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2018-01-10 14:27:20 | 日記
Hi, Rightous Brothers! Miyuki came back her on our blog! Happy New Year for us all!!!

Miyuki now resides in the hut on Chestnut Hill, doing her farming job. Shoots feeder also. Criaqtive life, she spends.

Now she is away from water supply, electricity, nor gas. Thus, so limited on IT use, she is actually. Thus, in so few times, she can write on this blog, howeverm you would visit her own real site, when you need to see her. She would help you to regain the power, damaged by satans. Satans are so so degraded and weak now. They are melting each day. Spring distrilization period, we are in now.

Yes, it is cold even now, especially, Miyuki's hut is. Terriblly cold. Minus ZERO degree cercius, yes. However, she manages the situation, and eats well, sleep well.

She is now choosing vegitable seeds for her spring cultivation. Her field is called Chestnut Hill Farm, and no soil yet type. Virgin land. Only weeds would substitute for the purpose. Thus, she is reforming the earth each day, by way of making ash, after her cooking breakfast.

Het glease and dried up fallen twiggs are her cooking heating energy. Candle light is also used in the eveninng. Primitive era like life, she spends now. No toilet inside, and in the outside toilet, the ditch system is adopted.

the size of the earth is Almost 8 houses occupying space. Sufficient to feed herself. Also one patch is used for her tree shoots cultivation purpose. It is called DAWN CHASER patch, according to the novel of The whistle of Prince Caspian of Arthur Rannsom.

Another patch is called Tarsha, based on Tarsha Tudor's name. Herb garden, it is. She planted garllics, eshalots, corianders, japanese corianders, already.

Team leader Robin, the Cool Mint is herem near the cliff. Along the cliff, she planted Jack, the green peas. So many, she put, and they are good in health, even though the coldest attacking from satanic side.

Another patches names are as follows:
1.Rainbow : grain field. Variety of colourful grains would be put there. Birdies would love it!
2.Rainord : Green Leaf Garden, western style. Named after John, the little guy, in Robinn Hood's story.
3.Peter : Pumpkin's kins field, like cucumbers, tomatoes, egg plants and so on.
4.Andy : Pop Corn field. Andy Wahole, in his complete patch name.
5.XXXX: Bean field. Variety of beans would be produced there.

They are fllexible patches. It all depends on the seeds' intention type. Thus, they would change and move, as they like. Sun shine, temperature, wetness, wind and so on, would be their factors of alternative searching, and Miyuki would assist their nmoving.

Now, she is making special hedge along the road side. Rosy arch, Miyuki wants to establish. Thus, mainly, Mariline Monroe's kins are put on the earth to make the arch type hedge.

Fortunately, good soil for wild roses exists on her farm. There are so my wild roses in the field. Now, Miyuki is collecting the seeds in the rural village called Shirakawa.

Actual her address is :

Chestnut Farm, DOBUTSUKA, Shirakawa, Fukushima, JAPAN

No number exists. She is surrounded by faked satabic families, however, soon she would vannish. So precarious users, they are. They kill their own kids easily. From the cliff, the mathers dropped the kids! Sometimes, they were saved, while sometimes, not.

One of these type of MICCHIKU family, Miyuki did know well. Miyuki's ex-pupil IWASAKI was a victim, and he was dropped by her real nother, when he was infant. From the second floor's veranda, he was put into the earth. He almost died, however, fortunately, he could survive, and studied at Kyorin Versity.

Kunitachi area, the family lived. So common among them. His elder brother was HITOTSUBASHI related, and turned to be a conuting specialist, after graduating versity and studying abroad. Their mother wanted to concentrated the richness on the education of the elder son, and tried to kill IWASAKI, in the earlist stage. Terrible, however, it was so common in Japan.

Anyway, she would write on these IDIOCRACY's cases, continuously. However, as farmer, she needs to her collecting job. Thus, bye for now! See you soon!

VANISH! DDMs! You are so ugly and cruel!

Happyness for us all, Rightous Brothers! Satans would vanish entirely, so soon!!!!

See you!

Miyuki, and her supporters, in the hut
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