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29/04/2017  (Saturday, evening)  Miyuki cooked cube pork, attending to the request from Chinkoro. She made NUTA with MITSUBA, or Japanese Salad with wild big clovers, dressed with MISO, vinegar and a bit of sugar. And Miso soup, as usual.

  Chinkoro is less prejudiced in the field of eating. He likes trying new flavour, even though they sometimes make him an alergic response called virgin experience alergy. Miyuki has the same problem. Thus, they sometimes suffer lot from their curiosity and oudacious experience.

  Chinkoro already passed his harsh time caused by his first chocolate experience. And now, he likes it so much. "Take care of your healthy brilliant teeth!", Rabby warned. Anyway, he should decide to avoid the teeth problem also. Brushing is the best way to avoid it. Now, he knows that Miyuki should brush soon after her breakfast, also.

  OKOK...It would be good for my teeth. Chinkoro is worry about her rough way of treating teeth. She ate lot, and only once she brushes her teeth. She should brush more frequently. Thus, Miyuki would try to do so.

  And the pork blocks were not so bad. Tomorrow we will eat the rest. For today's dinner, they were sufficient.

  And now, her NUTA is good. Just to be more audacious to her special sauce. A bit more suger, many of them would say so. However, for her, a bit is sufficient. her sense of taste is more similar to Latin type. Suger? Not at all! She thought at first. However, when she tried, the vinegar was so sour, thus she decided to put some. Minimum, it would say, and found that suger tames vineger. Thus, Miyuki found her standard taste of NUTA, a dressing sauced salada with MISO, vineger and sugar. It would fit with wild weeds like vegitables with strong unique smells, like UDO, FUKI-NO-TOU, and so on.

  Now, Chinkoro's news time.

  The first one:

  Like the situation of IKKYO group. Determined number of Organized Crimes' Groups  are allowed by law in Japan. And the police would control them all. It was a result of negotiation between the groups and the police, they explained.

  However, considering the situation, they were the brothers, as we deduce. And now, the police can't grasp the situation of YAMAGUCHI group in Kobe area. OMANKO journalist could gain the information through the personal touch of the organized criminal group. Now, th police just tries to avoid the Big Bang Bang among them.

  However, as we 4 liberalists, leaving them in the concealed place is the best policy. They can't stop the wrongdoings, and should have known it before. Some of important members were not present there. Thus, Shirakawa Central junior hight failed.

  There school masters would be good for it, they said, and SANKIN, NARUI and SUZUKI struggled. And they all fell down! 🎶

 Now the second.

  If the window of the veranda is open, everyone can intruder the other's house without his allowance.

   All IKKYO believers live in this complex. And OMANKO writer is also. Their way is like that.

   The third news:

   Ballon shape slider? What is it? OMANKO writer has no experience to play with sliders in its childhood. Or it forgot the memory. And now, it confessed that it is the real Alzheimer patient.

   The fourth news:

  Under the platform beside the rail, OMANKO writer described. Of course, it was traffic accident by railway line. And the first witness is the conductor of the train. Of course, he hit.

  Evident, however, this OMANKO writer can't combine the facts to deduce this too too crystal clear case. Alzheimer patient, he is.

  The fifth news:

  Recently the schools are incliend to audaciously do the dangerous school event activities against the wheather. In the snowy spring one of them did the trail, and now, another did the rowing of the boats, despite of strong wind.

  IKKYO schools, they are. Both public ones. Now, public schools are taken by IKKYO believers, and they do as they like. Parents, watch out! They will kill your precious kids!!!

  The sixth news:

  Public service is out of service. Now, even the news on the relevent matter of the state is provided by plural OMANKO journalists. They are not reliable, and Tokyo Metropolitan Railway Lines believed the wrong news.

  Why? Because they are all IKKYO believers!!!

  We are not informed such an important news on North Korea's attacking by any public agency at all. Only DDMs got the information and took some erroneous measures and failed. OMANKO information inducing service, TOKYO does. The proof of perfect IDIOCRACY in Tokyo.

  The seventh:

  Only 76 year old, and he died by "Natural Degradation of his health." Oh, A BONZ of renoun temple in Japan!

  Oh, he got recognition problem so earlier than others. Oh, Alzheimer disease, the OMANKO writer wanted to say.

  Oh, Alzheimer is a prohibitted word, thus it avoided to say so.

  All Alzheimer patients, were proved thus.

  The eighth one:

  Enquate is the factor of the wrongdoing done by IKKYO schools. They do it to find which pupils should be targetted. It means to exclude non Ikkyo belivers. To investigate their ideology and inner character, they do it. Thus, another proof of that IKKYO has already taken all of the schools in JAPAN.

  No exit at all for our common pupils. Discharged one would be happy. Quit! is our advice to the kids.

  The ninth one:

  Probably, this plane crash was caused by operated wi-fi system. All related can't speak the fact even now. Why? They are IKKYO believers and don't want to lose the system.

  We are against the system, and IKKYO disturbe our activity at all even now. Shoot all of wife artificial satelites, and attack all of the sites of the system, and crash all of the antenas they constructed.

 How easily they constructed it! Miyuki got to notice it. A tall, 30 m high antenas were installed in the most easiest way, namely, "just put in on the earth". A metal antena with four feet, which are on the concrete cemented shoes, and put on the earth. How heavy, they don't worry about. If the wind blows heavily, they would fall, easily.

  I know the case. We were astonished at the big crash of the plane in the middle of Japan. We of course, can't forget you! Kyu SAKAMOTO, was one of the victims. A world widely famous song "SKIYAKI" was sung by him.

 An cheerful professional entertainer, he was. "Look upward, even in the worst case!" is Japanese title of the same song.

  Look upward, and walk and walk, that's why we can't fall our tear drops.🎶

 We do, Kyu-chan! Always upward! Not downward, like IKKYO belivers!!!!

  The tenth one:

  Why the claim on parking problem would be the cause of visiting the suspect? Only IKKYO belivers know the reason type articles. Informant system, they have. We confirmed it by our efforts. Miyuki took a lot of proofs, and said on the system, deducing the result through them.

  Now, our efforts are in the period of harvest! They confessed that they are IKKYO believers, they, namely, OMANKO journalists!!!!

  They don't think, just resume the information brought by their mates, by their own IKKYO like easy going, or, non thinking at all type attitude. And they don't feel strange of the system at all.

  Thus they all fell down! 🎶

 Chinkoro did the best job today, because Miyuki took a nap a bit. Now she has to clean up her body.

  For us all, Miyuki is not clean physically. Anyway, my body is hygine, she is satisfied with it type.

  Thus, see you tomorrow! Chinkoro is so talented, and Miyuki thanks a lot to his participation!!!!

  VANISH! DDMs!!! You are too too cruel for us all, and forget their own wrongdoings easily.

  We don't forget them all!!!!

  We pledge our revenge against them always. Harsh punishment of course!!!

  Vanishing is just one of its contents. Prepare for being anihiliated!!!!

  For us all, FAUNA & FLORA and our supporters, good night, previously.




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