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Problem ID: Financial Difficulties of the U.S. Government.

In order to solve financial difficulties, we basically have two simple options as follows:

1. Increase revenues=tax incomes.
2. Reduce expenses.

Right now, U.S. Government has not been successful in collecting full amount of taxes against Earth Incs. Since we do not have Earth Government yet, Earth Incs are taking advantage of global presence when paying taxes in a way of choosing tax heaven countries.

- Incorporate a concept of U.S. citizenship for corporations in the U.S. in order to differentiate them based on tax payment status.
1. Corporations of U.S. Citizenship status.
2. Corporations of Green Card status.
3. Non-residence.

If U.S. government classifies Earth Incs as Green card status since they are avoiding paying full amount of U.S. taxes, U.S. government can give them dis-incentive for avoiding full amount of U.S. tax payment.

For example, restriction on Lobbying Activities:

U.S. government can make Lobbying Activities of Green card status companies such as Earth Incs’ as secondary importance while placing primary importance to those of U.S. citizenship status companies.

In other words, this is a threat or punishment for not paying full amount U.S. taxes, which we need to overcome financial difficulties right now.



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穴がミックス アナノミックス アベノミックス

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Current Issues and how we can solve it.

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Problem ID:
We need to solve both climate change issue and economic issue at the same time.

There always exists economic reason behind climate change issue.

We have currently no control over Earth INCs and Fund Moneys, which is creating both economic and environmental issues.

Earth government, which is non-existent, needs to govern both Earth INCs and Fund Moneys.

Nothing is wrong with economic theory.

Everything is wrong with application of it.

Economic theory only works well in a nutshell environment as you know.

Right now we apply it on a nation basis, which is not a nutshell environment anymore.

However, when we apply it on Earth basis, which is a nutshell environment and thus it will work well.

Only thing we have to consider is that the assumptions of abundant resources and no limitations are still violated, which should be overcame by using the pollution model as far as I know.

If Earth Government governs both Earth INCs and Fund Moneys such as the followings, the world will become a lot better place to live with less suffering:

A. HRT (high frequency trading) is an act of cheating in my opinion or at least an un-fair practice, which currently nobody controls.
B. Because of both economic reasons and life style changes, deforestation in Amazon forests and forests in south Asia never stops, which contribute to the climate change. Mega-size hurricanes and tornados must have lots of things to do with it.

Act of high frequency trading is not acceptable based on business ethics and healthy competition in the financial market.

Only business activities aimed for ROI should be accepted including those of investors’.

HFT (high frequency trading) is just an act of shaking computer systems for the purpose of manipulating stock prices or influencing price stock prices, which unfortunately works now.

This creates unfair advantage to the Fund Money and it always wins in the financial market, which creates economic reasons for the working poor people and in the end creates necessity to cut trees or sell forests contributing to the climate change.

The main causes of deforestations are as follows:
1. Growing demands for bio-energy. (Palm tree planting by cutting trees of forests.)
2. Growing demands for meat= creating ranching space by cutting trees at rims of forests. ( Life Style Change)

Real causes are population over-growth and life style change (eating more meats).

Especially young people at developing countries imitate American life style of eating more meats through getting information via internet, TV, movies, and Fast Foods chains, etc.


Earth Government needs to control population growth, activities of Earth INCs and Fund Moneys.

For now, United Nations can deal with issue of population growth in my opinion.

G20 can deal with monopolistic powers of both Earth INCs and Fund Moneys through enforcing anti-monopoly laws on them.

As for Life Style Change, only American people can become a role model = eat more vegetables and less meat, please. Otherwise, all of us will suffer including you.

Norton Internet Security 2010のバグ発見

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Norton Internet Security 2010でCPUメモリー・オーバーフローのバクを検出しました。








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From Free Economy to Conditional Free Economy

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From Free Economy to Conditional Free Economy

I always felt strange about using economic theory based on inappropriate assumptions.

Basic assumptions of current economic theory include such as abundant resources and no limitations, although these are no longer true.

In the past people in the West have been successful applying Free Economy based on blind-individualism.

Given that resources are no longer abundant and some limitations have been apparent because of over-population as well as globalization, I am strongly recommending Conditional Free Economy based on conditional individualism instead as follows:

1. Conditional Individualism:
2. Conditional Free Economy:

1. Conditional Individualism:
Conditional individualism means pursuing for individual benefits on the condition that it does not hurt the benefits of the whole when we confront with limitations and restrictions.

For example, drinkable water or energy is getting scarce and thus each of us should not waste water or energy, something like that.

Under the current system, it is free to waste water or energy as long as we can afford it, which hurts the benefits of the whole or the Globe.

Majority of current issues will be solved if we apply Conditional Individualism instead of blind-individualism.

2. Conditional Free Economy:

Conditional Free Economy means that we will control economy only when and where Free Economy will not work well because of violation of its assumptions.

Therefore, when and where basic assumptions are violated, the global government should intervene through use of anti-monopoly laws and regulations or setting up additional new laws and regulations.
Violation of basic assumptions:

A. Scarce natural resources:
- Oil. ( Energy)
- Drinkable Water.
- The above should be under surveillance of the global government.

B. Limitations:
Globalization actually means saturation or no more room for geographical growth or expansion.

Free Economy based on blind-individualism requires room for growth or expansion, besides some of fundamental assumptions are already violated.

We still have to avoid monopolistic conditions on global market.

How can we implement it?

1. At school, we should start teaching conditional individualism instead of blind-individualism. We just need to change our ethics. Individualism is acceptable as long as it does not hurt the benefits of the whole or the Globe.
2. Declare use of Conditional Free Economy based of conditional individualism instead of Free Economy based on blind-individualism.
In other words, we should update the current Economic system in accordance with changed environment.

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これ以上の規制緩和はやめてください! 独禁法がグローバルで機能していません。

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No more deregulation, please!

Deregulations are good way to promote efficiency.

Pursuing economic efficiency is one of fundamental principles in economic theory, which is also inevitable based on human revolution.

However, I would like to point out the following:

1, Excessive competition through after-effect of deregulations ends up creating monopolistic market conditions.

Due to effects of both deregulations and globalization, monopolistic market conditions prevail these days in global market.

In the past, we learned that monopolistic market conditions paralyze healthy economic activities and thus anti-monopoly laws were created and have been enacted.

In other words, we can use deregulations as an accelerator and anti-monopoly laws as a brake.

Unfortunately, since we do not have a global government yet, anti-monopoly laws are not functioning well or not properly being enacted.

Therefore, right now we are stepping on an accelerator without properly using brakes.

In conclusion, we should look for both effectiveness and efficiency.

In other words, please enforce anti-monopoly laws globally. ( we need to have global anti-monopoly laws, first, I guess.)

If that is not possible, no more deregulation, please!


Globalization Factor

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Nothing is wrong with economic theory.

Everything is wrong with our implementation of it.

I. Background:
II. Economic premises:
III. Time Lags and What we should do:
IV. Warning and My proposal:

I. Background:

Although everybody is aware of a movement of globalization, it seems to me that majority of our activities are not to the point at globalization point of view.

Therefore, I would like to point out fundamental issues with respect to current economic situations influenced by globalization factor as follows:

II. Economic premises:

As everybody is aware of it, there are fundamental premises in economic theory.

As Dr. Auerbach explained to me in Macro Economic class at UCR, economic theory only works under certain conditions.
In other words, economic theory only works as long as we keep those fundamental premises.

Since most economic theory is mathematically proven, it must work like mathematical formula on the condition that we keep the following economic premises.

Put it in different words, current mal-functioning economy is being caused by our mistakes such as violating the followings:

1. Perfect Information Flow:
2. Free Movement of Labor Force:
3. Free Movement of Exchange Rate:
4. Avoid Monopoly:

1. Perfect Information Flow:

This is the most famous one in economic theory, I guess.
Although it is not possible to have perfect information flow, we will have a serious trouble when violating it substantially.

Good example of it is Lehman Shock.

Critical information for judging value of securities got intentionally and technically hidden in a way of so-called securities science or something like that,

I am sorry for forgetting the right word for it.

It took many years until we found out what was going on and thus majority of us got mislead by the disguised information.

2. Free Movement of Labor Force:

Because of globalization factor, almost everything moves globally except labor force these days.

Since many factories moved globally, labor force is supposed to move globally too, that is not happening right now.

This is one of the reasons we have high employment rate in industrialized countries.

Young people should be able to find a job freely in global market without any restrictions such as working visa, etc.

This is also one of the reasons we have an issue for population over-growth.

In developing countries more jobs have been created without any inflow of labor force from outside, this situation creates enough room for having many babies.

On the other hand, in developed countries we have high unemployment rate because labor force are staying at home while lots of factories=jobs are moving out.

3. Free Movement of Exchange Rate:

China is controlling exchange rate.

Nobody tries to control exchange rate unfavorably to him/her.

Everybody tries to control exchange rate favorably to him/her.

Since China has the second biggest economic power, it is not acceptable to fix or control exchange rate for its favor.

4 .Avoid Monopoly:

In the past ten years or so, I tend to believe that we have increased concern for monopolistic conditions in the market.

As everybody is aware of it, when monopolistic condition exists, market does not function properly since we cannot keep fair competition due mainly to inadequate governmental regulations such as forcing global anti-monopolistic regulations.

- Monopolistic Power of Fund Money:

- Since fund money is so huge, it is no longer fair for individual investors to compete against fund money in the same financial market.

- This is one of the reasons that I quit investing in financial market anymore and also money inflow into financial market is shrinking, I guess.

- I rather play at casino than investing in financial market since it is not a fair competition.

- Monopolistic power of global companies.

- Since we do not have global government yet, nobody effectively controls monopolistic situation in global market.

III. Time Lags and what we should do about it:

In addition, we have some time lags or misconception as follows:

1. Concept of EC is already obsolete:
2. Concept of TPP is even dangerous:

1. Concept of EC is already obsolete:

Concept of EC is one step backward from concept of globalization and thus it is already obsolete.

Actually from globalization point of view, concept of EC is working as a blockage against globalization.

One of the reasons that EC’s economy is not doing very well is that it failed to fully benefit from economic boom of Asia especially China in the past several years by forming EC, which in a sense works as a blockage against the rest of the world.

2. Concept of TPP is even dangerous:

This reminds me of the condition before WWII before 1939, when protectionism prevailed.

TPP is dangerous in two-folds.

First, TPP works like protectionism for the rest of the world.

Second, TPP will become monopolistic power since it could represent almost 40% of economic power depending on contents of members, though.

In other words, the rest of the world will suffer at the gains of TPP members, which may lead to bankruptcy of Greece, for example, and may cause world depression.

In my opinion, Greece got one-time gains when becoming a member of EC such as appreciation of its currency as much as by three-folds due mainly to increased credibility backed up by EC.

However, in true economic sense, currency appreciation should occur based on increased competitiveness of the country, for example, which is sustainable, which is not the case for Greece.

Since competitive edge of Greece has not been increased while only living standards got raised up because of one-time wind fall gains, situation of Greece will get worse until Greece people start being aware of it and start working longer and harder.

Because of globalization factor, people of developed countries need to work harder and longer in order to compete against workers in developing countries those who work hard and long hours under less paid conditions.

IV. Warning and My Proposal:

Do not implement TPP for a while.

In other words, freeze TPP for 5 to ten years, and go directly to globalization or global government, or global society.

Although, movement of TPP is an inevitable or a reasonable step toward globalization, it should be best for us to skip this stage since it is a one step backward from globalization and will work as protectionism for the rest of the world.

I hope that my intention of trying to prevent unnecessary sufferings or financial pains is well acknowledged and implemented by the leaders of the world accordingly.

Hiroshi Morita, a citizen of global world.
December 28th, 2011.
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