyuki. You should gain independence in your own way.

Thank you. At the same time, for her, new car or house is necessity. Thus, buy it, instead of renting the office. Thank you, however, it's too too dangerous even now here, thus, I prefer staying here for a bit more, to avoid nasty result.

Thus, as always. We should split the chain, yes, however, no choice type situation. Mentally illed, no reliable suitable place to borrow, and surrounded by satans, in every place. Thus, in the office, in short.

Thus, non reliable only world, we are in, in short. Not at all, Miyuki agrees. And Miyuki is chicken to get out of Shirakawa? Not at all. Miyuki experienced so many times movings, and she already lived in various towns, including Sao Paulo. However, now, Miyuki wants to gain harvest or result of her performance. Thus, Miyuki stays here. Not satisfaction at all, however, we should take advantage of it. With families, so many dangers of the betrayals of family members, yes, and so many Alzheimer irrogical satans, here and there. However, at least, in whole Shirakawa, already, so many satans are in the same stage. Thus, gaining her own independence, already in the office, is her attitude. Thus, for her, just be more independent is the most recommendable advice, yes.

Be business like, is her advice. Thanks, Carli, as always. Be pragmatic, in short. Not rely on others' kindness, is her rightous answer. Unkind, they are. Thus, Miyuki is rather, free from any anxiety at all. They are satans, and they have no chance nor future.

Thus, no claim mode is prefereble for her??? Not at all. Miyuki informed that in this house, stealing job happened again, just it. And I used ex-YOUJI's patch, yes, however, it was based on the remark that Miyuki, I, was allowed to dispose all of belingings in the hut. YOUJI diceased, Miyuki thought, and his belongings were left, thus, she used, in short. However, she was accused to use YOUJI's blue sheets, and Miyuki explaiend why in her clearest way.

Probably, "Being stolen" is prohibitted words in Shriakawa. Reason unknown, however, every time, Miyuki accuses some guys in this line, all of others counterattack on her. Why Being Stolen was prohibitted words?

KYOU explaines better. They were already stolen, and got suffered so much by the accusing. Stealing job accusation was prohibitted by them all! For Miyuki, OK, as you like type accusation. However, for others, "Don't get involved into your problem, please!" was their belly remark. Stealing is satanic job, thus, accusation on satanic side is all prohibitted, thus, KYABA-KURA going was prohibitted remark no.1 among satans.

Only not satans can accuse satans. Thus, Oh, I can accuse them all, as much as possible!!!

For Miyuki, OK, OK, OK type. However, for others, satans are nasty neighbours, and they exist even now. Thus, they should vanish, immediately!!!

後ろめたい顔 or Regretful face, the downward face is. Thus, Miyuki dislikes the guys with this face, and doesn't rely on them at all. At supermarkets, they have this type of face. The same as Kyorin pupils.

Degraded level was repserented by their face.
1.Downward Regretful Face : Starting point of their forgetfulness : I am ashamed : prediction of the last stage
2.Eyes ourside, not looking at the exact eyes of the counterpart : I did it: admission.
3.Eyes streightly can direct toward the eyes of the counterpart : I am superior, thus I am free from any anxiety :Total arrogance

HARUMI is in the 3rd stage, while YUKARI, even with her violence, 1st stage, probably.

Infernal arrogance, in the third stage. Always arrogant, HARUMI was inside the house, and good girl pretender, in outside. In both cases, she was indiligent, non working class, in short.

Miyuki already recognized that recently so many cruel unusual criminal cases were reported in the most lightst mode or slight way. This is an example:

So many news are treated in this way. So so common, this type of Jack The Ripper Assasin are. Nasty, however, look at the list of today's news:

Just a trifle case, not unusual for us, was OMANKO journalists' dying message.

And even now, some guys monitored with Miyuki's PC, and their shaking hand's pointer movement appered in the last line of the PC vision. Also the size of fonts of the letters are so often changed by these nasty guys. Shaking means that they suffer from Alzheimer disease. From the begining of this PC's use, they started to chase Miyuki's e-mails and blogs, incessantly. And gradualy, the frequency reduced. Recently, it was so rare. And today, it happened. Their shaking message was like that:

We are diceising, yes, however, our satanic world is also...Oh, "However" would be replaced by "Therefore", OK? You should take care of grammar, especially, prepositions. To show the logical thinking, they are so relevant. Thus, you made a primitive mistake, satans!

ADACHI likes Miyuki's correction mode. She dislikes to be teacher, however, good instructor. At least, she thought that pupils were the seeds of her bread...Salary, in short. Clients, anyway. Thus, applepolishing for them all, as much as possible. YOISHO! or よいしょ! was Kiyoshi ATSUMI's urbanized story. Miyuki felt so strange. Despite of his kind attendence, always, he got involved into so so confusional situation, and he lost so many values because of his difficult position, however, he continued to work in the department store.

中間管理職 or Intermediate Fiscalization Position, he was in, and suffered a lot.

Why he was so agonized by so selfish guys, surrounding him? was Miyuki, Moriko and OKINO's impression. Miyuki cut the line with satans, as much as possible, and no chance for satans at all! Miyuki has not suffered at all. This is also her choice. Too cool, and effective. They adore Miyuki's life. Yes, nasty guy in Shirakawa, however, most attractive life, she spends. Even IKKYO kids regret their choice.

Degraded, however, not so dirty, was Miyuki's reputation among them...Ummm...Degraded at their category. Thus, probably, so nice, in our common language. "Freedom" was disliked by satans, in short. Fass is not able to think of freedom. Always attached to other fass. Thus, no independent at all. Wet and sticky. Miyuki's hatred, both values are!!!

Thus, even wind assisted her nasty dirty work, in short. Miyuki imagined that the new blue sheets flied on the sky like a big big kite, and behaved like "Red Big Cloth of Ox Fighter in Spain", thus, it popped out in the exact scene of the two cars comming from contrary directions, disturbed the sights of both of the drivers in the cars, and with its re-flying up, the two cars crashed in the big sound, BUM!, and the blue sheets = Red Bull Mant of Bull Fighter, worked so many times, repeating this Agent Provocatour combined with risky attempts, and erased so many satans, on Route 4, Route 298 and Route 294.

All national system, in certain side, while all prefectural system in some side, and all municipality system in some side. In Brazil, Federal matter, State matter, and municipality matter. Sometimes they were doubled and tripled, and exists the system of judging the matters in High Court of Justice. Thus, 機関訴訟 or Organ conflict Process, in short. In Japan, any guy could sue anything at all now fenomenum. No judicial system at all, it means.

Thus, even now, the faked police effects. Miyuki caught the sight of しゃっちー君 or Mr.Shark or black and white patroling car of the police again. Big Wagon type, today's version. On Route 11. They want to show up their power, thus we can't behave according to our fundamental rights, entirely.

Better than before, yes, however, Miyuki got chilled by their appearance even now so much. And "Police, 24 hours" are cruel torture for us all! The police are wrongdoers, yes, however, the OMANKO TV shows up them as heroes, and kids like to watch the program in this line.

For them, obedience is necessity. And for guys, who believes the fundumental right of behaving by their own will should be punished like Miyuki, is their message. Thus, satanic program no.1!

Thus, Miyuki behaves as she likes as much as possible. North Korean bosses were given half of cow meat for free at WASHIO, and its formal price tag was only US$40, was Big Hits, even in Korean Society. BBQ use, Miyuki presumed. And the snypers were not snypers, VIP only security service, in fact. Not substitutes of their bosses. However, anyway, so similar, they were!!

Oh, Walloween Night, it is! Trick or Treat?! Both! Thus, she was trapped. Big trick, for us all!

for her, nice to know the real essence of TAKAHARA. Alien, he was, and his tribe was totalitarians, not individualist, and he didn't do it, in short. Thus, collective existance, thus, for her, individualism believer, he was mistry in her life. And his team mates were also.

just a skin bag, yes, and his skin bag was spooky male HINA doll!!! Just like my doll of YOSHITOKU, sho came from Funabashi with her. Thus, difficult to recognize his abrupt change at first. Why Japanese Elendira now, TAKAHARA? I don't want to buy any bitch, OK, I told you on it, twice!

Thus, Spooky HINA doll TAKAHARA, as his nickname now. So so similar, and Miyuki confirmed that her real HINA doll changed his face. More plump childish type, he turned. At least, not spooky, and probably his kid mode, and he was fat, when he was kid. Thus, no, not me! he is spooky, while I am not, her doll insisted.

The same guy, yes, and the same clothings, he wears. However, so so different. Anyway, not slender type.

Thus, always, Miyuki, when she finds this Spooky Doll TAKAHARA type, she started to compete with this guy, at the hip size, and always, "Oh, TAKAHARA, you know, I won, already! Again, I won!!! You stupid!"

Anyway, rivality at this point. Strange fenomenum, however, exist some guys to start competing with this section. Giselle, U2?!

Big hip holders should be desqualified type. And Giselle, how about your points? Better than nothing. Sometimes, gain, not so much!

Miyuki accepted the offer of 3D type of "Nightmare before Christmas III", as hero and heroine. Match Stick like head and body shape. Thus, skelton and doll. Their appearance was spooky, however, their way of life is rather common. Adam's family is also. Cissor hands, also. Monstors, in short, they are, however, they are more human than scary human skin holding satans. The message. Thank you for your invitation. Miyuki will play the role of the skelton and the doll with insury. And she, of course, with masks, accepts the offer. It all depends on the producing team. Not my advertisement only business, but also some kids would like it type. Thus, with monstrous cosmetics, of course OK, and she is looking forward to hug herself...Like Japanese comedians did it, and only from the back, it looked like the hugging scene.

Bonpei TAIRANO? Hat comedian? Bonta Tokyo? Bonchi OSAMU?

Bon is plain or 凡, and 平凡パンチ or Punch of HEIBON was named after, British PUNCH magazine, famous sarcastic remark only joke like magazine. Thus, just laughing joke was their motto. And for Miyuki, also. And she is appearance. And YUKARI? Formidably dirty and ugly.

today she didn't tie her hair to make pony tail. In these days, she inclined to be junior high pupil, sudenly, and found that satans transmit each others' bahaviour easily.

And HARUMI, for lunch, she cooked curry poweder put something. Last evening, Miyuki made Cumin, Cardamon and Nutmeg mixture put soup, and it smelt like curry yes.

Transmission like that. And today, Miyuki found KOJIMA male was on the roof of the first floor to repair, while KOJIMA female was in the field, digging soil. So few patches they have, and with big sowing tool, she started to dig the earth.

Miyuki put "Brocorli Sprouts" bought at US$1 at Benimaru-Yokomachi, believing that some of them produce big forest like Brocorli.

Miyuki found some ABURAMUSHI or Glease liking insects on the leaves of Ruccola, and found the easy and radical way of dropping all of them...Just put the water on the leaves. They drop off into the water, and drown...thus, not so harmful, as she got afraid.

In the worse case, Miyuki can eat them in the leaves, because the taste is the same as the leaves, almost.

Thus, not so nasty as she imaged before. Exist some avoiding way, or preventions, however, for her, only few leaves per each meal. Thus, already Tasha Tudor style, in wild and rough type. Chibe is slender onion, thus, no more onion, Miyuki needs. Thus, always onion only would not work, in every village. yes, exist some industries using onions. Onion bisquets are big hit for the confectionary of challenged guys, Miyuki thought. Sweetness, onion has, and they took advantage of. Oh, for the first time, onion cookies, Miyuki ate, and oh, just onion flavour, and it combined with sweet ingredients like butter, flouer and so on. YUZU was also OK, delicious. Pumpkin seeds included also. So many creative combination, they tried and professional works, they were. And anyway, so cheap! Only US$1.4 per each package! 3 times cheaper than usual one!!!

Delicious, and elegant, and the real butter product. Simple however good qualified wrapping also. Only US$1.4? Miyuki thought that she was so lucky, and twice, she bought at total US$15 per each turn!

The spooky night, Miyuki killed TAKAHARA and NAKAJOU, entirely. They are team, Miyuki recognized, and totalitarians, they were. Thus, no choice for these aliens. They are the same in short, and for them, no affection at all attitude effected so much.

They required affection, and it is the most hatred by Miyuki's side. Thus, for you, present, TAKAHARA, and also for you, NAKAJOU. Two mails were sent toward them, per each. By way of iPad, Miyuki sent the message, and their response triggered her laughing. "Oh, TAKAHARA, now you confessed so well. You are confirmed as evel wrongdoer, at 120% thus, from Miyuki's side, "We are totally different existances. You belongs to satans side, while I, to Rightous Brothers. Thus, good bye forever! I will never make contact with you, eternally!" and, this stupid satan sent her a message, which turned to be 200% of wrongdoer's proof.

NAKAJOU's response was the same. And Miyuki did the same to him, also. And when she confirmed the 120% of their being wrongdoers, she did check iPad not to receive any message from them both. However, their message arrived at Miyuki's message box, even after the checking. Thus, iPAd producing company called Apple Computer Company was reveled as the worst wrongdoers, namely, satans.

Their last message was dying one. Thus, they were so eager to regain Miyuki's answer, and they failed. Miyuki decisively cut the line with them all.

thus, the same thing, YUKARI and HARUMI do now. Thus, just cutting line is the correct answer. Up to this point, Miyuki took so time, however, it is necessity to recognize their evilness.

MISAE is so cruel, and satan, in short. She declared to Hiroshi, her husband, "You can be replaceable. If the substitute brings us more money, I would confirm this substitute as the real one." Cruel, and out of mind type, however, for them all, each guy should be replaced by better reformed version. Thus, no affection at all to their own belongings.

Replacement wroking guys, they were. Miyuki was attacked to be replaced by KUSODAMARI, and Miyuki categorized her as the intellectually worst guy at Kyorin versity. For them, so easy, and effective, however for Miyuki's side, just death of Miyuki, in academic and real ways.

And MATSUZAWA is teacher responsible of Crayon Shin-chan, and she is pederasty sadist, in short. In Japan, so common, the instructor or educator of kindegardners attack the infants and did it with the kids, and killed them as they liked.

MISAEs should not be educators nor parents. However, they easily turned to be them both in Japan. Satanic paradise, Japan was traditionally. Thus, already majority were satans, in Japan. Thus, cold hearted, and not amusing, and easily kill us all. They themselves are replaceable, and only one existance, in short, fass, as total existance. 糞返り or KUSO-GAERI, it is called. Thus, no choice at all. yawning from their planet called INFERNO, they are receiving, thus, they are returning to their own place, namely, inferno.

In transition period, they are in. And no choice for the satanic side at all.

Killed by their own popularity, thus, they were jealous to kill others. Killer Beam to kill us all. When they feel jealous, they trigger the ejection of this beam, and the other satanic skin bags start to work for the guys who ejected the beam. Just like communication system, however, not so much. Just rumour type. However, for them, it effects so much.

Replacement happens so easily. Thus, Miyuki should take care of her own skin bags also. Smelly skin bag, she has???

For satans, smelly. For us, as usual. She is not so clean type, as skin bag holder. In averege, and she prefers public space to be clean, rather than other private places.

Satans started construction jobs here and there in Shirakawa. Thunderbold Mountain range is only one of them. In ASASHI-blocks, sevaral new residencial buildings are constructed by Alzheimer workers. In Public facilities also. Especially, at WAKABA kidergarden's courtyard, unnecessarily, the workers are doing their dirty ditch digging job.

In this goddamnit kidergarden, bloodtaking would be already done. Kids are not suitable for being taken the blood, however, a car with the stecker of "Red Cross" was parked, and SARUSHI middle aged guy was talking with some OPPABU teachers, inside the office of the kindegarden.

When Miyuki recognized the Dirty Ditch Digging job in the courtyard, a car with dark brown colour with number 10-17, popped out, and disturbed Miyuki's site, and parked in the parking lots of this kindergarden. No guy wanted to appear from the car, and the driver stayed in the car. Unusual! It was exclusively for the teachers or visitors' use. The brown car was no commercial use type, rather family type vehicle.

In front of the kindergarden, another big distruction job was done, and now, reconstrruction job started. Now asbest taking job, just for exclusively litigimatized construction company called KENNAN Construction Office Company or 県南建設事務所, whose site is located in KOORIYAMA, TOKUYAMA-block. Monopolization in this special area. Probably, just put spree on the targetted asbest wall, and do their rough and dirty public nusance spilling job!

The possibility of the ejection of the asbest was already calculated, however, no warning advertisement in front. And they said "Desconstruction" of the facility called Musium of history of thie region. Satanis change their mind so easily, and thus, no man's land again and again.

And in YOKOMACHI area, beside Benimaru-Yokomachi, new residencial building is now in construction. It should not be established in the site, because the ex-building, a drugstore was refrained from the site because of "Enhancing of the public road", and then, this neu residencial type building started to be build in the same place, incessantly.

Satans couldn't stop their wrongdoings were confirmed. However, they can't stop their wrongdoings, even now, also confirmed, either. No past in the brain, thus, Alzheimer confirmed. And only total vanishing would save us all! The rough workers threw some steel materials off toward the passengers, including Miyuki. Dropping off iron materials, in short! They love killing others, also confirmed. For them, at the past, "Ooooops, I dropped it!" was casual remark, however, now, intentionally they threw it. Probably Mad Dog symptom in Construction worker version. From the second floor toward the first floor, the guy threw, and he did so in his total common warking mode. For him, too too natural to do so. YUKARIs, they are!!!

For them, death or life is not so important, especially, in case of others. Thus, life is so trifle, as Kazuo ISHIGURO discribed in "Don't Leave me alone". Affection atacchiment, they are doing now. To whom?

For us all. And Miyuki, you are so clever, at this point. For her, please forgive us all, was "We want to go directly to INFERNO, with your total refusal!", now. Thus, all refusal for satanic side.

Dirty Nasty OPPABU BABAAs are here and there now. And now, Chuo Junior high uniform wearing fenomenum in Shirakwa again. Satanic repetition, in short. And YUKARI is now wanting to wear her school uniform, as costume play. "I am good at costume play. You would like it!" she yelled to the kids. "Costume Play Cafe Maid play" YUKARI wants to participate in. It is good for her memory regaining, HARUMI said, and YUKARI followed as usual. Tamer and tamed mode, again, happened in their relationship. Good grief for us all. YUKARI is Uniform wearer now. She wants to imitate Clare. Imitation only, they turned, because of their brain substitution.

Just imitation would be fine for Alzheimers. Petroleum putting job, YUKARI likes now. Thus, YUKARI hastes Alex to consume the petroleum as much as possible. For her, nice to serve to her own nephew. Alex is targetted guy for satans.


Rabby & Chinkoro : News Flash (271)

2017-10-31 08:15:46 | 日記
31/10/2017, Tuesday, 8:16 morning, fine

Miyuki got up in the morning at 7:30. When Miyuki was in toilet, some guy knocked the door of the toilet. Oh, HARUMI, Miyuki thought. However, "Some one is in?" was ejected by her father!

For her, "Oh, Father, you started to immitate HARUMI! Degradation happened again. Now your turn..." He started to gloom his beard, in the washing room. Oh, unusual. Up to now, he waited, after refraining from the office. Emergency?

Probably, he was obliged to take Alex to Business school, by car, as substitute of driver, and he was in busy. Alex is in double danger. His grand father's driving is also rough, recently. Flamboyant, anyway. Thus, his choice, Miyuki put Alex in his own hands. Alex decides, how he choses, not I.

For her, soo many principles were found inside the family. Imitation is a digradation.

And YUKARI, imitated Miyuki, today, in the most kinkiest way! Miyuki was throwing the trash into the big backet bin, and Clare popped out, thus, Miyuki, with science, she shaked her hands, however, Clare was already showing her back, thus, Miyuki, just for self satisfaction, did it, and she got satisfied, because at least, I could see Clare's back, leaving to junior high, in uniform. Anyway, she is safe, was Miyuki's impression. Clare didn't recognize Miyuki's shaking hands pose, however, Miyuki smiled to herself.

Abruptly, YUKARI dashed from the door of the main house, with big BUM!, and to the back to Clare, YUKARI shaked her hand, with her totally downward "I can't see anything at all, anyguy should not see my face at all!" pose.

Oh, YUKARI just imitated Miyuki's movement in vain. No reason for her to dash toward Clare, and her shaking hand wad no significance. The worse is, she disliked to do the pose, thus, with Downward Face, in totally.

How she could recognize Miyuki's performance, inside the main house? DADAMerdic online, YUKARI uses always, confirmed. Just for satans, and she was sent as the extremest type satan under the name of Miyuki's younger sister. No expectation on her conception at all, Miyuki remembers, and YUKARI popped out in the earth, suddenly. She came from the hospital, and she started stating near Miyuki. And YUKARI imitated each Miyuki's performance, as Miyuki's substitute, however, the worst guy in the world. No skill was input in this skin bag, and the only one skill was memory, to remember all of Miyuki's way. A recorder, satanic team expected. However, she got degraded and degraded, thus, she lost memory function, in her early stage.

It happens, sometimes. Memory loss caused whole degradation on her, and she concealed the loss, and pretended not to be good at memory, recently. Non smell type, it should not be, in case of memory type. Memory is so related with Sea Horse shape part in brain. Any medicine didn't work for her. She can't remember Miyuki's face already, however, she keeps this secret even now, in some days.

斑ボケ or MADARA-BOKE, thus, as patchworks, sometimes, they remember, and sometimes, not at all. In turn, thus, disastrous. Both, for them, the fact, subjectively. Thus, we got confused with their extreme radical change of their attitude and explanation. BLA-BLA-BLA itself is sufficient attacking tool. Alex tried, and he got disliked by MIYUKI. Miyuki appointed the contradiction of his remarks, and he recognized, "Just BLA-BLA-BLA doesn't worl. At least, logical speaking is the minimum to speak with Rightous Guys", thus, Miyuki is too too clever, and she is charming. She makes mistakes so many times, far from perfection, against her desire. Yes, perfection is marvelous, and we appreciate the perfect situation, however, so so difficult for us all, thus, less erroneous, is her precarious purpose, as always, however, sometimes, perfection happens. Like STRIKE ball in balling center. Miyuki, as always, unintentionally, obtained this situation. Too too slow ball, and the ball did it, not she!!!

It happened, when she was in the balling center called ROUND I, in HACHIOJI, for the first time in her life, with her pupils. SAKAI was good at balling, and he passed 180 over, easily. Oh, Gods like score! Miyuki thought. For him, STRIKE was not difficult. For her, as the first beginer, STRIKE was "Out of mind. Anyway, my ball reached to the pins' space" like situation. However, Oh, the slow slow super-hyper slow ball moved and hit all of the pins!!! They yelled, and Miyuki liked the scene!!! Super Slow Ball, Miyuki threw...She is not good at throwing, thus, just she dropped the ball on the floor, because it was so heavy, and the ball went forward alone, and worked so well.

Miyuki's life, the ball represented. Anyway, she gained some points, lowest ones, however, for her, "Oh, better than ZERO! I presumed all balls in the ditch situation." Probably, 55 points or so. Lowest in the ROUND I hall, yes, however, for her, "Oh, see! I am not ZERO baller! Superb!" and seelf satisfaction.

SAKAI's team did another game, for Miyuki, "Against ZERO" game. Thus, much much better than this ZERO point situation.

Pro-Baller, she is. Her way was just like Penguin, and this way was described in a comic. Boys' comic, she read, probably, in her cousin DAZUHIRO's comic books. Probably, Space Sweepers or so. A girl, not good at physical movement, did her Penguin dropping in a ballinb center, and gained big success, in the series.

Miyuki, is one of this not welcomed by pro-baller. Anyway, exact with slowness. And no choice for her. Dropping off the ball was only one alternative to separate from her heavy duty painful hand and arm problem. Thus, anyway, as soon as possible, she dropped it on the rail, and it moved.

At the night, ROUND I offered the service for Perfect Throwing Champion during two attempt. SAKAI was big candidates, however, he couldn't, and the group beside Miyuki's pupils team, gained. The some gift with Costume Play only clothing with the shape of Big Big PIN, and the memorial photo taking. Miyuki wanted the PIN constume, and yelled SAKAI, "I want to have that special peresent! You can make it, SAKAI! I want, and you do! SAKAI, you can do it!"

However, Miyuki couldn't wear the PIN costume. Stupid, however, thus, valuable, she thought. Later, she wanted to wear, talking to others, the story of how Miyuki gained the PIN Costume, so so unusual...

Anyway, SAKAI lost at this moment, and Miyuki got dissapointed. However, his work, not Miyuki's. Thus, Miyuki had no right to criticise his attempt. Yell, only. however, "Oh, SAKAI, I failed to put the special wear, by your not good throwing at that moment..." she said to him.

SAKAI was good looking guy, Quater blooded type, and over 180cm, came from YUKOHAMA, good at physical movement, all sports, and all playing games, and good story tellers, however, his stury subjects' point was always low...rather lowest, in every subject.

For her, unusual. Good guy type, and even male would adore his situation, however, not good at study at all...Alex's predicessor, probably he was. Not plump, he was. However, compared with Miyuki, SAKAI is rather similar to ALEX, at appearance. Thus, Alex decided to meet him.

Good looking uncles, Miyuki recognized, and Alex and Clare thought, Oh this line. Uncles with facial beauty. SAKAI himself wanted to be called at least "Brother like elder boy" however, for kids, Uncle, he was already.

SAKAI gave up to induce them to call "Brother Guy" and they decided not to call him Brother Guy, against his intention. This is golden rule. No brother any more. Miyuki informed them that at least 20 broghers or sisters for them per each. Thus, already enough. Probably, all mixed or westerner type. Probably only they are oriental type, among their same contributors' descendents.

Thus, no choice for them both. Western idols, they wanted to be, however, already existed in Japan. Oh, so? And the result? Similar to them. Oh, Twin Game could play!

In 1990s, Miyuki read some discriptions on Japanese guys, couples, chose westerners' donated sperm, because the mixed kids are more prettier than mono-race type. Between them, they tried, however, they couldn't, thus, for them, at least, westerners' blood would cause better appearance on the future kids, thus, they chose like that. The article was written in ASAHI journalism, and the couples resided in OOSAKA.

Not unusual, my similar choice. I, Dr.Miyuki SATOW has no certain guy to gain the spermatozoid, thus, providers are all open for My choice. In this case, her preference effects. If she wanted some blue eyed guys, she could. However, the possibility to gain blue eyed kids would be almost zero, because Miyuki's side has no near blue eyed tendency at all. Thus, as a kind of "My grand daughter would have blue eyes, mightbe!" type amusement. No intention to have designer babies.

And she found that "No perfect doner at all. Evey guy has weakpoints and strongpoints. Perfect doner? Gods eject sperm???" Thus, evey guy is not so ideal, yes, like MIYUKI. Thus, for her, health only. And if they were sufficiently tall, better. No glass wearers, welcomed. Thus, for her, their confession on their medical problem was so important.

however, no Superman exists. In Alex's case, the guy confessed that he had slight headache problem once per month, and he sometimes took aspiline, common medicine against headache. For Miyuki, avoidable, however, not so unusual. Thus, OK, in this level. Miyuki has the same headache problem, in similar frequency, thus, presumably, the kid would have. However, averege. No avoidable. The most avoidable is the worst disease holding. In this donor's case, probably, no problem type, like Miyuki. Thus, she went go with this guy's sperm.

yes, some defects, we have. No Gods like supermen exist. Some guys are supurb in some matters, however, not good at in others. Thus, only her intention worked, in this selection process.

And the institute of LABO, was sufficiently clean, hygine, and the staff were all normal American standard type. No kinkiest at all. And their explanation was easy and persuasive. Honest, Miyuki thought. Thus, Miyuki relied on the LABO, and chose as the providor of the espermatozoide.

Yes, unusual, and distinctive. however, without these unique attempts, how Alex and Clare could come to here?

Old guys forget easily. Thus, anyway, Alex and Clare exist, is their attitude. Clare said that "I have German Blood, Italian one, and Russion, inside my gene." However, for the old guys, "You are crazy! You are Japanese gene only!"???

Thus, Clare got dissapointed. Yes, my face is rather flatter than Alex, however, Alex is categorized American type, while, I, Clare, is Japanese, in their side...Miyuki gave a birth to American Boy and Japanese Girl...How? With whom? Oh, Miyuki is sometimes American, sometimes Japanese? And her supposed boyfriends are also..., according to the old guys' understanding.

HARUMI was in the parking lots of the office, the most north side of Sato family's house, along the main road of YAOYA-chou block, picking up weeds job, when Clare passed beside them. Miyuki recognized why Clare didn't perceive Miyuki's shaking hand. She wanted to avoid nasty YUKARI and HARUMI's attacking. If Clare had responded to Miyuki's shaking, she would have been obliged to attend to these Alzheimer ladies, and HARUMI's preach in public would be the last one she wants. Shameful guys, they are! And nasty contemptious words, only! Thus, Clare just said good by in her belly, and Miyuki got satisfied with it.

From Clare's position, she could see HARUMI in the sitting mode, and from Miyuki's view, not at all. And now, YUKARI popped out to imitate Miyuki's moving. Terrible Double Play, the Alzheimer Donky Queens started already.

They think of something, and start as they like, and got disliked by others. Just attacking for us all. And Miyuki watched that today is inflamable plastic trash day, thus, HARUMI was preparing for this trash collection, from ealier than 7:00, and she was waiting for watching SANKIN guys in the parking lots, thus, Clare passed beside her.

Nasty however, HARUMI desires sexual activities inside of her mind. By impulse means just doing it type. Thus, Alzheimers are so erotic, and with physical power, even with deligated ones, they act as they like. Pederasty is one example. Assasin of targetted hating guys is also. Tortures, yes. School teachers are too old for kids, in short. Just doing wrong as DADAMerdas and BELL aliens.

Female teachers are more than 50% in Fukushima, at primary schools. OPPABU-BABAAS, they are, thus, they are so cruel to pupils, and so obedient toward male guys. Thus MISAEs, they are!

So similar to the decline of the female teachers at Public schools, the Alzheimer Donky Twins. Beside the primary school, peobably. They transmit each other, and the communication among them cause degradation.

Thus, our team leader chose so so correctly. No communication with susupicious guys. Thus, whole satans, she proposes hypothesis, and acts in this line. Thus, discommunication only with these unreliable forgetful Alzheimer Twins!

Thus, they are in rage! And they should recognize that they put amphetamines, here and there, in YUKARI's easy work! She does it so easily, and HARUMI adomired her audacious play. Thus, they are the same wrongdoers, yes!

Miyuki promoted her Pyramid no.2 project forward. She tapped it with vinil plastic sacs, used as cover. A bit windy today, thus, it was a bit difficult than her calculation, however, no.2 pyramid is near the goal.

No.1 Pyramid is in the middle, however, soon it would reach the goal soon, without saying!

The pots are waiting for the accomplishment of the two works. However, for a while, OK with vinil tappings. Anyway, cold, thus, as soon as possible, put inside the Pyramids, please! They yelled. However, so many disturbance during the day. One biggest was HARUMI's approach to her.

Directly she came to Miyuki, and stopped so near to Miyuki, and started to yell in a loud voice. In public, with big voice, is her technic. It was learned by her experience, presumably, and she bahaved according to the situational bosses, in every moment. Thus, the loud voice as if she were superior to Miyuki, was her requisite. HARUMI said, "It's windy. I think you should replace it with this object."

Miyuki got chilled, and she imaged that HARUMI, at her back, tried to attack her with a kind of steel tool, indicating the possibility of the exhance of the iron bar, which she put on the bottom stickes as weight. How dangerous! HARUMI as Jason! YUKARI supported her, as shadow work! Miyuki really got cold in her belly.

However, HARUMI started showing a pair of brown fat shoes, which gave MIYUKI an impression of "Oh, HOG!", said, "Do you want to wear these shoes?" for several time, and Miyuki just ignored her existance. After so upset mode's ejection, HARUMI refrained from the courtyard. Miyuki good grieved. How dangerous HARUMI is now! And she wanted to pay the indemnization by way of the BUSU fat HOG like Middle Aged Alzheimer shoes.

Just for YUKARI's style, Miyuki really thought. Just BUSU, no style at all, it means. Alzheimer patients only type! It would be shameful to wear these nasty BUSU shoes!!!

HARUMI is MISAE, while YOUJI would be KOUJI, Miyuki's father, probably. They are the same, now. So many years of their co-existance, they got combined finally. Thus, no choice for them both!

The blue sheet are compensable, while, Miyuki's property is not. And KOUJI can't understand the importance of Miyuki's life, any more, probably. For him, Clare is enough. Clare the Xth of Sato family, for his side, while Alex, for HARUMI. Thus, YOUJI, in short.

For Miyuki, always she has adored to be orphan, thus, now, it is the time to be so. 55 years old, however, not so late.

HARUMI changed her role from attacker to care giver, according to her primitive image. And now, YOUJI is replaced with KOUJI. Thus, nasty guy, Clare's grand father turned to be. He should be turtle, however, he chose to be YOUJI, thus, no choice for the couple. HARUMI behaved so much unkindly to all of us, and now, she wanted to be care giver for YUKARI. Oh, you two, Alzheimer ladies, with total accordance, go to INFERNO immediately! The door is open for you two! Hospitalization is necessity, and the hospital would welcome them both! In the same chamber, they would be put. Mutual supporting system, and at first, they should put up with the strict ruled there. Oh, they adore harsh type. They would love the instructions in the hospital!

Thus, the end. No choice for them both. They enhanced so much, and tried to be normal. Yes, for them, too too normal.

And YUKARI lit the oil heater at 17:00, already. Today is not cold so much. With this coldness, already with heater? Petroleum is not free. Why YUKARI wants to lit the heater so early? Mid Autumn, and YUKARI is always free from anxiety of payment. Terrible costive Alzheimer patient, YUKARI is!!!

She doesn't feel coldness nor hotness, it means. For Alex, she wants to play the role of good Auntie, thus, Alex likes with heated air, thus, YUKARI apple polishes in this way.

always, by way of YUKARI, absurd extravagance would be possible. Paying the energy is out of mind type, and always she plays the role of Maid Servant, obedient to her boss, Alex, actually!

BUSU bitch maid game, YUKARI is playing. And Miyuki is out of the game. She is precarious stayer, thus, just she uses her space, only. The warmth came from the upper part, yes. Thus, Miyuki could eat SASHIMI of BURI=SUZUKI, cold dish, with Rouquette=Ruccola, shredded Chaib leeks, or SHISO or Japanese basil, with horse raddish. Cold dish is fine, in the warm chamber, yes. Thus, Miyuki took advantage of the warmth.

She herself prefers not using oil heater. Luxuary for her, in this season. However, for Alex, casual use. Thus, his choice, not Miyuki's. Heated up temperature would be fine for Miyuki's disease, they decided???

According to the crazy Alzheimer twins, Miyuki is rather cold guy, thus, it should be heated up. Thus, a kind of attacking tool for cold guy Miyuki. Oh, Olaf, the snow man, Miyuki is now?

Coldness would be melted by their oil heater attacking. Miyuki would be kind tamable guy, to be domesticated by them, HARUMI and YUKARI.

For Miyuki, not understandable, however, Alzheimers, they are. Thus, always, out of calculation, they act. Thus, they should be caught, in this stage.

Miyuki yelled HELP!, however, any guy wanted to hear her real voice. Thus, no chance for the evil versity called Kyorin. And now, it happened in Sato Family. And she is satisfied with her own choice. She just wants to live with rigthous guys. Thus, she is always out of anxiety at all! She behaves correctly. However, for Alzheimer ladies, Miyuki should obey to them both.

Thus, the end of the world, in short. DDMs devastated the earth whole, in short. And now, we are in the new generation. Stupid guys, they are! And they want to continue their own erroneous life long shame collecting jobs.

They both were already revealed as cruel stupid forgetful harmful attackers, for us all. Thus, no choice for them at all. However, they attack even now on us all!

Some guy cut the camelia in the south courtyard. The rough cut, and the rest was so skewed, inclined, unbalanced. Not gardeners' type. Miyuki remembered the same type rough cut bush in the river side of YANTA-River, near Gymnastic Park. There so strange rough cut unbalanced bush, and Miyuki yelled, "Oh, Alzheimer Gardeners' work!"

Thus, when Miyuki found the cut twigs of Camelia, with so many shoots, Miyuki got shocked, and really thought that it was done by Alzheimer holder, yes. And the twiggs were brought to somewhere on the Jimny, the mountain type vehicle. In the middle of the shooting, they cut! So shocking, and now, her father did it?, Miyuki got in wonder.

Inferior complex causes rough cut of twigs, Miyuki really feels so now. Anyway, just to show up their faked superiority, Alzheimers cut them, in the roughest way. Inclined so much. And two south courtyard Camelias were the main victims in this case. Just the same size of Miyuki's spine, and HARUMI approached from Miyuki's back, and Miyuki was so near to the Camelias, beside the pyramids, working for the project of Ever Green Fort. Miyuki was concentrated with the working, thus, HARUMI's crowling was out of mind. Thus, HARUMI was alredy so near to MIYUKI, and when HARUMI ejected the words, Miyuki got chilled so much, threatened by her soundless approach. "She really wants to kill me!", Miyuki felt. However, no way, thus, just ignored her existance, was Miyuki's choice.

Soundless cutting was done like that. HARUMI showed a pair of brown BUSU shoes, YUKARI type, yes, in the end, however, she wanted to kill Miyuki, in her belly. The Alzheimer patients in Shirakawa are in this stage actually.

Miyuki went to make an errand trip to KANEKO seeds shop, KOMERI Home Center, WASHIO Supermarket, and BENIMARU-Yokomachi. At KANEKO, Miyuki was really surprized at "All Onion Only" selling in the shop. Other shoots were not sold, at all.

HACHIOJI fenomenum, Miyuki thought of. In Japan, each municipality has only one special product policy was adopted. Thus, only ONION, Hachioji chose. And then, onion Ramen restaurants popped out so many, and then, no onion field, except so few rare patches. No onions were produced in the field, in HACHIOJI, Miyuki recognized. And their way of drying up onions were North Korean type.

Now, only onion world increased in Japan. And they can't recognize the difference leeks and duffodiles. Thus, now, Shirakwa is in the last stage, in every meaning.

At KOMERI, Miyuki got astonished so much also at the cruel scenes!!! At first, she found 6 pots of dead plants, all dried up and their leaves were yellish brown, were sold with discounted price, US$1. Already dead, however, this Agricultural Tools only Home Center sold them, with a discount price. They can't recognize the difference between Death and Life, at all! Thus, they replaced the garden flowers so frequently, Miyuki remembered the attitudes of Kyorin Hachioji Campus, JR Hachioji Station's north and south decks both, and Tokyo Central Stations near side. They replaced the cheapish garden floweres from Pansies to NICHI-NICHI-SOU, or Mary Golds. So easity, even in the middle of the flowers, floureshing, with the change of each month.

Another scene was trees with cut twiggs in the roughest way were sold as if they were precious seeds of money, at US$10, in averege. Oh, for them, twig cut trees are the same of twig put trees. Cutting is just trimming, thus, "Cut your own ugly head with Ugly Faces, satans! BUSU, you are! Don't stop, you are so ugly!!!" Goethe, again!

If Miyuki were Dr.FAUST, she would have yelled like that. On the contrary of the famous theatorical remark, "Time, Don't stop me now! 'Cos you are so beautiful!" James Brown & Queen.

Goethe degraded, thus, he was obliged to rewrite his composition so many times. 1000 times of the same remarks, "I did it, sorry." As punishment, in every country, including in Rome and in Germany, and in France, in Japan, these type of repetitive unnecessary appologying remarks were used as punishment against naughty boys. Terrible time consuming nasty torture for Miyuki's side. And Miyuki...Ummm...Probably, escaped with this type of punishment...Not I'm sure...

Miyuki remembered that she had been punished physically clearly. Kouichi YOSHIDA hit her hip with bar of the sweeping brush or rake like tool's stick bar. Others also. The team, who forgot to do homeworks.

Yes, she was hit, however, not so much. Anyway, in that period, he punished by these attacking tools, and other teachers didn't stop his abuse at all.

Miyuki learned that in her lecture prepararion, any physical punishment is prohibitted by Law of School Education. And for Civil Law pimps, in the slightest case, spunking is allowed, according to KAKISHIMA, the MISAE.

Thus, probably, MISAEs decided to punish only by voice yelling. It is also prohibitted, 'cos it is psychologycal violence, and also it causes trauma or injury in kids' mind.

Thus, MISAEs are also attackers, of course!!! MISAEs are cruel attackers, and in Japan, MISAE is standard mode of DDMs, in short. It should not be, however, for DDMic selfish Alzheimer understanding, an Alzheimer punishable lady at all. Rather pretty, and adoration for MISAE's position as non-working, three means and shesta life. HASEGAWA Hospital's treatment is just the object of admiration by DDMs, on the contray of Miyuki's side.


Rabby & Chinkoro : News Flash (270)

2017-10-30 19:12:11 | 日記
So many guys want to do DEATH on the belly, according to e-mail advertisements sent under male names. Thus, Miyuki adviced them to do TARUHO punishment!

Oh, good idea! They vanished immediately! Miyuki's advice is so correct. Just do it collectively, in the circle shape. PA-PA-PA-PA-PA...and the top should be connected with the end. P is Penis, while A is Ass or Anus.

The Father punishing, it is called also. In a big circle, as much as possible, like Fork Dance, Maim-Maim.

Maim, Maim, Maim, Maim, Maim, Maim, Maim, Maim, Lesse-se! ♫

Miyuki remembered the dance, because she danced when she was in high school. Nasty, however, duty to gain some unit in the subject. Thus, she danced, in the most reluctant way...

The sad melody, with some east western counties' tone. Why so dark, the melody's impression is?

Thus, some kind of relucatant dancing song for her. And in the athletic festival in the kids' primary school SHIRAKAWA III, the parents were obliged to dance this. Thus, to cheer up the atomosphare, Miyuki, despite of her total disliking, she danced, and the others, almost 20 parents, didn't. Only she, the most disliking type, danced in this song.

Already, they were IKKYO parents, and touching the others' hands were prohibitted. Thus, Miyuki couldn't dance with them. Miyuki faked to clap the hands with others, on the air. Air clapping, she did. The reason? Shy, they are, Miyuki presumed. Miyuki is accustomed to speak in public, however, they are rural type, thus, it is difficult to dance in front of others...Miyuki thought.

And remembered "Shall we dance?" of 周防 or SUOU. Probably, only under some bosses' allowance, even now, in Japan, we can dance, including body touching.

Thus, Miyuki's hug is so nasty, however, understandable. She is a kind of foreigner, thus, for her, hospitality expression, not affection. Rather, compliment, with her western style.

In Russia, the bosses, most fat and robust type, hug and kiss, each other. Just to show up their superficial hospitality. No love affair at all, between them. Imagine, Mr.Slump and Putin are in the same bed!!!!

For MIYUKI, OK, their choice. However, for others, her imagination is excessively superb!!! TOHOHO tribe love her superb vulgar imagination! Oh, we produced most fruitful guy for us all!!! Anyway, productive, and she made a project of AV film, stylish only type, taking advantage of the modern type wearhouse called ROPPONGUI HILLS or 六本木ヒルズ.

Big Empty not attractive facility, the building is, near ROPPONGUI station. Miyuki liked the silver bone structure of the building, and imaged to produce Adult Video, for free type, with her team mates only. Charity type, she decided. And they agreed to show their whole nakid bodies!!! And Miyuki, wearing BIKINI, with total trimed hairless body, shaked MEGA-Phone, which is the conductor symbol in film production in Japan. Pornographic movie, yes, however, stylish would be!

Non attractive scenes at all, including restaurants. Only one good, which attracted her, was one pare of suits made of crocodile skins. Enamel put black crocodyle skin, and just for lean skinny type would be able to wear type. Miyuki wanted to have them, yes, however, even now, she can't gain tham at all!!!

The rest, not interesting at all! So so common goods, here and there, especially, the restaurants are terribly plain, and they served just dishes so easy to be cooked by beginers of culinary. Exists? Exists!

And she wore net stockings, hot pants, and real tiger cap, however, any guy gazed her at all. They didn't recognize her kinkiness at all! She got dissapointed. ROPPONGUI should not be like that! More ANTENA shop please!

And she recognized that it was occupied by Family Type DDMs, whole! Not stylish place, rather, plain family rural bitch only type facility, this building is, in fact!

OPPABU-BABAA's cheapish business is supported by tax under the name of charity or social benefit:

Volunteering, they insist, however, the real goal is gaining money at the value of US$1 thousand. So cheap, however, they don't want to work for it, just waiting for some guys would give them as charity! OPPABU-BUSINESS is so stupid, and OMANKO journalism reports it as praisable respectful activities. Donky Twins, they are, OMANKO DDMs and OMANKO jounrlists!

Last evening's riddle on YUKARI's first bath taking. Presumably, she came to support to Miyuki's forgetfulness, according to their own selfish understanding, waiting for her failure on shut the tap of the hot water on the bath tub, and Miyuki shut the tap exactly in the sufficient way, thus, YUKARI, came in vain, at the same time, she forgot what was the reason of her arrival to the bath. Thus, for her primitive connection, she thought like that: Bath - taking a bath - thus, I will take a bath.

and she took a bath, as she liked, long long bath taking, it turned to be, thus, Clare came to take a bath, however, found the reality, and she got shocked, and yelled, "Oh, how many hours are you shutting the tap of the hot water?" in her belly, and said, "Oh, you delayed so much, Auntie!"

Alzheimer replacement, it is called. Miyuki remembered that YUKARI forgot why she came to the living room from the bed room for the three, Alex, Clare and Yukari, in HACHIOJI. The bedroom was located beside the living room, one door opening was enough type, called Living-In, and so many times, YUKARI said to herself in a loud voice, "Why did I come to the living room? Do you know the reason, Clare?" like that.

Miyuki remembered that HARUMI was this type. Both early Alzheimers. In DDMic cases, so early, their decline starts. So easily, Alzheimer was triggered.

Miyuki remembered that HARUMI cooked steam up type pudding, by herself, when Miyuki was infants. She tried to make steamed bread, when Miyuki was high school pupils. She made soup stock when Miyuki was junior high pupils. Always, she tried only one some special dish, and after her own "My Boom", she had never made the same line at all!

Forgetful, she was. And she said the same remarks in front of us all. "What was the reason of my comming to here, Alex?" HARUMI asked so many times to him, and Alex thought that adults are all Alzheimers.

Forgetful anyway. And in HARUMI's case, when Miyuki was pupils in Shirakawa III, she did already like that. Early Alzheimer, she was already with her 35 years old, probably.

DDMic life caused Alzheimer disease holding for the two Donky Nasty Snag ladies. They themselves think that their degradation were so common as Japanese females, however, for us all, just Alzheimer forgetfulness, in short.

Thus, they counterattacked on Miyuki's side. And HARUMI attacked with two letters from HACHIOJI related. One from HACHIOUJI municipality, and another from HACHIOJI commercial facility. No excuse at all. The Two Big Snags selected the letters toward Miyuki, and they chose the attacking moment, and they attacked as they liked, because they were Domestic wives, and they thought that they had right to do so.

Oh, thus, YUKARI called her father, saying, "I...need to inform to you, one thing..."in her most refraining mood. He was called to be told their stories on YOUJI related. According to them, YOUJI died already, thus, they wanted to give his goods to others, especially SANKIN guys, because they wanted to use the blue sheets and the plastic sac for their farming job. They are so diligent guys, thus, as charity, the both gave the two belongings to SANKIN already, and Miyuki should know the limit. We are superior to her,in fact, however, she is so arrogant and she made fool of them both. Thus, They need to punish her, harshly. Miyuki should know her own limit. Thus, they tried to attack Miyuki again and again.

Thus, they called to their satanic team mates, and they provided two DDMis wives in front of Magpie Mountain, and they were declared IMMEDIATE DEATH by Miyuki's side, because they were monitoring Miyuki's persimmon picking job!

Why Two same generation DDMs were drying up the clothings in the same house? Miyuki got in wonder. And they were FEMI-LES queens, thus, they live all together, and do the same thing, in the same type. Unnecessarily, we think, however, for them, necessity. Mutual assiatance was done by each other. Thus, HARUMI and YUKARI should do it in the same way!!!

Ideal for us all!!! And they want to have some modernized house. A whole would be fine for them all!!! They rely on each other, and each guy fakes as if they were superior to others, thus, they rely on these illusional super guys each other, and then, dissillusion, as usual!

Plastic surgeried guys, they are! No time for the both, at all! Just a slight change would be fine, thus, recently, pony tail BOKKO is YUKARI's new fashion. What happened? She wants to play the role of junior high pupil? And she put on fat big trousers, just like Alex in the kitchen.

Alzheimer immitation, it is called. The subjective same generation was target of their immitation. Thus, YUKARI's case, her own families, mainly, the kids, and sometimes, HARUMI, and sometimes, Miyuki. No choice for her, however, by impulse, she imitates like that.

In HARUMI's case, now, KOJIMA female. By Impulse, only. Thus, so so similar among them. Replaceable life, they spend, thus, so so similar at appearance. DADAMerdas, they are!

NISHIMO's mother was similar to them. NISHIMO doesn't want to say so, however, probably, it is the fact. Reformed version, probably, however, in short, DDM, she is.

For them, replacement is so easy. They have no uniqueness. Just same fass, in short. Thus, fass got combined with another fass, and turned to be fass, in the worst version, in the end.

Thus, the last satan would be the most degraded one with so so nasty ugly dirty characters, and HARUMI and YUKARI are this type.

Kindness faking is so easy, because you are both BUSUs, some guys wispered on them, and they adopted. Just keeping secret at that point. However, YUKARI confessed the fact already. Slippery, yes, and she is one of the worst memory holders, confirmed again and again.

No smell holding from when? Alex asked her insistently. And she confessed that from she was kid. She did learn so much on the matter, and she already did know well on her Alzheimer holding. And now, she is free from anxiety, because she is free from kitchen work any more! Good grief, they both got tired of it!

Thus, good chance for us all! The kitchen would be reformed, however, at first, cleaning up! Miyuki will provide cleaning up job, yes, doing her kitchen job. Not monopolization at all. Just she wants to take advantage of this effective tiny kitchen. yes, not sufficient, however, at least, two gas tables, one grill, and one micro oven. 4 heating system, all together, are all usefull for us all! And stove would be fine to bake potatoes! Miyuki prefers baking potatoes with skin, well washed type, and first, she eats inside of the skin, like picking up the ingredient, after putting some glease like butter, olive oil with oregano dried leaves, and so on. And then, the leftover, namely, the skin itself! Delicious skin, it is!!!

Thus, no Alminium foil is Miyuki's preference. Delicious. And easiest. Quickest also. Three buttered potatoes would be cooked on the stove, yes. And boiling water by kettle would be fine for gaining sufficient wetness in the air, and always tea or coffee drinking mode like SAMOWAR in Russia.

Copper SAMOWAR is so beautiful, however, we should go pragmoatic. Thus, common kettle is enough.

And she can make her original stove, in case of necessity. And BBQ gas table in the courtyard. Why we can't lit fire outside? Clare asked to YUKARI, and YUKARI said just "No." BLA-BLA-BLA was not put. Better than BLA-BLA-BLA mode.

Japanese chaib would be use forever type. They can grow during four seasons. Thus, Mini-Asparagus, lesson type. And she bought several Asparagas also, and put all in the slope near the furtilizing ditch. Ditch use is also effective, a kind of common fertilizer stockage, thus, sometimes, Miyuki takes the soil, and puts it into some guys' soil. Mixing is necessary, however, with soft soil, probably, it would be fine, just putting mode.

For persley's sake, Miyuki put chiken bones in the hill top. Roppongui? More. Probably, 30 or so. And Persley is also several years type. It turns to be tree type! Thus, bone field, they liked.

Chiken bones are breakable in the soil, thus, easy goers, they are. Good for vegitables, for westernized ones. Oh, the same as human skin holders. Good habit, they thought, and they tried ant they turned, in some case. Thus, bones would be ideal for any of them, especailly, western type!

Anyway, Miyuki buried chiken bones, when she gained them, and the soil is also good for put to others. Idols, they are! They were loved by any of begitables! Oh, thus, Carli would provide so many big bones for Miyuki! Thank you! Miyuki will stock them in fredge, and she makes soup stock, and then, she puts them in the field. And they would be furtile soil, presumably!

Chiken bones are lighter than fur tribe, because their ancestors flied. Thus, good training for Miyuki and Leghons. With training, they can fly. Thus, like at least, leghon's weight, her bones should be. Non breakable type, yes! Flexible, and lighter, thus, easy to walk. Oh, marathon runner type. Thus, so many meat is necessity.

Thus, Mizuki NOGUCHI would fly! Big eater, she is, and she wanted to gain muscles, and sufficient muscles she gained. However, so much rice, she ate! 4 big plates of SUSHIs, she ate, OMANKO journalism reported. GAL-SONE, in short.

Some guys have this gene. Akemi refered to some unusually big eating short girl, who graduated from Tokyo Versity, and worked as part timer, for the same place of Akemi, NIKKOU Bond Company.

She ate so much, and always she ate ice cubes, because she felt so hot in every moment. No choice for her, and she couldn't stop eating so much.

Exist some Gargantuwa type. Big eater guys. Chikako TADA is a kind of. They are rather rice eaters. For them, flying is nearer.

While Miyuki, no rice type. Meat makes her happy. Thus, Carli would love eating Miyuki's products, especially fruits! At least, this year, Miyuki has fresh persimmons and dried up ones. Both, in the middle. However, Miyuki wants to create some elegant sweets using dried up persimmons.

Yes, fresh and dried up persimons themselves, are already so delicious. However, with some skill to cook, it turns to be nicest sweets, probably. Thus, all three, Miyuki would like to provide her! On the job Training, Miyuki is now. And for others, it's difficult to understand correctly. Thus, mentally illed, they yelled, and now, oh, so reasonable. No choice so much. Self independent guy, she is already. Just sufficient vegitable gardens, she needs to gain her special cooking skills.

Cleaning up problem, Miyuki has. A contradiction. DDMs steal while Miyuki's space is in disorder, saying, "Oh, Miyuki is disorganized guy. We just cleaned up her space, kindly, thus, we abandoned the trash, instead of her." because they are illusional SANKIN girlfriends. At the same time, when Miyuki cleans up the space, "Oh, good! It's place is suitable for us all. Thus, my place, it should be. Miyuki occupies so much space, and she should know the limit. We should occupy the space, instead of this arrogant guy!", because they love total vanishing of the objects. Neat means attractive, and they move just by impulse, rather, by their brainless sensation.

Just like artists, we yelled. Only desire something, is enough for their selfish movement. "I just wanted them to SANKIN" is already enough for them two. Alzheimer theives, and for them, too too natural to behave like that. Thus, who claims on this matter, mentally illed, crazy guy, only.

They themselves, are so forgetful, however, in their calculation, one day acuview is superior to us all, because they live in the exact moment, as a different guy. Thus, every day new born babies, they are! No satisfaction at all for us all, however according to them both, every day they are new babies, thus, they learn so much from others, thus, new and fresh and young, forever. Forever Virgin type, for their admission. No choice at all for them.

Thus, in both ways, they attack, indifferent from Miyuki's cleaning up. Thus, anyway, as Miyuki desires, Miyuki live. They should be ignored, Miyuki thinks and she conducts in this proposition.

Neat place, if they categorize the object, they start to attack on us, and try to get the neat place.


Rabby & Chinkoro : News Flash (269)

2017-10-30 08:36:19 | 日記
30/10/2017, Monday, 8:37 Morning, Fine Blue Sky, however, unfortunately, with nasty clouds

Miyuki got up at 7:30, and started her courtyard short job. Suddenly HARUMI popped out into the courtyard, and began to cut white crisantimum, now in floureshing! Terrible Cutter, HARUMI is!

Thus, doing her peeling the blue sheets job, with hatred, Miyuki started to sing "Funicri Funicra!" in her most cheerful voice, with these frases:


  Idiots, Idiots, Alzheimers!
Idiots, Idiots, Alzheimers! ♫
They cut the flourishing twigs and stalks unnecessarily in jealousy!
Funicri, Funicra!
Jamme, Jamme, Jamme Coppa Ja!
Jamme, Jamme, Jamme Coppa Ja!

Don't cut our team members, any more, idiots! You are shameless attackers, ugly bitches!

Miyuki sang with her hatred, and HARUMI refrained from the courtyard! It effected!!!!

She sang as if it were Italian! Thus, in case of HARUMI's enquiry, "Oh, probably, she sang in foreign language. For us Japanese, Alzheimers are contempted, yes, however, she herself is free from such contempting behaviours. She sang just Italian Cheerful song, because it's beautiful Monday. She is in good mood." Clare explained in this line.

Thus, counter attacking done by HARUMI's side. Nasty morning preach, just in time of her leaving. She was in haste mode, however, HARUMI started unnecessarily long long speach. "Oh, it's cold today. You should be furnished with fat clothings. How about Winter Jacket?", HARUMI asked to Clare in vain, because Clare is uniform wearer, and fat clothings are prohibitted to her. She wanted to furnished with fat clothings, yes, however CHUO junior high prohibits it. Why HARUMI recommends such nasty ironic hypothesis?, with reluctance.

Japanese mothers, they are. Just attacking others, to show up their priority. DADAMERADA line again! Repetition, today. And HARUMI is rather in good mood, with fighting voice, with lark like Piihyara faked voice. In this mode, whole day long, only nasty attacking remarks would be ejectited! Thus, Miyuki will get out from the office.

Now, windy, thus, it would be fine to avoid making Pyramids actually. When Miyuki arrived at the courtyard, beautiful, crispy, good Autumn morning, yes, however, at the exchange of HARUMI, nasty clouds and wind popped out, instead. These weather related Semi-Gods Alzheimers supported to HARUMI's team.

Yes, great harmful power holders, they are. However, anyway, Alzheimers. Thus, probably, "Oooops, nasty SPRING west wind gots my skirt off and Oh, MOURETSU! Fenomenum happened. " would be predicted. Just it. Erotic satans, they are.

MIYUKI remembered that in the Kyorin Campus in HACHIOJI, there were distinctively "Just Pun Joke Only Professors",
KUSUYA at Faculty of Foreign Languages, and CHIHARA at Social Sciences. These two were terrible low level jokes only type, and even among satans, they were disliked so much because of their incessant attackings on this pun line.

Why such nasty erotic sarcastic words were dealt in the so so light way?, was our primitive question. Why artificial conception should be treated in their joking mode? Animal creation like activity, they said ironically. For Miyuki's side, human beings are all animal tribe. And in case of animal reproduction, this measure was already used so much, thus, now just application for us. In the most primitive way, like Ark of Garapagos by Kurt Vonegatt, just put finger with spermatozoide into vagina. It works! Not so difficult to describe the process. Why 人工授精 or JINKOU-JUSEI would be ridicularized with so sarcastic way?

 人づくりに貢献、they expressed. It means, "Human resources were provided by her side", in short. Oh, yes, that's it. My precious kids are at least, useful workforce's candidates. I contributed so much!

And they didn't produce any families, probably. KUSUYA was single. Short, and big head type, and semi-bold, with crispy scarse hair. Not attractive at appearance. And his major was researching semi-blooded descendents, only illegitimate type, of MEIJI period's foreigners hired by Japanese Government. He explained to Miyuki, "I have knowledge on this super private matter. In Japan, so many foreigners' descendents, who are categorized as just Japanese only blooded guys. Super secret. However, so many guys are descendents of illegitimate kids of these foreigners. For example, Earnest Satow had..."

Like that. Chihara said that he got married with his junior girl, whom he met in his own class in the versity, when he was teaching there, and gained male and female kids, and he gained also first grand son, and his daugheter took the rest with the grand son in his house in Setagaya Ward, in Tokyo.

Ideal Life, he spent, was his expression on his family life. Why he didn't contribute to human resource production? Because he killed all of the families, was the correct answer.

Nanako HARADA killed her only daughter, called Kirara. And she expressed that "we are preparing for the last living house", in short, tumbs, now Miyuki recognized.

Preparation for the last stage, she said, and only 10 years after the couple and the daughter's moving to BUNKYO Ward, one of the most expensive place in Tokyo, where Tokyo Versity is located. Nanako and his husband wanted Kirara to go to Versity of Tokyo, however, at the first stage, when Kirara was in entering to Junior high, she failed in the exam, thus, she was killed, losing the chance to get to study at the best versity in Japan.

War among parents, YUKARI explained. Information works so much among the parents,thus, I would participate into the war as parent, instead of you, stupid!,YUKARI offered kindly to Miyuki, and Miyuki refused her participation! Don't touch on this matter! I am against Exam War. Yes, I am winner of this war, however, I don't want to put excessive burden on my kids. Kids should learn by themselves, through playing. YUKARI was bad even in Exam War. Why she wanted to be worrier now? She forgot the past? And YUKARI put the condition of the participation, audaciously,"In case,I need to concentrate on the Exam War, thus, I should be discharged from any domestic tasks, OK, you stupid!"

Muck Selling Business, without any clients. YUKARI was already crazy up to the point!

In KIMURA's case, she was worrier of this system, and she was threatened by her own mother. "If you fail in the first stage, you would be killed, OK, Yuri?", thus, KIMURA was so worried about the result of just cheapish versity's junior high school called FELIZ Women's College. She decided already that if she had failed, she would have committed suicide.

Death, in case of your failure, was IKKYO kids' way of life. Thus, whole failure world, they discovered, thus, they themselves required Geno-Suicide all in a body! Yes, we agreed, and the adults, of course, yes. They failed, thus, they also should keep the promise. All in a body, they required. Total vanishing, yes!!!! Good!!!! Nice!!!! Superb!!! Hooley, IKKTO kids!!!

Just yell from Miyuki's side.

Selfish, MISAEs are! Thus, it worked. Miyuki is nasty, yes, however, more amusing, at least! MISAEs are not amusing at all! Third Class Versity, she worked for, thus, entertainer, she was obliged to be. Apple polishing towards both sides, toward the pupils and the staff. For pupils, good grief. At least, she didn't scold clients, without any reason!!!

even with some benefitted activities, Kyorin staff criticised Miyuki, often. Strange versity, Miyuki categorized. And in her family life, the Alzheimer Twins did the same. All confirmed, however, they continued. They think that they could do the same wrongdoings forever, eternally on us all! Terrible! Total vanishing only type!!!

Violence is used as always. However,we had no counterattacking tool at all. They were related with the police. Thus, they are so arrogant. Without the violent power of the police, they use the physical violence of Mad Dogs.YUKARI is this line. Good to attack others, and she brokes precious things easily with her, "Oooops, sorry, I did it!" or total ignorance on the matter.

Irresponsibles only can participate in the vote system. Thus, register of participation would be another super precious proof of the lincage of satans!!!

Ninchi, Ninchi, Ninchi-shou,
Ninchi, Ninchi, Ninchi-shou! ♫

 Miyuki sang, and they vanished. Up to this point, HARUMI is hated by her own kid. They were deeply impressed. No mercy at all, in her side. Thus, Miyuki would be fine to do her picking persimmons job! Miyuki likes to take them, pick them, peel them, hung them, dry them, and in the near future, give them to others, and to herself, and eat them all!!!

She is looking for some suitable place to hung them all. However, no place in the main house. Thus, she would make some, or find another site. Probably, the bar in front of the back house would be fine. Just ask, "Oh, I have no suitable place for persimmons' drying up process. May I use the bar?" and they would gain 1/10 of the dried up persimmons, as rental fee.

Look at this. OMANKO jounalists can't say the exact age of the criminal, because they can't count the math figure correctly:

The girl is at the age of the latter part of 10s, or, 15,16,17,18 or 19. Why they are so vague?

Miyuki is now in agony. Only they? Not so many. Boys and Girls, should attack on School teachers! They are satans!!!!:

One of the teacher said, "20 years ago, attacking on teachers was in fashion. Now, not at all!", thus, Rightous Pupils, you are every day attacked by teachers, namely, MISAEs! Kill them! Torture them! Punish them! All Rightous pupils, exercise your max violence against the teachers!!! Be brave, pupils! You should show up your corrage!!!

In KOUBE, cats are able to be registered as residents. Municipality provided public residence to 53 cats! Only they lived there, and their feeders lived separatedly! Micchiku breeders were feeded by these municipalities. IKKYO Cats Complex, the municipality run residence turned!:

Contradictional request. The criminal wants to be killed in public, however, advocates try to stop it. Why?:

The answer: Advocates want to gain money from their time based reward from tax. This system is called 国選弁護人 or KOKUSEN, in abbreviation. Against the will of the crime, just for prolongthen the earning hours, the lawyers act like that. Just feeding snags, like that! Kill all of these brainless lawyers, and if they want to survive, show your special technic of protecting themselves by their persuasive ability! Show your bravery, lawyers!!!

DDMs are benefitted like that. Even now, Ministry of Finance wants to provide money to DDMs, older than 65, and DDMs with kids under 15:

Thus, remember, their kids would be killed arround 15 years old! Too cruel, however, this is Japanese Tradition! Tax induced kids' mass devastation, and only selective kids, namely, MICCHIKU families degraded youth survive, only. This is the rule of Exam War, and the reason of why Yutaka OZAKI wrote the lyric called "Spring of 15 years old".

Ozaki was killed, after his love affair with Yuki SAITOU, an idol of gravia girl of Boys MAGAZINE. Not good at in body shape nor face, however, she wanted to be idol, like Mari AMACHI, Miyuki categorized.

No reason for his death. Addicted, OMANKO journalism said. However, he was killed, and probably, his wife would be the wrongdoer. She offered his private information to the SQUAD, and he died in the middle of his fame! And she gained so much money, before being divorced. DDMs are so jealous, a good example!

In Japan, exists ugly golden rule of DDMic side. "Don't divorce, when the guy are in boom!", thus, "Don't leave me alone" fenomenum. Ishiguro, you can write another sob story, in the side of DAME-OYAJI!!!

Ugly Bitches, JAPANESE DDMs are. Snag Donky Satans, they are, and they are costive, troublesome and harmful. The targtted guys were goddmnitted in whole their lives. Almost all of males were targetted, and Miyuki's side were categorized among them, males. Thus, averege of their disasters, Miyuki suffered already. Forced hospitalizations, two types, tortures with poisoning, everyday's contemptious words, and so on! Nasty bitches were feeded by our precious money, and Miyuki expressed "All No!" against their flamboyant Alzheimer rules!!! Thus, she gained the power to fight against them all!

Now, YUKARI and HARUMI are both attacking tools. This morning, YUKARI restarts her long long machinery moving washing, again. And now, petroleum using is the theme. The Alzheimer Donky Snags require their own oil heaters per each. Time and money consuming process, they were entering, already, and Miyuki refused any colaboration toward their side. Thus, no choice for them both!!!

Miyuki doesn't use any of oil heating, and she prefers opening windows, confirmed. However, "She is feeble minded, thus, we need to heat up her body. Thus, you should pay for us the heating money for her sake!" Alzheimer illusional days, they entered into already, and always, rewards for their side, while punishment for our side. We are precious, thus, we should be treated kindly. However, Miyuki is unkind, thus, she should be killed, is their order!!!

Look at the Ttypical estacles Pet, called Kei KURIKI, the professor of KOUBE Versity:

MICCHIKu lover, he is, and his ideology is, " Riches, buy the product with symbolic high price tag. This is the King's Road of Richness!" And the reality is, No Guy Wants to Buy Any Vehicle like Lexus, not because of their supposed low price tag, but because of total vanishing of so many MICCHIKU related.

Now, Miyuki was really shocked at the vanishing of the most precious Blue Sheet, which was the biggest and the newest. Today, in the morning, Miyuki folded it correctly, however, now, at 17:00, she couldn't find any piece of it, in the courtyard. At the same type, the plastic transparent sac for Olive and Lemmons dissapeared.

Yes, strong wind was swirled, however, at least, the blue sheet was heavy and Miyuki thought that satans stole it! Thus, Miyuki informed the vanishing on the blue sheet to her father, and he said, he didn't know it. Clare suggested probably it had gone with the wind. Thus, Miyuki, said, "Might be! YOUJI Wind took it, perhaps!"

Anyway, not my fault, and Miyuki's father did know that it belonged to YOUJI. However, YOUJI was impossible to come here, according to Clare's word. Reason? Unknown. Probably, "Miyuki, you forgot that you had killed him entirely?!", was the reason of Clare's smiling.

Yes, ex-his, however, Miyuki had plan to use it in the near future, thus our damage. And Miyuki presumed that 49 days after of his death or so, thus, his evil spirit visited Shirakawa, and it took his past belongings, most shameful ones, to erase their past wrongdoings. Oh, the habit of returning with the big lagguage to our world!

Miyuki watched this fenomenum in 2015 and 2016, in Tokyo. 盆帰り or BON-GAERI, it was called. Several weeks after its death, it was allowed to go back to our world, to pick one package of belongings, to avoid shames.

It's necessary to pay to the watch dog by the exit of INFERNO. Precarious measures, yes, and the watchdog did a big mistake. It should not earn money by way of these ways. It turned to be a satan.

Reliable guy should be, the watch dog. However, it chose to lose the reliance of us all. Betrayal costs vastly. Thus, costive, this ex-watch dog should be. Thus, no reason for the existance of the watch dog.

We need to determind the watch dog's identity. And it was revealed that you, Miyuki SATOW????

According to satans, Miyuki should be their watch dog, and she betrayed their reliance. ???

They spoke like that, and the result was disastrous, as usual. Miyuki didn't get asked to be the watch dog at all. Just she was working as indicator of the entrance of the ship, for the satans, who were going to INFERNO. asked by our side. ADACHI also did it. Easy job. Just do Kuniko YAMADA. Pointing the finger toward the site.

Miyuki watched so many kids and their parents were going to the site. Some kids were rather amusing. The parents were not at all!

Insurance only society, Japan entered already, in 1990s, already. However, satanic families continued to live as always, namely, in consumptious life style. And their consumptious habit was really stupid! Why they didn't live sufficiently with so small money, being thrifty, and try to produce some benefit under some limited conditions, taking advantage of the conditions???

For us, just economic decline, not the end of the world. However, for them, the real Black Monday...Oh, Thunderbolt was put in the middle? My birthday of 55 years old was last week, not today. One week delayed.

Anyway, Miyuki was in good mood, during her errand trip. And she gained so many promissive begitables. It costed in total at US$5, however, she got satisfied.

1. Fine slender leeks, of Chaibs 2.Asparagus from Australia 3.Soy Shoots with yellow helmets 4.Green Peas Shoots with roots 5.ginger 6.three organically cultivated Galics from China

Thus, Miyuki plants almost all of them, except half package of Soy Shoots, and a piece of Chaib. The last two were eaten as Chiken meat soup by her.

It was really cold winter day, and Miyuki could work normally in the strong wind. Unusually cold, thinking of the typhoon's existance. Thus, not Typhoon no.22, as the weather report said.

Miyuki was in good mood, thus, she picked sufficient persimmons to make AMPO-GAKI. Now, almost 50 persimmons, she has, and she needs to train the quick and skillful use of her Victrinox knife.

For her, good training center, Shirakawa is. However, for others, just torturous life's prison, in short. Yes, for Miyuki, basically, during satanic residue's existance, prison like concealed and isolated nasty place, yes. However, she is preparing for the next generation. Not for actual terrible IDIOCRACY's leftover period.

Thus, soil making is good for this period. And her way is making Tasha Tudor wild manish version. Thus, Cow Boy style, in short. Thus, the end. YOUJI should be their team leader, YUKARI told to her mother HARUMI. And the others all got upset. Why YOUJI? YUKARI did know YOUJI?

She met him inside of the house, and he did apple polishing her, thus, she liked him, and she really wanted to replace Miyuki to be his wife. Oh, congratulations! Get married with him now! Satanic Bride, YUKARI would be!!!

Thus, YUKARI regretted her choice. Any guy would be suitable for her in this situation. Ugly BUSU bitch, who can't do any domestic works correctly at all, would be married by old guy called YOUJI. Ideal for our side!!!

Thus YOUJI chose to vanish! Double torture for him! Miyuki, sadist type, and yelled him to vanish immediately on the belly of Rin, the crazy mad little dog, female type! Or, on YUKARI's belly, the real big mad dog!!!

Thus, the end of his story. GUTS liked Miyuki's threatening mode. Miyuki said to her father cleary, "My files are so precious, because I am a scholar, and scholar's files weighs so expensive. Even a piece of the papers would cost extraordinarilly high, you know! And I don't want YOUJI to have the common key of the hut. YOUJI's belongings should be disposed, and thus, I took advantage of it. Blue Sheets got useful, because of my own quickness. YOUJI is trash. He should not have any common key of the hut!"

Thus, it worked. MIYUKI hates him, as unreliable guy. And Clare also. YUKARI relied on him so much, and said so well on his side, and HARUMI also. SANKIN is the same line. Thus, satanic side, they presumed. And Miyuki didn't call him with Uncle, just his first name YOUJI. It worked so much. Just YOUJI, cheapish old guy, it means. And Miyuki did know well that YOUJI is already the past for our side.

The Blue Sheets were stolen, yes, however, not by YOUJI, but by some satnic side, it means. Anyway, I lost precious things, two. Satans should pay for them, of course!!!!

Miyuki had plan to take advantage of it. It would cover her "L" letter third patch. Thus, they lost the spirit again. So many guys were killed by her own declaration of "my memory is superior to satans!"

Thus, illusional blue sheet, it was. Thus,pay for my precious time! Miyuki based on the existance of the blue sheet. And the transparent plastic sac. They vanished, yes, and Miyuki lost the chance to protect lemons and olive trees, with the plastic sac. Miyuki found strange fenomenum, yes.

This morning, Miyuki covered the second pyramid, with the vinil plastic semi-transparent packages. The same products she gained from Cainz Home Center, because it advertised, "Use these packages for your sake. For Free." thus, she took almost 8 or so, and in the evening, when Miyuki tried to put them, two of the 8 packages, instead of the lost semi-transparent plastic sac gained at KOMERI Home Center, she found that they were not sac, just a sheet of square shape.

Why satans cut the two sides of these ex-sacs? Too too strange, however, for satans, not unusual. Dwarfs, they were called. They assisted ugly idol bitches in Japan. Oh, Corobokkules!!!

Satoru SATO wrote the story of little dwarf called Corobokkule, based on AINU legends. And Miyuki wached ANIME version. It was the succession of OMBUU-OBAKE. Both, some good magical existance assisted the boys, in short, the contents were.

And YUKARI liked so much. Miyuki took advantage of the stories. When she encountered with some unusual vanishing of any of her belongings, she tried to think "Oh, Corobokkules worked!", because for her, stealing jobs were out of mind, and she thought of the possibility of her own fault. To tame her own psychology, it worked so much. "Don't accuse others, because of this unusual dissapearance, at least. Anyway, some guy, including me, contributed to this nasty vanishing. I will call it the fenomemum Corobokkules, and they are not so bad guys, just naughty boys they are!"

Thus, it worked. Satanic Corobokkules exist, however, also kind rightous Corobokkules, yes. Thus, it all depends. Thus, always, taking advantage of their working, is Miyuki's basic attitude.

Diminishing society, we are in. Yes, NASU Mountain range is now so near. They are approaching. And the earth is small fenomenum, also. It means that Miyuki can reach Rio Beach by her swiming?

A kind of. Just canu is fine. Hierdarl, the CONTIKI, yes. Some kind of Ocean type Wegener theory. AMINO theory was based on it. And Miyuki felt so in Museum of Auckland, and Getty Museum in Las Angels. Black and Gold skin tribes' heritage, in short. Thus, KIROSHIO Tribe, we were called. KIROSHIO is Big Wave, which comes from South Pacific Ocean, thus, we have seeds of Black and Gold skin tribes.

Big guys and small guys, both. Mixture also. Thus, mixed, Japanese heritages are, in fact. However, NAKASONE team denied the crystal clear fact, and said, "Japanese is Mono Tribe", or for them, "We should be All Satans".

Thus, sometimes, 6 NAKASONE haired guys popped out to threaten Miyuki, and Miyuki, "Why so unusual hairstyle guys are sitting in the waiting space in Ministry of Education?", got in wonder.

Unusual vanishing, here and there. And it is confusional. YOUJI vanished, yes, and the reason is so clear. However, Miyuki faked not to know the fact, however, just showed her hatred against YOUJI, her father's cousin.

HARUMI accused Miyuki to call him YOUJI, and corrected the name to use RYOUJI. For Miyuki, Shirakawan pronunciation is a bit difficult to hear, thus, the exact pronunciation is ROUJI, however, for her urbanized ears, it was heard YOUJI, probably, presumed, and she tried to pronounce as RYOUJI, and this was corrected by her father.

Later, with GUTS and KATSUMI's adivice, YOUJI, not RYOUJI. RYOUJI is your cousin, and YOUJI is his uncle. Thus, more ???, for HARUMI's correction.

Anyway, she wants to correct others, in short, now, Miyuki realized the fact. Alzheimer correction, to show up the faked superiority. Kyorin staff did it. To keep their decolated superiority complex, was the reason. NINOMIYA's MEMBOKU or 面目 is the same. They want to behave as superiors.

Replacement inside their mind. Clare did know well at this point. In Miyuki's case, just, "Oh, I made a mistake" and correction. The shortest way. And no accusation toward others. However, so so correct to behave to accuse the vanishing of the blue sheets. YUKARI and HARUMI stole something so easily, just to give to SANKIN. Some praise for SANKIN work. And always they stole and steal even now. Thus, they should vanish, immediately!!!

SANKIN lovers, after YOUJI's death. Thus, YOUJI's products were contributed for them. Miyuki presumed that it was used for wrapping dead bodies, and for her, oh, good, nothing at all. Probably, total vanishing tribe, in short, satans. Thus, it was clean!

For her, no reason to exclude others useful gift. HARUMI and YUKARI were so evil, now Miyuki recognized. The worst is, faked kindness. They are the betrayers of our reliance. Thus, for them, terrible tortures should be necessity.

And they easily sold our precious lives, according to their own flamboyant feeling. In case of their good mood day, they don't do it, however, in their rage caused by inferior complex, "SANKIN boys, please kill MIYUKI, now! I will tell you how to do it!", as always. Thus, raped and killed, so many times, MIYUKI was, in their illusion.

Satanic mother and daughter, they were. And Miyuki didn't recognize their cruelity at all! They were out of mind type existance at all. Thus, the most harsest way, they should be punished. Shameles stupid Donky Snag Abuser Satans, they are. The existance of them both represent that we have snag satans so many yet!


Rabby & Chinkoro : News Flash (269)

2017-10-29 20:27:52 | 日記
This is an example of Japanese FEMI-LES view on birth in hospital:

For these FEMI-LES nurses and patients, birth giving is precious so so burdened task on FEMI-LES pregnant females, and they should be treated at the first priority. Priviledged, they require to be!

Just a combination of Diarrea and Evacuation problem. Not so dangerous, generally speaking. Maternity is illusion, harmful and attacking. Trick, in short. FEMI-LES want to show up giving birth act as if it were so so dangerous precious life or death type audacious attempt. Not at all. Thus, Miyuki got upset, such an article.

Miyuki already read that so many maternity hospitals reduced because of lack of birth giving occasion. Now, as if, the facilities are sufficiently many, and want to combined with another eldery care type. Already ended up stories, according to their previous tales. Why now, as if we were in the middle of the reduction, satanic FAMI-LES criticise the countermeasure in the pragmatic way, after sunken Japanese society?

FEMI-LES wanted to conceal the fact of Japan's total devastation. Always slow like Donky Snags, FEMI-LES are! Just like their sexual behavour, namely, snagnated OMANKO musturbation!!!

All night long, or whole day all, or both. For them, non costive, and they have right to do it! Absurd. They should be killed to insist it! Non working, they prefered, is their admission reply of them all. Thus, no choice at all!

Seasonal pleasure would be kept in culinary or confectionary in Japan. Thus, seasonal variety of patch working, would be the best answer. Professional cook like life, Miyuki wants to play. And only a bit a bit, would be fine. And now, Ruccola, or Rocket Spinach is in good mood. Thus, Popeye the salor man, PoooPooooo!!!

Miyuki likes spinaches, since she was born. Spinach paste, she loved. And spinach freezed, Miyuki made so many times. Easy, and they kept vitamine A, and good for cook. Good to know that in Western Contries, Japanese old type Spinach is so common. Thus, Miyuki planted, and she doesn't gain the result yet. however, spinaches came in winter, as far as she knows. Thus, just put chiken bones would be fine. Put some leftovers, for reforming the soil. Ditch method is also fine, yes, however, so so costive, Miyuki's precious fruits skin ditch is. Yes. Thus, stomping and put another really precious plants, vegitable type...Asparagus!!!

Miyuki decided to buy Asparagus, and try to slice the shoot on the hill top of the patch. It would work, probably, and Asparagus is a kind of tree, thus, forever it provides the delicious finger like green and white stalks, soft type, so many times!!!

She looked for the seeds and the stalks with roots at Supermarkets, however, she couldn't find any of them. Thus, she serched the possibility of sell reproduction, and some guy says the way of increaced the number of the shoots, in the scientific experiment. Thus, at least, she would try it.

In case of onion, she gained a success, yes. One onion already started to grow up on the first patch. Thus, roots type also OK in the patch. Furtile ditch, Miyuki produced, thus, now, oh, just put leftovers in each hill and vally. No exclusive ditch, she decided now. Good to put the leftover, especially, fruits skin and bones, directly to the soil.

Precious, however, anti-productive, probably. Thus, furtilizers would be decentrated type, Miyuki try in the next stage.

just stomping and put the soil on the ditch. And then, Asparagus and Brocorli, OKURA, Chou-crouts, she would plants, probably. And she recognized the necessity to move Basils in this ditch. Probably, with the pot team leader, Cool Mint would come with them. A bit strange shape, now, the leader is, because he is in the pot at the same time, in the patch already. Thus, in the hedge, they would be put.

Anyway, when she finds some interesting guy, she try to put in the patches, as she likes, and if they like the patch, they would grow up there. Only few guys would be fine, because she prefers harvesting vatiety of vegitables, in reality. Just for eating type field, not to gain money from the patches. Tasha Tudor like Natural Garden type, probably.

YUKARI liked her so much. And Miyuki watched TV program, just visiting her house and MIYUKI liked her elegant delicious life. In her case, more craftmanship inclined, however, her life style is beautiful. Not indulged Tea Ceremony Tribe she is. She was surrounded by her families, and she worked diligently, talking with her herbs and vegitables, guiding the TV producing team. She had her own opinion to live surrounded by the nature. And despite of inconvenience, her life chose to live in her way. Butter making and so on. yes, needed to work hard, sometimes, however, her daughter in law amused the life with the mother in law. Oh, rare! Miyuki thought that the younger generation, the couple, for example, felt sympathy with her life, thus, distant from civilization or modernized life, they decisively started to live with Tasha.

They enjoyed their life, despite of inconvenience, in common way. However, so fruitful, they seemed. And Tasha was so elegant lean small old lady, and for Miyuki, a kind of KANOU Sisters' profession's naming is similar. Life Style Producers, they were.

New way of life, Tasha and her sympathysers proposed. Satisfaction, they gained. Thus, beautiful.

Anyway, natural, thus, as Miyuki likes, she put some seeds, shoots, roots, stalks, skins of fruits, leftovers, and so on. Some guys popped out in the suitable period, and Miyuki would appreciate the result. Highly natural, and...not so elegant as Tasha.

Cooking challange, would be fine for her and her team mate. Miyuki predged Chinkoro would eat GOCIVA so soon, and according to OMANKO journalists, now, this brand is easily accessible at Convenience Store! Oh, thus, we can buy some, by way of convenience stores. However, the products are so limited, at the same type, too expensive. Not per each type. A whole type. Thus, Miyuki now thinks of Valantine Chocolate for Chinkoro...Mary-Lin would love it!, type specialite!

As a matter of fact, a thick chocolate drink, hot type. Cocoa, in her best way. Van Hoten Cocoa powder combined with fresh cream type. Superb, and original! Chigu-Lin, a bad cooker, tries to make her special heartful COCOA for her closest friend Mary-Lin. Thus, here you are, Chinkoro! Better than GODIVA!!!!

When Miyuki has chance to visit some urban towns, she would buy Demer or GODIVA, yes, however, not yet. Cocoa powder is expensive, yes, however, Miyuki loves to make chocolate paste in a small milk pan, to roast it, then, milk to melt it, and mixe it complitely. And her special in her junior high and hish school age is....Butter put type!!! Delicious!!!

Cocoa with butter. Terribly delicious! Every guy adores to drink it type! And...the reputation, never Miyuki heard of. For Miyuki, soo soo delicious, however, no guy says so near her. With salt put type butter, the taste would be much better!!!