The working principle of the motor


Drive module

The motor drive module of the control system adopts bipolar driving mode. Bipolar drive means that the direction of current flow in the coil of the stepper motor is not unidirectional, that is, the current in the winding sometimes flows in a certain direction and sometimes flows in the opposite direction. The bipolar drive circuit can simultaneously drive a four-wire or six-wire two-phase hybrid stepping motor.

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The two-phase hybrid stepper motor selected by the control system has a rated voltage of 12V, a winding resistance of 1.5Ω, and a rated current of 8A. Because the current of the stepping motor is relatively large, it is necessary to select a power switching tube with a relatively large rated current, otherwise the thermal effect generated by the large operating current of the stepping motor will easily burn the switching tube. The power switch tube BUW49 has a rated voltage of 80V and a rated current of 30A when it works. It belongs to a high-current power switch tube, so it can fully meet the needs.

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Drive circuit hardware schematic

The hardware schematic diagram of the control system is simulated by the electronic technology virtual simulation software proteus 7.5. During the simulation, the parameters of the two-phase hybrid stepper motor are set according to the actual parameters of the stepper motor selected by the control system. Through simulation, it is concluded that the system can realize the control of the forward / reverse, stop, acceleration / deceleration of the stepper motor, and the control is very sensitive, reliable, and does not cause misoperation.

The running status, speed parameters and key operation status of the stepping motor during running can be displayed on the LCD1602 and 5-digit LED in a very intuitive way. By analyzing the winding voltage waveforms of the two phases A and B measured by the virtual oscilloscope during simulation, it is known that the stepper motor has a good dynamic response during the system simulation operation.

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