Dr.Miyuki SATOW is alive, even now!

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Hi, Rightous Brothers!

Dr.Miyuki SATOW and her special team called One Duce of Wonders!, are astonished at Shirakawan illogical cases.
Miyuki was attacked by so many MEISAI MOW-MOWs, or Camofraged Cows, in short, Self Defense Force members, including veterans! Now, they are wandering in uniform at commercial facilities, like supermarkets, as usual!!!

Behind Miyuki, the gun exploded, at Benimaru-Yokomachi Supermarket, however, any shopkeepers nor consumers didn't respond at all!

Miyuki was accused there by an old veteran in Meisai Mow-Mows' uniform, in this way:
"You did fass, didn't you, stupid!!!" ?????, for her side, however, she got chilled and left the site, running as fast as possible, and survived. Good Grief.

Also, her father KOJI, one day before the happening above, threatened her as follows:
"You did fass in Yoji's field, thus, Yoji would kill you, Stupid!"

They both wanted to damage Dr.Miyuki SATOW's beautiful academic career by way of their level, namely, fass doing deceipt. Of course, as civilized educated guy, Dr.Miyuki SATOW didn't do fass outside, without saying! Shirakawans are in this level, now! Fass words only, they use!!! Even ADACHI sighs, encountering with this final Alzheimer stage.

Koji threatened with a big brownish envelope in his left hand, saying, "Here is a mail for you, stupid!", and the envelope was open, appearently. He opened it, the confidencial mail to Miyuki, without any accordance of Dr.Miyuki SATOW. He is out of tune, in this level.

Next day, this week, when Miyuki was absent, some guy opened our hutte with the key, and put a plastic sac with two envelopes, one, brownish, and another, white, inside the hutte. Her privacy was destroyed again.

No safety at all in Shirakawa, now. They attack us, consecutively. Several days before, also, Mayumi TAKEMORI, Miyuki's cousin, almost 50 years old Alzheimer bitch, invided our precious Chestnut Hill, and tried to attack Miyuki physically. Miyuki pushed out her, entirely, however, the next day, Koji threatened like above.

Here and there, so many Alzheimer attackings, Shirakawans do, and now, so many KOORIYAMANs and FUKUSHIMANs are comming from the two bigger Alzheimer urbanized towns to attack us, by car.

KOOROYAMAN language is all fass words type, and their frases are so short. Just like Alien Language, Miyuki got shocked at thier dirty remarks!

FUKUSHIMANs are worse than KOORIYAMAN language. Tairyuu ABE couldn't respond to Miyuki, against his pledge. Non reliable guy, already, however, so forgetful, and his extreme Alzheimer desease holding was revealed entirely in public.

This famous Administrative Law pimp from FUKUSHIMA town, said to us, "I can't confess my colleagues' shame, at all!", however, Dr.Miyuki SATOW discovered the exact mean of his explanation. Just, "I forgot all what they had done before!" Alzheimer forgetfulness, he is in, thus, useless infomant, even in INFERNO! Fass Ditch is his residence!

FUKUSHIMA prefecture is all fass world now! A wild dog did fass in front of our sacred fountain! Blasfamia!

Tairyu ABE tried to order the entire devastation of whole Fukushima Mountain Range, without exception. Leonidas, he wanted to be as Shinzo ABE. Collective Big Suicide or Lemming way of final end, they wanted. Stupidity causes TOTAL VANISHING by themselves, we confirmed!!!

For them, total vanishing is so nice, however, Don't get us involved your stupid attempt, Leonidas Alzheimer Team Leaders! We are different from you! You belong to INFERNO, while we, to the earth!!!! VANISH! DDMs!!!

Thus, Miyuki's team is so busy!

Now, Adrean Mole, is new member of us. He is old guy, hard worker, and likes alchoolic liquors. He likes underground, and not good us bright light. We put his name for the strowberry slope in Chestnut Hill Farm.

Yacult came back on Day 4th this month. They brought his team members. Cheerful guys, and they want to work harder for us all!

Teddy started his cooking school with MAMA GUTS. They liked the real steamed up pudding, and TEDDY gained a big success to get out of his negative heritage, namely, Puttin Purin liking habit. They also made success to steam up Egg Cake, similar to Castilla Cake. They are better cookers than Miyuki, Miyuki agreed.

She could find good qualified products of Iberian Countries. This spring's big hit is Portuguese Dried up Toast called TORRADA. This is so effective, and Miyuki likes the price and the!!!

Now, Shirakawa village is floureshed with so many beautiful flavoury flowers, despite of Dirty Alzheimer Army's existance. Their power is deciesing, yes, however, even now, they want to show up thier presence!!!

We are fighting for our dream land, Fruit Paradise!!! Please yell to our side, Rightous Brothers, as always!!!


From Dr.Miyuki SATOW and her TEAM, One Duce Wonderers!, with BIG BIG LOVE!!!!, for Rightous Brothers!!!

Congratulations, Dr.Miyuki SATOW! You are SUPURB, absolutely! Form us all! Righous brothers.

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Rabby & Chinkoro : New Version (5)

Rabby & Chinkoro : New Version (5)

2018-02-18 13:35:23 | 日記
Hi, Rightous Brothers!

Today, Day 18th of Feburay is Miyuki's doctoral degree's obtaining day! Congratulations, Miyuki! You are the real legal consultant! For free, you provide legal knowledge for us all!!!

In 1999, she gained the doctral degree of Legal Studies from Tokyo Versity. Her major was fundamental law, especially, Ibero-American Law. Thus, she should be called Dr.Miyuki SATOW.

Miyuki chose to write her family name, to separate from her old family name SATO. Earnest SATOW is her real kin, it was found recently. This British naughty boy type is her real ancestor, thus, with homage for him, also, she put "W" after SATO.

Today, she descovered that Michiko NAKAYAMA had sold her own personality to MICCHIKU, and she chose to continue to work with Todai pimps, after 2002's disaster.

She is even now Femi-Les, yes, however, she quitted the job in 2002 at Woman's Versity of OCHANOMIZU, because of her Alzheimer disease suffering. Unusually young, she herself got shocked. And her mother, famous deplomat, adviced to quit the job to avoid nasty rumour on her disease. Family shame! Thus, NAKAYAMA's academic career stopped.

She sold her personality to Nimrod side, and Nimrods took advantange of this juicy career, as much as possible.

She was faked to gain an academic degree from Harvard Versity, on Public Sanitary. Then, she started to work for the field of infestiment on real estates in USA. She contributed for Mr.Slump, in short, and lost so much money for it.

She worked as consultant of the investment, and so many stupid guys believed that her predicts were reliable, and they failed all in a body.

She ran away to China, and passed for 4 years, concealing from the society, and then, she returned to Japan, again, to continue her MICCHIKU life.

She also imitated Miyuki's life as NAKAGAMI, according to her own interpretation. She declared that "I am single mother, and have a daughter". She really wanted to have Miyuki's precious daughter, Clare, because she has beautiful white skin. For my substitute skin, Clare is ideal. She is big, and I am fat now, thus, for long time, Clare's skin would be used by me!, NAKAYAMA thought.

Clare got shocked at the family's decision. "You would be adopted by Michiko NAKAYAMA, rich Todai related." and Clare's evil Sato family all failed in a body. Clare refused immediately. "I am almost independent. Why I need to go to be killed by Micchiku pimp?" And the evil Sato family were all caught and killed immediately. Good Grief.

NAKAYAMA sold her spirit, because she didn't know our rule at all. She always had lived in MICCHIKU society, thus, never recogninzed the existance of the people like us, rightous Brothers, in short.

NAKAYAMA should have run away from Japan, Miyuki thought. She had chance to do it. She had lots of friends abroad, and they would have helped her so much.

However, she didn't choose this way, and did chose wrongly. The easiest way, she chose. Living as another personality would be fine, she agreed to sell her own precious skin bag.

Miyuki really got shocked at how NAKAYAMA got fat and ugly!!! She watched two photos, both her own ones, and one, actual photo, while another, in the middle. Exactly NAKAYAMA! So ugly BUSU bitch, she turned!!!!

Thus, Nimrod, Michiko NAKAYAMA is, Miyuki correctly categorized.

Now, Marie TAMURA OGAWA. Miyuki got shocked also that she had not worked well at all in Central Bank of Japan, and even now, she earns money from this rotten falled sunnken bank, insisting "Female should be proteccted much more than male!", in a loud voice. Monstrously ugly persistent bitch, Marie turned. Just like my mother HARUMI!, Miyuki got astonished!!!

She worked so much only from 1984 to 1994, then, she stopped working materially, however, she gained money from the bank, by tax. Tax vimpire, she is.

The real DDMs, the above two ugly bitches!!! So easy to choose wrongly! Only 10 years of working diseaves to whole life insurance?

For them both, yes. They are the real MICCHIKU ladies, in short. Thus, VANISH! DDMs! Go to INFERNO, immediately, all in a body! FEMI-LES army assisted their wrongdoings, and they failed and failed.

Marie TAMURA got married with OGAWA, and Miyuki couldn't find her recent photo at all. Tiny dwarf, and Ciao=Ribbon Tribe, sly and romantic, plump, banucing, evil, idle, she was. Now, how ugly, Miyuki wants to confirm it!

Miyuki found the golden rule of Nimrods. They got combined easily, and the highest positions they combined as they liked, when they got together.

Easy process. Up to say "Yes I will sell my personality to this guy!", they attacked continuously, and they tortured. And when the guy said so, they got combined, and one skin bag vanished. Thus, the more persistent, the more survive, was the rule.

Miyuki already came to our rightous world, thus, she was saved. Just saying No! to Nimrods was enough, at that moment, and now, we need to require more to confirm the others' correctness.

Up to some certain point, we assist, we confirmed, and some guy relied on it. Others, doubted, and rather, sold their precious lives, worried about their future. Thus, no reward at all for them. Just Nimrodic world, they gained, against their intention.

A kind of jump, we did know well know. We were attacked so much, and Miyuki's team members understood the rule now. Just saying No! is enough, and the more behaviours are just extra works, thus, we can gain as extra job. Thus, when we have spare time, we can assist others.

In some really crucial ocasion, it comes. Thus, we are not prepared for it. And Clare and Alex good grieved. Not so much difficult. Just say, "I don't want to be killed by you, Nimrod Grand Parents! You are nasty rapists. We will gain independence soon, thus, you can't sell our personalities at all any more!"

They used so many times the kids' personalities for others. The kids yelled, "Oh, I am here and there. Just like RAKUDA, RAKUGO comedy tale." And sighed. We didn't do it, however, others did. We didn't want to say, "Oh, yes, I did it", however, they decisively said, "Yes, we are happy to accept your kind offer, Todai related!"

Terrible chain mail series, they sent to us all. "Your mother is evil existance. You should be killed if you are with her", so many times. Then, Miyuki got caught, under the name of sexual abuser agains her own kids!!!???

For Miyuki, so shocked. However, for Nimrods, "She looked like that" was enough.

Thus, the game was over. However, pimps tried to attack us all again and again. And they created our personalities as they liked, and Miyuki's adults family sold Miyuki's personality all in a body to Nimrods' side, and they behaved not to have done it.

Thus, Miyuki's objects are all safe, however, under Nimrodic location. Todai, in short. Pimps wanted to know how to produce the result by way of analyzing Miyuki's precious documents, and found that Pimps were not so clever as us all, in averege. Thus, they started to attack us all, generqally speaking.

Not so much different from us all, however, good point getter, Miyuki is, and it was too too difficult for Nimrods at all.

Thus, Nimrods can't write any letters, was revealed. Thus, memorundum is so precious as gold. Thus, they respected the guys who could write easily. Oral expression, also. BLA-BLA-BLA is enough to win against Nimrods.

Clare refused to go to Micchiku house, anyway. Alex, also. Why we are obliged to move from here? "Because on behalf of you. We should be kind to us all!", they said, in rage.

They, Miyuki's attackers, should vanish, is golden rule. Miyuki applied this rule for all existance in the uninverse, including her own parents. And they vanished. Thus, No Man's Land, now. However, persistebt Nimrods come and pass through near her, to disturb her happiness, again and again.

Why so many nasty Nimrods are wandering here and there in Shirakawa?, Miyuki got in wonder. Even now. They should have vainshed, already, however, they exist. Sigh.

This moring, Miyuki found a strange lady who wiped snow outside by mop!!!!! Alzheimer patient!!! She got shocked. She was in front of the Fish Shop in Yokomachi area.

LELELE Tribe, Alex and Clare named. Without necessity, they start to sweep. Yukari also. Nasty old bitch, who is earger to love a boy with 16 years old. Mexican boy, and he proposed her to come to his house in Mexico, getting married, and they decided to live there forever, Yukari decided.

Thus, they are going abroad now. For Yukari, good ending, and for others, also yes. WOE in Miyuki's life, Yukari is, and Harumi put Yukari on Miyuki's back as heavy burden. HARUMI should know her limit now. Go with Yukari to support the married guys' honemoon life.

Thus, Harumi is in good mood. Koji also should get out from the old house in Yaoya-cho. Miyuki gained it already, and she didn't know it at all. And Miyuki should be killed because she should not know the fact entirely in whole her life.

Precarious stayer, Miyuki is, yes, thus, she made effort to provide suficient service as precarious stayer to Koji's side. However, Koji replaced Miyuki's position, by way of rewriting the inntestate, as he liked.

Miyuki was given the whole house, already, however, she was not informed the fact at all. Any guy informed at all. And Koji required Miyuki to accept her "total abandonment of the right of succeccion", as if all of the property were his.

It happened, when she lost her job at Tokyo Versity in 2001. Alex was a baby, and Miyuki was applying to so many versities to be hired. Suddenly, in the back house, Koji accused Miyuki, because of her "New SATOW family establishing in Tokyo" . Oh, I excercised my right. Your opinion, not mine. I did, because I could do it legally.

Koji said, "Then, eveness works. I will illigimate the right of the succession of my property,to you, OK?" And Miyuki said, "Oh, your right, not mine. You can declare the illigimatization of me, as you like, without informing me previously. However, unnecessarily, you informed, and I am agaist the system of succession. Thus, as you like. You can illegitimatise me from your property at all. No problem for my side." in calm way.

He was with YUKARI, in actual Clare's chamber, and Yukari was quiet as always, however, for Miyuki, as if YUKARI momved Koji as her puppet, sending some special communication message, for example, The Power of Mind.

Thus, Yukari did it. With Amphetamine, she could do it. With the power of mind, or NEMPA, we call it. Nimrods could produce this evil power, collectively. However, for producing it, they need to get combined. Thus, No much explanation in Nimrods' side. Incest was used for this purpose, mainly, and sometimes, by another way also.

Medicine usage is also. The both, Nimrods could be stronger. Thus, Alex was attacked so much at night!!!

Ridiculous, and Incribus, he yelled. Yukari attacked him in the mid night, and Harumi, in the early moring. Terrible incest attackers, they are!!!

And Koji tried to attack Clare, so often, and Clare was protected so much. And now, the back dancers were revealed. All Todai pimps army, they were!!! Oh, so supid, as if my anti-academic feeble-minded Alzheimer dumb parents!!! Yukari was so similar to KAKISHIMA, yes, however, oh, Todai pimps were so so stupid?!!!

Yes. Sigh. I graduated from one of the shameless versities in the world. Todai...And I gained my doctral degree from this goddamnit versity on Day 18 of Feburary, in 1999.

Thus, the end. They wanted to degrade the value of Miyuki's doctoral degree, and in a mean, gained a success. How messy nasty versity, Todai is, and they get messier and messier, every day, gradually. Downward Versity in the universe! Guiness Class!!!

From the begining, they were so degraded, and we, Rightous Platinum Tribe didn't know the fact, and thought that it were one of the best qualified versities in Japan. And failed and failed. No future for Todai, at all, we all do know well, however, up to this point?, was Miyuki's grief.

No bottom ditch, Todai is. Thus, KAKISHIMA could enter into the versity. Her father was the police related, and he attacked TOYAMA versity, in his hay day, and liked by Todai pimps, and wrote an article on a paper, and Todai appreciated his work so much.

Thus, he, a local police guy, allowed to live in Nerima Ward in Tokyo, and had a big MICCHIKU house there, and her daughter could turn to be the first female professor of Faculty of Law at Tokyo Versity.

So famous, however, no remarkable job, she did, was Miyuki's honest impression when Miyuki met her at first.

Thus, whole Micchiku world, especially, Graduate Schools of Todai were.

No value at all, Nepotism only world, however, Miyuki didn't know the system at all.

Thus, dissapointment for Miyuki's side. However, anyway, I gained the doctoral degree from this evilest fuccking versity called Todai. Not so qualified degree, actually, however, the result of my effort. And I published my book in 2006, and all of 2000 copies of the book were sold. Thus, Big Success, objectively.

If some guys want to know the real quality, read the book. It is called "Judicial Review in Brazil", and written in Japanese. In National Congress' Library, there is a copy at least. You yourself can judge the quality, and tell the comment on it, if you like. I will welcome your comments, positive and negative, also. I made a full effort to gain the degree. I am so proud of having done it.

No regret at all, I bit on my doctral degree. I was fired from Todai on 30th of September, in 2001, yes, and I was hired by this goddamnit versity on 1st of May, in 1999, three months after my doctral degree gaining.

Miyuki was hired at Kyorin Versity on 1st of April, in 2003, as lecture. She had doctral degree, however, Kyorin staff hired her as common lecture. And Kyorin versity gave professor's position for so many non doctral degree holders, and they explained for Miyuki, "Oh, they worked so much for our versity. A kind of reward, we provided the posision of professor".

Miyuki was fired the versity, on 30th of September, in 2017. And now, she is a write, farmer, judicial consultant, physical worker, cook, detective for Rightous Brothers only, public prosecutor, judge, messenger boy, logistics worker, commentator, and Comedian, anyway. So many multiple jobs she gains, and she is busy now.

Why we work for our side? Of course, we should survive, as much as possible! We are friends. Even though we are not so much similar to her at appearance, in habit, in inclination, in profission, in life style and so on, we are friends, and we want to assist each other, as much as possible. Why we can't put up with the situation of Nimrodic dirty cruel world? Of course, not at all! Thus, we should kill all of Nimrods, without exception, of course!!!!

Thus, no guy should remain here in Shirakawa. They were desqualified to live here, however, they came to attack us all, to give a big damage for us all. Forest Devastation, they did, and they continue to do it, shamelessly!!!

Miyuki got to notice that her real cousin had been killed by Miyuki's families and their kinds. His own parents sold him to Miyukis father, and he ordered Assasin Squad to kill him.

His name was Yoriyasu OONO or 大埜頼康, and he learned piano playing at versity, and he failed to gain some profission in Tokyo, then, he came back to Shirakawa.

Miyuki's father Koji hired him as precarious clerk, and put him in the branch, or shortly, our second hutte.

He gained the position, in December, and in winnter, the hutte is extremely cold, as we know. Thus, he lit the fire on Japanese old style Stove called HIBACHI or Fire Piece, and, it was the reason of his death.

Koji got upset, and hit his head, and called the medical staff by way of the police, saying, "The guy committed a suicide, and he was not conscious at all." Thus, they brought him to the hospital, and the medical staff, paid by Koji's side, shot 2 injections and killed him, immediately.

His mother Atsuko OONO already contracted with Insurance Company, and she and her husband gained the Insurance money from MICCHIKU company. Miyuki is Todai related, thus, Micchiku Insurance companies considered this special situation, as much as possible, and they gave precious money for them all. Koji also gained the money, and he pledged to participate to Satanic army, in case of necessity already.

Thus, the end. Koji abused Miyuki's so called GLORY as he liked, and forgot who Miyuki was. For him, Miyuki is just nasty uncle like some relative of Harumi's side.

And for Harumi, Miyuki is some nasty ugliest relative of Koji's side. Thus, they can't recognize Miyuki that she is their daughter.

Good. Better! I am orphan, exactly now! Like Teddy!

Thus, we are orphans. Good grief. Independence means orphanization. Miyuki was almost killed so many times, and she didn't believe it at all. Out of mind type joke like situation happened so many times in her life. Even now, the nasty uncle like guys are rich, dispite of its dirty appearance, they both believe.

Thus, really, the end of their lives. They did make whole effort to support MICCHIKU side, only. Miyuki didn't believe, they they really wanted to buy the new house in Tokyo for their new life at all!!!

They believed that Miyuki would buy it for them all. Alex and Clare gave us such a stupid idea, already. Not so different from Shirakawa. Both degraded. Terrible non working Nimrodic world, they both are in.

Thus, they lost their lives already, was revealed. After their physical death, MICCHIKU magician controled them to disturb our happiness, and they were hated by thier own families at all!!!

Shames of the families, and old SATO family was so degraded and rotten. Thus, new SATOW family, we support.

Good grief. We are not so greedy at all. At least, we prefer living in modest way, rather MICCHIKU time messy life.

Thus, No Man's Land, again. Doves are comming so soon, and Yacult is already father of so many kids!!! Oh, new generation, they are!!! Thus, we have much more possibility to do...everthing!!!

Teddy admitted the possibility to do it with Miyuki already, in the future. At least, POSSIBILITY, Miyuki gained. Thus, big step! It is not impossible now. Possible. Thus, in 12 years, Probably, she can do it with Teddy, as hypothesis. Not Impossible. Better than 15 years' waiting. Anyway, he is Human Skin Bag holder. Thus, Miyuki has now special oportunity to lose the virsin 12 years after, as possibility. Anyway, exists the possibility. Not ZERO. Thus, according to ZERO or One conception, now, not ZERO, but ONE, or Multiple.

Thus, good present from Teddy. However, now, for them both, not in mood. Probably, for 12 years, Miyuki is not in mood with Teddy, at this point of doing it. Cute, yes, however, who wants to do it with Teddy Bear? a matter of fact, according to Teddy, "I can do it, because she is my younger brother like position holding uncle like existance. Probably with this spirit, we can do it!" in the most positive way. least, the promissive candidate of future first lover is Teddy. Anyway, good team mate, actually. Teddy remarks, "Anyway, she is SHATEI, while I am OYABUN, or Team Leader.Thus, we will do it probably."

Thus, From Miyuki's side, "It is called GEKOKUJOU or 下克上, namely, the low ranking guy gain the real love from the high ranking guy." thus also, 玉の輿 or TAMA-no-KOSHI. Thus, it means, Miyuki is so skilful successful guy.

ADACHI yelled,"Don't expect so much on doing it. Just child play. Teddy Bears' straggle. Battle Field is...bed."

Terrible stories were already made in both sides. They both are similar to Staffed Bears, or rather...Fat Winter Well Wrapped KIGURUMI type guys in short. Shirakawa is so cold, thus, milk is the ideal drink to heat up our bodies. And Miyuki recognized that Teddy eats so much like his evil mother MADOKA.

DOKA-GUI-MADOKA, Platinum Tribe called her. She ate so much. Especially, she loved to eat whole package at the same time!

For example, she got to like a famous bakery's British Loaf, and she ate whole loaf as her lunch, putting only margaline for so many dayis consecutively!!!

For Miyuki's astoinshing, Madoka chose margarine, instead of butter. Too too strange, however, anyway, she was a big eater, when she was versity pupil. big eater Teddy also. Oh, my wallet, my wallet! It would cry on behalf of Teddy's big eating. However, Miyuki will manage the situation. We will earn much, or will be able to gain much more good qualified foods in the near future. Thus, don't worry, Teddy, your SHATEI or younger brother like uncle would put up with your appettite.

Teddy good grieved. Miyuki should eat as much as possible, and her tiny stomuch would put up with her spending. Thrifty, however, necessity should be fulfilled. And a petit luxuary, we should spend for.

Thus, see you soon, Rightous Brothers!!!
Even the guys, who were so closest in our life, are Nimrods. We should pay attention for it!!!

We learned so much in our ordial period. We are all TOHOHO type, thus, Rightous Brothers. Not so benefitted under Idiocracy, and we should have lived so well, and Nimrods frustrated our happiness all abruptly.

Thus, REVENGE, only. We should punishe Nimrods, all, without exception!!! We should produce super Paradise for us all!!! Rightous Brothers are all welcomed to our Lodge at Chestnut Hill Farm. We are preparing for it!!!

We should work much more, and we should gain materially satisfactional life. Thus, no choice at all for Nimdoric side.

Yesterday and today, it snows. However, the sun shines. Strange, however, they can't produce artificial snow any more. They put cosmetic powder in snow producing, however, so little snow fell last night. No power to disturb us all!

Thus, go forward, Miyuki! Teddy loves you! I love you Teddy Bear Boy!!!

From Dr.Miyuki SATOW and her Team TEN, the 100%, with Big Big LOVE!!!


Rabby & Chinkoro : New Version (4)

2018-02-15 11:15:16 | 日記
Hi, Rightous Brothers!

This morning, M got shocked at the scene of the south courtyard of Yaoya-cho house. The two pyramids and the steel frame complex were all attacked, and the taps and the shelf were fallen in the earth. Devastation was done by some Nimrods in rage.

Since early morning, today it was so wendy. However, Miyuki found a proof of the artificial wrongdoings, on the courtyard. The vinil sac, big one, which was put into Miyuki's complex's drawal by Harumi against Miyuki's will, was put on the floor mat with a big heavy stone. Nimrods' work, it means, and Harumi was the team leader of Miyuki pushing away project from YAOYA-cho house.

HARUMI said last spring that she paid US$1.2 thousand for AKIYAMA stone shop to curve the letters on the tumb stone. How expesive!, Miyuki got shocked, however, according to HARUMI, at least, AKIYAMA didn't make a mistake to do so, thus, it was enough for Harumi's side.

This morning, Miyuki checked the stone tumb at CHOUJUIN temple, and she found that the descriptions are all the proof of shames in Sato Family. Meiji, Taisho and Showa were confused. The relationship of the brothers were erroneous. The age of the death was expressed wrongly, and so on. Whole tumb stone means that AKIYAMA is ilegible, and ALZHEIMER mason.

Alex and Clare were also got shocked at how the old guys were forgetful and arrogant and erroneous. Dangerous, they both categorized, and ran away, as much as possible.

They were attacked on the exact day of the new year holiday, and could escape, anyway, to their team mates' house, per each. Miyuki could survive also, anyway, despite of the extreme coldness.

And now, new fact was revealed. Much more shocking. Kouichi YOSHIDA, rather, teachers' league in Shirakawa tried to kill Miyuki in 1976, when she was in the 6th grade of Primary School Shirakawa III.

Kouichi YOSHIDA called SQUAD to kill her, however, she went back from school, rather earlier than their calculation. Miyuki was declared to quit the school, by YOSHIDA, one afternoon, and she was called to the class room to be contempted by the old satan YOSHIDA, however, Miyuki dashed into the toilet, because she didn't want to show her crying face at all, and after crying, she went back to her house, with her friends, MAKIKO and IZUMI-san, accusing how this old satan did to the closest friends, and Miyuki regained the power, and ate well, as usual, and slept well, also as usual, and then, the next morning, she got up normally, and went to school, as usual.

Straange to say, in the toilet, there were Masato SEKINE and Akemi KITAZAWA. Both Testacles' Pet type, however, not so cruel type, also. Why, only they were there, exactly, when Miyuki dashed into it?

Now, Miyuki found the correct answer. They were oredered to wait Miyuki to be monitors of her contemptious death. Death in the mack ditch, YOSHIDA wanted regarding Miyuki, thus, the squad should have come to the toilet so soon, after YOSHIDA's order.

The two testacles pets waited for several ten minutes, however, the squad didn't come, thus, they gave up and came back to their home, per each.

YOSHIDA ordered to kill Miyuki, on the exact day, however, Miyuki is protected by us all, as always. She also ordered to kill him to us, Rightous Brothers, and it effected, grdually.

Miyuki remembered that in the deep autumn, Miyuki ordered it to us, Rightous Brothers, on one Saturday, soon after KATSUMI's salometil case. So shocking, the case was for her. Unforgetful, ever!!!

Anyway, Miyuki did special ritual to kill _YOSHIDA, evilest satan, in her world.

Already, he was old and his leg was not functional at all, namely, amirodosis sticking, he suffered from, yes.

Gradually, the mentally illed satan got cruel and explosive, thus, he triggered to kill Miyuki, and the other teachers agreed her death, immediately.

However, Miyuki didn't know the existance of the league of the Nimrods parents. Miyuki was sacrificed already, and was sold already for satanic side, by way of her own families.

However, our protection was so stronger than Nimrods' attacking, and Nimrods were so stupid, and they made a fatal mistake in the assasin process. They took the order from YOSHIDA on the contrary, namely, YOSHIDA was taken as "The adressed" and Miyuki, as "The adressee". Thus, the confusion happened, so many among Nimrods side.

For Miyuki, all satans should be killed, completely, of course, however, for Nimrods, at least, her own families should survive, according to their so selfish understanding.

Thus, Nimrods wrongly chose the last one. HARUMI, her real mother, Nimrods chose as the last one. Persistant attacker, she is yes, however, she is totally skewed mentally, and forgetful anyway. Thus, all of erroneous situations happened at the past, regarding Harumi's life.

Dangerous mother, Harumi is. And she hates Miyuki, so much, and she believes that she is superior to Miyuki, perfectly.

Thus, so many confusional evasions, here and there, done by HARUMI, and Miyuki suffered a lot because of this forgetful erroneous mother.

Yes, Miyuki escaped the death, in 1976, however, Harumi wanted to attack on Miyuki, as much as possible. Thus, she ordered another tumb for Miyuki's only, taking advantage of the lack of the writing space on the old tumb, and she tried to do her best, thus, so erroneous letters on the tumb, and the kins criticised her so much. Terrible misunderstanding on Sato family's history, and HARUMI faked as if the errors were done by others. Thus, she ordered to bring salty sarmon once per year, under the names of some old ladies, saying, "These old ladies thank so much to be allowed to be beried in the same semetery of Sato Family. They are the descendents of Kintarou SATO, Miyuki's grand father. Sermons were the gift for it."

Miyuki believed the strange story, because no reason to complicate the fact.

for us, Miyuki's attitude is so common, however, the fact was totally different. Sato family whole wanted Miyuki's death so early, from the begining. Thus, they didn't want to show their faces correctly in front of Miyuki.

Miyuki remembered that in 1968, in the day of preparing for the new year, Sato family, enhanced version, held a Mochi, or Japanese sticky rice ball, making festival. There were so many kids, with the same age of Miyuki, almost.

Miyuki enjoyed the festival, however, in the end, she got nausia, when she ate sticky rice ball with sweet red beans, drinking MISO soup. The problem of conbination of the two different products, Miyuki understood. However, not at all. Miyuki suffered less, and other kids did worse.

Thus, Miyuki did know only Yuuji KOISO, as cousin. There were so many cousines, at that moment. Miyuki's vague memory on the amusing events worked so much! Miyuki remembered us, they yelled. Miyuki liked so much to play with them. In May and in December, in taditional festivities, they were killed by adults!!!

Always, with amature made sticky rice balls, Miyuki gained nausia and headache. Spontaneously, they put the powder, or poison, when they watched the products. Miyuki didn't know who the kids were. So many, Miyuki thought, however, in primary school, except KOISO, Miyuki didn't encounter with any of them.

They were adopted kids, and they were cheerful guys. So many kids, with the same age of her own one. Where are they? Who were they? Miyuki got in wonder. YUI, Miyuki thought. Rural tradition, and in every place in Japan, in the exact day of festivities, they were killed easily.

Miyuki didn't know how evil and rough, the rural Nimrod satans were. And now, no choice at all. Just for gaining money, they killed others, so easily. Alzheimer village, Miyuki categorized Shirakawa, and this is the averege scene of Japan.

Only for so stupid dumb could survive type village, Shirakawa was. Thus, Yukari survived on behalf of it. While Miyuki, according to Nimrods, probably, the same. However, Miyuki does know well that so many Rightous Brothers supported her, in every moment.

Revenge, Miyuki pledged. Thus, Miyuki does the actual fact finding series, or, shame collection to memorize satanic wrongdoings.

Sayo was killed, probably. And she was not Miyuki's grand mother. She was grand aunt, and when she was killed, any guy confessed at all yet.

Norio, was her husband, and he was killed also in 1945, in the 1 of June, soon before the end of the WWII. Only 31 years old. However, Miyuki was told another story by Harumi.

He died at 19 years old or so, in some South Asian country. The lowest ranking soldier, Miyuki thought, however, NORIO was expressed as a team leader of a squad, or HEI-CHOU, or 兵長, thus, not unintentional solder. Professional solder, he was.

Probably, ONOZAKI house was their house, and ONOZAKI attacked SAYO and killed her, and left her in some place. They were so rough, and Sato family kept the secret at all, because they were also black entirely.

Among them, killing each other, and robbing from the targetted guy were so common at all. Miyuki didn't know the system at all, and Miyuki's parents also contracted to kill Miyuki up to her 55 years old's birthday.

For them, Miyuki is over 50, thus, no value at all, and YUKARI, so young, only with 48 years old, thus, she should live, more, of course.

Thus, Yukari ordered to kill Miyuki, instead of Yukari herself. Yukari gained so much debt because of her consecutive errors, and she lost US$30 thousand, given by Miyuki, as the "disconection, for ever" money, without knowing. Thus, Yukari is in rage, and she ordered the parents to erase Miyuki perfectly from their society, including the history of Miyuki's career.

Thus, the parents came to attack her on the day 8th of Feburary, this year, at 7:00 in the morning, as Morning Raid.

Thus, the end of their deciesing process. So prolonged, and so shameful life, they chose. And they were just averege guys in Shirakawa and in Japan. Rural life is like that. Miyuki understood now, so easily.

Their rage caused the strong wind this early morning. They tried to adopt Neighbour Self Defense system, and got trapped and lost their vehicle, the red car. Alex wanted to drive it, however, Nimrods stole it, thus, he claimed, however, his grand father didn't take it seriously. "You should keep the stealing job, or, you would be damaged by others, OK, Alex?", Koji, Alex's grand father said.

Miyuki's way is so quick and efficient. Miyuki found the wrongdoers, and informed their wrongdoings, as soon as possible, for us, Rightous Brothers. Protectors, they are. And we all participate in the job, in turn.

Thus, mutuality works so much. They tried to trap Miyuki so many times, and they themselved were trapped by thier own trap. Cinderella's mother in law was punished by her own declaration of the punishment. the same happened, in the end.

We should support each other, the wrongdoers did say to Alex and Clex, one year before last year. And they didn't support at all, and stole the money as much as possible. Thus, they lost reliance, forever!!!

Old guys only world, Shirakawa was. No future at all, just like Florida, attacked by Haricanes.

For us all, good place to live, and the problem is just haricane attacking only. Brilliant sunshine, blue sky, beach with white sand, warm nice climate, and so on. Paradise like Hawaii. Why OMANKO journalism reported the nasty disasters' marking so much? Charity begging society, Florida turned!!!

In every place in the world, it happened, and Miyuki did know well now.

SAYO was replaced by ONOZAKI-san, and Sato family kept the case in secret. We would be killed like that, any Rightous Brothers felt it.

It worked so much. Nimrods channged the history, thus, culture blind world, they realized. Terrible torture for us, intellectual type. Thus, go ahead, Miyuki! You should gain much more rewards from both sides!!!

We should purify the nasty region called Shirakawa! Be responsible, as much as possible! Kill Nimrods, all together!!!

VANISH! DDMs! Ugly bitches! You are so stupid erotic satans!!!

Thus, Continue to be Miyuki's Valentines, all Rightous Brothers, as always! Miyuki will provide you delicious sweets, of course!!!

Bye for now, and see you soon!

From Miyuki and her enhanced team mates called TEN or The Perfect!, with Big Big LOVE!!!!

Rabby & Chinkoro : New Version (3)

2018-02-08 16:24:36 | 日記
Hi, Rightous Brothers!

Consecutively, Miyuki and her team members got shocked at Shirakawan evil attempts.
NANKO Mountain range is now in danger because of Nimrods' stupidity! Help the region, especially, all pine trees!!!

They put the rice straw belts for the protection of the trees against insects' attacing in winter, however, now, crazy stupid Alzheimer idiots take the belts as the marks of cutting! Stupid! However, they now work in this line! Help! Stop the evilest devastation of the NANKO silver lake region's mountains!!!!

We declared the total vanishing of the all nimrods, already so many times, however, they act like that! Kill all inmrods, immediately! We all hope your help to stop the devastation!

Miyuki, this morning, got attacked by her own parents, and shocked so much. At 7:00 oclock, they came to her hutte, opened the doors against her will, and the rope gate, also. They unlocked the doors, using the special tool to unlock the doors, And invided into the hutte, searched her objects, broke them, put them in disorder.

Miyuki was sleeping at that moment, and they threatened her to obey them. Terrible order they ejected, and she was almost killed by the old Alzheimer parents. After her recognition of their attempt to kill her, smiled, and tried to erase the fact. However, Miyuki got shocked and tried to make all her efforts to survive, praying for Gods of Justice, so many times.

They tried to call to the police, under the name of her health problems, like cold, losing driver's licence so on, and also attempted to call to the hospitals. Stupid and terrible, however, they really threatened her to do as they liked. With a steel bar, KOUJI, her father, tried to hit her to be killed. Miyuki recoginzed it, and he stopped, with a bar, almost 1 meter at length.

They are mentally illed, and for KOUJI, number 110 on the telephone is so common to use. For Harumi, Miyuki did know well, however, also for KOUJI, number to the police is the short way to be rich, killing Miyuki and gaining her succession.

This is MICCHIKU family, and Miyuki didn't know the fact at all. Whole my families are Nimrods, in short.

Thus, we should speed up the process of total vanishing for Nimrods, as much as possible! Terrible Alzhemer patients, and no guy can stop their evil wrongdoing now. The hutte is attackable for them both! Not only Yukari, but also Kouji can kill Miyuki with violence, and also HARUMI, has possibiity to do so, physically, yes!

Thus, please inform the facts to the suitable guys to punish them immediately! They are so dangerous, and we are in the world of horror done by Nimrods, especially, old guys at the age of 70 years old over!!!

See you soon! We all expect your participation to kill these terrible Nimrods so soon, all in a body!!!

VANISH! DDMS! You are so ugly, direty, cruel family killers!!! Save us please so soon!!!

From Dr.Miyuki SATOW, and her reliable team mates, Rightous Brothers,
With Big Big Love!!!!!