Rabby's News Comments (8) Chinkoro's Debut as Commentator

2017-04-25 20:55:37 | 日記

 Hi! I am Chinkoro, a wild hare, son of Rabby. I was given a chance to make a comment on some social news of today.

  My first attempt.

 We all yell to his challenge! Horey!!! Chinkoro!!!

 The first one:

 Impressive! In WAKAYAMA, violent threaten figure is hired as public servant. IKKYO occupies the prefecture, probably.

 The second one:

 We today watched an easy stuck sign of traffic on the national road Ruete 4. Only it was put on the concrete weight. It would fall easily. And this is why IKKYO was hired by Japanese governments, central and local. They don't care of life at all. Because they lost their spirits already. Living Ghost or Zombi, Miyuki said.

 OMANKO excuse is too mucky! Pets' shit and muck. HA-HA-HA-HARMAN!!!

  The third news:

 The traced infromation of 1970s. Case of robbry of US$1 million, it was called. Just OMANKO easy writers changed the proper names and math figures of the same case.

 The fourth news:

 Oh, for MICCHIKU, a soft type crime, which is not necessary to be punished type.

  Organized crime, which is related with at least 99 staff of the financial company. however, only the president would lose just 30% of his imcome only for 2 months. This is MICCHIKU's way.

  "Too too kind to themselves, while too too harsh to others." The contrary of the remark done by Kouichi YOSHIDA, a MICCHIKU rural type in Shirakawa.

  The company would prepose that it would not get dead in the near future. Fatal crime, for common people,  however we would be forgiven by the government, is their feeling as usual.

 The 5th news:

 Sexually skewed figure is hired in Public school. This is the reality in Japan. One tip of big iceberg, we could say.

 The 6th news:

  OMANKO journalists can't recognize the number at all!!!

  In Shirakawa, at least 100 temples there are. And more than 3000 municipalities are in Japan. It means, at least 300 thousand temples all over Japan.

  And the news reports only the number based on the informed by some temples epontaneously. Even though, 20% of temples have no figure to manage them. Abandoned temples, we should say. Thus, 60 thousand, at least, the number should be.

  OMANKO Journalism wrote their prediction, without any sense of figure. Thus, they failed, showing their bottom intimate part in public.

  We have already checked the number in Shirakawa. All of the temples had DDMic sexually skewed BONZes, and they vanished already without exception.

  Only some relative temples were extracted and checked and OMANKO writers wrote according to their unreliable response to enquete.

 The 7th news:

  OMANKO journalists don't recognize the relevance of the topic. They are desqualified to report the fact. Too too ignorant to all of the matters. Idiots, they really are.

  And the junior high in Kumamoto is totally rotten. All of the pupils privacies are grasped by it, and provided in public.

  IKKYO like monitering service, they did. and don't recognize their anti-humanistic errors at all. Privacy is one of the most important value for us all. However, for IKKYO believers, not at all!!! Thus, KUMAMOTO is revealed that it is occupied with IKKYO believers, and failed for long time ago. They sold the spirits, anyway.

  The 8th news:

  US Military Air Force! Come to here! You would be better than Japanese self defense! Come to Japan, and attack on IKKYO believers, including betrayers, all in once!!!

  We common people, Fauna & Flora, and our supporters should survive, of course. However, DDMs should be punished all right now!!! Attack them directly and immediately! We all yell your brave attacks!!! Who is the first? Attack No.1! Izumi AYUKARA would be!!!

 The 9th news:

  The company PIA released credit card information including its passward. A big scoop it should be. However, OMANKO journalist dealed with coldness, in a less enthusiastic way. For the, a kind of loss, because IKKYO gains from their fishing jobs.

 Now, Chinkoro's comments time ended up. Thank you for hearing my news comments.


  Now, I will touch the button to Miyuki. Here you are, MIYUKI!


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