Scan tool for Actron

2012-07-31 11:16:39 | 日記
Actron is a company specializing in automotive diagnostic tools, including scanning tools, electronic test and battery test equipment. The TMS370 Programmer scan tool allows you to your vehicle running diagnostic tests to determine what is wrong, you can also use these tools to view and / or erase fault codes, including the check engine light. All of these tools and on-board diagnostic system (OBD II) system II is compatible.

AutoScanner plus

CP9580 AutoScanner CodeConnect Plus allows you to scan the fault code, it will also give priority to the make based on this year, and your vehicle model correction. CodeConnect feature allows you to view detailed information about the error code, the USA PROG Full package tool will let you know whether there is more information about the specific error. Other features of this tool, including your engine, you can capture real-time information, it also allows you to view and delete the code of the anti-lock braking system (ABS). You can check the current status of the OBD system, and can output any diagnostic information to your PC. It also comes with a Universal Serial Bus (USB) port, which allows you to connect this device to your computer. As of 2010, the tool is priced at $ 299.99.
AutoScanner CP9575

OBDII controller area network (CAN) protocol on the vehicle can use this tool, this tool allows you to determine whether your system is running the correct based on real-time information. It is equipped with a screen that allows you to see the code information, you can also view detailed information of the freeze frame and drive cycle. Other features of this tool, you can view the current status of the OBD system, and you can view current and upcoming diagnostic trouble codes (DTC). This tool also has a USB interface, it is from 1996 to the present, all vehicles compatible. As of 2010, the tool costs $ 144.99.
Elite AutoScanner

Costs in 2010, Elite AutoScanner CP9185 $ 429.99, consumers and professionals can use this MaxiScan US703 tool. It allows you to create visual charts of your engine data, and can output the information to your computer. You can capture and playback vehicle incorrect data, it uses a USB cable, it allows you to connect it to your computer, and software updates from the company's Web site. This tool is compatible with most Ford, GM and Chrysler, which is compatible with the CAN protocol vehicles.