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英語講師の留学経験 - パーティーで使える略語 “BYOB”

2011-04-30 06:21:47 | 英語講師のカナダ・トロント留学経験
Good morning and thank you for your time to visit!!
Today, I’d like to write about a personal story when I was studying English in Toronto, Canada.
*The episode related to this blog topic is here:
It was about a year after I arrived in Toronto in 2004, so it was about 7 years ago.
At that time, I was getting used to living abroad, and had a lot of friends from all over the world.
Once I was asked and invited to come to one of my friends' home parties.
What actually he said to ask me was, “Please come because it’s gonna be fun. Oh, don’t forget it's BYOB.”
What I instantly came in my mind was “BYOB? What is that?”
So I asked him about it, and he told me that “BYOB stands for Bring Your Own Beer / Booze.”
If I hadn’t asked him at that time, I wouldn’t know about the fact about BYOB until now, so it was really worth asking!
I’m pretty sure studying abroad will be a great experience, so hopefully, a lot more people will experience studying abroad and learn something new!!


本日は“英語講師の留学経験 - パーティーで使える略語 - BYOB”です。

*関連記事の“英語講師の留学経験 (カナダでお酒を飲む時のルール編)”はこちらをクリック:




“Please come because it’s gonna be fun. Oh, don’t forget it's BYOB.”


それまでBYOBという表現を知らなかったため、“What is BYOB?”状態になりましたが、即、その友達に聞き”BYOB”は何かを知ることができました。

BYOBはBring Your Own Beer (Booze)の略で、日本語にしますと“自分のお酒は自分で持参”という意味になります。



それでは今日の英語での一言:“You can learn more than you expect by studying abroad!”

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2011-04-29 07:38:50 | 英語学校設立・創業
Good morning and I really appreciate your visit!
Yesterday, after I taught some lessons at a cafe in Tokyo, I decided to go and check the atmosphere of some stations at Tokyu Meguro line to see if the area would match my English school.
I didn't have much time to walk around so I just walked and checked around each stationa from Meguro to Ookayama; however, it was worth going!
At some stations, I stopped by some real estate agencies to ask if space was available but unfortunately none of them matched yesterday.
What I found out was the renting fee is quite high and it is beyond my budget.
Anyway, what I need to do is to have hope and keep looking for the one!!







それでは今日の英語での一言:"We get nothing unless we try!"

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2011-04-28 07:33:22 | English Plus 英語レッスン受講生のための復習トレーニング
Good morning, and thank you for your visit!
Today, I’d like to recommend some useful websites for learning English.
I recommend using websites for learning English because you can practice English in your free time every day.
There are a lot of wonderful English learning websites, and especially, I’d like to recommend these 5 free websites for today.

1. The Japan Times Online (http://www.japantimes.co.jp/)
You can read newspaper articles in English.

2. Eigo Town daily 5 minutes training (http://www.eigotown.com/eigocollege/nav.php3?c=2)
Eigo Town offers 5 minutes English training and good for learning some useful phrases and grammar.

3. 48 Hours Mystery (http://www.cbsnews.com/video/48hours/?tag=hdr;cnav)
It takes about 40 minutes to watch one episode but it’s worth watching because you can improve your listening skill.

4. Good Learners (http://www.good-learners.com/)
With this website, you can learn some useful phrases and do the dictation.

5. Livedoor Eigogakusyu (http://livedoor.cocone.jp/)
You can enjoy some English games and enjoy improving your English ability.
Click some of these and enjoy learning English in your free time!





1. The Japan Times Online (http://www.japantimes.co.jp/)

2. Eigo Town - 5 minutes English training (http://www.eigotown.com/eigocollege/nav.php3?c=2)

3. 48 Hours Mystery (http://www.cbsnews.com/video/48hours/?tag=hdr;cnav)

4. Good Learners (http://www.good-learners.com/)

5. Livedoor 英語学習 (http://livedoor.cocone.jp/)


それでは今日の英語での一言: "Daily practice will strengthen your English muscles!"

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ビジネス英語を楽しんで学べる映画 - Office Space

2011-04-27 07:24:47 | English Plus 英語レッスン受講生のための復習トレーニング
Good morning!
I haven't introduced a movie to learn English for quite long, so today I'd like to introduce a movie that you may be able to learn business English.
*The previous blog about the movie I recommended is here:
Today, I'd like to recommend "Office Space", which is a 1999 American comedy film.
In this movie, Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt's ex-wife is the movie.
This movie is about typical worker's life in a 1990s software company, and is focusing on a handful of individuals who are fed up with their jobs.
With this movie, you might be able to learn some business English.
So, if you want to learn business English in a fun way, click here to check the trailer!!


本日は“ビジネス英語を楽しんで学べる映画 - Office Space”です。


今日おすすめの映画は“Office Space”(邦題:リストラマン)です。

日本ではまったくと言っていいほど認知されていない映画ですが、Jennifer Aniston(Brad Pittの前妻)も出演している1999年に公開されたアメリカのコメディ映画です。

このOffice Spaceという映画では、ソフトウェア会社に勤める1990年代の典型的なアメリカ人の日常生活と、会社に不平不満を持つ社員たちの姿が映し出されています。


楽しくビジネス英語を学べる一本、興味がありましたら下記You Tubeで予告編をチェック!

それでは今日の英語での一言:"Let's enjoy learning English!"

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2011-04-26 07:31:45 | 英語学習のポイント&アドバイス
Good morning and I appreciate your visit!!
Today, I'd like to recommend a training method to review any English grammar you've learned.
This training method will help you with your grammar knowledge and will improve your fundamental writing skills!
Now, please imagine that recently you've learned “Both…and…” structure, and you want to review it.
In this case, I recommend that you review it by writing.
How to do is quite simple!
Just write a sentence including the structure.
For example:
“I met both my friend and my teacher at the department store yesterday.”
“I’m thinking about going to both Vancouver and Toronto next year.”
You can combine this training method with “1 sentence diary training.”
By combining them, it will help you improve your English skills more!
*Here is a blog about “1 sentence diary writing”:









“I met both my friend and my teacher at a department store yesterday.”
“I’m thinking about going to both Vancouver and Toronto next year.”




それでは今日の英語での一言:"Every day is a new opportunity to practice and learn!"

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2011-04-25 07:56:28 | 英語学校設立・創業
Good morning and thank you for your visit!
Yesterday, it was a fine day and I had some free time so I walked around Takadanobaba, Shinjuku area.
It was my first time to walk around the area so that it was interesting to find out where people hang out and what kind of business around there.
I walked quite a lot and I was able to know the atmosphere, the renting cost there and so on.
From now on, I’ll gather and check the information about the area and spend some more time preparing for my English school to launch in the near future!







それでは今日の英語での一言:"Take a step forward!"

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2011-04-24 09:33:53 | ビジネスでも使える英語&英語表現
Good morning.
I really appreciate your visit!
Today, let’s learn some phrases that can be used to show your hospitality to a foreign person who is visiting Japan.
*The related episode to this episode is here:
Actually, the phrases that I’m going to show you below can be used in both business and private situations.
For instance:
・How's your stay in Japan?
・How do you like Japan so far?
・Are you enjoying your stay?
・Did you pick up any Japanese?
・Isn't there any trouble here?
・I hope you'll have a great time in Japan.
If you use these phrases, at least you can show your hospitality.
So, if you have a chance to use these phrases in private or business, try!






・How’s your stay in Japan?

・How do you like Japan so far?

・Are you enjoying your stay?

・Did you pick up any Japanese?

・Isn’t there any trouble here?

・I hope you’ll have a great time in Japan.


それでは今日の英語での一言:”Use any phrases that you think you can use!!”

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TOEIC Part 7対策 - 世界で一番フレンドリーな国はどこ?の記事でskimmingとscanningのトレーニング

2011-04-23 06:23:52 | TOEICテスト対策
Good morning, and I really appreciate your visit.
Today, let’s practice skimming and scanning by reading an English article to get higher TOEIC score!!
The topic today is “Which country is the friendliest country in the world?”
*The link to “The world's friendliest countries” is here:
Have you ever been to any of the countries mentioned in the link?
Now, let’s try some questions to see if you understand the contents of the article!
1. What are the categories Forbes looked at to rank the countries?
2. How many countries participated in this survey?
3. What was the main reason Canada was chosen as No.1 country?
Were they difficult?
Which country would you like to visit in the future?
The answers are below, so if you are into them, please check them out.


本日は“TOEIC Part 7対策 - 世界で一番フレンドリーな国はどこ?の記事でskimmingとscanningのトレーニング”です。




*リンク”The world’s friendliest countries” はこちらから:



それでは、TOEIC Part 7(リーディング)形式の問題を解いてみましょう!

1. What are the categories Forbes looked at to rank the countries?
2. How many countries participated in this survey?
3. What was the main reason Canada was chosen as No.1 country?


1. ability to befriend locals, success in learning the local language, capacity for integrating themselves into the community, and ease in which they fit into the new culture.
2. 25 countries
3. they go out with local friends

それでは今日の英語での一言:"Persistence is the best shortcut to achieving your goals!"

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英語講師の英語に関する恥のエピソード - 間違えることで英語力は向上する

2011-04-22 08:54:13 | 英語講師のカナダ・トロント留学経験
Good morning, and thank you for reading this blog!!
Today, I’d like to share my personal story about a mistake I made at a coffee shop.
I sometimes share this “embarrassing personal” story with my students as an episode to tell them that making mistakes is an important step to learn English.
This experience happened a couple months after I arrived in Toronto for the first time in 2004.
One afternoon after school, I was a bit hungry, so I stopped by Tim Hortons in Toronto, Canada.
In fact, it was Friday afternoon, so I decided that I would buy 12 donuts since it's much cheaper to buy 12, and I thought I could keep some for breakfast for the following weekend.
So, I went to the counter and asked a clerk, “I’ll have a medium double-double, and dars donuts.”
However, the clerk seemed not to understand what I just said, so I said the same thing again.
But still, he didn't understand, so I said again “a medium double-double, and dars donuts.”
Then, he asked me back “a medium double-double, and what???”
So, I said a little loudly, “dars donuts.”
But, his face said “???”
So, again, I said clearly “a dars donuts please”.
And, finally he got what I meant and he said, “Oh, a dozen!!”
I thought “…what? a dozen??”
I just misunderstood for a long time that 12 is a dars...NOT a dozen…I guess it’s because there is a famous Japanese chocolate bar called “Dars.”
Anyway, what I learned from that experience is “making mistakes is important!”
Since I made the embarrassing mistake, I’ve never made the same “dozen” mistake again.
We can always learn something from our mistakes!!
*The episode about Tim Hortons is here:


本日は“英語講師の英語に関する恥に関するエピソード - 間違えることで英語力は向上する”です。


今日の“英語講師の英語に関する恥に関するエピソード - 間違えることで英語力は向上する”はトロント・カナダで留学し始めた数カ月後(2004年)の恥ずかしい思い出です。

ある日の語学学校での授業が終わった午後、ちょうどお腹が空いてきたので、Tim Hortonsに寄ることにしました。

*Tim Hortonsに関してのブログは“英語講師の留学経験 (トロント生活 - コーヒーショップ編)”をクリック:

(Tim Hortonsではドーナツを12個いっぺんに購入したほうが断然安い!)

“I’ll have a medium double-double and dars donuts please.”



そうすると店員さんは”a medium double-double and what?”(ダブルダブルと何?)と聞き返してきたため、今度は少し大きな声で”dars donuts”と言いました。


なのでもう一度、もっとはっきりと”dars donuts please”と言ったところ、店員さんがピンときたようで、

“Oh, a dozen!”と返信してきました。

今度は自分の頭の中で“what?? dozen???”という疑問が湧きました。



この恥ずかしい経験をして以来、dose / dozenの間違いはなくなりました。


それでは今日の英語での一言:”The moment of embarrassment is just one moment!”

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2011-04-21 08:10:05 | 英語学習のポイント&アドバイス
Rise and shine!
I really appreciate your visit.
Today, I’d like to suggest an English training method for busy people.
Every day after you finish your work, you are tired because of hard work during the day, and you have almost no energy or motivation to study English.
I understand this situation, but if you want to improve your English skills, the key point is to establish an English training routine.
What I mean is you should spare a few minute of your free time every day.
The best way to spend your precious time wisely is using a “(kitchen) timer!”
What you need to do is to set the timer to “5 minutes, 10 minutes or how many minutes you want.”
The point is until the alarm goes off, you should focus on English learning, but when the alarm goes off , you should stop whatever you are doing.
The self-study program for learning English depends on person, but I’d like to suggest that the program should include “Ondoku” for 5 minutes.
In addition to Ondoku, you add more specific ones.
For example, if you want to improve your Grammar, you should work on “Grammar workbook.”
If you want to improve your Vocabulary, you should read a book.
There are some trainings I mentioned in this blog, so if you are into them, check them out!
Let’s make today the first day to start English learning!
*The link to some training is here:











Practice makes perfect“継続は力なり”で楽しく英語を学習していきましょう!

それでは今日の英語での一言:”Let’s make today the first day to start English learning!”

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