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Yamadera`s color

2022年11月11日 | ★STARRY★

Yamadera is one of the most impressive spiritual sites in Japan. It is a breathtaking temple complex located just over the border in neighboring Yamagata Prefecture. Yamadera`s view is very scenic that will surely take your breath away— but literally, it will take your breath away because thousand-plus steps await you before you reach the top! Yamadera is stunning at any time of year, especially when the leaves change color in autumn. That`s why we went there early. We want to witness the true color of Yamadera during Autumn.

Last Sunday, we went to Yamadera by car but you can also go there by train. A visit to Yamadera usually starts at Yamadera Station. The temple complex, sitting atop a cliff, is clearly visible from the platform. While moving through the small town of Yamadera to reach the base, you can enjoy some traditional foods the town is famous for, like Yamagata’s famous handmade soba, or konnyaku balls with hot mustard. Konnyaku balls are delicious.


Risshakuji is the name of the mountain temple in Yamadera. This one thousand-year-old temple amazes me. It looks old but when you are going to look at it, you will feel that you were back a thousand years ago.

Yamadera has its section and can be easily accessed, and a mountain section which requires some energy. The mountain section consists of a thousand-step staircase through a serene forest, past interesting stone sculptures, intimate prayer halls, and rock formations. When you reach Godaido near the top, you will be rewarded with breathtaking views of the valley and town below. It was a tiring trip but fun adventure. I want to go there again this winter.


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