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FS Type Micro Spray Gun's Ability ( Photo Resist Coating,Functional Coating,Conformal Coating)

2015-09-30 | Coating (Functional Coating)

FS Type Micro Spray Gun's Ability ( Photo Resist Coating,Functional Coating,Conformal Coating)

This gun is used for thin film coating with solventborne coating material, dispersion coating material and waterborne material. This gun can spray nano-evenness coating with automatic gun to use 3 dimensions axis (X-Y-Z) robot driven by thin film coating software. This is a spray gun that circulates around the liquid that contains phosphor and is sprayed.
FS Micro Spray Gun Characteristics.
1)The flow rate adjustment of the slight quantity from 0.5g/min is possible. (max is about 20g/min.)
2)Coating film thickness can be adjusted to the 0.1μm~50μm (In case of photo resist coat) .
3)Small territory coating of 3~φ 8mm is possible.
4)Liquid use efficiency is very high in comparison with spinners. (50%-75 %)
5) It can be coated with the small quantity of about 5CC as well.

Application example.
1.Photo resist coating
2.Polyamide coating
3.Stick water film coating
4.Silver paste coating
5.Special adhesive coating
(Japanese Patent & PCT Patent Pending)


Spray leaf nozzle attached to FS Micro Spray Gun

2015-09-29 | Spray Gun

Spray leaf nozzle attached to FS Micro Spray Gun



j stage 文献 「FS 式マイクロスプレーガン」開発

2015-09-27 | コーティング



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Micro Spray Gun's Ability ( Japanese Patent & PCT Patent Pending)

2015-09-26 | Spray Gun

FS Type Micro Spray Gun's Ability ( Photo Resist Coating,Functional Coating,Conformal Coating)


Spray leaf nozzle attached to FS Micro Spray Gun

2015-09-26 | Spray Gun

Spray leaf nozzle attached to FS Micro Spray Gun


Shimada Appli conformal coating twin nozzle

2015-09-26 | Conformal Coating

Shimada Appli conformal coating twin nozzle


About film pattern width of conformal coating of Shimada Appli 2

2015-09-24 | Conformal Coating

Film coating technique is based on application of the airless spray which is 1 fluid spray.

An airless spray mechanism is used for the point of the watering machine for lawns, or the hose for firefighting.

Although those use nozzles are the spray patterns of a cone and a whirling pattern, another spraying also has an even sector spray pattern.

Respectively, many amounts of discharge flow come out, and their spraying particles are also coarse. There are some elements which improve micro atomization of an airless spray and influence atomization.

The biggest element in it is a nozzle.

In order to obtain good atomization, paint viscosity and the thixotropic nature of a coating material are also influenced.

The difference in nozzle dimensions etc. also influences atomization.

The foundations of the heiress nozzle which forms a sector pattern leave a collision of fluid which is shown in Fig. 2.

When the fluid which runs in a pipe comes out of the cage festival of the can point, a collision of fluid cuts in cage festival this side. According to pipe internal pressure, fluid is emitted with sufficient vigor from a cage festival exit. It decomposes rapidly from a liquid membrane and the jet shifts to a glob. In that case, it is easy to become は and "edge-like injection" (tail-like injection) with the nozzle of a common sector pattern. Therefore, a tail is canceled by applying high pressure. Fig. 3 expressed the process of the atomization. If the thin film liquid membrane which fully had speed flies the inside of the air in the free direction, the liquid will be disassembled from a thin thread liquid without unstable raw and a ball to particles. It calculates theoretically that a liquid finally becomes small particles.


フィルムコート方法における最適な塗布パターン形態 2

2015-09-24 | 基板防湿コーティング






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About film pattern width of conformal coating of Shimada Appli

2015-09-23 | Conformal Coating

The optimum pattern width used by the Shimada Application* is explained below.

* Shimada Application is Appl. No.: 07/206,199 (Method for applying a moisture proof insulated coating to printed circuit boards using triangular or dovetail shaped liquid films emitted from a flat-pattern nozzle.) developed as a selective coating 30 years ago.

When coating liquid material with film coating application, it becomes three forms as shown in the above figure. It becomes relevant conditions that an upper portion touches a coated object from the nozzle location of max wide pattern width by A or C.

As for B, film formation is made by the nozzle peripheral part. After that, thread or scattering is seen in the shape of a particle. When it applies in the part by which film formation is carried out, a good film plane is not obtained.

In the liquid distribution in a pattern, liquid concentration starts this at the end, and the pattern central part becomes a fluid volume fall.

The state where distribution of the film in a film plane has the thin central part, and an end is deep remains.

Moreover, it is easy to come also out of scattering when coating liquid hits a coated object. (It influences with an angle with the coated object of a coating pattern end)

Since A becomes a proper coating condition as pattern formation, it needs to carry out a condition setup so that it may be set to A.

C state conditions have high viscosity, or are the result of producing, when what has the narrow type with few amounts of discharge or application width of a nozzle is selected.

Although the application can do C, film thickness is thick, does not have linearity and tends to produce that a bubble is moreover generated etc.

B is when application liquid has low viscosity and high fluid pressure.

Pattern width can be changed with a nozzle kind, nozzle distance, and liquid viscosity.

As standard effective application width:

a: Size (pattern width)  4-16 mm

b: Size (nozzle distance) It is 6- 20 mm.


フィルムコート方法における最適な塗布パターン形態 1

2015-09-23 | スプレーコーティング装置

Shimada Appliのフィルムコート方法における塗布パターンの条件設定する場合の最適な塗布パターン形態について以下に記載します。






a:寸法(パターン幅) 4~16mm  b:寸法(ノズル距離) 6~20mm  である。