LIVE Screening (by Manuel Knapp with Guests) + LIVE Performance (by Cosmic Coincidence)終

2013-01-30 08:05:51 | Weblog

LIVE Screening
Manuel Knapp (Visual) with Hiroshi Hasegawa (live)
Manuel Knapp (Visual) with Zbigniew Karkowski (live)
Manuel Knapp (Visual) with Tetsuo Furudate(live)

LIVE Performance
Cosmic Coincidence (Hiroshi Hasegawa + ROHCO + Manuel Knapp)


ウィーン出身のアーティスト、マヌエル・クナップ(Manuel Knapp)がUPLINK GALLERYにて『noise tectonics =|=』展を開催。東京で制作されたいくつかの作品の小さなプレゼンテーションを行います。これを記念して、同展期間中の2月7日(木)の夜に、ゲスト音楽家たちを招いてのライブ上映とライブパフォーマンスからなるスペシャルイベントを開催します。

noise tectonics =|=

Viennese visual artist Manuel Knapp will do the exhibition „noise tectonics =|=“ in uplink-factory. The wide range of his works includes painting, drawing, installations, animations and noise.
he studied painting at the academy of fine arts in vienna, and electroacoustic music at the music university in vienna. He was invited to many well known international exhibitions, art-fairs, filmfestivals and concerts.
Since 2010 he is working and living in tokyo mainly. Very active in the Tokyo noise scene, collaborating with many musicians. 2010 he became a member of cosmic coincidence which is a noise unit including hiroshi hasegawa a.k.a. Astro, rohco and Manuel Knapp.

From the 6th to 11th february he will do a small presentation of some of his new works he created in tokyo. Additional to that he will do a screening on the 7th of february with live sound including, astro, zbigniew karkowski and others …plus an exclusive live set from cosmic coincidence!