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小手の合気 2 kote no aiki

2010-09-29 | AIKIDO 合気道 技 動画
I upload this video for my friend Junsei Ryu Bujutsu Renmei 淳精流武術連盟

Josh MacDonald is Karate dojyo instructor in Calgary.
He has a good skill about martial art.
Of course he is polite and gentle person.

He practices aiki hand.
But something is wrong.

Why he can not?

Josh: Sometimes my skill is good, but, as Sensei knows, I am very forgetful. And, as usual, I try power first and not aiki technique. I will practice...

小手の合気 1 kote no aiki

2010-09-26 | AIKIDO 合気道 技 動画
Josh MacDonald is in Chiba for a while.
I have not seen him for two years.
So I taught him important aiki hand.
It is one of a relax (chikaranuki) of hand.
It seems like kotegaeshi with no twist.
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