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The 56th.All Japan Junior Classic Music Competition in Saitama Semi-Final

2024-02-23 15:45:58 | ピアノ

On17th.Februry,I was in charge of jury at The 56th.All Japan Junior Classic Music Competition in Saitama Semi-Final.The hall was Kiyose Keyaki Hall.
The location was quite available for me.I judged in the afternoon.
I listened the competition from high school 2 grade and 3 one.They performed very passionately,especially students who will aim to enroll in Music University.
In high school 3degree section,among students played the subjects of universities.They seemed to attend the compstition as pre examination.I felt their nervous.

It was too dificult for us to judge because of their performance highly.
But this is competition,we must made a decision whether pass or not.

Without the rerult,I wish everyone who attent at competition to practice piano eanestly and improve their piano skill.

I was interviewed by Scotland Grieg Society

2024-02-14 19:42:52 | ピアノ
I have been amazing that I was interviewed by Dr Sally LK Garden who is honored director of Scotland Grieg Scoiety, and it was listed on WebSite.
I attach it on blog.
I told The Grieg Society of Japan, the following interviews are on Mr.Shozo Ohtsuka and his motive of the reason why interested in Nordic Music, Current The Grieg Society of Japan and membership, relevance of between Grieg's spiritual and the Society's policy, circumstance of performing member of the society, what's is heart in playing, how is feeling in coming spring in Japan and my motivation to Grieg and expectation in future as interview.

I could think back to the time of re-start of the society including Mr Ohtsuka's memory. I miss the time.
I am inspired myself by taken interview,also feel 'world is small'. I feel confidently to make friends in world through Grieg's music.
We have been living each in far distance, but our heart can be units.

Scotland is Edvard Grieg's homeland, so means strong relationship of between Scotland and Norway. The location is quite near, climate is quite similar each other.

As for me, I am very interested in Scotland where is town with medieval buildings, has rich in nature and castle associated with the British Royal Family that I watched TV in Elizabeth Ⅱ’s funeral.
I was quite impressed to Edinburgh.
So I wish to visit Scotland someday.

My dream will be spread. The dream will come ture,I wish.

I wish to act widely through Grieg's music, and get along with various nations.

I am very grateful cordially to Dr.Sally who gave precious opportunity to me .

The 56th.All Japan Junior Classic Music Competition in Chiba 1 Semi-Final

2024-02-13 21:30:33 | ピアノ

Yesterday, I was in charge of jury at The 56th.All Japan Junior Classic Music Competition in Chiba 1 semi-final at Urayasu Music Hall.
It was a first time for me to visit. There was very stylish and newly. The acoustic is very well. I felt very comfortably during listening piano competition.
I judged the section of which from high school to university.
This is competition, so we must judge whether pass or not.But It was too difficult to judge, because almost could play slpendidly.
I took high points to everyone. But someone played with mistouches, so maybe they might feel nervous.

Anyway after I worked,I felt bit tired.Sooner I took train to my home than ate dinner,and then prepared for sleep.

I wanted to practice piano or study English,but I decided on them tomorrow.

The 13th.Jyula Kiss International Piano Competition Semi-Final judge in Tokyo

2024-02-10 17:03:41 | ピアノ

On9th.Februry,I was in charge to judge at Jyula Kiss International Piano Competition Semi-Final in Tokyo at Komatsugawa Sakura Hall.
This competition was not opened in public.I and the other judge handled.

The target audience ranges from early elementary school students to university students, general public, and amateurs.

At elementary school sections,almost students played piano stably with passion in spite of might got nervous. They seemed to be achieve their own goals completely with the results of daily practice.Some pf students had big mistakes,so they might be regret on fails.
But the result is not at all.It is most important that it's about whether or not you're satisfied with your performance.
I expect young pianists's future.

As for upper Junior high school,They could play piano very wonderfully, that almost the same level of skill as a mature adult.They selected difficult piano piece,and
could play splendidly.
The sections were quite high level,so almost of participants were passed and are supposed to play in final stage.
I am looking forward to listeing them in final.

As for amature sections,the target are who didn't graduate university or college in music,but they played piano well.
I surprised among amatures can play piano almost same level as a magure.They usually have other jobs than music.
I am also looking forward to listening them in final.

The final will be held in 18,19th in March,prof.Jyula Kiss will come to the competition ,and we will judge together.

I am also looking forward to seeing prof.Jyula Kiss again.

An information of concert

2024-02-01 10:18:04 | ピアノ

On23th.May,2024,I am supposed to play 1st,3rd and 4th. from Grieg's Piano Sonata at Toyosu Cultural Center Hall18:30start 18:00open by the Grieg Society of Japan.
Today concert ticket will start be sold.
This concert is Homage to Grieg No.2 by member of the society, which consists of piano solo,vocal,chamber and hardingfele ( Norwegian traditional instrument).The program is very good to attract audience who are Grieg's fan.
Toyosu cultural center hall has good acoustic, and sets Fazioli. This Fazioli is one of the greatest piano brands, characterized rich and depth sounds. At last same concert, I played 4hands pieces by Grieg and Poulenc with my colleage,I was deeply impressed Fazioli.
This time,I will play Grieg Piano Sonata.Actually,I wanted to play all movements of Grieg Piano Sonata, but I can't play all doe to time constraints. So I selected 3movements within 15min.

Before this concert,I have another my piano recital in Kanazawa pref.But I don't know the concert detailly yet.

Anyway I am looking forward to playing Grieg Piano Sonata, so I concentrate on practicing aiming to concerts.

Lots of my gratitude

2024-01-10 13:33:15 | ピアノ

In my hometown,I met some of my friends and relative families.
One of my friends,I have got along with her since high school days,and she is one of best my friends.We took train together to high school and have lot of memories.I always feel her very closer and enjoy very much.
Tomorrow,I am looking forward to meeting some friends including her and go to Italian restaurant for dinner.She very often gives beautiful flowers for me and my mother,yesterday is also.
I am very glad to take it,and put it in room.With watching and smelling good scent from kind of Lilies,I enjoy practicing piano.
I want to be brilliant myself such as these beautiful flowers in 2024.

I also express my gratitude for wonderful lunch to my relative family.She is a daughter of my mother’s elder sister.She is also my first piano teacher.Now she doesnot teach piano anymore.
Recently she and her husband take my mother and me to go eating for lunch.
We went to very fancy Italian restaurant in Tokushima city.The restaurant is combined with wedding.We sat down at cozy seats and looked around fancy garden.
I enjoyed very delicious lunch course.I and another were very satisfied with delicious meals.
These meals are not only taste but also good ornaments.I enjoyed a moment of bliss.

During my staying in hometown,I express my gratitudes for everything to people who meet me.

My favorite place for visit

2024-01-06 12:41:27 | ピアノ

Yesterday was also fine weather and not so cold in comparison with usual year.I went to my favorite place combined with a walk.
I try to walk 10000steps in day that I already told.I like walking in good location.
Whenever I back to my hometown,there is a good place to walk,that one park is by an inland sea.there is always very quiet scenery.I like going round of the park,it took about 200steps.
The time was after 15:30,still sunlight blighting.
I decided on visit Setonaikai Kokuritsu Kuen by car.
I explain Setonaikai Kokuritsu Kouen Naruto the bellowed.

Naruto's whirlpools that pull down the moon at a single tide, Basho

Since the Edo period, or even as far back as Manyoshu, the "Naruto whirlpools" have attracted people with their boldness and wonder. The largest whirlpools have a diameter of 20 meters and a depth of 1.5 meters at the center. To explore this natural wonder, we visited the Seto Inland Sea National Park, where Naruto is located.
Seeing the whirlpools from above and below The Naruto Straits, famous for its whirlpools, is a very narrow strait just 1.3 km northwest of Naruto City in Tokushima Prefecture, overlooking Awaji Island.

There are many places to view the whirlpool, including boats, observation decks, bridges, and mountain tops. Even boats can be viewed from the deck or underwater. This time, we viewed the whirlpools from the Onaruto Bridge over the Naruto Straits, completed in 1985 (Showa 60), which is 1629 meters long and connects Naruto and Awaji Island.

I stoped car at parking,and I tried to walk to mountain top.I went ahead top,but here was gradually dark and I became to worry if I continued to walk aiming to tops.
So I gave up by my decision ,andf returned to parking.Arround here,no people besides me,so I was bit scared.

I took some photoes to show blog.

I really like this area best.Here is very beautiful place.

1year's total will on New Year as legend

2024-01-04 12:03:09 | ピアノ

Now I have taken a holidays for new year and stayed in Naruto.I spend quite relaxing time here.
In Japan,there is a legend that Ichinen’s total is on New Year’s day that means if people will make an effort to achieve one’s goal in new year,the year will be successful.
I believe this legend,so I practice piano and study English everyday since 1st.January.Because I have some my piano concerts including solo piano recitals and lecture concert until 2025
that I told before.I brought lots of piano scores from Tokyo to practice in also my hometown.
But I sometimes feel like resting because of here has many temptations of shopping, driving and watching TV or movies that I want to do.I give in to these temptations,I tend to waste time.But it is important for me to keep balance.Sometimes is of concentration to work,and sometimes is of significant to entertainment.

Today,weather was but cloudy with bit rain.I went to shopping center to but some clothes.
I strolled in shops.This is also good exercise.I try to walk more 10000steps in day.
In Tokyo,it cannot help to walk,but in hometown, we usually drive a car even if we go to the place nearby.So I try to walking here.

In Japan,we hear of some tragic accidents of earthquake and tsunami,also crashing two different airplaines from 1st.January.I felt so sad and truly sorry to hear that.
Every year,I looked forward to watching Wien philharmonic Orchestra’s new year concert,but this year was cancelled because earthquake happedened,and postponed to broadcast on another day.But it cannot helped.I can’t watch the concert in spite of many peoples suffered from earthquake.
Now I pray to come peaceful time and defend ourself from unexpected disasters.We must learn how to protect ourself from disasters.

I must spend time carefully and believe gods.

Anyway I wish this year will fulfill to my purpose.

謹賀新年2024年 Happy New Year2024

2024-01-01 12:59:40 | ピアノ




                                    2024年 元旦
Happy New Year2024
I express my gratitude for your supported last year.
This year,I look forward to your continued supporting to me.

As for my plan in first half of 2024,I am supposed to hold my concert in Kanazawa city, Ishikawa pref.on12th.May,at concert of homage to Grieg in Toyosu cultural center hall on23th.May and lecture concert on Grieg's Lyric Pieces on14th.September,and also judge at competition, teaching and attend to International Edvard Grieg's conference in Norway besides concerts. I appreciate on get these tasks.I want to do cordially.
And I wish to spend with taking care for my health at first.

I wish you all happy and prosperous year 2024.

1st. January 2024
Fumie Masaki

New Year Eve 2023

2023-12-31 10:39:56 | ピアノ

I have backed to my hometown Tokushima Naruto from on27th.Here is famous of whirlpool of Naruto that Ou-Naruto Bridge,1629 meters long, was built to traverse the whirlpool in 1975, and it makes an appealing view of Naruto and artificial beauty combined.I was born here and brought up.
I stay wiith my family.
In here,I spend practicing piano and read book including study English as usual.
In Japan,as prepare to welcome for new year, we usually cook osechi of which has various kind of small traditional Japanese foods in Jyuubako(box).I bought the materials of osechi.Before new year,we will make osechi in order to spend relaxing time during new year.If we will cook food in advance,we won't need to cook and not bother for foods.

I also met my friend since high school days.We went to good Italian restaurant and ate delicious lunch,after that we went to shopping.

Today,we come to new year eve 2023.

I will watch TV of Beethoven the9th.Symphony, and feel end of year deeply.

Have a wonderful new year eve2023..