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2017-04-25 19:33:30 | 日記

25/04/2017 (Tuesday, evening)  Miyuki will report on her Today's scoops later. Now, Rabby's News Comments with his adorable son Chinkoro!

 The first news:

  OMANKO journalism, OMANKO judiciary, and OMANKO government. Each one says as it likes.

  Atomic power enegey generator is allowed or not? They can't reply to this relevant qustion. IDIOCRACY, which anyone would deny type.

 The second news:

  Again, Auntie? We already heard the news. They can't recognize that it has already heard or not. One more proof of Alzheimer disease.

  The third news:

  Macron and Le'Pen are OMANKO writers' favorite, because Macarone recalles them sweets, and Le'Pen, penis.

  Anyway, easy.

  The fourth news:

  Dentsu's OMANKO writer vanished, and their cham wanted to gain the damage compensation. Muck topic, however, OMANKO DDMic journalists like to refrain this rotten uninteresting matter repeatedly.

 The 6th news:

 The new president is already dead. He just fakes to live, even now. And his staff use his portrait as if he were alive.

  IMEDA re-development was his pledge. And now, he lost. No consumers at all. Miyuki visited the zone. Oh, Big YODOBASHI is here! Just it. Not so interesting place. She ate KUSHIAGUE with her Brazilian friend. Not so impressive one, however, the camera shop is begger than that in Hachioji, was her impression.

 The 7th news:

  After YODOBASHI, now "Edion". The same type, less necessity. Even though, IKKYO believers dream the nightmare, continuously.

 The 8th news:

  OMANKO contradiction. YAKATO is too busy to attend to many clients, on the one side. However, it would priceup, on the other side. Monopoly fenomenum. Necessity makes the company big. However, it chose to agonize clients. Thus failed.

 The 9th news:

 Oh, Mr.Lin Chin Chin turned to be an Alzheimer Gigalomaniac. And failed.

  Again, Auntie? You wanted your mother's room as your tea salon. And she denied. You said, "It would be good for you to make our common tea salon, and she denied. Thus, you should refrain from your own plan. "

 The 10th news:

 OMANKO journalists dream the explosive consumption by Chinese. And they lie "Chinese are now buying Japanese cosmetics by on-line service, thus they can't appear in our country any more."

  Strange excuse, like YUKARI. Always BLA-BLA-BLA, and the contents are all lies. Dreaming forever is their catch copy.

 The 11th news.The last one:

  Macron's popularity in USA is different from the explanation of OMANKO journalists in Japan. He is pro-EU. Thus, American bond market got relieved and bought the bonds, they said.

  OMANKO Japan vs. OMANKO USA. Which is Which. however, the latter is more explicable than the former.

  Then, by for now, today's comments. Now, Miyuki tried to cook her Japanese dinner again!!!

  Vanish! DDMs!!!

  See you soon on her blog!!!

  MARC, Miyuki-Adachi-Rabby-Chinkoro, are always with you!!!

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