Clare Came Back Home

2016-12-31 19:09:49 | 日記
31/12/2016 (evening) My daughter Clare came back from Tokyo. She visited her friends, Maya and Ayuna, in Hachioji. She enjoyed her short stay in Tokyo with her frinds. She went skating, shopping in Harajuku, played at an amusement park, saw a movie. She was so pleased with her fiends' families' hospitality. I also thank them.

Since June, this year, I had handed a part of my salary to my kids as their living costs. Clare economized the money, buying cheapest ingredients, like raw sardine, chiken meat, low fat milk,etc. She diposited money and consumed in this trip. It's a wise way to enjoy her life. She will start economize money again until spring.

I declared to my kids that I would not suppert them financially when they enter in versities. They should earn their money and if they want to study in versities, they by themselves should pay tutition.

Alex is an indulged boy. He dislikes to study and can't manage his time. He sleeps during day and is up, watching ANIME TV programs during night. He is not diligent student at all. Nevertheless, he insisted to go to versity, with my financial assistance. So I refused, of course. I don't want waste money, throwing it in the ditch.
He cursed me. He said, "Only so few pupils can go to versities. You studied at versity. Why I can't go there?" "Because you are not diligent. You don't like to study. I was that one of the few gifted pupils. If you want to go, should be one of them. "
His opinion is totally illogical. I think that I would like to support more diligent talented kids rather than Alex, if they are poor. It's the rightous usage of money. Alex is my son. However, he doesn't deserve superior education. For his sake, he should learn to be a diligent worker rather then to be a vapid versity student.
I dared to say him, "I have no money to make you a candidate of NEETs."

He has a bad example near him. His aunt and my sister YUKARI. She graduated from RIKKYO University and worked only for 3 years in Tokyo. After, she came back home and she herself identifies as a assistant domestic householder. However, in effect, she is an old NEET. One day she arrogantly insisted me, "I can't work outside of my house. Why you don't understand it? I need money US$300 per month to pay for Insurance Company, which will provide me US$1000 per month after I rearch 60 years old. Some other family member should give me the money, because I can't earn money." I didn't understand her logic and her philosophy on life, and even now, she is a big mystery for me.

Maybe, her ideal life is that of DoDoMerdas. She lost chance to get married until 25 years old and came back home as a loser. She want to conseal her existence as a loser from local society. Probably she thinks that she can't work as a blue worker, because she graduated from versity.

She totally forgets that our family isn't rich. Crazy, I think. For her, being an assistant of domestic householder is natural. For me, it's ridiculous. Worse is, as a matter of fact, she does every domestic task wrongly. She cooks so bad. She only cooks in instant and easiest way, without thinking of taste. Her recipes are limites, not over 7 or so. After her 25 years' experience, she only can cook potato salada, curry and stew, using easy instant semi-prepared cooking ingredients, tuna salada or so. She doesn't develop her ability at all.
Nevertheless, she wants to take care of my kids exessively as a protectionist, against my will as a liberalists. My kids are young adults or teenagers. However, she prepares all their intimate wears and pajamas in a box before they take a bath. A strange intervention. She doesn't prepare them for our parents, mother at 78 years old and father at 85. I don't want her to indulge my kids. I feel offended by every her act.
Unfortunately, my son Alex is influenced by her and think that he would go to versity in vain.

When he was in a kindergarden, he said to me, "I don't want to work outside. " I replied, "You should work, when you get an adult." Alex raised an objection to me, "But my aunt doesn't work. She's always in our house. I want to live like that." Terrible!!! His life model is his NEET aunt!

If he want to follow his aunt and to go to versity, according her recommendation, his aunt should pay for it, not I. I don't contribute to their DoDoMerdic vapid life. I don't want to sustain these idol figures. They are DoDoMerdas inside my family.

However, Alex is young. He has chance to turn to be a diligent person, yet. I hope that soon he gets to notice his error and finds his own right way. I expect that he would not be indulged by his vapid aunt any more.


Potzdam Declaration

2016-12-31 16:53:53 | 日記
31/12/2016 (evening) Japan pledged making democratic liberal country, accepting Potzdam Declaration on August 14, 1945. However, maybe, Japanese power holders didn't take it seriously. Soon after the surrender, they started to maintain their old system of disguise called "Schein Konstitution" in German.
This technical term is used for expressing the character of Meiji Constitution. All anthors of testbooks of Constitutional Law comparing Meiji Constitution with Actual one, saying, "Meiji one was under "Schein Konstitutionalism", while actual one is under constitutionalism in essential meaning.

They are all liars. Even now, Japanese constitutionalim is charactarized its pseudo masquarading character. It belongs to "Schein Konstitutionalism", without doubt.

Japanese power holders like to show up them. They love to be seen as Big, while, they are short, in fact. They decorate themselves as much as possible. They are coward totalitarians. They can't say anything by their political creed. Always their moms are beside them and wisper the magic words: "You are great, good boy. I love you. You are the most popular in Japan. Everyone like you. You are a politial idol. You can do everything as you want. Do as you like! Speak as your mom taught. Follow me. I lead you, my baby. Just say, as I taught. Good boy. You are always my favorite." Thus, the old power holders, in relief, do everything as they feel at that time, without any reason. Their feeling is changeable as wind. "Gone with Wind, my responsibility!", "Good bye, my duty!". They don't care contradiction and lack of continuity. They can act as they like. After their flamboyant choice, versity professors of law make their jobs, legitimitizing all of their contradictional speechs, taking advantage of their arts of sofistory.

We people have believed Japanese Constitution, literally. However, these hypocratical sophists have made every effort to distore each significance of the constitution.
In academic society of publicists in Japan, it is said that Japanese Constitutional Law has two different doctrines; one is for common people, with ideaism of liberalism based on individualism and democracy, and another is for experts of public law, with political realism and social toralitarian tendency. The former is called "Public Doctrine" (顕教)and the latter is "Secret Doctrine" (密教).
I had been a researcher of Latin American Constitutional Law, so, I had only known the ideal public doctrine, the former. However, I got to know the existance of the latter, through my experience as a lecturer of public administrative law. In the field of Administrative Public Law, it's common that professors ignore Constitutional Law or, sometimes, they don't know how the constitution says on the matter that they treat. It means that they think that Constitutional Law has any significance in their field.

Secret Doctrine is totally side-virsion of Public one. That is, if the Public Doctrine says the law "unconstitutional", the Secret one says it "constitutional". Easy to understand. Justice in the public doctorine is injustice in the secret one. Not necessary to learn at all. I instantly understand without learning. My speed leaning on the secret doctrine.

We people live in the totalitarian society againt the literal meaning of Japanese Constitution, ruled by all idiots under their IDIOCRACY, which is entire against Potzdam Declaration.
We need help. We can't ask help to public organs. They themselves commit anti-constitutional acts, in the form of consealing some power holders' mistakes.
They should be disdained from the people in the world. They should be counted by their real value, not by the words that they declare. They are arrogant liars. They should be punished by Gods of Justice in the most severe way.
Peace doesn't signify concession. Concerning constitutional injustice, people should not concede at all. Totalitarians are common enemy against humanity. Even socialist contries know it. We should not concede anything to them. If they ask for something as a concession, just refuse. They should vanish, immediately.


Society Ruled by Atmosphare - No One Knows Where Japan Goes -

2016-12-31 16:01:05 | 日記
31/12/2016 (afternoon) "KY" is the most pejorative critic on personality. "KY" is an abbreviation of the frase "KUUKI YOMENAI", that is, "he can't feel the majority's preference." "KUUKI" is air, "YOMENAI" is "can't read". In other words, in every place, figures are required to feel the majority's preference and follow it.
Important is, the majority don't express their preference expressively. So, each figure should feel and presume which the majority choose.
We could say that the majority can't speak their opinion in public reasonablly grounded. As a matter of fact, they can't decide anything at all, because they are afraid of being responsible. Thus, they all rely on the situation, not their will. We call it "KUUKI" or air or atmosphare.
It's famous that Japanese politics depends on "phase". This description is the same of our point of view.
Even power holders don't know how would be the result of their IDIOCRACY. They continue to their ordinary activity protected by Legal Stability. They don't think, just do the same thing as their convention, each time in a worse way. We call it political deteriotation. But, they don't mind. They refuse any critics. They like to be a perfect rulers, against their reality. They behave like a lion, while they are a chikin in fact. They don't have any ability to rule the country or, even a small village of 100 figures of population.
"Que sera, sera, what it would be, would be!" is the theme song of Japanese politics. Let's sing the song with our healthy Diva, Doris Day!

We people, appreciate each person's sincere decision. Going on my way is our choice. Let's sing the song of Frank Sinatra, "My Way".
Today, in Japan, the music event called "Battle between female and male singers" (紅白歌合戦)will be broadcasted. My father Koji SATO is a master of KARAOKE. He, as a convention, will watch this program in the evening.
We would have another battle of American oldies, "Que Sera Sera" v.s. "My Way".

The battle will begin ar 19:30 in the evening. The program will finish at 23:00 almost. Then, we will listen 108 times of sound of the bell at Buddist Temple. In Japan, we have 108 of desires, that should be purified by the sound. In Cathoric, only 7 sins are punished. 15 times much more than cathoricism.
I think 6 of 7 catholic sins should be allowed. They are natural desires. Only one sin, that is "idolness" should be punished. My liberalism is much more tolerant than catholicism.

Silence as the Highest Value

2016-12-31 15:09:40 | 日記
31/12/2016 (afternoon) Keep silent is a proof of dumb in academic society in the world, while, in Japan, silence is the most respectful manner even in academism.
There are many "flowers in the wall" in any symposium. Sometimes they play a role of receptionists at the meeting. They just do easiest tasks that the superiors order.
They have duty to keep sicent during the gathering. They sometimes should laugh, soon after their superior begins to laugh, wishout knowing the reason of laugh. They seem like an "sound effect" in a commedy drama. Their totalirarian character is exposed expressively in the ocasion.
We people love commical expression. When we recognize the point of laugh, we laugh spontaniously. However, DoDoMerdic prof.s' pets are so dull to understand the point. Therefore, they just imitate their superiors' attitude to pretend to be clever. We call it "delayed laugh a second". I have noticed this kind of laugh in every meeting in academic society in Japan. This scene is highly common here in this country.
We analysed this fenomenon and obtained two conclusions. 1. Profs Pets are so dull. 2. They are so abedient to follow the signal of the prof. In other words, their emotional action is ruled by the superiors.
For the DoDoMerdic superiors, the most favorate attitude of the inferiors is keeping silence. The superiors are afraid to be made a fool of by anyone, or, revieled their idiocy, especially in front of power holders or their counterparts in the same hierarchy. Silence means accordance. The superiors can say any erroneous remarks as they like accoding to his discretional flamboyant feeling without worry about any critics.
So, the superiors feel safe with their pets, silent in public. A group of a superior and his followers is called a party. It's a sub-organ of a company, versity or public organ etc. There are several sub-organs or parties in a organ and each party doesn't get along with other groups. We can see the mechanism even in PTA, or, Parents and Teachers Association in primary school in Japan.
However, this type of struggle doesn't rely on the superiors' competence, but on more stuational power balance. Rather, we can say, it all depends on opportunity, or mood. Even the inferiors keep silent, they are not safe. Sometimes the silent accordance costs extraordinarilly much more than they imagined.

SHACHIKU or Company's Pets

2016-12-31 13:41:22 | 日記
31/12/2016 (afternoon) I cooked an omelete wih gladed sticky TORORO potato and cheese for lunch. Next time, I will try cooking pancakes with these ingredients, adding sugar and flour.

In Japan, as a totalitarian country, each organ is composed with a few superiors and lots of inferiors. These inferiors are obedient domestic animal like existance. In case of schools, they are calles "teachers' pets" , in case of versities, "professors' pets", and in case of private cooperations, "SHACHIKU", in case of public agencies, "YAPOO" and so on.

"YAPOO" is named after "Yahoo", a sage house like animal appering in British writer Swift's fiction "Guiliver's Adventure" . Contrary to this fictional existance, who has higher inteligence than human being, "YAPOO" is disgustinglly obedient to white females. This word was created by Japanese writer Takuji KURATA in his pornographic novel called "YAPOO, the humanized domestic animals". The author is a mysterious person. It is a hypothesis that he was one of the member of Tokyo District Court.
This novel was published as a comic version by Shotaro ISHINOMORI, a famous comic writer in Japan. He created "Masquarade Rider", "GORENJAR" series, "Android 009" and so on.
In the novel, "YAPOO"'s appearance is descrived something similar to an ottoman, a leg rest especially for white superior ladies. They do every dirty and humiliated tasks for the ladies. They have no feeling of pride or shame.
Therefore, we people call the public servants that do dirty and disgraceful anti-humanistic jobs as "YAPOO"s.

"SHACHIKU" resembles "YAPOO". "SHA" means company and "CHIKU" means domestic animal. The inferiors in a company who pledge total obedience to the superiors, as a sacrifice for their financial guarantee or life-time employment, are called "SHACHIKU"s.
Almost all of employees in brand companies in Japan are "SHACHIKU"s. They give their lives and personalities for the companies they belong to. Maybe, the professors of Kyorin Univ. wrongly thought that I were a versity "SHACHIKU", so they decided to give me harsh and harsh violent sanction, considering that it was common among them, versity SHACHIKUs.
Unfortunately for them, I don't belong to "SHACHIKU"s. They are kind of DoDoMerdas, our enemy. I am genuinely people and proud of being one of them. I am not obedient to them and speak in a loud voice on their unconstitutional and unti-humanistic terrible treatment done under the name of medical treatment.

In the companies in Tokyo, there is no productive economic activity. So, the superiors order needless and time-consuming valueless jobs to "SHACHIKU"s. "SHACHIKU"s gratefully do the jobs, because they are so easy like childrish play. Almost all of them are pretending to work. Appearance weighs all. They just disguise as workers, wearing cheap suits.
We people call the wear "SARUSHI suits". It's an abbreviation of "SARU-SHIBAI suits". "SARU" means "monky", "SHIBAI" means "theater". So, we named it after their monky-magic like theatrical play imitating workers.
In every town, in Tokyo and in small local towns, there are several famous companies which sell the "SARUSHI suits" to SHACHIKUs and their candidates.
I myself sometimes wear this type of suits to pritend to be a member of academic society. It fits me so much. I looks so pritty with "SARUSHI suits", so I could servive in DoDoMerdic Japanese society. The masquarade saved me.
At the same time, DoDoMerdic professors confused me as a real versity "SHACHIKU" and attacked me illegaly.

In Japan, there is a legal doctrine called "theory of partial society". It means that a group or organ, as a small independent part of society, can establish its own rule and members are reigned under the rule, indifferent from state legal orders.
Can you believe this theory? Is it a thaory that a country of "Rule of Law" adopts? Of course, not! We people can say that Japan is not reigned by "Rule of Law", but by idiot power holders' flamboyant and forgetful discretion, or IDIOCRACY.
Thus, each company's superiors think that they could punish privately their resistant members. Even having been punished, "SHACHIKU"s keep silent and never express their objection in public, because they have already promised to be completely obedient to the organ, at the expense of whole their fundamental rights, for the sake of life-time guarantee of employment and salary.

I protested against the anti-humanistic action of the univ. , however, versity "SHACHIKU"s and "YAPOO"s in public agencies tried to frustrate all my attempts, because my attitude is totaly agaist their doctorine of total and simple obedience to power holders. Therefore, they didn't give me a help at all, even my case was an evident example of violent abuse of medical treatment against freedom of academism.

They all choose the way to conseal the fact, or, injustice, against constitutional justice, under Japanese Constitution. They participated in constitutional unfairness, because they didn't want to be revieled the reality of Japanese society, that is, IDIOCRACY.

"SHACHIKU"s are produced in versities. Many of them were professors' pets. We people hate teachers' pets. We people are kind of wild animals. We hate domestic animal like "SHACHIKU", because of its messy disgraceful dirty life. We people love freedom and liberty like wild animals. Get rid of "SHACHIKU", "YAPOO", "PROFs'PET"!!! They make our beautiful universe ugly and miserable. Watch out, people! Don't make contact with "SHACHIKU", or they destroy our wonderful world.