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2022年05月13日 | ★STARRY★

Camping is a fun activity and a popular form of recreation practiced worldwide. Although we are mostly unaware of the different types of camping that are practiced by people who love camping. Many are devised purely for academic purposes. Exploring these types can get very exciting to anyone who has an adventurous soul.  In Japan BBQ camping is popular..

I went camping last Golden week in Mitakidofureai park . It is my first time that I went on a camping trip here in Japan. It was really fun and we had a wonderful time together with my friends.  The park/camp site is really beautiful. Theres a lot of trees and you can play also in the river. But the main thing I was happy about is we had a bbq party. I ate a lot that time. It was indeed a memorable vacation.  I want to do it again next time together with my friends and create good memories.


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