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By impulse, she acts. Thus, interference or not, is not important. HARUMI's case, for her, after her getting up is always OK for attacking. No truce effects. Always ego-centric, they both are. Thus, only total vanishing exists for them both. Anyway, dangerous. No rule at all. And they themselves think that they are both so so kind and precious.

Subjective existance, entirely, from the begining to the end, and from the top of the head to the toe. Both, satanic dodomerdic existance. MUCK, in short. Pyong-Yang type adore them both. They are so easy to be trapped. Just like kinkiest old guys, they are, and they both are satisfied by their special treatment, with total superficial politeness.

only 80 yens per month insurance was established for them both only. Less than US$1, was the trapping remark. And they were easily trapped, and sold all of the family data, including Miyuki's precious files. For them, any files are cheap trash, and for them, no value at all. Alzheimer disease holders, in short, for Miyuki, and Muck, in resume. Satans, yes, cockroack type.

After these categorization, they continue to behave strong existance. In case of being revealed, behave like worriers! They adviced, and they adopted. And they confirmed to assist them both entirely. Thus, Waffle Towel Orange Mad Dog attacked Miyuki today.

And Seven and I holdings vanished complitely. Miyuki smiled to have found that all of salty lemmon soaked pork had vanished on the shelf. And when she was choosing row fishs for her dinner, apeared nothern korean tribe, public servant type, and hated their existance. Blasfamia! Taller then Miyuki!!!! Vanish!!!!

Miyuki was forced to eat the two package in the office, despite of her disliking to dine in the house. Mad Dog in waffle Towel textile was no more, however, the existance of the supermarket itself is betrayal. VANISH! All in a body!!!!!!

Chemical weapon is usually used by satans in the earth. Astonishng fact for us all!!! However, for satans, "Why you are so conscious of such a trifle? We should go pragmatically! " is the honest feeling. Thus, "Satans, go directly to inferno!!! Go pragmatically! Go ahead!!!"

Miyuki is too kind to others. Sometimes to satans. We all deeply think so. Why Miyuki is so pleasant to confirm the mega death of the satans?, Clare asked. Probably, Miyuki is the genuine sadistic type. So so precious among FAUNA or animals. Plants type. Thus, she gets along with almost all of plants. Thus, anyway, lemmon orchard, she would gain.

Miyuki already presumes that this year, for other fruits type, it would be difficult to produce eatable fruits. Anyway, too too poisonous. Miyuki picked up some berries, and on the outside of the skin, she felt a bit bitter. Inside is more delicous, and the bitter was because of wild character, she took so kindly.

for her, anyway, we should go forward, and orchard would be a good plan for her. Olive, and lemmon, latin type, and both are so so precious and basic for latin medditeranean culinary.

Thus, Miyuki is marking the existance of these trees. And black and green both olives exist, in Shirakawa. Probably, after this nasty disaster, we will clean up, and we will gain the result, as soon as possible. Don't be haste! Supremes. Diana Loss!!!

Cute type, Miyuki categorized her. And 由美かおる or Kaoru YUMI is this type. Gymnastic body she has. After 60 years old, beautiful, they are. ADACHI and GUTS recognized them both. Bevery and Kaoru. Linda?

Physically benefitted type have more advantage in any period. 浅野ゆう子 or Yuuko ASANO also. Norika FUJIWARA, Ryouko YONEKURA, both quater of western blood were obliged to conceal their family relation with western families. Strange! For us, more interesting stories. However, in Japanese so called 芸能界 or astists' world, taboo. Strange county called JAPAN, only ugly bitches and stupid bugs were allowed to live there...Kyo got dissapointed at the final end.

Only an extra thin paper cup, Japan sank...This is the real Idiocracy. Among various IDIOCRACY, the worst end. Jared liked Miyuki's so unusual experiences. Exists? Exists...

Miyuki categorized Cristopher Cross as lilical type like Elton John, with not promissive in appearance type. And Miyuki likes their lilical songs, because her type couldn't produce such type of amusement. "Lilical!" by not Olivea Newton but Elton John.

Stupidest! All of them yelled her. Exists? Yet Alive!!!

Miyuki laught at the satanic so so unusual ridiculous plays!!! Spander Ballet! Spiderman's Play????

Miyuki liked so much with Puig's "Kiss of Spider Woman"? Likes, yes. Not so much... Narration, and B class film type, and prison. Epoch making. Not so attractive in this situation, And the end, some tabarish spirit. The campy mate died for Justice. For her, not sobstory, however, more happier ending should be. However, understandable. Many guys, indifferent from their sexual inclination, behaved like rightous brothers, in short.

Not for sentimental romance, but more some sympathy to behave under the idealism. Moral oriented. Miyuki's understanding is different from film version, probably. Miyuki just has read the novel, and did know the existance of the film version, however, no chance to watch it. Probably, advertisement provided by Cinefil Imagica, Miyuki heard. And felt a bit more inclined to romantisism.

Film's fate, probably. Anyway, only within 90 minutes, they should catch the heart of the audience. And sobstory was so many times used for the object. For her, comical version is Crying Game. TOHOHO tribe's attempt was tooken differently, thus, the facial expression of the hero, in the last scene...Dog like face...

German Dog did the same facial expression. And Miyuki is so cute to accept the fact. Anyway, just a hypothese. Nice try! Probably, the next generation is more liberal, thus younger than him!!!!

Miyuki is hoping to have German Shepard boyfriends, especially. Not only, however, as tribe, this species has so so excellent in smelling. Acute nose comined with cleverest mind. Yes, it all depends on each indivudual shepard, however, reliable, in generally speaking, and high specs holdings are almost in all cases assured. Thus, german shepards were good candidates, even now!!!!

For her, not at all! However, others, astonishing....However, understandable. So so rare, in the earth, human beings, now are. And almost all of them are pledge type. Or, genuine TOHOHO type. Thus, Miyuki is expecting the next generation. Probably, at least, 17 years after, in this case.

German Dogs' case, probably, one year or so. According to the remarks of MIYABI's mother, the dog family grows up so rapid, thus, less than 6 months, already, turned to be adult. Thus, Miyuki should not be obliged to wait for them at least more than 20 years. Just one night OK, of course! Anyway, I want to try it!!!

And Miyuki is expecting to pick up a big armour of the sea turtle, which was left in the beach, in the southern beautiful area only. What is the usage of the turtle? Miyuki's reply was...Basin for wash her face and so on.

After polishing up to become so transparent, Miyuki would use it for everyday use. It costs almost US$1 million, probably. Miyuki remembered a Chinese old tale called 南海の贈り物 or Present from South Ocean, witch was liked by her so much when she was in her primary school days. It was a story among lots of China tales, and so similar to 浦島太郎 or Tarou URASHIMA in Japanese. In the former, the most precious tresure in the ocean is Turtles' armour or 鼈甲 or BEKKOU. So so heavy, however, just like amber. Maple suger liquid like colour.

Transparent brown, amber is. Thus, Miyuki liked the insect put jewel. Miyuki bought one, in the National Musium of Sience, at the cost of US$5.

And at the cost of US$70, she could have bought a pair of earrings...However, she could not. Because they were sold, when she passed there, the Moscow airport, on the way back from Brazil to Japan, thus, instead, Miyuki bought a mink far cap at US$90.

Candy like beautiful precious colour. And including insects would be more and more precious for her...thus, artificially made easy faked amber in the cheapy way...Miyuki's pleasure in her junior high school days, during boresome class. The flying ants came to her desk intentionally, and turned to be her target to produce faked amber...Ball Point Pens, especially of MITSUBISH were used for the object, because of the high possibility of failure. Good use of MITSUBISHI ball point pens.

And Miyuki didn't know that MITSUBISHI penciles used precious thin woods for their products. For free, the company said to gain the material from the forest.

KARANDASH, was the name of the switzerland stationary company, and its pencils were the same colour. Dark green. The colour, Miyuki liked, however, Miyuki's preference is TOMBOW. Yambow, Nimbow. Tadasu IIZAWA.

Miyuki read some series of left wing when she was in high school. Encountered in high school. Cramschool days, however, in March, she had spare time, and anyway, nasty, only cramschool study. Thus, she took advantage of the vacation, and borrowed some books from the high school, and some of them are the series. Tadasu IIZAWA, Toukou KON, Momo IIDA, Inada NADA, and so on.

Not so valuable for Japanese Language puzzle game, however, interesting. And thus, Miyuki thought that Today were liberal...Many of them graduated from Tokyo Versity.

It was the fact. However, from the society, they were differently categorized. How? Intellectuals? Or?

For Miyuki, minority of Tokyo versity were aim of admiration, probably...And the majority...satans, now, she learned.

After so many years of passing in Tokyo Versity related facilities, she didn't recognize the most important fact. And belived that she would be somebody in law field...liberal is the prevelent among them. Too too skewed recognition, and it would be called recognition problem. In any place, idealist, and the kindest approach, Miyuki adopts, thus, "Happy Figure"...Oh, thus Ichiro KITAMURA said directly to me. And Miyuki's honest reply. "Yes, better than unhappy figure..."

Eu sou louco...I am crazy, however, better than the figure who lives in search of unhappiness, as Ney Matgrosso sang.

Why this stupid feeble-minded prof said so to me? for other guys, probably, the remark should be delivered to Miyuki. However, this evidently stupider type, has no right to say so, Miyuki really got upset, however, Miyuki didn't show her real feeling at all, and in the wooden dumb like face, said like above.

And KOBAYAKAWA, who is the good example of Alzheimer holdings among Todai pimps, and his major was Administrative law, was better French speaker rather than KITAMURA, whose major was French Law.

Ummmm...Todai related were totally reliable, they thought, at least. And they all failed. For Miyuki, now, not astonishing reality, however, for Shirakawa residents, so so nasty to know it. They were beliver of cramschool type study. the easiest way to gain the point.

Finding rule game, for Miyuki, as layer. Probably, for her, better than Kyorin Education. Educating Miyuki or Educating the pupils???

Both. Kyorin pupils were better than Todai counterparts, because of sports' affection. OKINO felt in depth so. No physical attention, nor intellectual one...Lezz than double zeros....

Miyuki's so so lucky, yes. And protected by others, yes. Thus, anyway, alive. Many guys died for their belief for their mates. Miyuki also thought that they were kind guys, despite of stupidity.

From Tokyo Metropolitan Office, in the top floor of the building, the impression of the scenery of Tokyo is just "Dead Body with white bones".

When she visited there the last time, there were lots of foreigners on the same floor. And for them, probably, sky view, anyway. Also for Miyuki, until to recognize the existance of Shinjuku Chuo Park, just a sky view only. However, after the recognition, Miyuki couldn't stop crying, and felt so sorry for the rightous brothers. They were probably the same typr of me, and more morally valuable. Miyuki is chicken, and they were dislkied to be called so.

For her, physical job is not so nasty. Just low paid work, and monotonous, probably. And now? Kyorin's meeting type is more monotonous, yawn causing task, in reality.

Just compliments, literally. Exists? Exists. And for Miyuki, only at Kyorin. And now? All over Japan, the same pattern.

Jobless is avoidable, yes. However, life is more important than job or money. And it was caused by some chain of unhappiness. Miyuki thought like that, when she passed through the UENO SHINOBAZU park, anotehr Mecca of jobless guys. There were several blue sheets tents, and Miyuki thought that they were not so different from me. In the future, I would have possibility to be one of them. Thus, we should avoid the nasty result, as much as possible. And didn't know why she thought so at that moment. Passing in front of them, was her so simplest view.

Not so different from them. We have the same possibility, thus, we should change the society, was not recognized at that time by them. Anyway, the same...Not pleasant situation, however, possible. Thus, take care, Miyuki! You would be one of them, if you were not lucky...

The first day of the graduate school. the most promissive day as the starting. Not nasty. And for her understanding, thus, good to think so. The reality. Thus, we should make effort to avoid the nasty result.

Anyway, positive interpretation. And totalitarians, she didn't know at that time, as the character of Todai related. Already 学閥 or Almunum system was a representation of this line. For Miyuki, belonging to some versity is just a crue of the conversation. Not the aim of loyality and devotion.

However, not only Todai, but also KO, WASEDA and so on, any versity has the same inclination. And also, schools also. Companies, prefectures, municipalities, and so one, also. Just a topic providing matter turns to be the life long chain in Japan. More stronger than kinship, sometimes.

for Miyuki, out of mind, however, for others, not so much. Moriko and OKINO said, "Understandable". Ummm...

Affectionate type, probably. And dry type? anyway, first, Miyuki, herself. Save Miyuki, at first!!!

Carli is the same type! Oh, dry! Saysage! SALAMI! Maritime battle field!!!

Probably she would be stronger than Miyuki physically, yes. And more cheerful yes. and skilfull, and pragmatist yes. Thus, GUTS regrets his choice. Why he chose Miyuki? Because she didn' look female...And Carli...female...

Bust, in short. Miyuki is easy to imitate, however, to imitate Carli, needs so much bravery. Thus...try, Guts!!!

Miyuki's world is more tolerant and no monopolization. Thus, in case of necessity, Guts, you should assist her, carli.

And not so necessary as Miyuki's case. Miyuki asked not to get me tired of. Thus...adventurous, and not so much spare time to assist others. Thus, expert. And even experts, Miyuki is sometimes so so nasty intentionally. And ADACHI sometimes regrets his choice also. Incalculable. Why she said so! In the most beautiful moment!!!

Guts likes Miyuki's way of saying. For her, finding the best impression is the game, and the other's feeling? Ont of mind!!! Thus, it happened. And Guts learned the beauty of old ladies. Various pretty guys here and there. And Guts wants to meet SHIGUEKO's grand mother. Good to see her!!!

SHIGUEKO herself was pretty girl, at that time. However, her grand mother is rare precious jewel. Guts, you would fall in love with her!!!! She is almost 80 years old, however...

Anyway, please celebrate Miyuki's comeback to our blog!!! Miyuki is alive, anyway.

And Tomorrow, Miyuki would write GUTS's case...Astonishing fact. Miyuki herself probably would not have believed, without her harsh experience in Shirakawa. After her slightest however similar experience, Miyuki got assured that he had experienced so harsh, unusual, cruel experience.

Thus, see you tomorrow! VANISH! DDMs!!! Ugly betrayers, all of you, erotic satans!!!!
Pyong-Yang Style, not Han-Nan Style!!! Some chiken soup set???

Good night for us all, rightous brothers!!!
From 8 men, with Big LOVE!!!!

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