The JAG Relief Action Updates (English Edition)

On our suffering churches and relief activities

[Kumamoto] Report of the Affected Churches, May 3

2016-05-03 22:59:52 | Situations of Suffering Churches

Praise the name of the Lord! Thank you very much for all your prayers and support from the brothers and sisters of Japan Assemblies of God and all around the world.

It has been more than two weeks since the major earthquakes in Kumamoto. Today, I would like to give a report of how Kawashiri AG and Kumamoto Bible AG are doing.


1. Kawashiri AG (Revs. Kimio and Tamiko Takaguchi) (The following is written by Rev. Takaguchi)

"We deeply appreciate the prayers and support from JAG, other churches and organizations."

"We receive additional relief goods from the support base of Sharon AG (Rev. Tsutomu Ueda) in Yatsushiro, in response to our current situations."

"We then distribute the goods to our members, in light of their respective situations. We would also like to use the financial support we have received, for the needs of some repair work later."

"We have one sister who fell down in the first major jolt. She is advance in her age and lives alone. She thought she had "bruises" and was carefully spending the following days. With severe pains, however, she was finally diagnosed that her coccyx and backbone were with compressed fractures. She was hospitalized on May 2nd. Her children have come back from other prefectures to take care of her."

"We have a member couple living in Mashiki Town, which is the epicenter of one of the major jolts. Their house was protected. However, the place is near a mountain, and they have evacuated, following the evacuation order. They alternatively stay in their brothers' places."

"There is a crack in the sanctuary on the second floor of our church building. There are new cracks, too, which we had not found before."

"It is said that there have taken place 1,500 aftershocks that may have been physically felt, and more than 100 ones that were stronger than Japanese Scale 3 and above. We will see until these afershocks will finally subside. We are going to start some repair work in two to three years, by observing the process, as to the damages caused by the ground subsidence by liquefaction."


2. Kumamoto Bible AG (Rev. Tadao Nagasawa)

"There have occured some level differences inside our church building."

"There are some places where our neighbors' walls are about to fall down."

"Some of our members have evacuated to Fukuoka, Kobe, Osaka and Tokyo."

"One member family are still sleeping in their vehicle (as of May 3rd)."

"Yet, around 30 people attended the service on April 24th, and nearly 40 came on May 1st."


That is all. Please pray especially for Revs. Takaguchi and Rev. Nagasawa's health to be sustained.


Yoichi Sato
District Superintendent, Kyushu District Council of Japan Assemblies of God



[Kumamoto] Report of the Affected Churches, April 25

2016-04-26 06:20:21 | Situations of Suffering Churches

I would like to share with you current situations of the AG churches in Kumamoto and how they spent thier Sunday yesterday (April 24th), based on the reports from the respective pastors through Rev. Ueda of Sharon AG.


1. Kumamoto Bible AG:

"Today, we could have a worship service together.  30 some members attended.  It was almost a half of the regular attendance."

"The provided relief goods were very helpful.  Not only did the members receive them but they later shared some with those around them, who I hear were also very glad.  We appreciate those who kindly brought us the goods and JAG, who kindly sent them to us."


2. Kawashiri AG:

"We could have a service today in a regular fashion.  The attendance was around two thirds as many as usual."

"I didn't preach but used all my time to let everyone share how they had been doing.  We were all blessed."

"We delivered the relief goods to the members at their respective places two days ago and after the service today.  Those who attended today's service also checked them and brought home some necessary things for themselves.  Everyone has been helped very much."

[Prayer Request] "Please pray that the land of our charnel house in the church premises has sunk.  Pray for its repairment, maintenance and the financial needs for that."


3. Kibogaoka AG:

"We had our Sunday service today jointly with a nearby church, Kumamoto Church of Japan Holiness Church.  This is because their church building has been affected by the jolts of the earthquakes, and they have been advised not to use it until repaired."

According to Rev. Hombori of Kibogaoka AG, the two churches will have joint services like that for two or three weeks because the Holiness church cannot be used for a while.  He also says that they shared some of the relief goods with the people of both churches and that they were very happy.


4. Sharon AG:

"Although we suggested to our members to have personal devotion at their respective places, most of the regular attendees gathered together."

"It seems that there are fewer shakes physically felt in Yatsushiro.  There may be a feeling,"It will be all right now," occuring in people's hearts."

"The brethren were praising the Lord with joy, attending the service for the first time in the past two weeks."

"Some of the members brought home some diapers out of the provided goods.  Diapers are not so available in Yatsushiro as well as other places."

"We went shopping after the service.  We were relieved to see bread and milk at the supermarket: they were out of stock for a while."

"Here in Yatsushiro, some evacuation centers are merged so that they may reduce them in number."


I felt an aftershock even when I received this report from Ptr. Ueda.  Every time I feel one, I get tensed.  Please remember us in your intercessory prayers every day.


Rev. Yoichi Sato
District Superintendent, Kyushu District Council of Japan Assemblies of God



[Kumamoto] Report of Support-Activities on April 23

2016-04-23 14:36:50 | Reports of Relief Activities

We appreciate your prayers and support, especially of the JAG churches all around the country.

Yesterday (April 22), we six people - me, our missionaries Revs. Gonzales, and other three - went to Kumamoto with some relief goods in two cars. As we approached the downtown of Kumamoto City after getting off Kyushu Expressway at Ueki Interchange, we saw more damages to houses and buildings and a lot of houses with their roofs covered with protective sheets.


1. Kibogaoka AG:

When we arrived there before lunch, Rev. Hombori had gone to his parents' place in Uto City (south of Kumamoto City), for their house was half collasped.

We talked with his wife, Rev. Takako, while unloading relief goods.  She said, "I have been sensitive to shakes because of the frequent occurence of aftershocks.  There is no time to get relaxed."

We then left for Kawashiri. We talked with Rev. Nagasawa of Kumamoto Bible AG on the phone to leave some of his needed goods at Kibogaoka AG.


2. Kawashiri AG:

There is a big crack in the parking lot around 15-20 meters away from the church premises.  No one can stay inside the house beyond it.  We even saw a house whose concrete walls were broken down or whose premises had two levels separated by a crack.  I thought such damages might have been caused by earth faults.

Inside the sanctuary of the church building, the pulpit side and the entrance side were both sunk (we checked it with a portable level gauge).  As there are some places where the doors cannot shut, it seems that some parts of the basis have been sunk or risen.

Later on, we left some relief goods at the church. Please pray: Rev. Takaguchi contines his pastoral ministries and supervising ministries to other churches while living alone because his wife, Rev. Tamiko, is hospitalized.


3. Sharon AG:

There have been a lot of relief goods gathered at Sharon AG, too.  Rev. Ueda is quite busy sorting them out for further delivery.  Please pray for the Lord's protection upon the pastor couple because his wife, Rev. Emiko, is expecting.


That's all for now.  We will let you know further information as it arrives.


Rev. Yoichi Sato
District Superintendent, Kyushu District Council of Japan Assemblies of God


[Kumamoto] Report of Support-Activities on April 21 (2)

2016-04-21 23:20:08 | Reports of Relief Activities

Here is a report of JAG support-activities at 22:09 (10:09 pm) on April 21, 2016 from Rev. Yoichi Sato, District Superintendent of JAG Kyushu.

Thank you very much for your prayers and support for both of the prefectures of Kumamoto and Oita, which are affected by continual aftershocks.

We give you a report about the updated situations of the four churches below, provided by Rev. Tsutomu Ueda of Sharon AG.


1. Kumamoto Bible AG

"Yesterday, we were very thankful that the people from Tean Challenge Japan cleaned our church.  We also received some relief goods through them.  We will be all right with our temporary needs for now."


2. Kawashiri AG

"The water supply has been returning in the past few days, and we can take a bath now.  Enough goods have been also provided, thankfully."


3. Kibogaoka AG

"We have no problem in particular."


4. Sharon AG

"Around 9:30 this morning, Rev. Kisaki of Teen Challenge Japan and Rev. Fujimura arrived to deliver us some relief goods.  Although our Yatsushiro City has not been victimized by the shakes, we dared to receive all of the goods, thinking it to be necessary for us to prepare ourselves for unexpected situations."

"Included among them is a generator.  It will be a great help because we can use it to pump up groundwater even in a power cut or black out."

"We also asked them to make an arrangement to have some steel-made storage set up in the parking lot of our church.  It seems this will prepare ourselves to quickly respond to a potential disaster in Yatsushiro, Kumamoto or any place of Kyushu in the future"

"After that, some other relief goods were delivered us through some interdenominational efforts.  While saving materials for daily life, we distributed rice balls and bread to our church members and those in a close circle, our neighbors and aquaintances.  They were very happy."


That is all for now today.  We thank the Lord and you that things of urgent needs have been more than sufficiently provided.  If you kindly come here for further assistance, it would be very helpful, should you inquire us of what is most needed at that time, in advance.

We also told each of the churches above about the offer from Teen Challenge Japan for help whenever assistance is needed, say, to clean some members' houses and so on.


Aftershocks continue to occur.  We feel the shakes even in our place, Kasuga, Fukuoka, which is 100km away from Kumamoto, and much more so will the pastors, church members and those who have no choice but evaculate near the epicenters do.  We cannot help wondering about their concerns and fatigue.  Please continue to pray about the Lord's further protection upon them and to support them


Yoichi Sato
District Superintendent, Kyushu District Council of Japan Assemblies of God



[Kumamoto] Report of Support-Activities on April 21

2016-04-21 15:36:24 | Reports of Relief Activities

Here is a report of JAG support-activities at 12:16 on April 21, 2016 from Rev. Fumihiko Fujimura of Fujisawa AG.

"We visited Sharon AG in Yatsushiro City, Kumamoto and delivered some token of love from AG churches all over the country.  The pasotor couple are serving with a good strength."

"Now, we are moving for Kumamoto City in a heavy rain."

"The youth team (of Teen Challenge Japan?) are on their way to Minami-Aso.  May they be protected in the rain (they are out of the area of cellphone networks (because Minami-Aso Village is in the countryside))."

At Sharon AG. On the left are the pastor couple (Ptrs. Tsutomu and Emiko Ueda).
The most right is Rev. Tomoyuki Kisaki of Teen Challenge Japan.


[Kumamoto] Report of Support-Activities on April 20

2016-04-21 05:57:24 | Reports of Relief Activities

Here is a report of JAG support-activities on April 20, 2016 from JAG Kumamoto-Response Office.

Rev. Tomoyuki Kisaki of Teen Challenge Japan and Rev. Yoshihiko Fujimura of Fujisawa AG supplied some water to Kibogaoka AG and then some water and rice to Kumamoto AG.  At Kumamoto AG, they could help clean the sanctuary and as much as take out the special garbage borne of the earthquakes.

The team then moved to Kawashiri AG and supplied some water and rice as well.

At Kawashiri AG, they also met Rev. Fumio Terada, Rev. Tamotsu Uchimura and Rev. Katsuhiro Honda, the JAG General Superintendent and two Board of Directors, who were visiting the affected churches.

The team will continue supporting work at different places.

Weather forecast says it will be sheer rains on the 21st.  Please pray for the Lord's blessings upon the affected churches, the pastors and members in the affected areas in general and our supporting work.

At Kibogaoka AG
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At Kumamoto AG
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Cleaning the fallen and broken stuff at Kumamoto AG
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At Kawashiri AG
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Rice and water
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Ready for distribution to a nearby evacuation center (700 pieces of bread and drink packs each) and a family
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The Teen Challenge boys sleeping on a truck
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[Kumamoto] Updated Relief-Activity Report (12:10, April 20, 2016)

2016-04-20 16:35:29 | Reports of Relief Activities

(By Rev. Yoichi Sato, District Superintendent of JAG Kyushu DC as of 12:10, April 20, 2016)

1. Rev. Tomoyuki Kisaki of Teen Challenge Japan and Rev. Yoshihiko Fujimura of Fujisawa AG are on their way for Kumamoto.

2. Rev. Tsuguo Rikimaru of Kitakyushu AG and his cooperative pastors (couple) left Kitakyushu with relief goods (drinking water, food, etc.) this morning.  We hear they would take Kyushu Expressway, taking one exit before Ueki Interchange to get into Kumamoto on ordinary roads.  They are going to visit Kibogaoka AG, Kumamoto AG and Kawashiri AG.

3. We also heard that Rev. Alastair Paterson of Hakata AG (Hakata New-Life Church) would go to Kibogaoka AG on a three-ton truck with relief goods.  He was to leave Hakata at noon.

Please pray for the Lord's protection and blessings.


(By Rev. Fujimura of Fujisawa AG as of 16:31, April 20, 2016)

"Since our vehicle has a representation of "relief-goods shipping," we could reach as far as Kumamoto Masuki Interchange though other vehicles are only allowed up to Ueki Interchange.  The expressway is unpassable beyond Kumamoto Masuki.  If you follow us, show your sign large and clear and negotiate with the authorities on the road."

"We left some goods at Kibogaoka AG and Kumamoto AG, cleaned fallen bowls and books at Kumamoto AG, and are now moving for Kawashiri AG."


Updated Report as of 01:00, April 18, 2016

2016-04-20 08:15:29 | Kumamoto Earthquake Situations

(By Rev. Yoichi Sato, District Superintendent of the Kyushu District Council)

Dear pastors and brethren all over the world,

Thank you very much for your prayers and assistance.  I would like to report to you about the affected situations following the earthquakes that occurred in the evening of April 19 (Tues).  The epicenter was in Yatsushiro, Kumamoto, Japan, and the strength was at the Japanese Scale 5+ and 5-.


1. Kumamoto AG (Kumamoto Bible Church: Rev. Tadao Nagasawa):

“There is no problem from the shakes tonight.  The water supply returned today.  All electricity, gas and water are available.  The packages of emergent food sent from the JAG Disaster-Response Office was helpful.  If there is some stock, please send them again.”

2.  Kawashiri AG (Kawashiri Christian Church: Rev. Kimio Takaguchi):

“There has been no problem in particular from tonight’s shakes.”

3.  Kibogaoka AG (Kibogaoka Christian Church: Rev. Shuichi Hombori):

“There has been no problem caused by tonight’s earthquakes in particular.  The water supply is available but not completely.  As of the morning of 19th, the tap water is muddled and undrinkable: we go get water at a nearby supplying station.  We need food, desirably canned or instant ones that will not go bad quickly.”

4. Sharon AG (Sharon Christian Church: Rev. Tsutomu Ueda):

“The pastors couple, church members and church facilities were all safe in the two shakes tonight.  However, we see the community’s awareness changing because the epicenter of tonight’s shakes were in Yatsushiro City, where is our church.”

“Since the community hall and its adjacent park were full of evacuated cars, we opened our parking lot to our neighbors.  Three or four families, five or six people, stay in their cars overnight.  They are worried about the possibility that Yatsushiro will also be attacked and directly victimized by the earthquakes.”


That is all for now.  The information above has been provided through Rev. Koji Osako of Hitoyoshi AG and Rev. Tsutomu Ueda of Sharon AG.

Please continue to pray and support so that the Lord’s hand will be extended and that necessary goods will be delivered.


Rev. Yoichi Sato, Kasuga AG
District Superintendent, Kyushu District Council of Japan Assemblies of God


Updated Report as of 18:00, April 19, 2016

2016-04-20 07:41:03 | Kumamoto Earthquake Situations

(By Rev. Emiko Ueda, Pastor of Sharon AG (Yatsushiro, Kumamoto))

This is from Sharon AG.

A while ago, around 17:52 (5:52 pm), there occurred an aftershock with the approximate strength of Japanese Scale 5+.  We the pastors and the members are all good.  The aftershocks are continuously occurring after that.

Please refrain from making direct calls until things are more settled.  Thank you very much.


[Kumamoto] Please Send Your Financial Donation (as of April 19, 2016)

2016-04-19 12:04:35 | Contributions

We welcome your financial donation for those who have been affected by the great earthquake in Kumamoto.

If you are willing, please send it to the JAG Headquarters, collected by respective churches as much as possible, as per the following way.

Please do NOT send material donations.


A.  Postal Transfer

Account Number: 00150-0-22007

Account Name: Nihon Assemblies of God Kyodan

Please clarify “Donation for Kumamoto” in the notes.


B-1.  Through Mitsubishi-Tokyo UFJ Bank (Inside Japan)

Branch: Sugamo Branch (branch code: 770)

Account Type: Savings Account (普通口座)

Account Number: 3680590

Account Name: Nihon Assemblies of God Kyodan


B-2.  Through Mitsubishi-Tokyo UFJ Bank (From the outside of Japan)

Bank Name: Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ
(Bank Code: 0005 / Swift Code: BOTKJPJT)

Branch Name: Sugamo Branch (Branch Code: 770)

Account Number: 5012789

Receiver: Japan Assembles of God

Address: 3-15-20, Komagome, Toshima, Tokyo, 170-0003 Japan


C.  Through PayPal (also available for Tohoku)

Please kindly refer to the following link.


D.  To the JAG Headquarters

You can directly send the cash via registered mail or bring it to the office.


Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation in support of the affected areas.