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free journalist Miss Shiori Ito & Miss International, 2012 Miss. Yoshimatsu

2017-06-19 21:15:02 | 日本社会

Two duplicates, free journalist Miss Shiori Ito (28 years old), Miss International, 2012 Ms. Yoshimatsu (then 28 years old)


Mr. Yasuyuki Yamaguchi, a freelance journalist who is suspected of rape by suspects of victim women's real name interview, continuing cloud hiding, ... why do not you dispute confidently? It will be a lot of courage for women to sue rape damage, especially in Japanese society. On the net, there is bashing against victim woman Ito Shiori and the  Japanese society disappears.

It was Miss. Ito's real name interview acting as a free journalist ... Acting as a free journalist, he also has her official blog "Shiori Ito", Facebbok, twitter, and an account account, and interest from the outgoing information It seems like economic, women's problem, Middle East · Asian situation etc. It seems that a crime has occurred while trying to raise his name as a free journalist from now on.

Journalist Keiyuki Yamaguchi allegedly raped his colleague Shiori Ito, and victim himself, 28-year-old Ito, 28, held a press conference on May 29.

Miss. Ito said that he did not want to be reported as an anonymous victim woman about the reason for doing a press conference and said that he wanted to reveal the actual condition of the damage by issuing his real name and he should be strong in alcohol at a press conference, I testify that consciousness suddenly disappeared while I was having a meal.

Regarding the experiences at that time, my consciousness came back on the bed of the hotel around 5 am the next morning. I am naked and with Mr. Keiyuki Yamaguchi straddling me on my back, I withhold details but clearly I can say, irrespective of my intention, then I Miss. Shiori said that he was performing sex act against the intention of Miss. Shiori and strengthened his words with tears.

In addition, evidence from the police 's DNA appraisal and camera survey has been prepared, and it was revealed that the investigator was in touch with Mr. Yasuyuki Yamaguchi, arresting him, that the investigator could not arrest with instructions from above, It is.

Miss. Ito seems to be appealing to Mr. Yasuyuki Yamaguchi to appeal to the prosecution review board now.


Miss. Ito studied abroad in New York to learn journalism, it seems that it is going around the world in Facebook content, and Shoori Ito seems to have not only the beauty but also the view of the world full of justice and speculation I also think. It seems that we are also disseminating information on sexual crimes in Japan. It seems that this time, unexpectedly experienced it. There seems to be some people bashing some people against these real names.

Miss. Mariko Hayashi who cheered on these bashing to Shiori Ito, a brave celebrity!

Weekly Bunshuu (Bungeishunnjyuu autumn) June 22 issue of a series column, Mr. Yamaguchi rape case is introduced as a cramped case.

It was a courageous accusation of a beautiful woman, so the media seems to have jumped. Miss. Shiori was tearful during the interview.

Mariko Hayashi points out that women in modern women's media industry are worried that how many contemporary women are going through it while being exposed to various traps and dangers,

Believe the following!

"No matter what kind of important thing you go to, you are absolutely NO if a woman says NO. If you ignore it, you are absolutely a crime!"


Reason why rape suspicion is taboo in bunshuu

Mariko Hayashi, in this rape case, wrote that arrest was canceled just prior to the pressure from above. When trying to appeal it, great power works, the fact that Japan became an era of fear, as if it is really scary ... the sexual violence against women was sealed and hidden by a great force as a problem Miss

. Mariko Hayashi's point is a just argument.

Since allegations of Yasuyuki Yamaguchi rape abatement have been discovered, it seems that it is totally taboo to touch about this issue in Shukan Bunshuu.

It is strange that Massacre Yasuhiro Yamaguchi ignorance of rape suspicion is ignored ... I think it is unnatural thought. It is said that Mr. Keiyuki Yamaguchi and Weekly Bunshuu etc are closely related.

Relationship between Yamaguchi Noriyuki and Bunshuu · Shintani Editor-in chief?

Weekly Bunshuu is said to have created a journalist named Mr. Yasuyuki Yamaguchi, the background is said to have a close relationship with Mr. Shinya Shinkaku of current editor-in-chie · · ·

Many sexual offenses are occurring in the world, but feeling emptiness in a real society in which a side-spear enters unlawfully in legal correspondence in Japan called an advanced country. Perhaps there are countless cases of Japanese women involved in such unacceptable sexual crimes.

Miss. Ito (28 years old) and Miss. Yosimatu (then 28 years old) who are overlapping free journalists Miss ito and Miss. Yosimatu (then 28 years old) · · · I remember 2012, former · Miss International, Miss. Yoshimatsu (28 years old) stalker case I think that you can access it on the net etc ... especially for women "dignity" ...). At this brave news conference, negative Japanese society revealed and shocked many domestic and foreign people.

The media, courts, police etc. in Japanese society, unexpectedly one side which is not the kind of organization we are thinking has been exposed to the world inside and outside.

In particular, "dignity" for women, a Japanese society which moves by mistake society centers by all means ... Some of Japanese women in these facts may have corrected their own way of life greatly.

If Miss. Yoshimatsu was entering a crying night without being interviewed, I think that such unreasonable fact never came to society in the world and the world. I think that this courageous interview cast a single stone not only in Japanese society but also in the world, and disseminated "dignity" of Japanese women of advanced countries, many aspects of Japanese society unreasonable to many domestic and foreign worlds.


Although I was in the United States for a while at a time, the United States is also a country with many sexual offenses, but in the real name which is quite different from Japan is a real name, in the light of the law strictly, the US society severe sanctions against the criminal It is to add! I am thinking that it is far Japanese like sleeping lying down, Japanese wearing than Japan. Because many good American citizens strongly support the victims and do not forgive their victims.

Japanese women have an alias called Yamato Nadesiko who is in the world! Japanese women! If you are to appeal to society daringly and with courage! I think that it is extremely important, and the side who accepts the appeal should also respond with a dignified attitude as a civilized person.

Only this obvious crime is taking place, proper treatment will mean the collapse of Japanese judiciary, and many good people will pose a great question to the Japanese .

In order to open up a better society in Japan, I think that it is extremely important that you first know this Siori Ito incident, understand it, and have your own ideas.

Japan is also an advanced nation and a rule-of-law nation, and absolutely you should not allow this rape case of Ito Shinobu to be properly handled.

Justice is not always rolling in society, I think that the existence of justice becomes more certain by daily efforts so that it exists.

I hope that Miss. Ito's success as a freelance journalist in the future will continue to increase.


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