Rabby & Chinkoro : News Flash (196)

2017-08-10 20:02:58 | 日記
10/08/2017 (Thursday, evening) Miyuki ate her dinner, easiy electric oven cooked type, and started to write this blog again.

Today, also Miyuki encoutered with several big shocking scenes in Shirakawa, ruaral isolated village in Japan.

She, at 18:00, in the toilet of Benimaru-Yokomachi, heard a fimale voice, in loud and rough mode, accusing in extremely vulgay way of saying, "In WASHIO, Benimal, Beisia so on, in toilets, they record the toilet scenes of female genital part! They record OMANKO's visual scene every day! In the train, also! Every day!" She said these frases for 3 times, and then, vanished.

Miyuki got interested in her appearance, and she looked for her after Miyuki getting out from the individual toilet room. There are 4 individual rooms, however, except Miyuki, only one 70 years old or so eldery was in front of washing basin.

They yeller's voice was 30 years to 60 years olders' one. Thus, probably, the eldery was not the actor.

Why she suddenly started to yell in the toilet, and also abruptly stopped it? Mentally illed, yes. However, she did know something, and thus, she vanished.

So rare satans accuse their system in Shirakawa. Probably, it would be the rare case. She was in rage, and accused harshly.

When Miyuki came into the toilet area, 2 doors were locked. Probably, she used one of these, and after her accusation, she vanished.

Now, at 20:18, YUKARI came to the office to serve a heated up frozen Graten to Alex. Her movemnt was so so slow, like a crowling, and Miyuki also thought that her father came to the office.

And YUKARI wispered to Alex, "When you depart tomorrow morning?" And Alex responded, "At 8:00 oclock, in Shin-Shirakawa."

Probably, Alex would make a short trip to meet his friends in Hachioji. Hosso provides space to stay for him, presumably. Good for him. Journy makes a man. Have a nice trip, Alex!

Miyuki doesn't know their system at all. How they manage the transportation fee, either Miyuki doesn't know. Anyway, I am free from the payment. He didn't say anything, thus, Miyuki is all free from accusation from others at all! His responsibility.

How thrifty she is! Miyuki did know their admiration on Miyuki's thriftiness! Gods' class! How she is cheapish! She is poor, in short! Alex yelled. Thus, they should provide money for him.

Only one guy who has so thrifty parent. And Alex is this only one.

According to Miyuki's caluclation, Miyuki is now regaining various abilities. And also cooking abilities, despite of total exclusion from the kitchen.

However, Miyuki started to use microwave-oven in the office, and fredge, to keep so small amount of foods. Good training to get accustomed with the new age. No fredge world.

Exist some so cold place like HIMURO or the real ice freezer in the mountain. And almost all of products could be kept in a KURA or Japanese old warehouse or NAYA or Japanese old stockroom. We have several ways to preserve fruits and vegitables. Without fredge, some really easy to be rotten foods would be difficult to eat, however, even with small fredge, Miyuki would survive, without so much difficulty.

And fruits are not necessary to stock in fredge. Just in case of necessity, it would be cooling down.

Supermarkets would stop their providing system soon. Already, fruits in the shelves are so old. Escecially, citrus are so so old. No supply at all. And the Alzheimer clerks change the price tag every day, unnecessarily. Shopkeeper faking they want to continue, eternally.

Oh, I made a big mistake! YUKARI made an instant graten, not frozen one. Sorry for my big mistake!

And faked clerks like to complement in their repetitive way. "Rasshaimase!" and "Okyakusama!" and "Arigato-gozaimasu!" Alzheimer patients were hired to conceal the fact, with special priveledge called 知障特権 or CHISHOU-TOKKEN, or Intellectually challenged's special previledge.

All of the public facilities, including versities and supermarkets, the system was used, in common.

In Kyorin versity's case, KUSODAMARI came, applied this system. At the versity, intellectually degraded got hired with priority?, we all got astonished, and Miyuki didn't believe, at first, for a long time.

Miyuki's understanding on versity is so primitive. Thus, she failed. No Man's Land, because they sold their kids and families. In case of Kyorin, Miyuki was so in wonder, whey this versity was alive.

Miyuki got a copy of the capital of the versity, from Ministry of Justice. The long long documents, Miyuki read, and found that this versity were borrowed so high value of money from the sindicate of private schools and versities, called, 私学共済 or SHIGAKU-KYOUSAI.

In 1970s, they borrowed from big banks, however, they stopped to rent money to this 3rd class versity. And after 1990s, only SHIGAKU-KYOUSAI rented the money, almost all of their capital equivalent value.

And KYORIN refused to return the money, so many times, and SHIGAKU-KYOUSAI allowed Kyorin to borrow again and again. SHIGAKu-KYOUSAI rented so big money after the big earth quake in TOUHOKU area. Kyorin never had returned rented money to it.

How Kyorin could do it? Probably, the evil versity contracted the insurance, and in case of some staff's disaster, the versity paid some part of value by the insurance income. They sold the life of each staff, and also, of pupils.

ADACHI was targetted by his primitive question, probably. He just say, "Why this versity is so unkind to pupils?" and the response was, "We did all effort for the sake of you pupils, however, you pupils didn't understand our effort at all." Oh, 学生は分かってくれない。Fransois Truffort!

We did all effort, they did. However, not at all. Rather, they contempted the pupils, yes. How intellectually the staff was already degraded, Miyuki got upset.

Miyuki remembered today on 長谷川京子 or Kyouko HASEGAWA, her ex-collegue, who worked for Faculty of Foreign Language. Miyuki was always in wonder of her existance in any academic society.

Her appearance also got harmful. She wore just like YUKARI, in actual mode. With a so cheapish big check shirt, loose type, and a pair of cotton trausers, always, during summer and autumn.

For Miyuki's impression, "Domestic wife, who is not good at all, is here!"

And her hairstyle was bob. No cosmetic was put. Hippo type shoes, as always. Cheap student style in her period, she continued even after she got married with a rich boy.

She was introduced as a wife of a banker, in the high rank of Mitsubishi related bank. No experience to make a trip abroad, however, after getting master degree, she gained a job as a staff at Kyorin versity, as German lecturer.

She provided a lecture on literature almost 5 years ago. Miyuki was used as her assitent when she did a semestral exam on pupils.

Only less than 100 pupils' exam. Why I was required to come?, Miyuki thought. No necessity at all, however, she was ordered to her class room.

And found that this lecture was on Goethe's Faust, and HASEGAWA targetted on the scene of Margarete's flower pieces' counting. Just on the scene, for one semester whole. And also on the exam, she asked on the matter.

Agnes Chan's song, "Poppy", Miyuki wanted to sing.

おっかの上、ひんなげしのはんなで~ ♫


The point is use nasal vogal, Miyuki instructed for us all. Agnes like way of singing. She came from Hong-Kong, and the intonation was different. Foreigners' like singing was necessity to immitate the song.

the next frase was,

うっらなうの、あんなたの、こっころ~、 今日も、1人 
 くっる、こない、かっえらない、かっえる~ ♫

 I will predict your heart, lonely,
You would come or not, you would come back home or not,

Thus, Miyuki presumed now that this is not suitable for poppy. Because poppy's pieces are so few, aonly 5, thus, already the answer is disdained.

Probably, it should be daisy or margaret. Thus, the poet of the song made a big mistake.

Anyway, margaret was used for counting and Margarete did it.

For her, most feminine, romantic and avoidable scene of the novel. Why HASEGAWA is so stupid to shoose the scene as her theme of the subject? And She explained to Miyuki that "all of the student didn't know the way, and when she explained it, they got so interested in the way to count."

Oh, pupils of Faculty of Foreign Languages are so stupid?, Miyuki started to doubt.

ADACHI liked to do so. CAMA-LIN, with CHIGU-LIN faking. Already the result is so evident. However, she wanted to count it. Because, she wanted to waste the time.

Oh, Puti-Puti! Miyuki's frustration ejecting plastic buffer!!!

Margarete was in frustration, because of her oppresed desire...Sexual frustration ejecting tool, the flower was!!!

MASEGAWA's choice is always strange, and for her understanding, "Students are stupid, while I am an intellectual."

For Miyuki, how the lady gained the master degree without going to Germany at all?, is a big question.

She was a translator of the doctral degree these of Osamu TAKENOUCHI, according to the latter. In Knocked Out versity, all doctral degree should be written in foreign language. Thus, HASEGAWA was hired by Kyorin Versity.

Their world is different from us, thus, they can write as they like, and can translate as they like. And the result, just buy the degree!

Kyorin was so rich to hire the guy for such a private use? And the system of 知障特権 was also used for her hireing.

Kyorin versity was the colony of Knocked Out Versity, and KO versity called Kyorin, Trash.

Miyuki remembered that Dean OOKAWA was so delightful, when she entered into the member of the staff. Unusually he was in a good mood, and praised so much, in front of herself and Miyuki. "Her lecture, which I watched here at Versity of Kyorin, was so so impressive. I was emosionalized by it!"

Oh, OOKAWA's OPPABU-BABAA, Miyuki really thought. And they both, seriouslly illed, mentally.

OOKAWA also got hired by Kyorin Versity under this 知障特権 system, and got revealed soon of his Alzheimer disease holding.

Suddenly, he lost his temper. He turned violent, abruptly. He attacked Miyuki, with the chocolate box, and it hit Miyuki's left upper arm!

And Miyuki also resognized that certain words really trigger their rage, by impulse. We all presumed that they had a lost of prohibbited words editated by each versity.

However, probably, they had some common and rough understanding of prohibitted words, and in case of OOKAWA, when he heard some special words, he lost his temper, suddenly, and turned to be a mad dog.

for Miyuki, in the Dean's room, the Dean attacked her violently, was a big news! However, in Shirakawa, she was attacked so often, and thinks now that they have some certain special points who would etimulate their impulse oriented attacking.

for example, "Alzheimer" "BAKA" "Stupid" "idiot" "insurance" "homicide" "incest" "stealing" "thief" and so one are killer words. Lady Joker! Kaoru TAKAMURA.

The last resort, the translation should be. Human rights as a joker was translated as 切り札としての人権 by HASEBE.

And these rights are superior to other ones, according to HASEBE. And Dworkin put privacy on jornalistic right of expression.

HASEBE had no conception on privacy at all. Alzheimer symptom, he already had. Thus, the diffrenciation between public and private is too too significant for us. Litumus Test Paper, yes!

In Shirakawa, laughing confusion at this point yes.

Family matter, insurance is. Thus, suicide or disaster is out of the territory of the police.

However, the police came to produce a proof for insurance. Miyuki remembers the system so well, because she was saved by the system.

On 4th of January, 2015, Miyuki crashed on the car, when she was driving with her father's car. The guy and his car popped out from the scene. The less populous village, in the new year's holiday. In the most unpopular home center's parking lots.

And the guy claimed and asked at first the name of insurance company. And he was so accustomed to manage the situation. victim, yes. However, so so habitual way, Miyuki perceived. Why, Miyuki didn't know at all!

And today, Miyuki monitored the site of recent or actual disaster. A car, hit the pine tree, and some of them were killed by the disaster. Thus, 6 figures of police came, and they produced the proofs.

however, under the pine tree, several bunch of flowers already. It was unusual. No visitors at all. Just the police and an old guy above.

Miyuki remembered that Mana SAIKI's death's nextday, the station building of the site, stated to establish a fized table for receiving bunch of flowers. Not with police working. After their working, of course!!!

Why, with the police, the bunch of flowers appeared?

Probably, they have a manual for the disaster related manual. And according to the instruction, they produced the proofs, and the police gained some etra-money from the both side, and didn't inform in public.

Confusion, or rather, converse of the conception between public and private.

Miyuki presumed that the van hit the pine, and soon vanished with the driver's family. And they lost the chance to gain insurance.

Probably, already insurance system doesn't work. However, Alzheimer faked families, faked clerk of Insurance related companies, and the faked police, all can't recognize the system change, and act as if they did before in the era of insurance oriented society.

No visitors who consoled the dead families, at all, However, bunches of flowers. No stain or mark, nor broken parts near. Just the mark on the trank of the pine tree was left.

And only Miyuki watched the scene. In case of death including, many interested guys appear generally speaking. However, No Man's LAnd, thus, no man appeared. And the flowers, all for OBON or URA-BON-E or 盂蘭盆会 or Midsummer Memorial Day of Deads.

And each supermarket sell so many OBON related materials. Even in Miyuki's kid age, when Japan was most populous, such a mount of materials were sold, Miyuki got surprised. And so colorful and so combination set types, here and there. A lot of flowers, and also dirty nasty plastic faked flowers.

Oriental style, however, so different from our traditional way of showing respect for the diciesed families.

And Miyuki recognized the instruction papers which explain how to deal with these cherishes. Alzheimer residents forgot the ritual also.

Thus, in each cemetary of temples, so many strange almost contemptious tumb stones, here and there are.

Miyuki found some big hits!

For the diceased, a big statute like stone, under the name of "Future" or 未来. 倖田?

 Another examle, under the letters of "Hope"...Peace?

And now the masons put the year of establishing the tumb, not the year of dying. They forgot how to write on the tumbs...Ilegible, Alzheimer patients are.

And viriety of requiring compensation of parking without notice in each parking lots.

US$100 per hour: ENDOU property management.
US$100 : commonly.
as penal financial sanction : commonly
as usage : sometimes
as trouble giving fee : Shinyou-kinko or 信用金庫 or Bank of Credibility

Each guy tries to attack some unknown guy, who parks unintentionally.

Doctor of Law, Dr.Miyuki SATOW explains correctly. All of these discriptions are illegal. Against penal law and civil one also.

Against Criminal law : Private parking lots manager or owner can't put criminal sanction at all.
Against Civil law : the car occupies only for several hours, and the space used is so small. And the space is almost always empty. Thus, harmless or no damage materially at all. Thus, the damage should be so small. Thus, US$100 is so so expensive, and requiring such a money, itself, composes the threatening. Thus, in this case, owners or managers should be punished as criminals.

Thus, in short, the each advertisement of parking lots, are the proof of the actual crime. They should be punished immediately.

Unkind narrow-hearted society, because they are mentally rotten. Thus, they are called Alzheimer symptom holders, or, in resume, satans.

Unhappiness chasers, they are. They should not cultivate any vegitable nor rice at all! They put chemical poisons near the field, so much, of rice. Rice also got poisoned by the chemical weapon. however, they don't matter at all. 枯草剤 or KAREKUSA-ZAI or Weed Dried up poison was prohibitted internationally.

Easily being procuded, however, we should not use, was golden rule. Now, Alzheimer, who forgot any golden rule, can do everything, indifferent from any prohibittion. Just they depend on their impulse related desire. "I want, thus, I do!" Thus, attakers, rapists, Jasons, and so on.

Non stopper mode, again.

Miyuki is sleepy now. Thus, see you tomorrow!

VANISH! DDMs! You, satans. Alzheimer forgetful satans!!!

Good night, for us, rightous guys! Have a nice dream!!!

From Cyborg 009, with Big LOVE!!!

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Rabby & Chinkoro : News Flash (195)

2017-08-10 00:11:39 | 日記
  Each car's positin, in front, there is a line with a discription of foot mark and "Remain here".

Oh, they put the adopted kids on the foot mark, and hit them, to gain the money by insurance!

And backward, there is a shop, cafe combined with movie theater. Sadistic-Mazohistic film producing center, here is?

Beside the house, TSUTAYA video shop, filled with EROGUE or Erotic Video Game, with violent scenes.

In front of the house, beyond the road, Fire Station's site, with many fire distinguishing vehicles, and ambulances.

So so spooky site, here is. Thie house is located in the center of The biggest police's site, The biggest fire department's site, the self difence force's recuruiting site. And the video shop and cinema-cafe. And beside the video shop, totally empty closed shop with whole glass window, where, they can do any erotic satanic video inside. Studio type.

Ideal site for gun maniacs! Video producing type! For them, just kids were provided by IKKYO families, it was all OK type.

And Miyuki already watched that a big fat middle aged lady with lots of kids in front of the yellow faked sports car. The famale satanic boss, probably. MESUBUTA type. Swine-Hog-Pig!!!

Shirakawa is sadistic maniacs' sacred place now. Miyuki felt really nasty even today.

Old Alzheimer guys turn to easily be sadistic Mad Dog here now.

There is a tradition, probably. Old Mad Dogs were relieased here. They were stake holders of the power holders. Semi-power holders, they themselves categorized their situation.

At BENIMARU-SHOWAMACHI, Miyuki was eating a carnel of boild corn. An old guy approaced suddenly, and asked Miyuki, with his threatening mode, "The corn is sweet?" Miyuki disliked his way, and ignored him totally. He started to accuse her, in a mode, and he changed his mind, suddenly, and he asked to the clerk in the soft mode, "May I ask you if the corn is sweet or salty? Where can I gain it? Already boiled or row?"

Why he told Miyuki in his threatening voice, while to the female clerk, in his soft mode???

Sheep mode, he is. and for him, Miyuki is inferior, and she should obey him. For him, the clerk is superior, thus, in the soft voice.

Miyuki is categorized "the inferior" by males. And at the same time, they feel nasty, because, in instinct, they know that Miyuki is superior. Thus, the complex. Thus, nasty, in short. By impulse, only type, they can't put up with coexistance with Miyuki. Me either!

Thus, win-win, again. Vanish! DDMs! You go to Inferno, and our world turn to be paradise. You are free from us all, while, we, also, from you, satans, all! Happy world, isn't it?

Complex, because supeficially superior and in the bottme inferior. Thus, nasty.

In the end, this symptom appears. Thus, Miyuki is litmus test paper No.1!!!! Oh, I was so disliked by satans, for it!!! I have a superb mission, from the begining. Living Litmus test paper! Oh, walking dictionary! Oh, living Litmus Test Paper! Oh, just like moving school!!!

By herself type study, for her. School for her, yes. And Miyuki found some suitable place for her site. Shirakawa III primary school is also targetted. Gymnastic park, of course. Any big place is easy to break, because there are lots of vacant spaces. Precarious use, it's suitable.

She is flexible. Thus, any of them is fine. Big, useful. A lot of experiment center, like as cooking room, and scince experiment room. Gymnastic place, also. Iron Bars and courtyard, also.

The big grand piano, in gymnastic hall, and a theator, combined. In public, also we can use.

Any many kids can visit the site, and they can stay in the class room. Cooking space would be fine to try new foods.

Miyuki found a spare berries' conserving system. They are picked in the season. And are conserved in glass bottles, and already, in this stage, we can drink "berry juice" yes. Or can be used as some liquid as decoration, of course. Sause use, yes.

And in winter, more suitable for inner house work, Miyuki will stew them, and make a various jellies. Fujio?

This type reservation for another dishes. The chiken, in the low temperature, cooked in a oil, is put in the glass bottle, and concealed with a candle paper. It would be fine to be tap by the paper also. And it would conserve for 6 months or so. Good use of chekin, bought in the less price in Supermarkets.

Lemon producing orchard, now. And probably Neble Orange's one also. Cicilian type, also. Promissive. And found several green sun room. For this comming winter, we can put the pots in the Alex's glass house. And Miyuki found in some Alzheimer satans' houses' courtyard.

One in Nishigo area, and another, in YANTA river side, near Miyuki's house. Thus, probably, we produce more and more tropical type fruits.

A lot of SARUNASHI's would be produced in a house near Avail. Japanese KIWI. Also delicious. Sweet, not sour. In HACHIOJI, Miyuki bought it in Alps Supermarketstore. And in Shirakawa, the trees were sold in some Home Centers. AKEBI. Nortargic food, with purple skin.

Montain Monkies like them, and they found them in the montain, when Miyuki and her mates were on the School picnic. Oh, the naughy boys have a brain! Miyuki took off the cap, at that moment.

They vanished immediately when they gained agreement from the teachers, with bitter face, they came back with their reward, AKEBI, a lot of. Oh, they are useful! Even Miyuki recognized they are skillful, at this time.

Thus, probably montain monkeys has some special imformation of eatable fruits, Miyuki thought.

And on plants, males and females, all rural types kwew better than she, Miyuki did know well. However, their names were so local, and sometimes, too too vulgar. However, species, characters, eatable of not, they did know well. For her, plants were to smell, to appreciate the shapes and the flours, rather than eating. And for them, more eating or not was important.

Now, Miyuki's value order is more "eatable or not". Pretty, the garden flowers, yes. And Miyuki thought that garden floweres were the result of colaboration among plants, which are inclined to more beuty competitioner only type, like models, among human figures, and plants loving human beings. Thus, they could produce the best result, in each especie.

Unfortunately, now, garders are not plants lovers, rather plants killers. And Miyuki thinks that even Clorefied Natrium would kill plants. For them, poison, it turns, easily.

Easy chemical weapon. Miyuki killed snails with salt. They melted, easily. For her, "GYAOOOOOOO!!!, How nasty! We should kill them!!!! Gueeeeeeee!!!" And she dashed with salt in her scrumble mode to kill them with a lot of salt.

Snails were so abomittable for her, in case of non shell type. Even now, not so feeling good with them. Thus, when Miyuki met with them, unpredictably, he yelled, "HEEEEEEEE!!!!" in a loud voice. And then? No thing. Far from them, anyway. Terrible touching feeling. Thus, just run! is the correct answer for her.

They put salt for killing them? For killing, and for devastade my orchard! If they want to kill the snails, do it far away from my orchard! Especially in the pot! Terrible!

Too too nasty, however, for them, no understanding at all for the danger. No scientific, yes, they are. however, after the explanation and prohibittion, they should totally refrain from courtyard works all!

They both understand at the moment, and forget soon. Alzheimer, thus, so so dangerous. Always, "I think that..." At the moment, they think A, and soon later, they think B, and soon, Z or ∞.

Alzheimer, incurable, without Miyuki's formula.

They should live by themselves, both, as team mates. Other Alzheimers would participate in their lives. All should live far from us. Don't disturb our peaceful life.

Jasons live near situation, Miyuki experienced. They did thread and needle, unnecessarily.

Miyuki remembers that YUKARI did her needle work in the bed! Forgetful, and unnecessarily, to exaggarate her non-reward gaining life, she likes to do sow the hole of socks. "I am working just like a spin-twindling mouse!"

According to their understanding, "we are good workers, you should pay enough to our precious work, of course" now. For Miyuki, dinamite type trigger, they prepared. They contracted all of insurance of MITSUBACHI insurance, according to the recommendation. Oh, they paid the money for each insurance company?

They wanted to pay, however, no money at all. Thus, they were obliged to cancell all.

good grief.

Clare laught at their stupidity. They thought that only US$0.8 would be enough to pay, and tried it with Clare's slightest skewed muscle case.

Already done. Miyuki didn't know their class meeting mode, not at all! who is the best entertainer of her world? Miyuki doesn't want to know. They should vanish, immediately!

Now, faked parents use FUKUSHIMA dialect, while their faked kids use more Tokyo or near Tokyo language. Combination or matching. Thus, they need to use team colours. They are forgetful anyway.

And Miyuki got thrilled today in the gymnastic park.

At 11:00, in the morning, they announced, "It's 9th of August, the day, when the atomic bomb was dropped on NAGASAKI. At noon, we will have a silent pray for peace for 1 minute."

Miyuki was curious how they would do at noon. Thus, Miyuki remained there, doing her exercise, and at noon...Nothing was announced! Ignored!!! What was the reason of the nortice????

The young guys, almost 10 clerks, were hired for the pool monitoring. And all of them are already Young Alzheimer patients! Oh, Miyuki confirmed how they are forgetfull!!!

Miyuki continued to remain there up to 12:10, however, any announcement related to NAGASAKI any more. Thus, why they did the announcement at 11:00? Previous notice, they did, yes. However, why they didn't the exact announcement at 12:00, as they predicted????

And up to the day of the vestival of 6th of August, they wore the same red T-shirt, and they stayed in the pool side, although the users were almost zero.

Only kindergardeners were put into the pond for infants, comming on the bus, and after 30 minutes or so, they vanished.

After the day 7th, the clerks hired for monitoring job, took off the T-shirts, and they started to swim in the pond. Oh, they now turned to be users? Clerks turned to be users, and did combination job.

So so intellectually degraded. Young, they are. However, they can't recognize the differece between clerks and users. Who pays for them, and the money comes from where?

And Miyuki also got chilled hearing the conversation of the unser infants's faked parents. They started to complements in front of the pool, after the kids' pool activities.

And the topic was, "Do you gain some gift from them?" "Not yet. And you?" and this vague conversation continued for more than 30 minutes. Exists? Exists!!!

Alz Fenomenum. They can't start to eject any new topic nor information at all, any more. Thus, the same topic, so many times. Like YUKARI & HARUMI.

For Miyuki, every day should differ, to enjoy the day whole!, however, for them, the same repetition is confort. Terrible! For them, OK, however, for us, not at all!

And Miyuki encounterd with another victim, a swallow baby. At Rir & Rir, a dinning bar, according to their discription. The old house type restaurant, which is run only from 18:30 to 21:30, per day, and a lot of closing days. Typical way of Shirakawan closing.

Even in this old house type house, swallows' nests are disliked. No Man's land, already.

Empty houses. Why they took the nests? They came to support us, and satans killed them, almost all of them. The evil wrongdoings continue even now in Shirakawa.

And near the restanrant, Miyuki watched a site of new constraction of a building with a heavy duty vehicle. The shovel car was grasping a small mauntain of pebbles, and an Alzheimer worker sprincles water, with chemical products put in to the shovel car's shovel part. Why?

Unusual scene. Why he needs to eject the water to the heavy duty vehicle, and why he needs to put chemical to kill plants or insects into the water? What he wants to do with it???

Shirakwa workers are all in this situation. They can't understand what they are doing at all!

And another example of their Alzheimer suffering patients happened near TENJIN-MACHI area.

Two workers were construction a new house. An old violent type, asked to another, younger one, in the loud rough voice, "Tell the size, immediately! How long?" And the younger responded, "Probably 4.8 meters." And the old guy, "4800, what?"

Yes, exist a possibility that the rough guy said in mm unit. However, considering the situation, probably, the hypothesis should be denied. The older guy just can't understand the digit's difference. He was so irritated, when Miyuki passed in front of the house.

The distance between Miyuki and them? Or P's length?

For Miyuki, so long slumber is used now, like impression. And for them, any yell would be fine, when they wanted to attack the guy. Miyuki presumed the possibility of being targetted by the attacking from the roof. They can drop some heavy object, as unintentional error.

Miyuki felt the same, earlier near the Primary School II. 6 squad type guys were yelling something, and Miyuki quckened her step when she passed beside the house, the site of construction.
They had some heavy tools on their hands, at that moment. They could drop on Miyuki's head, Miyuki thought.

Miyuki shifted quickly, thus escaped the disaster. Kids are attracted by construction job. Up to last year, the most desired