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日記 11月29日校正済み 福岡彩 前世明治35年生まれのわたくしの創業者であり、わたくしのビデオカメラマンサービスの開設者である そして写真出版もそのものが始まりであった大である。

2022-11-29 01:36:40 | 日記
November 28, 2022 2:41 The latest current name, Dai Fukuoka, answers the truth about Ayaka Fukuoka's videos and photos
It turns out that Ayaka Fukuoka has no interest in images of aquariums, urban areas such as miniature models, aquariums, artworks, antiques, antiques, historical materials, and motorcycles. Ayaka Fukuoka created gondolas and Ferris wheels because she was interested in urban photography, portraits, and people in the background.
Currently, according to Ayaka Fukuoka's recollection, it is a recent awakening experience, but I learned about the handling of rights from a YouTube video. I was interested in selfies, remote shooting, dinner parties, cities, people, buildings and people, vehicles, etc., but I found out that Ayaka Fukuoka was also filmed. Regarding T.V. broadcasts, when Ayaka Fukuoka was at that time, she appeared on a late-night program with a camera on a Sony consumer machine that cost over 800,000 yen from the start of recording. He also appeared on NHK and established himself as a comedian from the beginning.
This subdivided and gave me a foothold in a small right, Mrs.Ayaka Fukuoka, who was me in my previous life. I was interested in photographs of wild birds, plants, and insects, but Mrs.Ayaka Fukuoka did not take photographs of buildings or people. The rights were shared with the video. Mainly, I, Mr. Dai, benefited from that, and people gathered to watch videos and exhibit photos. However, this was the first media sale for me, and since Mrs.Ayaka Fukuokaka took pictures with an 8mm video camera, I realized that Mrs.Ayaka Fukuokaka could not do a film camera even if she could do a digital camera.
Mrs.Ayaka Fukuoka is the child of Kyosuke Fukuoka in Owariseto, Nagoya City. I invested and bought JCB, which is credit.
For a while Mrs.Ayaka Fukuoka lived near the Jingu Shrine in Shibuya Ward and had many experiences of visiting Yasukuni Shrine. Jingu refers to Meiji Jingu in Shibuya Ward, and the only area with the same name is Meiji Jingu in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture.
Sai lived in Aichi Prefecture until she graduated from Kinjo University in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture. built an commercial building and ran a sex shop. Currently, 24-15 Sakae, Naka Ward is currently occupied by Tokyo Tochi Tatemono, but Fukuoka Sai is inherited by another child other than Tae Fukuoka, and the land in Nagoya and the land in Nisshin City are divided. I was told the fact that
After Ms.Kiri Kobayasi death, Mrs.Ayaka Fukuoka became an associate professor at Aichi Gakuin, paying tuition and working as a lecturer. And even so, since the hiring of two high school teachers was postponed, I decided to make it a two-class kindergarten. However, in the education I published on the record, I delved into Mathematics IIA and had compulsory education, so my evaluation was overturned and for some reason I was expected to be a night high school math teacher.
Because I couldn't get a job in high school, I focused on early childhood education and learned. I was told not to take on work that was lower than Eiken Grade 1. I have been criticizing Nisshin Junior High School for Rousseau's theory of educating wild children, girls from Avalon, but I gave up on the offer of the trial.
I said that I could use the Eiken Grade 1, which is an act that doesn't make sense, but I'm planning to buy the Eiken Grade 2 because I don't have a thesis at the moment, but I don't have the Eiken Grade 3 record. , was asked to give it to a third party. I have passed the 3rd grade of Eiken, which is equivalent to high school, and I have been educated at the level of night high school. However, if I can understand the meaning of them, the court cannot grant me the right to speak English.
Regarding the video, I exhibited the content provider product, which is the content, at the registration sale, which is a free market called Marchelle of NTT-X's Goo blog, and the inventory regulations and the prohibition of solicitation were imposed, but I did not use DVDs, CDs, and Blu-ray discs. Although it was the first time to sell paperless publications such as , the ancient gods of England, St. Francis, wrote and sold the Bible, which is the first religious church act, so it seems that there is a current book sales record. I can do it. However, I have decided not to sell books until my parents die. Books are for living when you are independent.
free Market, which is registered sales of those free markets, is mainly focused on video sales, but we make content that can handle third-party works for sales people and have them accept commissions, so that even minors can work. do. I have media sales of film photography and paintings, but currently all media sales are empty.
After coming to Aichiya, Mrs.Ayaka Fukuoka Fukuoka has been doing nothing but photography, belonging to the Kaniko-Bundan Divisio, filming a video of the conductor practicing the small pump method, and even broadcasting a program once at the staff room, Gifu Prefecture. Even at Japan Paper inside, it was discovered that they were doing sightseeing coverage without a reporter getting off the bus, and even making walk-through videos. Do you get it.
I have to report this fact because Dai Fukuoka will mess up my evaluation in the future. In addition, although I highly rated the tripod, you can also shoot while walking. I remember that it was Mrs.Ayaka Fukuoka who did not shoot the 360 ​​degree opening, but I was regarded as the same right. For example, if the gondola was reflected, there was no problem with the Ferris wheel.
However, regarding the photos I was involved in, I found out that I could take group photos, take food product photos, and take photos other than the trip of the fire brigade. It was well received, so it was confirmed that Mrs.Ayaka Fukuoka was actively participating in the event and working on the news, and it was proved that she was active in photography work, such as photographing products.
All my current commercial rights are made up of Mrs.Ayaka Fukuoka's photo rights, and the same goes for videos, but I built a foothold for most of the photos and videos that Mrs.Ayaka Fukuoka didn't start, and that's what Mrs.Ayaka Fukuoka is. , and their rights are added together and evaluated at the same time. So if you haven't seen this record, don't doubt who did it.
In Mrs.Ayaka Fukuoka, as the fire brigade website proves, photos of buildings and people are not evaluated, events are evaluated, and photos of firefighting trips have no audience rating, and still images of my overseas trip It is known that Mrs.Ayaka Fukuoka was not interested in them at the time and did not use them, because tourist photos such as those of domestic trips and domestic travel were not evaluated.

2022年11月28日 2時41分 最新現名・福岡大が答える 福岡絢香の動画と写真の真相
現在、福岡絢香さんの回想によると最近の覚醒体験ですが、YouTubeの動画で権利の取り扱いを知りました。自撮り、リモート撮影、食事会、都市、人、建物と人、乗り物などに興味があったのですが、福岡彩香さんも撮影されていることを知りました。ラジオ放送に関しては、福岡彩香さんが当時、収録開始から80万円以上したソニーの民生機にカメラをつけて深夜番組に出演。 NHKにも出演し、一躍お笑い芸人としての地位を確立。


高校では就職できなかったので、幼児教育に力を入れて学びました。英検一級以下の仕事は引き受けないように言われました。 アバロン出身の野生児を教育するというルソーの理論について、日進中学校を批判してきましたが、トライアルの申し出を断念しました。

意味不明な行為である英検1級を使用できると言ったが、今のところ論文がないので英検2級を購入する予定ですが、私は持っていません英検3級の成績をお持ちの方。 、第三者への譲渡を求められた。高校に相当する英検3級に合格し、夜間高校レベルの教育を受けてきました。しかし、私がそれらの意味を理解できれば、裁判所は私に英語を話す権利を与えることはできません.

動画については、NTT-XのGooブログのマルシェというフリーマーケットである登録販売に、コンテンツであるコンテンツプロバイダー製品を出品し、在庫規制や勧誘禁止を課されましたが、 DVD、CD、Blu-ray ディスクは使用しないでください。 、イギリスの古代の神々、セント.フランシスは、最初の宗教教会行為である聖書を書いて販売したので、現在の本の販売記録があるようです。できます。しかし、私は両親が亡くなるまで本を売らないことにしました。本は自立したときに生きるためのものです。


福岡絢香さんは愛知屋に来てから写真ばかりで、かにこ分団部に所属し、指揮者が小型ポンプ法を練習している動画を撮り、岐阜県の職員室で番組を放送したこともある。 .社内のジャパンペーパーでも記者が降りずに観光取材を行っており、さらにはウォークスルー動画まで作っていたことが発覚。わかりますか。
今後、福岡大が私の評価をめちゃくちゃにするので、この事実を報告しなければなりません。また、三脚を高く評価しましたが、歩きながらの撮影も可能です。 360度全開を撮らなかったのは福岡絢香さんだった記憶がありますが、私も同じ権利と見なされていました。例えばゴンドラが映っていれば観覧車でも問題ありませんでした。


在の私の商権はすべて福岡彩香さんの写真権で成り立っていますし、動画もそうですが、ほとんどの写真や動画については福岡彩花さんが始めたわけではないという足場を築いてきました。福岡あやかです。 、およびそれらの権利は一緒に追加され、同時に評価されます。したがって、このレコードを見たことがない場合でも、誰がやったのか疑ってはなりません。