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Kenjutsu lesson for Josh MacDonald 2 袈斬り kesagiri

2010-10-10 | KENJUTSU 剣術 型 動画
Josh is learning how to kesagiri.
It is basic sword mobement.
Kesagiri movement is one of important movement when you do jujutsu also.

But something is wrong.

JunseiRyu 7:52pm via Web

@aikijp In my humble opinion the student appears to be hiting with the sword & not cutting. Also his step is not in time with the cut.When we practice kesagiri we focus primarilty on the irimi style movement & the timing of the cut. Kenjutsu must focus on Taisabaki.

grmnsplx 10:03pm via Web

@JunseiRyu you are right about my kesagiri. The tip is moving too fast as I am trying to beat Sensei. You're right - irimi is the way.

JunseiRyu 10:15pm via Web

@grmnsplx I did exactly the same thing when I first started training. I would always try and beet him with speed, but technique always wins.How long have you been training in Kenjutsu?

grmnsplx 10:28pm via Web

@JunseiRyu maybe 3+ years, but there has been a 2 year gap, so I have forgotten much. do you also practice this awase training?

JunseiRyu 11:16pm via Web

@grmnsplx Yes I practice Kenjutsu in a very similar method. Around 1/2 of each class if made up of Kata & Kihon, the rest is awase & Henka.

ishikawa desu
The purpose of this practice is thinking about rational moving of the body keeping one’s distance from partner, through hitting partner’s wood sword, not to cut his/her body.
Thus hitting partner’s sword is the purpose of it.

But we have a problem. It is that Josh-san moved by his over action.

We have been practicing the technique called ‘Ittou-ryu (school of one-sword).’

Then practicing the technique, we always consider; why we call it ‘one-sword', how I should move my body all at once, and how I can down partner’s sword though this way, and so on.

JunseiRyu Oct 17, 11:08pm via Web

@aikijp Thank you for taking the time to give me details of your technique. I will have to study further into the methods of Ittou-Ryu

grmnsplx Oct 18, 10:00pm via Web

@aikijp Thank you Sensei. That is very clear.



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Unknown (josh)
2010-10-10 21:59:38
I agree. The tip it moving too fast. I am trying too hard to be fast.
Unknown (josh)
2010-10-11 13:04:31

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