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stars bad-mouth exes

2013-12-04 14:38:43 | 日記

And it’s a case of any-publicity-is-good-publicity for the 38-year-old comic, out feverishly pushing his “Messiah Complex” tour and likely welcoming the extra press even if it paints him in a negative light. Many fans will surely still side with the funnyman anyway, pointing to the fact he’s always been gracious and complimentary about his ex-wife during interviews post-split and appears to be taking the high road.

Ironically Perry’s on-again boyfriend, John Mayer, followed in her lead this week too, deciding to leverage his past relationship with singer Taylor Swift to generate publicity for his new album, due out in August. Despite insisting he was left “humiliated” after Swift penned “Dear John” about him, the rocker is said to have written his latest single “Paper Doll” about his highly publicized romance with the much-younger singer otter iphone 4 cases.

 “You’re like 22 girls in one and none of them know what they’re runnin’ from,” is just one of many lines in the song that point to the “22” songstress, who will also enjoy plenty of renewed interest thanks to this he-said-she-said songwriting. Even Brad Pitt knows the value of alluding to his unhappiness while married to Jennifer Aniston, often saving new tidbits about that period of his life for whenever he has a new film coming out Men clothing hong kong.

While out promoting World War Z this spring, Pitt told Esquire he was feeling burnt out and wasting his opportunities about a decade ago, insinuating he became a better man once Angelina Jolie came into his life. And it’s certainly not a case of “poor Jenn” here; Aniston has largely remained relevant in pop culture thanks to the love triangle that refuses to die. Trash talking is a lucrative business for all involved so resist the urge to feel bad for exes the next time they’re bad-mouthed. For all we know, they could be in on it too bedroom furniture!

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