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Necklaces, T-Shirts and Sand Art!

2023-10-12 15:35:58 | 2023

The Grade 3 to 6 students went to GC Summer Camp this August.


On Day 2 we did Sand Art.

We had collected sand and shells from the beach on day 1, and then used colored chalk to colour the sand.

Then we put the colored sand into jars in beautiful patterns.

Grade 3 and 4 went back to school on Day 2.

After that we made necklaces with beads and the shells we had collected from the beach.

We made a hole in the shells using a drill. Then we put them onto string and tied it up.

Finally we made T-shirts.

We cut out a stencil and added paint using a sponge.

GC Summer Camp was very fun!


We interviewed a Grade 5 students about camp.

Q1) Did you have fun at GC Summer Camp?

A1) Yes. It was great.

Q2) What was the most fun activity, and why?

A2) The BBQ was the best! We could eat meat, and make new friends with our group and tutors.


We also thought that GC Summer Camp was very fun! 

Futaba's events are always so fun, so every month is exciting.

We can't wait for next year's GC Summer Camp!


Blog written and published by Grade 5 and 6 students in Futaba Blog committee.



GC Summer Camp - Day 1 - Around the fire.

2023-10-12 15:01:43 | 2023

GC Classes from Grades 3 to 6 went to GC Summer Camp from August 23rd to 25th.


We did a lot of activities, but we really loved the CAMP FIRE at the end of the day!


First Mr. Nakamoto did a funny banana campfire chant. 

Everyone was laughing!!

^BBQ Groups. We cooked our own dinner on a BBQ. I wanted to eat more!


After it got a little darker each class sang a song. We had been practicing the song for about 1 month before the camp.

It was very dark outside and the campfire was big and bright.

^Camp Fire. Everyone got into a circle and did a banana campfire chant.

After the campfire went out we all went to make smores.


It was a fun day, but it was also only the first day at camp so we were very excited about what we would do the next day.


We interviewed Mr. Nakamoto about how he felt at the campfire.

Q1) Was it hot when you were dancing around?

A1) Yes, it was very hot!

Q2) What is your best memory from the 1st day of GC Summer Camp?

A2) I liked doing the campfire the best.


We think that everyone had a great time at camp and we want to go again!


Blog written and published by Grade 5 and 6 students of the Futaba Blog committee.

A new teacher at Futaba!

2023-05-10 14:20:19 | 2023

This year we have a new teacher in our class!

He started working in April of this year. He is really cool!

He has a special bell that he uses to get attention from the students.

He teaches us Math, English and many more subjects.

We are excited to spend one year with him.

^This is Mr. Mullan. Isn't he cool?!

^This is a photo from our class time. He is teaching us Math.


We interviewed him about coming to Futaba.

Q1) Why did you come to this school?

A1) I heard that Futaba Elementary School is an excellent school.

Q2) Where is your favorite place in Futaba?

A2) I really like the roof-top playground.

Q3) What were you doing before you came to Futaba?

A3) I have taught English in Japan for 2 years.


We are looking forward to learning more about Mr. Mullan, and want to make many good memories with him.


Blog post written and uploaded by Grade 5 and 6 students from the Futaba PR committee.

Grade 1 play some traditional games!

2023-02-08 09:58:56 | 2023

Grade 1 played some traditional games during Life Skill class.

They played things like Cat's Cradle, Kendama, Bamboo Helicopter and a lot more!

They couldn't invite outside guests to play with this year, but before Covid-19 there were some guests who came into school to teach about these traditional Japanese games.

Even though they couldn't meet any guests they had a lot of fun playing the games.

They had a great experience!!

We talked to a Grade 6 student about their memories from when they were in Grade 1:

Q1) What was your favorite traditional game to play with when you were in Grade 1?

A1) My favorite game to play with was otedama (juggling balls).

Q2) What did you think about when you were playing the games?

A2) I thought that these games will last forever because they are very fun and so simple.


It is sad that because of Covid-19 the class couldn't call some guests to talk to about the games, but they still had fun playing in their class.

I can still remember when I played the games when I was in Grade 1, and it is one of the happy memories that I don't want to forget.

I hope they had fun too!


Blog post written and uploaded by Grade 5 and 6 students in Futaba Blog committee.

Classwork from English class.

2023-02-08 09:36:13 | 2023

In English class we did a project researching festivals from around the world in November.

We researched these festivals using the computer room and our ipads.

For the background of our work we painted using toothbrushes and our fingers. We could use a paintbrush too!


Everyone had different designs, and many different colours.

We took a lot of time to finish this work, but everyone enjoyed doing this English class and the work.


We interviewed a Grade 5 student about the class:

Q1) How was the painting?

A1) We could use any colors and designs we wanted so it was fun!

Q2) Did you like painting with a toothbrush?

A2) It was a little difficult to paint where I wanted to, but it was very exciting!


We thought the toothbrush painting was exciting too, and we want to do it again!


Blog post written and uploaded by Grade 5 and 6 students in the Futaba blog committee.