MB SD Connect C4 Installation Questions and Answers

2016-04-10 15:23:02 | 日記
Q: MB SD C4 can not find the hard disk and the system display following error message: “A disk read error occurred. Press Ctrl+ Alt+ Del to restart-”
A: There are two possible reasons: 1. Poor connection between computer and hard disk. 2. The hard disk is broken. Unplug the hard disk and reinstall it. If it still fails to use, buy a new hard disk. Q: How to install MB SD Connect c4 starfinder? A: It doesn’t need to install starfinder, directly open "c: \programfiles\web_etm\index. html " Q: When install MB SD Connect C4 Xentry software, meet the error: "Internal error: (3. 17)-3. 173 you must contact the User Help Desk"
A: Do not set the file“lic-key-2” to “read only”. Q: After I connect MB SD C4 to the car, SD C4 has no voltage on the PIN8 OBD cable, but when the ignition key on the second position, the PIN8 cable voltage is 12V. What’s the problem? A: You did not start the car. The PIN8 will display voltage value after start your car. Q: Why my MB SD Connect C4 moveable hard disk does not display? A: You should use USB cable to connect the moveable hard disk and the computer. Then firstly install "setup. exe", after that install Mercedes Benz software.
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