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2021年07月23日 | ★STARRY★

Good evening, everyone! A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about my trip to the United Kingdom. One of the reasons I had wanted to visit that country is because my name is Peter Ferguson, and "Ferguson" is a Scottish name. There used to be a man in Scotland named "Fergus" a long time ago. And then one day, that man had a little child who was a boy. Everyone called the little boy "Fergus's son", and later they shortened the name to just "Ferguson". So, that is where my last name comes from!!

The map above shows which part of the U.K. belongs to Scotland and which part belongs to England. Scotland is in the north. The Scottish flag is blue with a white X. The flag of England is white, with a red cross. My father is 75% Scottish and 25% Irish, so of course I got my last name because it was my father's name, too.

Do you know this animal? It is a unicorn!! Scotland's national animal is actually a unicorn. It is very strange that Scotland decided to choose a unicorn as their national symbol, since unicorns are not real animals. But some people believe that unicorns used to live on Earth many years ago. They are considered strong and beautiful animals, just like the country of Scotland also has a lot of strong beauty.

And look at the above photo! Unicorns are not the only unusual symbol of Scotland. There is a famous lake called "Loch Ness" in the country. Many people believe that a monster lives in this lake. Some say they have seen this monster from time to time, and have even taken pictures of it. It has been named "Nessie". What do you think about it? Does this animal really exist?? Perhaps, like the unicorn, it used to be real. Or perhaps it is just a fantasy. No one knows for sure. But someday I want to return to the U.K. and try to meet Nessie for myself. Maybe I will also meet other people named Ferguson there, just like me. I hope you can visit Scotland, too! It is a unique country with many interesting things to see...

- Peter Bird on emojidex


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