How to: ABS Automated bleed by TECH2 GM

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This post is about how to do ABS Automated bleed by GM Tech 2. Wish it helps most of you.

Car model and year:
C5 Corvettes 1997 – 2004

Tool to use:
GM TECH2 with the factory service manual

I want to flush my system this winter and have a couple of questions. 1.
How much fluid should I get? And 2. Do I have to run the atomated bleed
procedure once or multiple times to flush the system clean.

ABS Automated bleed by TECH2 GM procedure:
You first flush the whole system manually by pumping and bleeding or
using a pressure bleeder. I would use a syringe or turkey baster to suck
the master reservoir empty before adding new fluid. Then, you use the
ABS automated bleed procedure to get new fluid into the ABS pump and
valves. The ASB bleed procedure will pump the old fluid from it’s
internal passages into the lines. I wouldn’t worry about it too much
because it’s not very much fluid and you will never get all the old
fluid out when you flush the brakes anyways.

The service manual says you’ll need a quart of fluid so plan on at least that much.

FYI, c5 brake bleed procedure:
I went through this procedure In May of this year when I removed the
engine from my 2001. I had to disconnect one of the lines going to the
Ebcm and I also replaced all four flexible lines to the calipers. At the
time I did not have a engine diagnostic tool
Tech 2 so I just started bleeding the old fashioned way. Started by
opening the rr bleeder, lr, rf and lf bleeders. Had to pump the pedal to
get the flow to start, but then just let gravity do its thing. I used a
quart and a half of fluid and all fluid coming out was clean so I
called it good. Brakes worked great with no sign of air in the system.


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