Miyuki was in custody again! Now she is released!!!

2018-09-13 16:47:05 | 日記
Hi, Rightous Brothers!

Miyuki was caught on Day 28 of June, and she was in custody up to Day 31 of August. She lost almost 2 months in Summer.

She just wrote "Illegal Total" on the advertisement plate of some Construction Company, and the police, the judiciary and medical institutes and related public organs, all punished her, as they liked.

Anyway, she was so agonized and tortured during the period. Now, she regains power.

However, so many difficulties are there in front of her. Her berry farm is in danger. Her father and his relative gave a big damage on the farm, during her absence.

This autumn and winter, she is targetting craftworks. She is making a big bed cover by wool thread and a big kilt blanket with cut cloths. Please pray the success of her works!

VANISH DDMs! We won already! Get out of here from our beautiful universe!

All good things for you, Rightous Brothers! We are friends!

From Dr.Miyuki SATOW and her yellers called Mountain Monkies

Ants Tribe, including Ants eating Spiders, are the last ADIVA Nimrods!!! Discovery!!!

2018-06-25 16:38:26 | 日記
Hi, Rightous Brothers!

Our Team are progressing every day! Miyuki did SUPERB jobs so much! She gained so many reward from our side!!!

Yesterday, she discovered that ANTS TRIBE, including ANTS EATING SPIDERS, are the real final Dirtiest & Ugliest existance in our peaceful world.

Ants are IKKYO believers, while A.E.Spiders, Micchiku, in short.

They co-exist, astonishingly. Some of selective ants turn to be A.E.Spiders, thus, the spiders are just waiting for the death of the ants, under the soil.

Ants themselves like to bet their whole life, thus, they are so obedient to the stupidest spiders. The possibility to be Spiders are so small, however, exists, anyway, thus, they are pleased to contribute to the spiders, thus, they live altogether,in complex.

They are meat eaters, thus, they don't cultivate themselves. They just explore the others, and eat whatever, they gain. Thus, all of trash are eaten by them, without exception.

The most adorable food is body liquid of themselves, thus, the spiders mean the fat ants among them, who ate the colleagues and the inferiors, more and more.

Thus, ants want to be spiders, continue to be obedient to the idiot boss Spiders.

They are the same, and they love cement concrete surfice. So ugly, and No Man's Land and Road Side are the most suitable place for them all!

Thus, they love empty big projects to establish vacant buildings and concrete roads, unnecessarily.

The ideal situation is Mars, namely, Jamilan Homeland.
Ants Tribe want to turn the earth to their homeland.

Thus, ANTS tribe all should vanish immediately. Nimrodic Uroboros Animals, they are. The representatives of AJIVA, the whole existance of dirty ugly bad spirit.

AJIVA needs representative to function materially, and the representative is called NIMRODS.

Thus, Human representative of them are USUI, MATSUSHIMA and HIRAKUBO Families in Shirakawa. IQ -200, confirmed!!!

We can't co-exist with any of them. Thus, they should be killed, immediately.

They devastated our precious forest, in vast scale. Stupid idiots broke our happiness, in short.

They put illegal markings in any place in Shirakawa, and they sold public spaces, as if they were the owners. They can't recognize the difference between Public Property and Private one, confirmed.

Genetically stupid families reignned Shirakawa, taking advantage of evil families like SEKINE, ENDOU and so on.

Punish them all, immediately. They have no choice!

HIRAKUBO, faked farmers, are accustomed to use chemical products to get rit of precious weeds. We are obliged to fight against Chemical Weapon, which are agaist any International Public Law, and against Law of War time.

Kill them all in a body, right now, Rightous Brothers!!!

We need to accelarate our power regaining process, as much as possible!

Miyuki is working for it, surrounded by these evilest dirty nasty existance, called Las BAPPANNYAs!!!!

BAPPA is old ugly bitch, while Annya, naughty rough guy.

By way of combination between Hirakubo and USUI families, they turned to be BAPPANNYA!

In the melody of La Bamba!, we can sing the song of La BAPPANNYA!

Let's sing the song altogether!

We are in early summer! Beautiful day! We should enjoy our life!!!


Have a nice summer for the residents on the north side, while a enjoyable winter for those on the south side of the globe. Have a nice day and night!!!

From Dr.Miyuki SATOW and her team reforced by so many participants. Team Friday, they are called.

Oh, Teddy is now our Ignolandia's president, and Miyuki is legal consultant combined with executor.

O.J.Sympson, in Preditor II, now she is playing, and she is so satisfied with the role!!!

Extra-Terinator, she is called now! Good mission, she gained!!!!

Shirakawans should be called Ultra Idiots, or 爆痴 or BAKUCHI!!!

Thus, from us all, Good Happy Life for you!!!!

We are Jiva, while Nimrods are Ajiva, Miyuki found!!!

2018-05-31 12:35:14 | 日記
Hi, Rightous Brothers!!!

As you know well, M gained new good job!!! Plant Doctor, or Plant trimmer, or Plant esthetician, she is now!!!
She is a good trainee now, thus she would continue to be as a good Plant Doctor, forever!!!

Now, she is trimming Fig Tree in our south courtyard in YAOYA-cho, and Fig liked her so sensitive treatment. Now, he is in good mood, and so vivid, despite of unfortune attacking done by Nimrodic insects.

In YUUKI area near Lyon d'Ore Super market, Miyuki watched a disastrously damaged KIWI field. It was called ADACHI's swinging Patch, or, Green Smelly Turtle Insects' Death on the Belly Field, from yesterday.

This area was a good KIWI field, almost 20 years ago, however, Nimrods attacked it, and Shirakawan snags helped the attack. Miyuki's adults family members are the examples. They chose devastation on the fruits orchards, and agreed to kill the farmers' families, and gained some benefit from the concealing attitude.

Shirakawans continued to attack the field, thus, even this year, on May, Chemical Attack, Biological Attack, Physical Attack and Psychological Attack etc. were done toward us, conxecutively.

Miyuki took Green Turtle Insects off from the stalks by a vinil package, small cutter knife and her precious hands, while Nimrods, put chemical products to kill them, namely, insecticide, they put, several times.

And the eggs of the nasty smelly insects were put intentionally from the sky as air raid done by helicopters. Terrible devastation, Shirakawan Nimrods chose.

And also, Business School students stomped the ivies of KIWIs intentionally, by their bicycles and their dirty feet. Agricultural Course of the school is found as Anti-Fruits Orchard Owners' group, thus, Indulged Snag Feeding Place, in short. To damage the diligent farmers, rural kids were obliged to go to the course, against their inclination.

There, they learned to be indulged urbanized snags or GOKUTSUBUSHI in Japanese, and they turned to be exactly so.

Alex's colleagues are like that. They should be killed immediately, of course!!!

Miyuki was threatened so much by Nimrodic vehicles during her task doing. They Beeped toward her, tried to hit her by bicycle, and to stop her working, as usual.

Shirakawans are ALIVA, and we are JIVA, Miyuki got to know so much.

Now, Shirakawans are Uroboros Insects. They just exist, and do wrong according to their own instinct. Uroboros Insect like life, they spend.

Miyuki got shocked today, because our precious Maryline Monroe Roses' twigs were cut down, and their faces are so sad now. In the middle of the high season, Nimrodic BUSU bitch cut the flowers, intentionally.

The bitch came 2 months ago, almost, and hired Mad Dogs, and did as she liked. Old female bitch, and she accused Miyuki to pick up the seeds on the road. She herself was the thief and did robbing of the house and the rose garden, however, she accused us all, without any ligitimacy. Ricidulous BUSU Ugly old bitch, she is!!!

She is just occupationer of the courtyard, however, she herself wanted to be superior to the pretty rose, thus, she cut the twigs of so many flowers and buds, as winner of the contest of Cruel Existance in this village.

Miyuki and we got shocked so much. Psychologically damaged. Thus, the BUSU ugly bitch thought that she were the winner.

One day before yesterday, on the road of Magpie Mountain, on the slope, Miyuki found that so much concrete cement was put, in the most dirtist way. Nimrods attempted to devastate the road, as if it were theirs. Terrible! They can't recognize the difference betweer ours and theirs. All Alzheimer Shirakawan Adivas, they are!!!

ADIVA is uiversal totalitarian existance, which has no spirit of their own. They live as a body. No individual system is adopted. Thus, against universal rule. Harmful Insects, they are, and they can transform easily, because of it. Skin bags are replaceable, thus, they can live as Only One MonoLis.

Rather, Mono-Les. ADIVA MONOLES, or poisoneous ugly nasty insects they are!!!!

Thus, we can fight against them in any place. One ant's death causes the damage for any of ADIVA. Negative Jina Religion believers, they, Nimrods are. Thus, kill the attackers, as much as possible. Quantity only works on them.

Thus, we can win again in any battle against any of these nasty existance.

In Shirakawa, Nimrodic ADIVA attempts to kill us, as usual, thus, we need to win, as always, and forever!!!

VANISH! DDMs!!! We won, however, AJIVA just doesn't recognize it!!! They are All Alzheimer Ajiva!!! AAA!!!!

Thus, Good afternoon, Rightous Brothers! We are working for our beautiful world, as usual!!!

From Dr.Miyuki SATOW and her team "Fridays and Ms.Robinson"!!!

Teddy is now pudding exispert! His Pudding is SUPERB!!! ADACHI confirmed!!! Really delicious! Give me more!!!

We are alive! Guts gained Doctoral Degree of Sociology!!!

2018-05-18 12:19:39 | 日記
Hi, Rightous Brothers!

We are in Early Summer this month.
Now our team is composed by 13 figures. New team member is Eugine Mole, Adrean's adopted son.
He was damaged doubly. Attacked by Amphetamine and then, hit by car. Adrean's disaster and Chinkoro King's one, Eugine cought, unfortunately.

He has now Eugine Mole's Kiwi Slope, beside Adrean's Strawberry Field. Good nice guy, and he was killed near the sacred fauntain and TKEMORI'd evil nest.

TAKEMORI Family are phesants, and they are incest families. The daughters MAYUMI and RIE do it with their father. Father Fuckers, they both are! Yukiko, their mother was killed last year, soon after recognizing the fact of incest. The sisters, namely, her daughters, and her husband, altogether, colaborated to kill Yukiko, intentionally. She was berried in the field of Our Sacred Chestnut Hill, without our accordance!!!

Terrible Blasfamia, however, TAKEMORI family don't know the limit of morality, and they do wrong as always.
One day before yesterday, TAKEMORI father invited into our sacred site, wandering, as Alzheimer desease holder, and Miyuki found him there, and accused him in a loud voice, in public, taking the photo.
Then, Mayumi, his father, and Miyuki's cousin, got out from the house, and gazed Miyuki to threaten her, thus, Miyuki got in rage, and yelled in a louder voice to us all! "Look, this shameless family! They are wrongdoers! They should be killed right now! Invasion, Stealing, Breaking our properties, and so on. They should vanish immediately! They are all incest families!!!"

Yesterday, Miyuki got chilled in the house of Yaoya-cho. One day before yesterday, Harumi got out to the south courtyard, and Miyuki ignored her entirely. Inner and outside Nimrods picked her precious shoots of walnuts, so many, thus, they should be shot, immediately!
Then, Harumi called Yukari, and Yukari got out to thretean Miyuki, in her dumb only arrogant standing pose. Thus, Miyuki yelled in public, "This is the BUSU Bitch called INKIN-TANUKI or IN-TANU! She suffers from ichy-bitchy VAGINA for 48 years, in all her life, and she always scruches her vagina, and doesn't do anything at all, in her whole life!!! Super Idle Mad Dog! INKIN-TANUKI, her nick name is! Call her INKIN-TANUKI!!!" in the max volumed voice.

Yukari didn't refuse Miyuki's remarks, thus she aditted all of Miyuki's saying. INKIN-TANUKI YUKARI, we should call her, officially!

Recently, so many mad dogs attack us so often. Miyuki was thrown stones from the back at Big Cross by Orange Towell Mad Dog, old erotic satan, and on the next day, he chased her by bicycle! Terrible days, we are passing here in Shirakawa!!!

Mad Dogs devastate our precious forests, even by only one human skin holder. They have moter using tools like Chain-Sow and so on, and they cut the forests as they like, thinking as if whole the forests were theirs.
Terrible Mad Dogs are King Ra, of Egypt now. Old and young Mad Dogs are wandering in the village. We should survive anyway. Chestnuts and their kins are attacked harshly.
This morning, Miyuki found the terrible attacking on Magpie Mountains. All Jamilas and Dadas and Bells should be killed immediately!!!!

Now, good news. Our Guts, now Teddy's Mama Guts, gained Doctoral Degree of Sociology, yesterday. He was praised by his fact finding skill, and the possiblity to resolve the problems. We all celebrate his Degree obtaining, altogether.

Out Team is now, "Friday and Mr.Robinson" called. 13 figures in total. We are doing well.
Bob's mother was discovered...She is so andacious fighting GOOSE, whom Miyuki did know well with her kids. "Oh, she! Out of mind! So...Greedy and fighter, she was!!!", Miyuki remembered her appearance in NANKO Silver Lake.

Also, Bob's father, Miyuki met again in the northern part of center of Shirakawa. Howk's kind, and brown type.
His character is rather Bob's, totally different of Bob's mother. Anyway, according to the both parents, Bob is "Goden Egg", thus, Big success, in resume.

Bob is whitish brown, and from the bottom, he looks so similar to his father. Only one part of him resembles to his mother...whitish hip. Big hip type, as Adachi. And no problem to be so, anyway.

Bob's face is totaly Howk, like his father, and his momther likes it so much, and his hip, also. Anyway, so functional.

Miyuki agrees that his mother is so similar to Miyuki, almost in any part of the characters, except some points. She is so experient to do it, and she is so active to attract the counterparts. Bob is only one of her kids. She dislikes her tribe, generally speaking, as counterparts for doing it. Thus, she chased Bob's father, and he agreed to do it, and then Bob, The Gold Egg, came to appear.

Anyway, so greedy, in positive meaning. We should be, both say so unanimously.

Despite of Mad Dogs' consecutive attackings, we should survive, and we should go forward. Thus, walk, walk, walk!, is Miyuki's catch frase.

Thus, see you soon, Rightous Brothers! Chinkoro King would play the roles of King and Queen of the film, "Queen Margaret", based on the story of Bergian Tax worrier.

VANISH! DDMs! You are all ugly bitches!!!

See you soon, Rightous Brothers!
Thus, good afternoon!

From "Friday and Mr.Robinson", with Big Big LOVE!!!

Dr.Miyuki SATOW is alive, even now!

2018-04-12 10:40:31 | 日記
Hi, Rightous Brothers!

Dr.Miyuki SATOW and her special team called One Duce of Wonders!, are astonished at Shirakawan illogical cases.
Miyuki was attacked by so many MEISAI MOW-MOWs, or Camofraged Cows, in short, Self Defense Force members, including veterans! Now, they are wandering in uniform at commercial facilities, like supermarkets, as usual!!!

Behind Miyuki, the gun exploded, at Benimaru-Yokomachi Supermarket, however, any shopkeepers nor consumers didn't respond at all!

Miyuki was accused there by an old veteran in Meisai Mow-Mows' uniform, in this way:
"You did fass, didn't you, stupid!!!" ?????, for her side, however, she got chilled and left the site, running as fast as possible, and survived. Good Grief.

Also, her father KOJI, one day before the happening above, threatened her as follows:
"You did fass in Yoji's field, thus, Yoji would kill you, Stupid!"

They both wanted to damage Dr.Miyuki SATOW's beautiful academic career by way of their level, namely, fass doing deceipt. Of course, as civilized educated guy, Dr.Miyuki SATOW didn't do fass outside, without saying! Shirakawans are in this level, now! Fass words only, they use!!! Even ADACHI sighs, encountering with this final Alzheimer stage.

Koji threatened with a big brownish envelope in his left hand, saying, "Here is a mail for you, stupid!", and the envelope was open, appearently. He opened it, the confidencial mail to Miyuki, without any accordance of Dr.Miyuki SATOW. He is out of tune, in this level.

Next day, this week, when Miyuki was absent, some guy opened our hutte with the key, and put a plastic sac with two envelopes, one, brownish, and another, white, inside the hutte. Her privacy was destroyed again.

No safety at all in Shirakawa, now. They attack us, consecutively. Several days before, also, Mayumi TAKEMORI, Miyuki's cousin, almost 50 years old Alzheimer bitch, invided our precious Chestnut Hill, and tried to attack Miyuki physically. Miyuki pushed out her, entirely, however, the next day, Koji threatened like above.

Here and there, so many Alzheimer attackings, Shirakawans do, and now, so many KOORIYAMANs and FUKUSHIMANs are comming from the two bigger Alzheimer urbanized towns to attack us, by car.

KOOROYAMAN language is all fass words type, and their frases are so short. Just like Alien Language, Miyuki got shocked at thier dirty remarks!

FUKUSHIMANs are worse than KOORIYAMAN language. Tairyuu ABE couldn't respond to Miyuki, against his pledge. Non reliable guy, already, however, so forgetful, and his extreme Alzheimer desease holding was revealed entirely in public.

This famous Administrative Law pimp from FUKUSHIMA town, said to us, "I can't confess my colleagues' shame, at all!", however, Dr.Miyuki SATOW discovered the exact mean of his explanation. Just, "I forgot all what they had done before!" Alzheimer forgetfulness, he is in, thus, useless infomant, even in INFERNO! Fass Ditch is his residence!

FUKUSHIMA prefecture is all fass world now! A wild dog did fass in front of our sacred fountain! Blasfamia!

Tairyu ABE tried to order the entire devastation of whole Fukushima Mountain Range, without exception. Leonidas, he wanted to be as Shinzo ABE. Collective Big Suicide or Lemming way of final end, they wanted. Stupidity causes TOTAL VANISHING by themselves, we confirmed!!!

For them, total vanishing is so nice, however, Don't get us involved your stupid attempt, Leonidas Alzheimer Team Leaders! We are different from you! You belong to INFERNO, while we, to the earth!!!! VANISH! DDMs!!!

Thus, Miyuki's team is so busy!

Now, Adrean Mole, is new member of us. He is old guy, hard worker, and likes alchoolic liquors. He likes underground, and not good us bright light. We put his name for the strowberry slope in Chestnut Hill Farm.

Yacult came back on Day 4th this month. They brought his team members. Cheerful guys, and they want to work harder for us all!

Teddy started his cooking school with MAMA GUTS. They liked the real steamed up pudding, and TEDDY gained a big success to get out of his negative heritage, namely, Puttin Purin liking habit. They also made success to steam up Egg Cake, similar to Castilla Cake. They are better cookers than Miyuki, Miyuki agreed.

She could find good qualified products of Iberian Countries. This spring's big hit is Portuguese Dried up Toast called TORRADA. This is so effective, and Miyuki likes the price and the!!!

Now, Shirakawa village is floureshed with so many beautiful flavoury flowers, despite of Dirty Alzheimer Army's existance. Their power is deciesing, yes, however, even now, they want to show up thier presence!!!

We are fighting for our dream land, Fruit Paradise!!! Please yell to our side, Rightous Brothers, as always!!!


From Dr.Miyuki SATOW and her TEAM, One Duce Wonderers!, with BIG BIG LOVE!!!!, for Rightous Brothers!!!