Dr.Miyuki SATOW is alive, even now!

2018-04-12 10:40:31 | 日記
Hi, Rightous Brothers!

Dr.Miyuki SATOW and her special team called One Duce of Wonders!, are astonished at Shirakawan illogical cases.
Miyuki was attacked by so many MEISAI MOW-MOWs, or Camofraged Cows, in short, Self Defense Force members, including veterans! Now, they are wandering in uniform at commercial facilities, like supermarkets, as usual!!!

Behind Miyuki, the gun exploded, at Benimaru-Yokomachi Supermarket, however, any shopkeepers nor consumers didn't respond at all!

Miyuki was accused there by an old veteran in Meisai Mow-Mows' uniform, in this way:
"You did fass, didn't you, stupid!!!" ?????, for her side, however, she got chilled and left the site, running as fast as possible, and survived. Good Grief.

Also, her father KOJI, one day before the happening above, threatened her as follows:
"You did fass in Yoji's field, thus, Yoji would kill you, Stupid!"

They both wanted to damage Dr.Miyuki SATOW's beautiful academic career by way of their level, namely, fass doing deceipt. Of course, as civilized educated guy, Dr.Miyuki SATOW didn't do fass outside, without saying! Shirakawans are in this level, now! Fass words only, they use!!! Even ADACHI sighs, encountering with this final Alzheimer stage.

Koji threatened with a big brownish envelope in his left hand, saying, "Here is a mail for you, stupid!", and the envelope was open, appearently. He opened it, the confidencial mail to Miyuki, without any accordance of Dr.Miyuki SATOW. He is out of tune, in this level.

Next day, this week, when Miyuki was absent, some guy opened our hutte with the key, and put a plastic sac with two envelopes, one, brownish, and another, white, inside the hutte. Her privacy was destroyed again.

No safety at all in Shirakawa, now. They attack us, consecutively. Several days before, also, Mayumi TAKEMORI, Miyuki's cousin, almost 50 years old Alzheimer bitch, invided our precious Chestnut Hill, and tried to attack Miyuki physically. Miyuki pushed out her, entirely, however, the next day, Koji threatened like above.

Here and there, so many Alzheimer attackings, Shirakawans do, and now, so many KOORIYAMANs and FUKUSHIMANs are comming from the two bigger Alzheimer urbanized towns to attack us, by car.

KOOROYAMAN language is all fass words type, and their frases are so short. Just like Alien Language, Miyuki got shocked at thier dirty remarks!

FUKUSHIMANs are worse than KOORIYAMAN language. Tairyuu ABE couldn't respond to Miyuki, against his pledge. Non reliable guy, already, however, so forgetful, and his extreme Alzheimer desease holding was revealed entirely in public.

This famous Administrative Law pimp from FUKUSHIMA town, said to us, "I can't confess my colleagues' shame, at all!", however, Dr.Miyuki SATOW discovered the exact mean of his explanation. Just, "I forgot all what they had done before!" Alzheimer forgetfulness, he is in, thus, useless infomant, even in INFERNO! Fass Ditch is his residence!

FUKUSHIMA prefecture is all fass world now! A wild dog did fass in front of our sacred fountain! Blasfamia!

Tairyu ABE tried to order the entire devastation of whole Fukushima Mountain Range, without exception. Leonidas, he wanted to be as Shinzo ABE. Collective Big Suicide or Lemming way of final end, they wanted. Stupidity causes TOTAL VANISHING by themselves, we confirmed!!!

For them, total vanishing is so nice, however, Don't get us involved your stupid attempt, Leonidas Alzheimer Team Leaders! We are different from you! You belong to INFERNO, while we, to the earth!!!! VANISH! DDMs!!!

Thus, Miyuki's team is so busy!

Now, Adrean Mole, is new member of us. He is old guy, hard worker, and likes alchoolic liquors. He likes underground, and not good us bright light. We put his name for the strowberry slope in Chestnut Hill Farm.

Yacult came back on Day 4th this month. They brought his team members. Cheerful guys, and they want to work harder for us all!

Teddy started his cooking school with MAMA GUTS. They liked the real steamed up pudding, and TEDDY gained a big success to get out of his negative heritage, namely, Puttin Purin liking habit. They also made success to steam up Egg Cake, similar to Castilla Cake. They are better cookers than Miyuki, Miyuki agreed.

She could find good qualified products of Iberian Countries. This spring's big hit is Portuguese Dried up Toast called TORRADA. This is so effective, and Miyuki likes the price and the!!!

Now, Shirakawa village is floureshed with so many beautiful flavoury flowers, despite of Dirty Alzheimer Army's existance. Their power is deciesing, yes, however, even now, they want to show up thier presence!!!

We are fighting for our dream land, Fruit Paradise!!! Please yell to our side, Rightous Brothers, as always!!!


From Dr.Miyuki SATOW and her TEAM, One Duce Wonderers!, with BIG BIG LOVE!!!!, for Rightous Brothers!!!
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