Pacific Geophysical Observation[OHP] Network

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Aftershock of Papua local event

2009-04-14 11:29:24 | Weblog
About seven minutes later,
an aftershock occurred.


Papua inland small earthquake

2009-04-14 11:24:55 | Weblog
JAY station recorded small shaking originated by
local earthquake at inland of Papua.

USGS reports that
hypocenter: -3.419 139.440
depth: 62.1km (not in crust!)
M: 4.7

JAY record of Apr.2 PNG event

2009-04-02 16:25:56 | Weblog
JAY station:
the nearest seismic station for this event


Papua New Guinea Earthquake at 03:55UT on Apr,2

2009-04-02 16:18:47 | Weblog
OHP teleseismic records:

UD component:
VBB channel:
2HZ LP filtering:

source information: by USGS

Magnitude: 6.3
location: Northern coast of PNG
Depth: shallow

Fault mechanism: strike slip