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The Illuminated Blue Pond,Biei,Hokkaido

2019年09月29日 | English
The Illuminated Blue Pond,Biei,Hokkaido.

★Sightseeing Guide - The Illuminated blue pond.Information on "Blue Pond" in Biei-cho, Hokkaido.
Kent Shiraishi, who produces this event, reports to you.You can see "the illuminated blue pond" from 1st November 2019 - 30th April 2020,from 5pm to 9pm and can take photo.There were about 230,000 visitors for the last round of the event! Biei residents are expecting to welcome more tourists from all over the world for the coming illuminated pond.


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Photo by Kent Shiraishi

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Kent Shiraishi is a Photo Producer and SAMURAI Photographer.
When it comes to art and design, the hottest thing out of chilly Hokkaido is photographer Kent Shiraishi. Mac enthusiasts working on the Apple operating system probably already have one of his simple yet arresting photographs – “Blue Pond and First Snow” – as wallpaper on their laptop screens. The Blue Pond, which Shiraishi has captured in every season, is fed from a volcanic hot spring, so its hyper-natural turquoise color can be partially explained by the presence of minerals.

Kent Shiraishi's "Blue Pond & First Snow" is chosen by Apple as one of its desktop backgrounds,now.

Apple - WWDC - Blue Pond in Biei,Hokkaido

The Blue Pond in Hokkaido Changes Colors Depending on the Weather

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