How to collect search engine information


According to the information collection habits of search engines, the beginning and relevance needless to say, as long as the relevance and novelty of our content and search keywords are high enough, the more useful and readable the content, the search order The higher.

The creation of content is equivalent to obtaining, organizing content, and changing the meaning of packaging from the content of some old materials. In addition, it can also be modified and used from other based software files, and used forgery to perform secondary creation. At the same time, the content format can be adjusted to change. Text can be converted to videos, charts, lists, images, etc.

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Whether the website program reasonably determines the access speed, all the original website programs use the table structure, and the disadvantage of reducing the access speed to the website because of the size of the web page is very detrimental to optimizing the website SEO. At present, DIV + CSS is a mainstream programming language, which has the advantages of small size and fast loading, so mainstream websites and CMS also adopt this model. In addition, it is recommended that you have multiple CSS files at the time of writing, and merge multiple CSS files. This will speed up the website loading speed. In addition, you can use professional webpage weight loss software to lose weight to CSS files to reduce the number and volume of CSS files.

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At the same time, when uploading website images, please control the size of the images as much as possible to reduce the insertion of images, avoid the use of large amounts of video and audio content, and avoid the site content being too large.

In-site links and anchor text settings, when editing product pages or news pages, add hyperlinks to add hyperlinks to the keywords you want to follow, such as the homepage, anchor text also plays an important role in website keyword ranking, so internal The chain should select core keywords as anchor text. This form is called an anchor text link, which helps increase the weight of the website, include linked pages, and improve natural search rankings.

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