YUKARI's End (162)

2017-04-18 22:34:27 | 日記

We ate satisfactory dinner with soup and Port Western main dish with yogurt trifle with strawberry and stewed summer orange peels.

  Miyuki put lemmon peels in the chiken bone extract soup and got a success. She put it during stewing job, not after it. Better.

  Lemmon juice sould be put after the cooking process, however, peels should be put before stewing. This is the result of our experiment.

  Efficiency combined with delicious taste is our task as always. Miyuki learned a lot from stewed peel making jobs. Now, she would make her Greece soup in the better way.

  Lemon peel is fresh, however, not to be stewed at all, they thought. however, after stewing summer orange peels, she thought of stew it during the cooking process, not after it. And she won a big success.

  Green peas, already boiled type, and shredded carrot. She wanted the third color. Some yellow vegitable should be good, she thought, and found a piece of lemmon in the fredge.

  And she thought, stewed lemmon peel would be only a colour decoration. Flavour, would not change, probably. However, she failed, and gained that lemmon peel should put in the middle of cooking, not after generally speaking.

  Taste is different, fresh, yes. They don't change the character of the flavour even they were stewed. And she found that the flavour was maintained with heating.

 Returning the news comments by Rabby.

England's way of Omanko Politics:

 The conservative party's sheets' number is a bit more than 50%, however, it also would be 44%. What did the OMANKO journalist wants to say? Not good at math, entirely. After vanishing, it would try to be a journalist. Before it, not at all!

 Who uses it? And why? OMANKo journalists have no doubt of these relevant factors of the mass media. See:

  From Paris to Paris, by way of Madrid, Zurich, and London, for 6 hours only. The OMANKO writer said for borrowing money. however, only compliments would weigh to borrow the money? Micchiku Financial system is adopted in Europe also?

  And he forgot Frankfurt, the EU central bank. Oh, it ended up already?

  Lawyers, faked ones, working as a manager of rotten and abandoned companies. And Nishimura Asahi Law Firm is their favorite. See:

  And solar enegey system is out of date, the OMANKO writer says. Why in Shirakawa, residents are enthusiastically trying to set its equipment?  Solar enegey's price is now low, thus the company failed, the OMANKO writer wrote. Why the price got down abruptly?  Population reduced suddenly is the right answer. Abundant quantity of energy now. It would be provided for free.

  OMANKO journalists have no difference between governments and private companies. This is the proof again:

  According to them, ITOU-CHUU trading company is public sector, thus its trading should be monitored and it is already monitored and the invesitigation by Committee of Fair Competition has already done. All confusion here and there.

  Alzheimer patients should quit their shameful job, even they don't recognize their suffering.

  OMANKO journalits can't recognize the difference between ZERO and SOME. See the example:

  They said, "The company could gain the money from almost all of wrongdoers perfectly, however, there are some wrongdoers who didn't pay for it yet." Long, unnecessary, and the proof of Alzheimer like error. They just prolonged the article. Deluting is their profession. Soft, not impressive, second hand information, with their own egoistic non reliable way.

  They are already desqualified as journalists. Why they wrote the articles? Just for their shamelessness.

 Always prediction based on their feeling. The OMANKO journlist confessed it. See:

  She doesn't know the contents at all, however, she wrote, "He is interested in TOSHIBA matter so highly, because he touched on the topic a bit." For her, only one eye contact would be the reason of threatning the boy to get married with her.

  Micchiku related mad dog company's conducts were revieled. It struggles for their "right to do wrong" against NINTENDO. See:

  Already their name signified that they imitated the NINTENDO's fanous game. However, they said, "Other company rented us the equipment and the wears. NINTENDO should sue it, not us.  And they would win, because of their reliable Judiciary of Injustice. NINTENDO, prepare for their illogical attackings!

  Muck occupies with marking by its own. See the example:

  Probably he is in the illusion of being a pet dog. This marking means that this is my territory. Don't approach! Muck like behaviour. Any vast place would be their target.

 For DDMs, driver's licence doesn't exist. Thus, he thought that he could have used the company's car rithously. See:

  Already 1 year has passed after his company's car use. He uses his own private car, as usual. Why not me? Everyone does it, he would get astonished at the accusation, probably. Alzheimer young announcer was hired by this SHIZUOKA mass media. Local Micchiku type company it would be.

  Alzheimer patients are allowed to drive a car now. See:

  However, I watched worse case in Shirakawa. "Oh, paved pedestrian deck is prohibitted to drive a car? Why so?" like attitudes here and there in this town. I took a picture of the proof;  a car came from the road, entered in the pedestrian deck, and parked his car in the middle of it, in front of the post office.

  Alzheimer society, we call it. The ruler is Alzheimer patient, and the residents are also. IDEOCRACY perfect type, in Shirakawa, is realized. IKKYO believers are the main factor of this rare fenomenum in the history.

  Miyuki is sleepy now. Rabby should end up his quick news time.

  MAR is going to the bed. We should take a rest. Tomorrow, she would cook better than today. Everyday's exercise will bring her super wonderful result. Orchard for everyone of us!!!

  VANISH! DDMs!!! You are too too ugly! Beyond Miyuki's imagination!!!

  See you, us, common people and our supporters, including Fauna & Flora, in the morning!!!


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