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Fun Event

2022年11月04日 | ★STARRY★

October rolled out and Halloween suddenly finished right away. I don’t know how it does that so quickly, but last October 30th we had a Halloween event with the students.

It was my first time to experience celebrating Halloween with kids. As we probably know by now – kids love celebrating. And I think Halloween is a big holiday for them.

As much as I love Halloween parties, I find that they can be a little tricky for the kinder and elementary school students. It can be hard to think of lots of kids Halloween activities or ideas. Thanks to the teachers of Starry, we did a treasure hunt game. It was an interesting game because kids can challenge themselves by reading, understanding, and answering the questions has been made. If they got the answers correctly, they can receive a nice treat.

Halloween is not "Halloween" without wearing a costume. I am so excited to share some of my favorite kids wearing their Halloween costumes. All of our Kinder and elementary students wore and showed their best costumes and it was really cute. Some of the most famous costumes that the students wore are Anya, Luffy from the anime One Piece, Woody from The Toy Story movie, and Jack Skellington one of the characters in the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas.


But the character from Star Wars, the Stormtrooper caught my attention, it was very nice. Little Mario and Purikyua was also cute. I had fun and I really enjoyed our Halloween event. Seeing the happy face of the kids are priceless.


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