Eliminating engine for Amplifier or Subs

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The car is a challenging audio environment. Not only do you need to overcome the sound of the road and wind noise, but your electronics have to contend with electrical ADD350 Noise Finder produced by the car's engine, electrical motors, and the rest of the electrical system. In some cases, this can be a real detriment to enjoying the sound of your amplifiers and subs. Fortunately, a few basic steps and precautions can make this a fairly easy problem to solve.

Use high-quality wiring. High-quality automotive audio cabling is designed to reject and isolate noise from entering the system. Compared to inexpensive wiring and comparable home audio wiring, you'll find features like heavier insulation, noise-rejecting jackets, and helical wire winding Multimeter ADD81 in higher-quality wiring. Most importantly, choose RCA cables with these noise-rejecting features, since the low-level preamp signal carried by these cables is susceptible to picking up engine noise interference.

Isolate power, signal, and speaker wires from each other. Running power cables along the same routes as signal and speaker wires provides an opportunity for interfering electrical signals to easily move from one part of the Circuit Tester ADD210 to another. As a rule of thumb, run power cables down one side of the car, and signal and speaker wires down the other.

Check your ground point. Scrape away any dirt, paint, grease, or rust from the point on your car's chassis where you'll be making the ground connection, and you'll solve many potential problems before they even begin.

Cleaning for O2 Sensors to Pass Smog Tests

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O2 sensors are sensors which measure the ADD71 that are expelled from your vehicle's exhaust system. The O2 sensor is an emissions control device, and is required in states that use smog testing for annual vehicle inspections. States like California are especially strict with smog testing, so its important to make sure that your vehicle's O2 sensors are functioning properly.

Slide the floor jack under the front jack point of your vehicle. Normally, this will be located behind the radiator.

Jack up on the vehicle, place a Auto Testing Tools stand under each of the front pinch welds and lower the vehicle onto the stands.

Disconnect the cable connected to the negative battery terminal by turning the nut on the cable clamp counterclockwise until the clamp is loose. Then slide the clamp off the battery terminal.

Disconnect the electrical connector running to the O2 sensor. The sensor is located either on the catalytic converter or there will be two sensors. One will be located before the catalytic converter and one will be located after the converter.

Turn the O2 sensor counterclockwise with an Digital Multimeter ADD81 and pull the sensor out.

Hold the O2 sensor with vice grips and heat the sensor end of the sensor with a propane torch until the tip turns slightly red but don't allow the tip to "glow."

Submerge the heated end of the sensor into a bucket of cold water once the tip of the sensor turns red. Make sure you are not dipping the entire sensor in the water, but the end that you heated. The rapid heating and cooling will cause the Spark Indicator ADD730 to expand and contract, and is the the only real way to loosen the carbon deposits that have built up on the inside of the sensor.

Repeat Steps 6 and 7 two more times.

Re-install the O2 sensor.
For specific information about removing the O2 sensor in your vehicle and for cleaning instructions, consult the particular vehicle's manual.

Ford 6.0 liters of diagnostic tools

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Ford 6.0-liter engine in the 2003 to 2006 vehicles use diesel engines, part of a series of power-stroke. It was replaced by 6.4 L power in 2007, Stoke engine. Diagnosis Ford 6.0-liter engine, you need to scan the Ford, the 1996 production year to use AutoBoss PC MAX tools, such as second-generation board diagnostic OBD-II. You can buy these tools from a local automotive store or online. Although these tools are expensive, they can re-use, saving time and money, access to skilled workers.


Eno 3160 anti-lock braking systems and controller area network mb star c4 scan tool, OBD-II applies to all OBD-II vehicles, including all types of Ford. With the Innova 3160 tool can also run the scan in the Ford, General Motors and Chrysler ABS. The scan tool has an LED screen, where you will see all of the DTC code and freeze frame data. Freeze frame data, so that you can capture the performance of your vehicle at any given moment. This is one of three languages, tools, data show that in French, English and Spanish. As of 2010, the tool costs $ 459.44.
Ease PC Scan Tool

This BMW ICOM A+B+C tool is compatible with all types of OBD-II vehicles, including Ford, Isuzu, Kia, Hyundai, Toyota and Mazda. It contains data for 2010. You can run in a different vehicle systems, including powertrain, horsepower and chassis scanning, and a reference library, which allows you to look at the DTC code defined. You must contact the company to get a quote.

A new generation of Star XL vehicle inventory management suite is designed specifically for Lincoln, Ford and Mercury vehicles OBD-II and CAN system, which covers from 1984 to this year's model. This kit allows you to read the DTC code, and clear them from your system, you can record the current system data. The toolkit will also be data conversion into a graphical form, allowing you to visually see the statistics of the vehicle. This kit comes with its own carry-on bag. It has a 13 month warranty. As of 2010, the product price of $ 2,999.95.

Auto Diagnostic tool for BMW

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BMW high performance vehicles require specialized care.MB Star c4 Diagnostic tools need to be able to speak to the BMW car computer to diagnose any continuing problems may be displayed in the car. Diagnostic tool for BMW will speak the same language code, you can isolate the problem.

BMW sprint V2.0

When the service light becomes lit a code on the dashboard of a BMW car on the computer records. BMW 2.0 connected to a computer through a connection point the bottom of the dash and the code will be displayed on the screen tools. This code can help a qualified technician to find out the reason why turn on the light service in the first place. The BMW dash V2.0 also allows mechanical scanning vehicles and other units, and record data on the computer. Once the error has been to review and correct the mechanic can remove the wrong car computer, which will stop the light from the open service.
D - Can Scanner

BMW D-tank scanner is used on all BMW models produced after 1998. This OIL RESET TOOL tool for diagnosis and vehicles, and to add or correct the BMW board computer programming. High or low high-speed connection, providing the flexibility and old vehicles use the D-tank scanner, you can run the report.
BMW scanner

BMW scanner is connected to the data provided by the car on several projects. Identification of the car's VIN number is on your computer, this MaxiTrip TP100 scanner read. Report on the scanner and the odometer reading than the actual mileage on the dashboard odometer. BMW scanner, any errors that occur in the onboard computer registration will be reported.