Rabby & Chinkoro : News Flash (84)

2017-05-30 22:59:17 | 日記
31/05/2017 (Wednesday, evening) Miyuki got so upset when DDMic OCN blog provider erased her precious reports at 15000 letters almost last night.

They sometimes erased the past, in the same way. For them, usual habit. And I am no.1 target, because they have no client at all except me!!! She took the photo of the site saying, 0 member exists on this blog site. Oh, only one, now I am. And it means that even DDMs could attack me easily in collectively.

Anyway, OCN did twice in the same period. At first, they erased the date written by her, included in the e-mail massage to her dearest friend IZUMI-san. Oh, they did it, again. It means we should gain much more than I did. Revenge, at least 10 times more!!!

And Miyuki really thought that they had no way except vanishing. They can't recognize how their wrongdoings affect our society, nor stop them. Others should take measure to stop them, as soon as possible.

Quartet MARC triggered some guns shooting DDMs, however, many DDMs yet come to this evil rural village called Shirakawa to showup their faked power under the some idiots' bosses. Probably plural bosses coexhist now in this goddamnit type rural village. And indifferent from their religions, they are all Alzheimer patients, confirmed type.

Today, Miyuki found that Ryuho OHKAWA, the religios leader of Science of Law, who graduated from Tokyo Versity, Faculty of law, was one of the main stream team leaders.

he especially wanted to maintain the prevalence of Todai related ones' power in this region, and established a university near Shirakawa. And the only reason was revealed, by Miyuki's accute perception. his son is intellectually degraded, challenged type, because of their combination of Todai x Todai. The degradation theory in Gene area, Miyuki really thought.

Miyuki remembered that HATOYAMA family were the worst example. According to her mother, they are the best example of incest marrige. Only cousen could be target of their marrige, they ware fated. And almost all of them entered into and graduated from Tokyo Versity.

However, no principle would never have any exception. Miyuki did know that one of the son of Yukio HATOYAMA graduated from Australian high school, and he entered into Graduate course of Kyorin versity.

HATOYAMA got married with a semi-blooded lady, and he was born as their kid, and studied in Austraria, and came back to Japan, and he was a rich boy. However, as common Austrarian high degree holder, he came to the campus by his own car, and asked some information alone. Too too natural for his age. And he dyed his hair green, according to the clerk called YAMAKAWA. Better than averege, she thought. And said so to YAMAKAWA.

Miyuki recogonized YAMAKAWA's accusing tone refering to the colour of his hair. Oh, YAMAKAWA, U2?, Miyuki thought. Because YAMAKAWA himself dyed his hair in light brown.

HATOYAMA belonged to TAKUBO, a leftest journalist of SANKEI shimbun, and a professor of International Politicas studies at that time in Kyorin. Takeshi AOKI confirmed his existance, and Miyuki remember that she probably met him, in a black hair, in some exam held for candidates of faculty. Oh, he!, Miyuki thought. His filiolonomy was so similar to his father, and the young version was at least batter than the older version.

And Miyuki got astonished to read some description on him, saying, "He graduated from Tokyo Versity"????

Already, HATOYAMA Family used the system, even in 1990, probably. And at least, he escaped from the worst disaster among their family.

Incest was weaking the ability, was an already found type fact. And we called it "degradated generation problem." Miyuki had some 十姉妹 or tiny birds in her own house, and they produced their family by way of this method, and the result was vanishing. Anyway, the got feebler physically. Not so nasty, because they had no choice. Narrow concealed place, and Miyuki didn't know how to deal with them rightously. And she left them as they liked, and the result was incest.

Coincidently, HATOYAMA means Mountain of Doves. Doves can do it, if they have no choice, probably.
And human beings could be the result of such kind of wild party, thus we have no fur, or nakid.

And in Japan, the situation was worse. Imperial families are famous for incest. Especially in the ancient age, they could get married with their own kids, in main cases. Too conceal their richness, the system was adopted, it was explained.

Thus, incest's result damaged us Japanses so much. Beside nakid, we have short legs. Unbalanced ugly body shape holders, who are mother fuckers, was the recognithion of other countries. Thus, they called Japanse 倭 or dwarf. And Japanese changed the Chinese character from 倭 to 和、or peace. The same pronunciation "WA", however, comletely differed in the meaning.

Thus, Clare said, "Oh, we are messy body holders. My case is better, because I have a gene donor, non Japanese type. And you, Miyuki? Both are Japanese. No way!"

And Miyuki's reply was, "I think so, throughly." With a deep sigh.

Long legs the two want yes. however, they couln't gain them until now. Gene problem, probably. However, Miyuki declared as usual, "I decided to have longer legs. At least, 25cm more longher than actual ones. I never give up my dream to have them. I try to have them and I will have 185cm in the future, because of my own effort.

And she recognized that her shoulder is now getting broader. Milk drinking combined with good exercise, is her technique to gain more better body. Clare didn't say no to her choice. Anyway, she should decide on the matter. I am free from her opinion, including remaining my own opinion regarding to her preference at hight.

And Miyuki is now extremely sleepy. She should get up earlier than usual like today tomorrow.
VANISH! DDMs!!! You are so ugly namely BUSUs, you are.
See you us all for today. Don't forget to visit our site, everyone in our team!!!
From Quartet MARC, with big LOVE!!!

Rabby & Chinkoro : News Flash (83)

2017-05-30 19:36:18 | 日記

30/05/2017 (Tuesday, evening) Miyuki came from her detective job and took a rest with her light meal. Morrocan canned sardines with squeesed lemmon juice is a good discovery for her military ambulance type easy meal. Anyway delicious!!! With crackers are her recommendation. She drank the oil added jeuce in the end. Fresh lemmon is necessary for her cooking.

  In Brazil, lemmon or lyme is so cheap. It is sold in a duce, or 12 peaces, and always under US$1 in total. Lemmon squeezing is not so luxuary in Brazil at all. Even poor families do it type common use requsite in their culinary. However, in Japan, lemmon squeezed juice is a kind of "Only some celebrity could do it" type luxuary, probably, Miyuki deeply sighs, drinking her iced cafe latte.

  For her, at least, US$10 should be fine in her precarious ambulance meal eating period. And always, she sings when she departs from her precious US$10 equivalent note called Mr.Noguchi, in a melody of "Good bye, Napoli!"

  N'che si moa la parten'za io me neva, co adio, NOGUCHI, bello mio, non te de addio ciu!!!♫♬

 Anyway, she didn't want to spend this US$10 note at all. However, to live, she should spend it, at least, once per day, in total. And she is obliged to sing, when she leaves him in the casher. She feels so sad, when she gets far from him. Oh, NOGUCHI, NOGUCHI!, my loving NOGUCHI! Why you separate from me so fast????

  According to her caluculation, she is forced to spend at least US$300 per month. Outrageously expensive, they all thought. She is now prohibitted to use the kitchen, thus, she should do pay more than kitchen users. And they, her evil mother and sister are reluctant to use it. however, they occupy the kitchen, unnecessarily, just to say "No!" to others.

  This morning, Miyuki heared their kinkiest behaviour on the electric problem.

  First, YUKARI used microwaved oven. Then, Alex asked her to allow him to use his dryer, saying, "Oh, I want to use my hair dryer in my chamber. However, it doesn't function." And Miyuki heard some slectric warning several times, then, probably the breaker dropped.

  Alex claimed, "Oh, Auntie, I need to use my dryer, or I can't dry up my hair. I want to use it in the office." And YUKARI yelled, in a threatening voice, "No! You should use the dryer in your sister Clare's chamber. In the office, you can't use it, and in the main house, not at all. Because the breaker dropped."

  Miyuki felt so strange. In the main house, sometimes the breaker dropped down. And the office and the backhouse were free from the dropping of the breaker. Why YUKARI got upset at Alex's request to use the office so abruptly?

  And then, another warning sound, and Alex started to use the dryer in his chamber again. And now, his evil Auntie came to his chamber, on the way to go upstairs to him, and said, for him, already using his dryer, "Alex, now, the breaker was concerted. You can use it as you like!", in her hush-hush way.

  Miyuki felt strange, because why she came to say it on the way to tell it, while he was already using it. The sould said that he was using it now. However, she couldn't recognize it. She is so slow to recognize the fact.

  And her mother, who encountered with her husband, who perceived their confusion caused by the easiest breaker dropping, started to evade, in the main house, saying, "Probably, YUKARI used the toaster, and at the same time, micro-oven. It would be the cause of the passing the limit of the eletricity, I think.", when YUKARI was in the office.

  They are accustomed to put the responsiblity to others, who are not there. This is their automatic response. Anyway, others' fault. I am free form the disaster, like attitude.

  And before his concertationg job, the mother and YUKARI made a conversation on the cause, as soon as they recognized the breaker dropping. Miyuki felt so nasty, "Why they don't recover the breaker in the suitable position? It is too easy to do so. The first is to regain electricity. Why now they started to think of the reason of the disaster???"

  They both couldn't think of how to concert the breaker dropping at all. Only several month ago, they did it. My mother asked YUKARI to do it, and YUKARI, with her whole reluctance, did, anyway. And this morning, they couldn't, nor, they didn't think of the way to recuperate the situation.

   For them, accusation of others is the first priority, and the conserting the breaker is the last one to be thought of, even this consertation is so easy for us all.

   Degradation was confirmed so much again. And they are inclined to sell each other, when they are distant from each other. In front, they can't betray each other, however, in the concealed way, they are easily betraying other DDMs, probably.

   In this type, inducing betrayal is the best policy. They would split easily after one's big failure. And they cut the electricity anyway unintentionally. For a while, they could not provide it to other DDMs.

  They were selling electricity to other DDMs, thus, they were likely to be accused by them in the future, they perceived, and thus, they started to evade, as soon as possible. Not my fault type remarks here and there. And they didn't know the way to regain the electricity.

  And lack of electricity caused some confusion. Delay would be fatal for DDMs. And today, Miyuki found some strange fenomena in the rural areas, mainly in NISHIGOU area.

  Miyuki recognized that today, her friends Intyrime and USAvish were both not in the mood. Why? Miyuki didn't know. And no man's land in the farm, realized. However, they pretended that they didn't know Miyuki at all. Thus, Miyuki said that "OK, anyway, we are rightous ones, and I, in a precarious way, are deligated to be the owner of this animal farm, agricultural farms, orchards, berry fields and so one. If you are rightous ones, you would be the general manager of our animal farm. If not, anyway, I could manage the situation. " And she left the farm, as usual, saying, "Vanish! DDMs!!! We are the rightous power holders under the name of Gods of Justice!!! I, Miyuki SATO is a representative of animals' army. Thus, we should work for us all!!! And Miyuki is the owner of this farm, under the agreement of all of us, who are reigned under Gods of the universe. "

  And she left it, with her detective jobs. Yesterday, a car, silver box wagon type with 福島 or FUKUSHIMA 584 い or I, number 111. She rememered the full information on this car. Identification ability would save us all!!!

  And she took a picture of no-car in the farm. It means that they left the farm. Wrongdoers' residue, yes!!!

  And she was scolded in a Gas stand near the EAON. She found two white papers to conceal the names of the petroleum company, and confirmed that this Gasoline stand is "Self-Service" type, according to the discription, and took some pictures, and she found an old man was inside the building surrounded by glass doors, and got to feel strange. "Self-Service for personal reduction. Why he is here?" and she took the pictuire also. Then, abruptly, he dashed out of the building, and started to threaten her in his loud voice, "You are prohibitted to take a picture! Wrongdoer!" Oh, he was the type, who was scolding me near AOKI's dead body burning facility, in a faked police car no.53-88. BINGO!!! He, as an Alzheimer patient, got confused his role, and always started to threaten, when he felt nasty. Like my mother!!!

  She was sucking a chicken leg born in her full mouth, thus, she couldn't say anything at all. And she left the evil gas station as soon as possible. Probably, he would inform to some evil place, and he would vanish immediately.

  After Miyuki's recognition, they vanish. Strange to say, however, some game's rule, probably. Until she recognizes it, was the game's rule. and she likes to discovery the facts. Her most favorite hobby, probably!

  And she put the leftborn on the tumbs' stone. Better than leaving to be stolen. Some my friends could take advantage of it.

  And she remembered that crows' queen failed when she met with SUSANOO or YAMATO-TAKERU, a legendary anscestor of TENNOU Family in the ancient era. Probably, this wild beast took the magic. Feromone, Miyuki presumed. And she, the queen allowed him to enter their sacred, and the evil beast made the devastation.

  He burned the field filled with grasses, and she, the queen trapped her friends, especially, dragon, or carp or snake, probably both. And thus, the beast called SUSANOO gained superficial legitimacy. And DDMs started to behave like queens beside the cruel kinkiest beasts like him.

  The queen should not tell the secret place to him, however, she did it, and lost her power. And she got punished severely. Thus, she should wear black clothings as usuall.

  for Miyuki, crows are some kind of symbol of unrbanized type's knowledge. However, animals know well that they sometimes failed at the past. Thus, they should maintain the power, even after several astonishing accusation from others. And Miyuki is always so tolerant to others' mistakes. Anyway, even animals fail, several times. Important is recover our rightous power, against DDMs. Crows failed yes, probably, thus, we should make effort to recover from the damage. Yes, big mistakes, your ancestors commited. However, just mourning should not be fine for us all. If they made big mistakes, thus, we should fight againt our enemy more and more, to recuparate our errors.

  Big mistakes means degradation in morality, or against the universal rule, OK? The rest, we don't care. Sometimes, we fail.

  And Miyuki SATO, is accustomed to do so. She is a kind of professional of this field. Always failing jobs, she does. Thus, she chose to live in the versity campus. Not big failure, would be a good exercise for her, if it were not intentional. For developping, failures are necesssary. She is a professional failer, in a certain sense. And she liked to be a professor, because of it.

  However, no living field called versity at all in the world, as you know, thus, she turned to be a professional of other field. Yes, she is a scholar, even now. However, she does this job for free. Thus, she needs another money earning job, and she accepted to earn money as a professional pet among us all, namely, comedienne, combined with some several resembling jobs. A kind of performer like actress or so.

  Professional failer, even now?!!! yes, unintentional, of course!!! And Chinkoro liked her so much, more and more!!! Unusual!!! She should be better failer!!! yes, best feiler!!!! The only one, probably!!!!

  She could earn money from this job, and she alwasy so serious to play the role. Comical way, she chose. And she accepted to be laught at by others, excluding DDMs all. Our friends, as you like, enjoy her performance!!!

  Thus, she gains several money through this job. And anybody accepted their kind offer until she gained it. Now, an aim of jealousy, in a certain meaning. The most jealousy, her kids had alreasy. Only it, she could gain??? Why not we? Whe are more cuter than she!!! Anyway, we two are promissive in appearance also!!! Why only she????

  And now, they recognized that she accepted it as soon as possible, when the offer came. For her, any offer would be fine, if she could continue to be a scholar, and could gain her living cost and some petit luxuary, because her supporters are, without exception, poor, in financial meaning. All! without exception!!!! She herself should earn the money, at least. And she understood it. Anyway, cheerful guys they are. Not rich in money. Just it. We should manage the situation, anyway.

  Thus, her necessity, in other words. You two, can earn your own living cost, more efficiently rather than she. It means that you two would be richer than she. And they loved the idea to be richer. Anyway, gorgeous would be suitable for them two. Miyuki is not promissive at this point. Always, she was outside, and brought some messy types. Always. Without exception. Probably, some kind of 貧乏神 or Gods of Poverty, we said several times. For her, laughing story writing is not so bad, however, for us all, a kind of headache. Why she is so poor?, they all thought, and found that her supporters are all poor.

  And she chose the way already. Thus, she is poor in any place in the world. And she is gorgeous materially. Not so superficially brilliant type, however, in the bottom of the heart, she is tottaly satisfied with her life, anyway.

  And she found when she feels "Oh, this is the real happiness!" The reply is easy. Laughing time!!!! Thus, she chose the way to be a commedienne. And good to know it!!! She is a promissive in this field. Even her failures would be praised among us all!!! Anyway, she likes to be laught at!!! She is audaciously inclined to be laught at!!!!

  Why she can't take advantage of her laughing episodes in her own life?, ADACHI wispered. According to him, Oh, she is superb at this point. More than he!!! It's rare!!! Because she is older than you, twice more older!!!

  And why so laughing episodes here and there, surrounding her? Bop Hope would admire her real experience!!! Any commedian, like Chico Anicio didn't imagine that exists such a type. The real commedienne she is!!!!

  Already an aim of jealousy from Brazilian commedians!!!! Tom would get bite her fingers all!!!

  She recognized that Intyrime could nod like fairly tails' horse like in Narnia world. However, he didn't like the way. Nasty, however, to perform the role, he was obliged to do so. And now, they didn't want to see her rightously. Don't say easily that "Even animals fail rather then we expect". The professional secret, it would be. Thus, they got upset, and OK, I would bring some fruit probably tomorrow, or raddish would be!!!

  Their common food is raddish. Eatable in the raw situation, and all three can eat all together. Good lunch time, for us three!!! Oh, Miyuki would buy some seeds of red cherry type raddish and put them beside the spokes. We can east as we like, and together, also. Tomorrow, we would buy some!!!

  Raddish field would be fine. And the earth is good to grow berries. Ideal for us all!!!Vast place, however, for running, a bit narrower, especially for the horse. however, without any evil DDMic car, they can run as they like, without any worry.

  And Miyuki got to recognize that they really use illusionary system. When she entered into AEON, she confirmed the direction at first. And found that the icecream shelves for the cheapish type were located horizontally, different from the location as usual. And after several minutes of her wondering, the shelves were located in vertically!!!

  Oh, they did it! She recognized the different in the end! Horizontal turned to be vertical. They used the magic just to arrange the location, probably.

  Already she recognized that in EAON's building, she got forced to be direction blind. And sometimes, the place of toilet changed. Why here I am so blind in direction? yes, Shirakawa is a kind of confusion inducing rural village like a trick art museum, however, especially here, too too confusional.

  And today, so many consumers, faked ones, probably, were here and there, only in the corner of super market. So strange, because EAON's supermarket is not so promissive at all. Other averege market is better anyway. Why only today, and how?



Rabby & Chinkoro : News Flash (82)

2017-05-29 20:44:49 | 日記

29/05/2017 (Monday, evening) Miyuki came from her outside job for Today. It was a beautiful Monday with blue sky. She put on Tshirt with the design of Andy Wahol, a read heeled shoe in dark navy back ground, and tight leggins type Sax Blue Jeans and black short boots, and danced some training medrays in front of the squad of 6 males with 30 years old or so, who were in the parking lots of Public Library in Shirakawa. She amused so much, showing her nice flat belly or corpo salado by the reflexion of the mirror glass. Oh, my belly button!!! Oh, how cute, and vertical!!! Oh, our type!!!! Chinkoro liked her young body, and said to his dearest father, "Oh, she is beautiful at the part!!!" He is interested in her nakid body. And found that her belly botton is vertical. Oh, mine is not seen, anymore, however, he decided to choose it for him, also. And his Daddy liked the idea. Verticle botton is sexy, anyway, Miyuki really thought, when she was young in her versity dormitory. At that time, more plampy was her belly, and not so distinctively vertical. A bit vertical type. Now, distinctively, vertical!!! And liked her body, and is proud of it.

  And they liked her belly, and forgot who were their target. Before them, another squad was near, inside KOMINES, a culture center beside the public library. And when she appeared, they vanished, anyway. Thus, she started to train for her performance. Today, her theme was being an back stage dancer for Jacky Chen's movie. Thus, she played the role of Socialist Snyper who started to learn martial art under his lesson. And she was categorized, anyway, a bit promissive to do so. Non career dancer, she is. Criative type, with some comical performance. Thus, she would be a good dancer in this category. Comical scene only type. And her quartet agreed the contract immediately. Anyway, they like to amuse her life totally. Thus, the sooner, the better.

  She is now in the last stage of Shirakawa's watcher. How human figures could be the evilest and shameless, was her aim of study. And beyond the limit, was the right answer. They could sell the soul of their own family members. For her astonishing fact, however, for them, natural and traditional.

  They could do it, probably, to sell all our universe, at the exchange of the cheapest benefit, Miyuki realized. Anyway, they have no capacity. No legitimacy at all. Thus, who is capable stops their wrongdoing, anyway.

  And now, non stopper exists unfortunatelly. They tried, however, refraining from them is the best policy now, like Miyuki really feels so.

  They are laught at by others, however, they continue to do their wrongdoings nevertheless. And they collected the shames. And for them, nothing at all, because they forgot all of their memories. So forgetful they are.

  They are forgetful, even the cleverest type among them, we wispered Miyuki, and Miyuki tried some questions to them, and she confirmed that they didn't remember such important factors in their lives.

  Trifle things would be fine. However, for the pivot, not at all!!! They are forgetful, anyway, Miyuki really thought.

  One cough YUKARI is more softer, two coughs YUKARI is more harder, Miyuki found an inclination. And they are the same, Miyuki found. Softer is her mother, while harder, Mad Dog YUKARI.

  Today, Miyuki visited the animal farm again. And an old man with mad dog came to them, Miyuki and our representatives in the farm. And the man wanted to behave like the owner. However, they tried to give a piece of frilled letus to Inty. Oh, he doesn't know the horse's common food! Owner faked showed his horse legs!!!!

  She likes this expression, because she also did the horsed legged deligate in Tachikawa's Macdonald shop. Oh, he is? Inty? You are???

  At the last moment, he showed his own leggs a bit, and Miyuki confirmed that the suspetion against her moral sanity ended. And during his stay there, she just claimed for long time. 15 minutes or so. Only claimed and claimed. Oh, she is such a type. Thus, probably, she is not, she was categorized OK for us, at that time.

  For her, he would be a devil, with stylish appearance. however, she didn't see his face at all, because he could fake his fisiolonomy. And the mood should be kept. And the leggs. He showed only a bit, and impressive, the scene was.

  Today, she bahaved like "A owner's dearest daughter, who became a versity professor in some country, came back to see her dearest friends in the animal farm, and feeded the best friends by her own hands, and ate the same thing all together." A short play just for show to get the DDMic evil faked owner from our rightous animal farm.

  For them, animals are all under their level, and they should be domesticate by some human figures. And Miyuki has a human body, anyway, thus, according to them, we should tune up her role. And she played well the role, anyway, except some trifle errors.

  She gave an apple for him, however, he couldn't hand it to him directly. "Oh, Inty! Your teeth are so big, and I am afraid of my fingers were biten by them!!!Sorry, I am so coward...Thus, I drop it here." And then, she decided to "feed" him by hand. Anyway, only a bit. Try, anyway. We should be brave, OK, Miyuki?

  She was so afraid, however, gradually, she could understand that Inty is cleverer thus, he doesn't hurt her finger at all. Cubic suger would be fine, according to her knowledge gained by kids' book. However, considering his leggs, brushing is so hard after suger taking. Thus, avoidable, anyway. Fruit, raw one would be fine. Thus, an apple.

   And an apple was not enough for them all. They eat lots of fruits. Thus, oh, I have 6 package of tiny rice crackers with some peanuts called KAKI-NO-TANE. And she started to put them on her hand, and Inty showed her his lips, instead of theeth. And she tried to give them by hand, and they could continue the play, anyway.

  "Inty! Intyrime!" she yelled. This is her favorite scene. Best shot for the both. And then, she tried to "feed" him from her hand, and the owner with a mad dog came. She kept ignoring their existance, even he tried to give a piece of frilled letus to him. He also ignored the evil team completely.

   And she spoke to him until they vanished. Nasty evil wrongdoers, they were! And the dog had eyes of hatred. So strong sparkling it showed them to her. And Miyuki didn't feel fear at all to the dog. Just felt their hatred, anyway. Yellow eyes. And they looked so vertical ones like cats' eyes.

   And she said in the middle to accuse DDMs all. And put in a soft voice, "Vanish! DDMs!! You have no legitimacy at all! We have already rightous power holders here. You are less than zero. Vanish! Immediately!!!"

  And she explained that we could get along with each other anyway, because we like the crackers....And Inty refused her kind offer. "I don't like your nasty crispy food. Just for faking. You should bring more precious vegitables! Stupid!!!" OK, Inty. however, I am thrifty, thus, I eat the residue of your food, anyway. Eatable. Like a same canned beer drinking in Brazil. Oh, don't worry, I am not so bad, the leftover.

  Thus, Inty liked her way of being thrifty. Efficient, in every meaning, at least. Slow, stupid, as our category, however, probably, better than other versity professors in the world, as she said.

  Versity professors are stupid and slow, Miyuki found the principle, and informed it as soon as possible to others. And for her astonishing, they didn't get astonished. Why? An important discovery for her. She believed that versity professors were some kind of object of admiration or respect, in the intellectual quality. Versity was for it, she believed, and failed, yes. however, at least, she made an effort in the field to be superior to others, academically.

  However, for them, nothing at all type indifference. Why? Versity professors were the target of contemtion???

  Any field was targetted from DDMs. For them, non-working type should be fine, or faking job also. The totary skewed world they lived, probably. Thus, we are superior now. We didn't work, nor don't work even now. You, worked, and want to work, thus, you are inferior to us two. Thus, you should contribute financially forever for us two????

  The DDMs are like that. For them, learning the technic of non-working is the way of their superior life. Thus, they just faked to work, and vanished, immediately.

  This morning, Miyuki found a pair of sandals in front of the office. Oh, someone is already here, Miyuki thought. And found a bunch of the keyes there. And she wanted to use the restroom, and heard some sound from the restroom, thus, she put up with her basic desire at her desk. Then, she heard someone turned on the switch of the washing machine. Oh, YUKARI is here, she thought. Thus, she waited for her getting out from there.

  However, the sound stopped, and Miyuki confirmed the sandals were yet there. However, when she opened the door to the washing machine's room, in which her actual fredge was located, no one was there. And she looked the bathroom through the glass door, and any shadow was there. Oh, YUKARI vanished already, and just she sometimes appeared to show up her existance. Oh, already transparent, probably. No colour could be put already now.

  Except YUKARI, she couldn't think of, because her mother uses a pair of blue transparent HAWAIANA type sandals only. And YUKARI could use any sandals of faked clocks. And Miyuki, Alex and Clare could use them as they like also. And Miyuki wants to have some cheerful coloured ones as hers, however, they changes often their sandals. Why they choose them so often? For Miyuki, too too difficult to understand.

  YUKARI could not remember her own sandals yes Miyuki knows well. However, for others, why? Intentionally, they kids changed, Miyuki thought. Why???

  For them, each one should wash its own clothings is fine, they, including Miyuki, thought. however, according to Miyuki's mother, the kids could not work in the field of domestic tasks. ????

  And the both, YUKARI and her mother called to the police accusing Miyuki as an abuser of the kids.????

  For them, it was a good way to earn money. Anyway, the police paid them a bit, and it was sufficient for them both. And they passed the limit. Someone wispered, "How about Medical hospital hospitalization for her, Miyuki? And Miyuki is a professor of the versity which has a hospital. Ideal for you two!!"

  And they failed. Why they are so nasty??? Because they lost the chance to earn some small amount of money forever, because of Miyuki. Miyuki broke the system, accusing them for their messy treatment and evilest wrongdoings. For the two, nothing at all type medical treatment, it was. And Miyuki thought, that they were all degraded.

  Our families are not kind to Miyuki, she really thought. And sighed like Charlie Brown. They wanted to make a squad, and her mother would be the team leader. And they all failed. She is vanishing now. Miyuki should know the system at all. how evil they are!

   Anyway, main room is the target of attaking, Miyuki really thought of. They should be thrown away in the ditch of the old toilet, it was for it!!!

  The ideal place for their own tumbs. Thus they opened the window of the old toilet, to call attention of others.

  Laughing, however, too smelly. For Miyuki, why they wanted to use the old toilet was a big mistery. And Miyuki was their victim, probably. For them, casual ceremony, probably. however, for Miyuki, life or death like ordial. Fatus eaters, they are!!! Not promissive, it means. They lost their future long time ago. They had no future at all. Just paracites, they were.

  They were thrifty, by some meaning, yes. However, they couldn't calculate the benefit and the loss at all. Just checked the price, and the date of production. Just it. No important value at all. Cheapest is the best for them both. And Miyuki's choice was not understandable for them both at all. And always, they faked as if they were MIYUKI, the professor????

  They just wanted to play the role of the professor of the versity, and thus, they wanted Miyuki to put on the suitable clothings for her last stage. For them, just in the funeral party Miyuki should appear????

  Miyuki is the past for us both, they really said to others. She was killed by the squad, and now, sometimes, in the night, her ghost appears. Oh, now, again, the skill to fake DDM? For broken robots type, it would work. Thus, Miyuki's mother stopped to talk to Miyuki. Just a nasy ghost. Soon she would pass. Just a moment's pacience, she really thought.

  For Miyuki, Alzheimer patients are like that type laughing ending, yes. And Miyuki's laugh transmits amusing mode to others. Just Alzheimer patients, combined with illegal medicine abusing. In short, they really thought.

  Not so problematic, until they passed the limit. however, even life should be sold by them two? They got astonished at their cruelity. It is called crime, homiside, they tried to persuade them two. however, they couldn't stop to inform to the squad, and then, they forgot.

  One day after, already other personalities they gained, they really sighed. And harsher and harsher, they turned. No laughing mode, now. When they laugh, Miyuki gets thrilled by ther evilness. Their smile was so nasty, cruel and ugly, Miyuki deeply thought so.

  YUKARI's way of sly laughing, Miyuki could remember. With total satisfaction, she declared the reason of attacking Miyuki, "Because your belly is so white and soft, and you looked so relaxed." with a big smile.

  Coldness, Miyuki felt. And they smiled when they attacked us. For them, some pleasure, and for us, loss of life.

  Always so subjective, was their catch frase. Any reasonable explanation they both couldn't at all. Always, "I beleive that..." and they accused others according to their own belief of rumours. Rumors always have reason for them both, like Masato NINOMIYA.

  Alzheimer patients could behave like magalomaniacs. And they both wanted to be female popes, probably. And they reached the position inside the family, and failed immediately. Any legitimacy at all, we all yelled. Just incapables, they are, Miyuki suggested to them all. It was enough to push them away from the house.

  They are leaving, anyway. Ghorem, YUKARI identified herself, however, she didn't move well. Broken robot, Miyuki named her, and then, mad dog. how she degraded, was an example for us all.

  Amirodosis, they were diagnosed. And then, they started to abuse the medicines. And finally, they got caught immediately. They lost power, anyway.

  Why a red bicycle was no in the suitable place? Miyuki thought. Probably, someone left it in some place, because the day before yesterday was rainy. And they admitted that they sold it, because they have one for Alex. Why two? They said each other. Double means unefficient. Thus, they sold. And they didn't remember why they bought the new one for Alex. They insisted to buy the new one especially for Alex, because he goes to school by bicycle. And Alex said, her grand mother paid for it. And Miyuki didn't want to pay at all. Miyuki was not requested to pay for it at all. And uniform? Not at all! And someone bought or rent for Alex, and he used it.

  They did it all under the all cost of Miyuki. And they got caught, because they did forgery, as usual. Alex was used for their wrongdoings sometimes. They put some white powder to induce him to fight against his evil mother. And they both failed. Just a bit, they explained.

  They should vanish immediately. Miyuki is now so cool to say so. Child abusers, they were. They both deserve to be pusnished so hard.

  Always for the sake of Miyuki, they said, without any accordance of Miyuki herself. Miyuki already explained that using other's name is the real serious crime, and they accused Miyuki to attack them harshly to saying such nasty words!!! Crimes???!!! Not at all!!! And they were explained by Miyuki that it is the legal wrongdoing, punisheable by Gods of Justice.

  however, they didn't stop their wrongdoings at all. Always, "Miyuki ordered us to do so" was their both's explanation to others. And others did believe it. They are just junky Alzheimer patients, Miyuki said the fact so clarely, and they sighed. They were trapped so many times, and they wanted that they were not so evil. However, after Miyuki's exclamation, they took a lot of attention for two both, and found that they were the real Alzheimer patients, typical ones.

  Clare took advantage of her distance from the mail house. She claimed thier wrongdoings in the school, and she failed. They informed it to the superior, and she got in custody in several times. Prison, she was put into. Oh, Shirakawa Detention???

  Miyuki could laught at the system, however, terrible system, they adopted. Too too cruel to others, and they themselves wanted to be in custody. In case of them, hospitalization, yes.

  Both for us, just a custody. And Miyuki doesn't want to see them anymore. Thus they failed. No excuse at all type. No for class mates type. Apple polishing type. Forgiveness beggers they are, combined with arrogance. Funeral goers, probably. Spooky nasty ugly feeble-minded idiots, they are.

  Thus, they should know the limit. They would attack, even Miyuki was sick in bed probably. for them, the best chance to kill Miyuki, and just would say, "Oh, she looked so bad, and now, she is cold. We found that she was dead this morning. She wanted to commit suicide. Probably, it was the reason of her death."

  Thus, they rented her mother's chamber. Easy to climb up for their mates, and near the stairs. And now, more easier, because the sliding door should be used to bring her out of the main house. Not at all type choice, they already did. They planned Miyuki's catch, and someone wispered them both, "Today's not the day. Next chance we should wait for a while." However, they hired squad already, thus, they came to Miyuki. She met some different squads today. In front of the riverside, also, there was a squad composed by faked construction workers. They sometimes spoke in a short Portugues frase.

  thus, she sang some Brazilian music in Portugues. However, they didn't respond at all. She narrated how the situation was so nasty to us all in this goddamnit rural village called Shirakawa. She thought as if she were the two roles of a narrator idiot faked boy and a audience writer combined into one personality.

  And reeds listened to her voice. Oh, wheat is resembles reeds, she remembered. She talked on some amusing experience in Gran Via in Madrid in Spain. She wispered a bit, and a man, behind her, started to wisper, and she got terrified, and dashed into the hostel like room, she rented only US$20 for the night.

  and later, she got to know, "Oh, bitch, I was understood by him! Oh, no, I am not such a type!!! I wispered just for cheer up myself. Not for doing it!!! I am a-sexual, not such a type at all!!!"

  She didn't know the system, and got to realize, and stopped wispering again in the road at night, in downtown. Bitch's way to induce clients, probably.

  Chattering is like a wispering for DDMs, probably. And they induce others to be trapped. And any trifle BLA-BLA-BLA is suitable for them all, and some laughing. For them, OK, however, the effect, others decide.

  She remembered that in the bus to Kyorin Versity in Hachioji, some challenged were there also. And one was so good at speaking. Fluently, and he could speak so clealy. Just he made a repetition to inform to others. 3 times for the same frase. However, he was a speed talker, thus, in total, the contents of the talking were the same of others. His expression was so gramatically and materially correct. Even the competition of BLA-BLA-BLA, he would gain good points, probably. vocabulary, also good. And his mates were silent type. however, they could get along with each other. Some samples of special abilities.

  Miyuki knows that they took off near SOUKA versity to wait for another bus to go to their working place. She presumes that they were the producers of the sweets sold in Hachioji municpality hall. Good ingredients, commercialized ones, nace flavour, tasty, good in package, and anyway, cheap. Only US$1.35 per package, Miyuki paid. How they could earn money with this cheapest value? For me, yes, good to my wallet. However, for them???

  Fair Trading system, Miyuki knows well. To express yell to others, we buy their products at the higher price rather than the common products. However, the case is contrary. Why they could earn money, with such three times cheaper than other products??? Good quality they had. Delicious, anyway, with good smells. Contrary to the spirit of fair trading. Why???

  And their appearance valied. Some of them were nicer than averege of us, human beings. Challenged, they were called, however, probably, their way of moving was in some cases a bit different. however, totally normal movement had type existed also. Challenged, they were categorized yes, probably. And after the categorization, they were forced to be challenged, probably.

  and Miyuki's situation is like that. Kyorin Versity's hospital put her the name, "mentally illed", in october, 2015. And then, she was treated like an idiot. And she is superior to any of the residents in Shirakawa. Thus, they should vanish immediately. Faked residents included, of course!!!

  Hermits are wrongdoers. They did some crimes already, and their own family concealed the fact from the society, and the wrongdoers enhanced their territory and kinkiness as they liked, according to her report, probably.

  And Miyuki remembered the case which occured in Niigata. An hermit kidnapped a girl, and concealed her for 19 years in his chamber, and feeded her during the day. He was an indulged boy of a rich family, and they lived in a big house, and he used the second floor.

  After the case was revealed, his mother said, "Oh, I didn't know anything at all, because he lived in the second floor, and we lived in the first one. I don't know what happened on the second floor."

  Probably, she suffered from Alzheimer disease already, and her body also. Double Alzheimer could do it.

  Thus, YUKARI is a wrongdoer, consealed by her owner, namely, her mother. For her, being violent is so common, and sometimes, she would kill others, because of her abrupt explosion of hatred.

  She explained to Miyuki that she was almost getting married with her collegue in the fundation located in UENO. However, he refused her, and she lost her love forever.

  She was denied by the DDMic society at that time. Life time loser, she turned, Miyuki understood. however, she would kill him, if she had a chance.  She got in rage in the foundation, and she was forced to return to the home town, her mother explained to Miyuki.

  And YUKARI did another explanation. YUKADI did wanted to be a writer of illustrated book of kids, thus, to concentrate on the job, she retired from the fundation.

  Why YUKARI is always so downword pose?, was Miyuki's question.  She avoids others, as always, yes. however, year by year, she got downward more and more. Nastier, uglier and spookier. She did something wrong already, probably in Tokyo.

  Refusal was their way to priceup their own value. They refused any request by other members of their family. When they agreed, it costed so much. Thus, we avoided to ask them to do someting. the result, she both are useless main house occupiers. They both don't know the rule of the universe. They refused to know it already. For us all, illegal, they are, while, for them both, just their rightous rights, like other DDMs' saying.

  Shirakawa was more rural villege, when she was a kid. She remembered that national road 289 was only a dusty rural earth road, only twice an hour the bus passed. No vehicles at all at that time. Now, less populous, and less industrialized, why so many cars are passing on the road???

  And one answer is that some clinics or used car shops provede illegal drugs for smart car users, anyway. Thus, Miyuki's mother used her yellow car to appear in the evil clinic. This yellow car is for two figures thus, at the day, she, YUKARI and Alex could not come all together. Thus, YUKARI came after their going to the evil clinic.

  And YUKARI moved so fast. Miyuki heard her sound in the second floor, when Miyuki changed clothings in the corredor of the second floor in the main room. And after putting on the suitable clothings, Miyuki left there. YUKARI moved so swiftly at the day.

  And why her mother was monitoring in the parking lots. She was standing there alone, and signed only by her slightest movement. Thus, sometimes she was omni - appearin.

  Miyuki is now so sleely.

  VANISH! DDMs!!! you are so ugly!!

  See you tomorrow, for us all!

   From Quarted MARC, with big lOVE!



Rabby & Chinkoro : News Flash (81)

2017-05-28 19:09:38 | 日記

28/05/2017 (Sunday, afternoon) Miyuki came back from her Sunday off, with some dangerous adventures.

  She liked Morroccan canned sardine, bought at DAISO, at US$1. She tried several canned ones, and this blue boxed canned one is supureb. It is good with lemmon juice. She put the combination on a cracker, produced in Malaysia. Nice to nurtrish us. Good ambulance type food!!!

  It's spooky, hot and cold combined and with some nasty wind. At morning, so cold, then, when MIYUKI did sxercise in front of the mirror glass of KOMINES, a cultural center, big type, with totally DDMic catching system.

  It's Sunday today, however, there were several workers inside the mirror, namely, in the building. They were sweeping or mending there. Thus, they could see all of my movements from inside. And Miyuki didn't hesitate to continue to do her job. "I am a dancer, a professional one, who would participate in the Gala in Paris. Thus, I need to do practice anyway. I would be a lightest dancer picked up by Trocadero Montecarlo Ballet Team. Thus, I need to cordinate my body in the best condition."

  She is usually a commedienne, however, there, she would play the role of the professional dancer. Thus, she needs to be more flexible in her muscle. Adachi already decided to play with her. Anyway, muscle training is needed to participate in the team. Thus, she also trained in Xebio, her actual gym, in which some special equipments are located just for her!!!!

  And she found, many residents, faked families, were Brazilians!!!! Japanese descendents, and non-Japanese ones. They pretended to be the same family members, however, not so affectionate. The kids were better than genuine Japanese type IKKYO kids, anyway. Thus, Miyuki ordered them to cut the tie with their faked parents. If they were really promissive to join us, they could do it, probably.

  And another laughing scene, she found in some several supermarkets. Oh, Alzheimer patient, U2!! Type shocking and laughing scenes, here and there, Miyuki found.

  One scene was found in Benimaru-Yokomachi. A boy, with 7 years old or so, yelled "Mother!" to looking for her toward backward, despite of her standing in front of him. Oh, too too early Alzheimer disease he suffers already from, Miyuki recognized it, and started to laugh at him.

  And she found the rule of joing in the faked family construction. She already did notice a man approaching to a female mother faked DDM with 2 kids as her husband, and they refused him, and he was ordered to be killed, in a platform of Tokyo Central Station.

  And today, she watched the 3 same scenes to making the faked families. Same generation combinations, in Benimaru-Yokomachi, in the evening, arround 18:00.

  They were distant from each other, and after entering, they approached slowly and gradually, and finally started to speak like family members. The first couple were not so getting along with, however, finally they decided to be combined.

  They should make a pair anyway for their vanishing job. A pair should be an obligation. And if one is disliked by other, it would vanish alone, earlier than the pair type.

  Miyuki did not know the system well. Same sex pair is also OK. Old men prefer to do it with the old mates.

  Not shocking at all. For Miyuki, anyway, the end of the world of DDMs. Any combination would be fine for us all, and she started to sing to yell their vanishing, namely, collective suicide.

  Thus, this weekend was not so populous. Reduction, they are doing now. Alzheimer combined with Heroine abusing. An ideal death for all of DDMs!!!

  And Miyuki found the right answer of the riddle of かごめかごめ or KAGOME-KAGOME. It was a song to play the game also. Old traditional song from early age of Japan.



 KAGOME, KAGOME, a bird in a basket, when she will leave?

  In the night, in the early morning, a crane and a turtle failed. Who is in front and backward all together?

  The song is spooky, and Miyuki recognized it. Oh, another answer would be possible. Me, Miyuki SATO!

   Two different answers could be fine.

   The worse version is predicting Miyuki's catching.

   In the early morning, at 3:00, Miyuki heard the voice of two men squad, and they told, "ABE Koubou", and failed. They came passing through the first building, namely, our office, and reached to the main house, ...Oh, Clare would be targetted yes!!!

   She slept in the backhouse. They wanted to kill her, because of their evil jealousy. And she is protected by her team. She is early riser. Thus, an early bird, in a concealed house, and she likes playing the bascketball.

   Crane should be my mother, while the turtle, YUKARI. They failed. And Clare informed to us, Gods of Justice. And she was saved anyway, at the night.

   Miyuki should be her protector. however, she was killed by the squad. Thus, Miyuki would be punished, was their story. Alex was already targetted, thus, he dashed to confirm their leaving.

   Once they failed, they should vanish. This is their rule as squad. 蜂のムサシ, or MUSASHI, the male bee, they were called.

   They already lost their mind, and now, Clare is in danger again. She informed their wrongdoings to her team Clare, and they fought against them. And she won. Thus, today, they wanted to catch her, and wanted her to put in custody.

  And they failed again. As always, they did. For them, nothing at all type custody. "Oh, Clare, you have an injury. You should be hospitalized!", with exclamation mark. She just cut some fingers, and nothing at all type bandaid treatment would be fine. However, YUKARI monopolizes any medicine under her controle in her chamber.

  How evil Miyuki's mother is, Miyuki now recognized it. Oh, I am a welcomed baby, thus she said like that...Miyuki remembered her mother's vague saying, when she gained pregnency of Alex. "Oh, I don't mean that you should abort the fatus, however, you have some alternative beside to be a single mother." For Miyuki, ??? type strange way of saying. And she didn't know that she intentionaly got pregnant of him. Probably, she thought of her own experience, now Miyuki did know it.

  Japanese famale easily aborts, was well known fact in the world. And Miyuki escaped from death, anyway. She was thought a kind of boy, when she was born. A boy type impression she had, yes. And by instinct, she thought that this were boy, when she got pregnant of Miyuki.

  Oh, I thought that Clare were boy, when I got pregnant, and failed, and got shocked. "Oh, I, this male like existance, could get along with a girl? I get along with Alex, because he is a boy. And now, so male like impression, however, she is a girl. Ummm....I could put up with the coexistance with a female???"

  And Miyuki already decided to have a baby, even she were a girl, of course. However, "I am not such a type" like impression, she had. And she was blue for a week. Then, she thought of, "Oh, new experience. Alex is a boy, and now, my first girl's parent experience. This is new. Thus, I would enjoy the difference, probably!"

  After this recognition, she never regrets her choice at all. Oh, she is a male type, even now. And I, also.

  Alex is quick type. however, sometimes, he gets indulged. He was so fast to abandon diaper. Earlier than one year. And Miyuki was this type. Anyway, they disliked diaper, and wanted to pee by themselves.

  However, when Clare came to his house, he started to retire from his quick type. And just one month earlier than her diaper leaving, Alex decided to abandon diaper again, and this time, forever!!!

  So slow? Rabbit tribe got astonished, and Rabby should explain at this point in datail to his own tribe. Human beings abandon diapers in averege with 3 years old. Thus, relatively, Miyuki, Alex were quicker than others, 3 times more. Better than other ones in the same species??? Yes, Rabby explained. And Rabbit tribe got astonished.

  They are promissive, then? Acording to their standard, too too slow type, however, according to Human being's standard, they are quick so much.

  Ummmm....they kept silent. They should rethink the strong tie with Miyuki. She is cute, yes. However, sometimes, too too slow, anyway.

  USAvich showed that he knew her quasi dying experience, and Miyuki got terrified with his pose. "Oh, USAvich, you are killed by them??? Oh, USAvich!!! Not at all, please!!!" And she recognized that at least he was breezing, anyway. And she took AINU Leeks, and she found that they were so rotten. Messy, sorry. However, to show that he is alive, he ate the messist food called AINU leaks. Miyuki said to him, anyway, I put them here, as some spell to get the DDMic wrongdoers here away, and you can leave them without eating.

  It smelled like Garlic, so much. Thus, good for us to get stronger. And for DDMs, some "Don't enter into this sacred!" type spell. Vampires? Paracites blood drinkers, they are.

  And garlic was avoided by them. And Miyuki ate almost all of garlic, as usual, and made a garlic oil by herself.

  Garlic eaters are inclined to be our team, we got to know. Anyway, delicious, and staminum gains by eating it. Why not?

   Sometimes, they change their favorite foods, and Miyuki's mother turned to be non-garlic type.

  Miyuki remembered that Roman aristcrates disliked garlic eaters, because of their vulgar preference. The proof of DDMs. Italian came from Latin Roman culture tradition. however, Roman aristcrats were not admirars of garlic.

  In the moment of headache, Miyuki dislikes the smell of garlic. Except this nasty situation, she is an admirer of this special vegitable spice. If my future boyfriend would not like garlic, how should I do? Oh, I would eat garlic with other friends, including my other boyfriends.

  And USAvich liked garlic smelling AINU leeks, despite of the worst situation. A kind of sacred place keepers, they are, Miyuki thought of them, both.

  And today, it was fine in the sky, however, they were concealed into the dark narrow house. Thus, she yelled from outside, "Intyrime! USAvich!!! Where are you? Despite of this beautiful sky, they put them into the house!! Evil wrongdoers, the faked owners, they are!!! Vanish! DDMs!!!" intentionally, in her loud voice.

  And two male DDMs came into the house, watching her, and she totally ignored them at all. And Miyuki avoided to approach to Intyrime, because his house is in the middle of the doors, and it would be dangerous for her. USAvich's house is near the door, thus, she easily can get out from the house.

  She repeatedly called their names. Our closest friends, who keep our legitimate properties. They are the legitimate power holders in this animal farm!, she said in her loud voice.

   Probably, they did it already. Always with a pair. They planned to catch her from the both side, with two males. Thus, they chose the middle chamber for Intyrime.

   Pederasties they are, Miyuki recognized. And they are both challenged. And they vanished easily, and appeared soon after again. For their understanding, they can rent their skin bags after their vanishing, and play the role of them, according to their understanding.

  Probably, some DDMs are eagerly to sell their skin bags. And they wanted to gain life time insurance. And Miyuki split the skin bags into two. Thus, they could make 阿修羅男爵 or Duke ASURA in Mazinger Z. They are the a kind of anrdogenous, however, vertical type. Thus, they can't do it!!! Thus, they are so frustrated by their agonious situation with non-sex experience. Greek androgenous is horizontal type, thus, it could enjoy both sexual life. Better than Duke ASURA.

  And now, Miyuki is hungry. See you soon after her feeding!!!

  VANISH! DDMs!!! You are so kinkiests!!! Sex Monsters, you are!!!

  See you for us all!!! From Quartet MARC, with Big LOVE!!!

  Miyuki had a light meal and gained a power to report her news of today.

  "Splitted viscont" is the title of the book writen by Italo Carvino. Strange light spooky stories, he wrote a lot. Interesting, yes. However, after reading them, why he describes such some petaphoric stories, with unusual situations, Miyuki should think of it.

  And "Empty Night". Just a armour, non human being inside. Skin bag, he wanted to say, probably.

  Splitted viscont is similar to Gogory's "Nose". The heroes should look for their lost parts of the body here and there, with lacked bodies. They are treated as normal existance by others, however, they feel so unsatisfied with the situation. And they found the lacked parts in the end.

  Smelling sense should be regained with her training, if she were not Alzheimer patient, they yelled. And she gained partly. And she can't smell some certain flavours, not at all. Why? Partly some neuron was broken, probably. We should take advantage of the situation, and Miyuki makes effort to recover from non-smelling world.

  Presumably, Shirakawa residents can't smell garlic either. They can't recognize the difference between leek and daffodiles. And they can't plant rice any more. They forgot to put water in the field rightously.

  Today, Miyuki watched a clerk, young male DDM, warned to his clerk mates, in the politest way to be used only for the consumers. Oh, he can't recognize the difference between clerk and consumer at all. Early Alzheimer patient, confirmed.

  Young promissive skin bags were bought by DDMic figures with a high price, and the provider IKKYO leader was praised by them all. TAKAHARA was just a skin bag, when Miyuki met him at first time. Probably, some high power holders used it, and tried to catch Miyuki's affection anyway. And in part, they got a success. "Oh, TAKAHARA, you are good at presumption!" She admired, and praised him, as always. She praised any of her pupils, because they were customers anyway, and as professional, she should make an effort to prase them as much as possible.

  And DDMs adopted only one system, thus, he would her no.1 favorite pupil. however, for her, any pupil would be praised by her, independently. Thus, they failed. "Oh, YAMA-SHIN, you should consult to the center for job hunting. Here we go together!", and Miyuki said good-bye to TAKAHARA. "Oh, you will not need to come to see me anymore, because you would be busy to gain a job. Only in the case of some special ocasion, you are obliged to come to see me, like handing the graduation report or so. Thus, probably, twice. See you, and good luck!"

  Thus, he vanished. He failed, and YAMA-SHIN didn't know the system as Miyuki, at that time.

  He came to Kyorin versity, because the clerk explained him that there is a predissesor in Faculty of foreign Language who turned to be an announcer. Oh, I didn't know it, Miyuki replied.

  And Miyuki thought that YUKA-SHIN were not such a type. He was good at reading, however, not good at speaking. Thus, talkative job was not his strongpoint, probably.

  And he failed to gain a job in Tokyo, and came back to his town, 天童 or TENDO, in Yamagata prefecture.

  There is a princple in Kyorin Campus. Who, that was praised by Miyuki, turned to fail. Some exception, existed, yes. However, almost 95% of Miyuki's A grade categorization type pupils failed, anyway. And one of the typical exception was TAKAHARA.

  And Miyuki felt the similarity of Takahara and old Kyorin versity professors, especially, medical professors. Probably, they bought TAKAHARA's skin bag, and tried to induce her to be ovedient to them. And they failed.

  Too too nasty, they were. And TAKAHARA had the same tone. Thus, she recognized that they were the same one. IKKYO believers could do it, Miyuki thought.

  "How?" was her question. And she recognized that they used Amphetamine to create their common recognition ability. They were totalitarians, and Ryumei YOSHIMOTO descrived the fenomenum in his book titled "Common Illusion system", written in 1970s.

  Oh, already it was common among MICCHIKU aristcratic society, probably. And in the final stage, anphetamine was provided to poor existance called IKKYO believers, and they both got combined, and failed altogether.

  Amphetamine stimulates Miyuki's neuron system, and it makes her nervous, with nasty feeling. It would be fine for her to take it a bit to stop her activities. Anyway, we have two DDMic skin bags inside her house. We could take advantage of the situation.

  Thus, they started to use them, in turn. Old kinkiest ladies, they were, already. And taken by the real DDMs, they turned to be monsters.

  And Miyuki recognized the change. Chizuru MISAGO type, her mother turned to be. And YUKARI was used by Mad Dog tribe. This compination was good to agonize others, as usual. Amphetamine addicted, they are. And they were both really wanting to kill others.

  Miyuki took a nap without knowing. It means that she should sleep now.

  See you, for us all, F&F, and our supporters. Especially, Gods of the universe.

  VANISH! DDMs!!! DDMs are so ugly and ego-centric.

  See you tomorrow, in the blog, our kind friends!!!

  From Quaret MARC, with Big LOVE!!!



Rabby & Chinkoro : News Flash (80)

2017-05-28 00:40:43 | 日記

  Anyway, with the condition, she accepted. You should manage! I will make my effort to get it better to be developed. I do my best, the rest, your responsibility!!! You pledged, already, thus, I chose it. Thus, despite of the pledge, if I couldn't be beautiful in soul and body, it would be the proof of....

  Thus, she should be developped in body and soul. And she is making her effort day by day, as possible.

  The lowest ranking speacies, they should be turning, anyway. And they assuered, "Anyway, amusing. Put it! We all assure at this point!"

  Thus, she put the skin bag, and she treats well it if she has spare time. And today, she forgot to put her skin care, because she was hash-hash mode to get out. Anyway, smelly, and started to feel a slight headache because of unintentional casual heroine particles inhaling. For her, some several particles cause fatal to her neuron system, and dorpamine related hormone starts to reduce the volume.

  The keyword was heroine. And DDMs use was allowed as a social defence against male workers????

   Thus, ABE was so popular among them, despite of so evident sutupidity. DDMs, he is a forever cute stupid boy like Alex to YUKARI.

   Miyuki went to Supermarkets, Benimaru-YOKOMACHI, BANIMARU-SHOWAMACHI, AEON, DAISO, KAWACHI, and found that almost no consumers were there, including faked ones. No Man's Land. Almost perfect empty situation, as she watched in OOMOYA and the center of TOKYO, and MITAKA.

  KAGUEROU days, the comic was called. Spooky type, however, junior high school pupils liked to watch the anime version, and bought some comics. Miyuki just presumed the story. Probably like 電脳コイル or Card Chapter SAKURA, or so. Some spooky, "No more future" type kids ANIME were broadcasted on TV in NHK, semi public one to gain vast tax from us. Probably, DDMic strange religion of "The End of the World" was its message.

  Why the kids liked such nasty spooky, negative uninteresting OTAKU type program?, Miyuki got in wonder. Clare was less interested, and Alex liked it. Why? Miyuki didn't know.

   The End for DDMs, and the starting for us all!!! Spooky, however, they would vanish, so soon, they signified to him. For him, always, I have seen it before, type situation. Only Miyuki didn't know the real situation. She is walking on cloud, everyday. Like Son-Gokuu 孫悟空 or Super Monky idol like Dragon Ball's hero.

   She always wants to play the role of heroes. And she did a real hero story in the animal farm above.

   When she entered into the provisional house for Intiryme and USAvich, she found an black male type umbrella and when she approached, a girl was beside Intiryme. Normal type. She ignored her existance, and tried to give GAMBO or OKURA to him, Intiryme, calling his name. However, today, he disliled the food. Oh, not your favorite. OK, I will provide it to your partner USAvich, saying, "Vanish! DDMs! They are the real powerholders. You shall die!!" And she moved to USAvich's space. He ate, however, he was nervous today. And warned her lots. And she recognized a man, faked challenged entered into Intiryme's chamber, and produced the same sound of iron bar attacking in Tokyo Bay Detention.

   Oh, violent type he is. And Alzheimer patient, yes. And the girl was already not there. Miyuki started to be ready to run, in case of his attaking, and chose some possible arm, in case of his abrupt attacking. however, she already decided what she would do. Just run away!!! Rabbit dashing, she imaged, in the worst case. Anyway, I am faster than him. Thus, just run is the right answer.

  He approached to her, and said something, and she ignored his saying at first, because she couldn't listen at all. Then, he said clearly, "Get away from here. We are closing." And remembering her harshed experience in JP tower,  she ran away from the house. Rabbit dashing was not necessary, she recognized, and walked a bit swifter than usual, wispering, "you shall die! You shall die! You are evil wrongdoers. You have no legitimacy at all! The two, our friends are legitimate power holders of here! Vanish! DDMs!!!"

  And he shut the door. For it, the girl was there. Two witness system, they adopted, and the wrongdoer himself was not deserved to be witness, even according to their evil criminal procedural law system.

  And Miyuki got to know that they, the horse and the rabbit themselves were inducing factors for infants or kids. They used them as attracting infants to their evil objects. Wrongdoers could use the others' skin bags, thus, the most accessible skin bags, they used. And the both were disliked by Miyuki. Just an ignorance to them, Miyuki's actual policy is. And said to our friends, "Don't be ashamed. You are free from any accusation. You are victims, also. They took advantage of your staying. Don't be nagative, OK?"

  USAvich was so thrilled by the possible punishment. He was chilled by the coldness of their behaviours. Iron Bars were used to kill the kids. And they were burried under the big stones. They were challenged wrongdoers, probably. 太陽の国 or Land of the Sun vanished because of it. Child abusers, they are!!!

  Probably, they were victims of this type of crimes, when they were kids, and turned to be pederasties, after. Their choice. No allowence at all. They decided to be so. Even challenged, there are lots of not skewed clever normal type exist. Challenged is just one category given by DDMs, and we know well that this category is camoflage of their wrongdoings sometimes. Think of YUKARI! Quartet MACH, however, wrongdoer, yes!!!

  He resembled Shibuki the female evil monitor 's son. And Miyuki kept her quiet attitude until the last. And she recognized also that they established a residencial zone inside the public facility, a vast meadow, and behave like owner of this era. Pederasty's paradise, because of it.

  They participated in the DDMic army in the final stage, and revealed the most kinkiest skewed world like "Art Blut" realized in a certain place type the real nightmare. Oh, beyond the limit, thus, Miyuki recognized.

  Their art was beyond the limit type, yes. however, only on the paper, it would be allowed as a species of art, yes. However, it should not be realized as non-fiction. They couldn't recognize the diffrence. Dead body would be an amusing toy for them. And their level transmited to all DDMs. Thus, they degraded so fast even in intellectual meaning.

  In 2015, and soon after Miyuki's turning to be a professor. In May, probably. They participated into the DDMic team, and probably, Shibuki family put him into the line of soldiers. And YUKARI also. Junky combined with idiots type MAD DOG situaty started at the moment, Miyuki could remember.

  Thus, they are so insistent to do 腹上死 or Death on a belly. For normal sense, it would be a big shame of the family. however, for them, a glory. And their desire was so strong to do so. Thus, Miyuki was heard the refrain of their voices, "切腹するより腹上死”, or Death on a Belly, rather than HARAKIRI or Belly cutting Death, like Yukio MISHIMA.

  And they named Intiryme MISHIMA or so. They wanted to do with him. Oh, thus, she was beside him. Intyrime got ashamed of her gazing. Dreaming eyes, she had.

  They used animals, instead of kids, to substitute their dream mate. And killed after doing it, with an iron bar. Thus, 馬頭観音 or Budda with a Horse Head was written in the kids park. For them, anyway, mates, they were.

   To avoid their repeated attacking, government allowed to use horses to do so. 獣姦 was raping done by kinkiest skewed human figures to animals, common type. Animals were the victims of their sexual abusing crime.

   And YUKARI does it as always, inhaling marifana, cocaine, and heroine, without stopping. Thus, she got upset, when someone intereferes during it. Thus, her face represented the proverb, "If monky learns to do it, it does it until to die". And she is free form any accusation, and she herself attacks others, saying, "You do it! You do it! how shameful you are!!!"

   Onanism, or Masturbation, she does, and she can't stop at all. Non stopping type. "If spare time is there, the indulged figure just does it", another proverb tells us.

   Don't interfere others. You can do your musturbation job as you like 24 hours. And don't disturb others' life at all, especially, privacy matters. She is always, "Don't ask me any service at all, because I am busy to do it!" And her mother also likes to do so, and thus, they monitor others not to do so. Terrible indulged chain of musturbation pair, they are!!!

   What they are doing during day?, was Miyuki's qustion. They don't do anything at all. Just separating trash, washing clothings, and eat some semi-prepared foods, and chatting, watching TV, and sometimes, cheapest errand in a short time. What is their pleasure? Why they are living?

   And the right answer is this. They would do it in public, soon. For them, no prohibittion at all is actual situation. They do it, and they should be punished for it. Ointment means they do it.

  OPPABU doers smells artificial cheapish colon or soap like flavour. For them, nothing at all, however, for others, it would be avoidable in public. No any alternative except doing it, probably.

   Better than raping others, as an outlet of their skewed desire. Do it, as you like, all three. And vanish, as DDMs. Indulged workers, they are!!!

   For Miyuki, working is priority, and doing it, including the real sex, is a kind of luxury to cheer up the life. however, old bitches, no other alternatives, at all. Anyway, we don't work, and working is for others, not our type. They should earn money for us. We kindly spend their money, instead of the workers. They should work as much as possible, like a horse in a carriot. And we, aristcrats, just stay in house, and enjoy our special pleasure.

  And they have no limit at this point. Thus, they started to kill others to maintain their financial stability. Thus, family communism they adopted, because it would benefit for the two. Just free rider would gain under this rule. And they insist that they were the real power holders. Just for their ego-centric sexual desire, we were forced to waste a lot of precious time, during our lives.

  OMANKO life, the DDMic life is. And they are the wrongdoers, all!!!

  Just for their musturbation, we should stay here in this godamnit evil rural non-industrial anti-humanistic village called SHIRAKAWA? The three exclaimed!!! Too too nasty!!!!

  This is the end of DDMic world. Idiocracy total, yes. No alternative except vanishing. Too too messy and ungly and nasty for us all.

   Miyuki started to sleep a bit. They ordered Miyuki to work from 10:00 to 24:00, and set her mode. And Miyuki works for us all, amusing her own lives.

  She found that many DDMs, rural agricultural farmer type, have their own street block with almost 20 buildings. She found one example near 小田倉小学校 or ODAKURA Primary school.

  They are already illegible. Just faking to read, anyway. In ODAKURA school, the two plates on the metal fence outside the courtyard, said, "Paking lots for guests only". For them, any vast emply flat space is parking lots. Emptiness should be avoidable for DDMs, thus, they put used broken cars to the place, indifferent from their own use.

  No car was there. And the main gate was open, and in the entrance, there was a small room, with light on. No event at all. Some inducing setting for kids. "Oh, teacher, you are here?" Kids easily entered into the room, when they recognized someone. And it caught them, and punished, in case of its hatred type, and praised, in case of its favorite one. All depended on their own judgement on like or dislike type inclination.

  Dicsretion, they understood like that. 依怙贔屓, or EKO-HIIKI, in Japanese. Against equality under law.

  Miyuki remembered the singing way of ODAKURA primary school's chorus group. They were singing with their smiling, archaic, unnatural one. For us, laughing gesture, however, they did, and sang well. yes, to gain a prize. however, so unnatural for Miyuki and her mates. Like idiot dolls, they all thought, and laught at the way.

  Spontaneous, laugh should be. Prepared laugh was the most stupid way to gain the others favour. however, DDMs liked artificial smile, Miyuki really thought so.

  When she turns to be CHIGURIN, a idiot flamboyant forgetful version, she always put the smile on her face. And gained a great success. CHIGURIN is popular among DDMs. So cute she is! And she sang well!!! how low, her real voice is!!! Like a male!!!!

  And when she turns to be KAMARIN, she likes to fake Linda YAMAMOTO, with teating style of OBATA. "Oh, stupid boys, why you don't understand this important difference at all? Oh, ugliness is different from beauty, you should now, idiots!" in her soft way of saying, like Mineko FUJI or Norika FUJIWARA.

  Why kinky old short type came to induce us two, KAMARIN?, CHIGURIN asked her mate, KAMARIN. CHIGURIN is always so curious to anything. And KAMARIN tells her the right answer, "Oh, feeble-minded girl, you should learn that you look so short, distant from them. I know well you are so tall, however, at more than 3 meters' distance, you look so short like 10 years old girl, CHIGURIN!", Oh, KAMARIN, you are right, as always!!! My son Alex is the same type!!!

  For her, her moviment is a kind of thin metal doll or some robot, and for others, including DDMs, the same impression it is. A kind of soldier doll in an old fantastic story. Toy story type unusual movement, she does.

  According to her, she read an interview of Duke SARAIE, and started to be conscious to walk with the legs with her kees straight like bars. And put some hands movement, just a toy wooden doll. Ready!!!

  Thus, 木偶 or DEKU, namely, stupid. And when she approaches, she is fairly taller then them. Almost all of male DDMs are shorter than she.

  Thus, she is a kid in the giants' only world. Kid Gulliver, yes!!!

  Today, even on weekend, the Bullet Train Station was almost empty. She passed there at 6:00 oclock in the evening. And just the moment, the tourist bereau shut, exactly. Oh, punctuality the clerk has. It means that he is in the early stage yet. However, soon, he would lose it. And he put Shiro KOMINE, a counterpart of Miku HATSUME, in a school girl costume inside the light off room, and left her in Golf playing version outside. Shirakawa means concealed Golf Player's paradise for Public Servants only.

  Idiocray, in the extremest version. One is sufficient for it. However, they made almost 10!!! Just like other unnecessary public facilities.

  There were several public servants in the station. They wore thin SARUSHI suits as always. SARUSHI meant MICCHIKU related for others, and casual wears was IKKYO believers. Thus, Miyuki's mother decrared to wear only SARUSHI suits to gain some supriority in the rural village, in August 2016.

  Miyuki should be punished because her preference to wear casual childish wears, she thought, and she called the police. however, she was already leaving, and she was caught in Tokyo. And she was punished harshly, againt all of our rightous rules. For the three, Miyuki's resistent attitude would be the object of attacking of others.

  Thus they failed. And Miyuki should sleep now well, as always.

   VANISH! DDMs!!! We should live in our own role. No other role is necessary. Miyuki, as a professional perpormer, uses some personality, however, her personality is only one. Just a costume play as a professional comedienne.

  Don't worry, we are alive!!! We should gain our own living cost, rightous ones. And we should protect you all, belonging to our army!!!

   We love you, Gods of Justice! Thank you for your participation!!! We should make more and more effort to be big!!!! She should recover her hight anyway. Good nurtrishing is the best way, and exercise should be!!! Being big is possible!!! Try to be kind to others!!! And develop all of your skills, and try to gain other skills, yes!!!!

  Avoid to be nasty!!! Good to know it!!! We should be free from all DDMs, soon!!! They are so evil, and felt so nasty to know the real fact all over Japan. Japan is an evilest example, and we should create new rightous order, anyway!!! We have already won, however, they try to disturb out pursue for happiness!!!

  We should be fine, anyway, and tomorrow, we should gain a lot!!!

   OKURA or GAMBO is for USAvich, not for Intyrime? Try again. He was in the middle at the situation. Younger is better for him, however, DDM, not at all!!! Thus, he kicked off her. Where she is? Probably in Inferno!!!

  Go directly to inferno, in front of them all!!! How audacious, she is!!! Please allow me to call you TEACHER!!!!

  No. Master! No, Doctor!!!! "Doctor, Doctor!" by "Common Irine's duo. Why we can't put kids wears??? Some are so nice to wear. Especially, with a lean body!!!! Japan is at this point, too too strong!!!! Miyuki is yelled among us all!!! Oh, only 54!!! She is 80!!! Miyuki got astonished at her beautiful appearance. Powerful black body builder!!! Oh, muscle type!!! And she looked so young, in her natural way!!! Oh, muscle diva type!!!

  She was introduced by TARZAN, and she adored her broad shoulder and skin. Silky brilliant smooth skin with dark colour. Thus, she should try to do exercise to aim her beautiful body. Type is different, however, well exercised black beauty should be adomired by anybody. Not only because of her superfisial beauty, but because of the depth until to build the body to the point. Strong type, and her words were clear!!!!

  Why Miyuki didn't know her until then? Because no information at all at this point, and she is suspicious on any OMANKO journalism. Already well know type, probably. However, for her, first impression. She used Mascara, black type. Why not? Fits her so much. Just an age, she got astonished? Not at all!!! Age, yes, anyway, she has beautiful appearance. Thus, muscle beauty, she aimed. Not so, just mustle type. Suitable beaufitul slender muscle, she wants to have.

  Skin is better now, with no fundation situation. And she wants to put accessories on. however, some donditions don't allow me to do so. In the near future, we will!!!

  See you, next time!!!

   VANISH! DDMs!!! We are the survivors, anyway!! You should die!!!!

   From Quartet MARC, with Big LOVE♡ to us all, and with Big KICK to DDMs!!!!