Integrated circuit technology development


With the rapid development of integrated circuit technology driven by Moore's Law, integrated circuits have developed from a component to the core of electronic systems. Nowadays, most or all functions of an electronic information system can be completed by one integrated circuit or several integrated circuits. Therefore, the integrated circuit has been transformed from an original component into the main carrier of the electronic information system. This is why the United States will have a greater impact on China's electronic information industry as a whole after the so-called "regulation" of China's integrated circuit imports.

It is precisely because of this change in technological progress that the design methods of electronic information systems have undergone great changes. The design method of "using components to build functional circuits on circuit boards" was gradually abandoned, and replaced by "chips as circuits" or even "chips as systems". It can be said that the electronic system design has become "making an electronic system on a chip". This has actually broken the division of labor in the traditional electronics industry.

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However, the current division of electronic science and technology in China is still based on the traditional model. Traditionally, the division of labor in various secondary disciplines of electronic science and technology is like this:

The microelectronics / semiconductor discipline is responsible for studying how to process materials into electronic components. The process of processing is "process". The circuit and system discipline is responsible for studying "application of devices" and studying how to construct circuits with components. In this process, a circuit modeling and analysis process is required. The original core professional basic courses of our electronic information majors, such as circuit analysis and analog circuits, are actually mainly talking about these contents. Disciplines such as communications, instrumentation, and automatic control study how to form "complete equipment" on the basis of circuits.

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